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Celeste Solum is a former FEMA employee and researcher specializing in nanotechnology and synthetic biology. She says this is a plan to completely replace all forms of biological life with synthetic biology, and details the ways in which the globalists are doing it. She backs up all of her research with published government documents, medical journals, and insider knowledge. (1 clip, 2 video interviews).

One Minute Clip:

Rumble | Gettr | Telegram | Full Video below:

“So I was at an unveiling of a transhumanism for the military in 2018. So they moved up the timeline first from 2030 to 2025, and what they wanted is any “natural born humans” created in the divine image of God; “Natural” would have to be depopulated by 2025, and they are pretty on target and they are bringing on the new humans.

The new humans began coming forth from the vaccinated parents, and soon they won’t even use a human to gestate. According to the United Nations mandate, there can be nothing from nature, not even reproduction; so that will have to be done in a laboratory. That’s why we’re seeing things like artificial wombs and that type of thing.

I followed the geoengineering for a long time – there’s all sorts of things in it, including the smart dust and nanoparticles, and there’s blood and pathogens; all sorts of things in there.

Boeing came out with an autonomous jet that actually came over to your neck of the woods when you were having the wildfires, and it’s fully autonomous. It’s made of graphene. It was invisible. It could do magic things that had a payload, but what it had were two pieces of technology that nobody knew about…”

Celeste Solum with Maria Zeee – End Game -Synthetic Biology

4 May 2023 Rumble | Odysee | ZeeeMedia (1hr 40 min)

Celeste Solum with Maria Zeee (on InfoWars.com)

10 May 2023 ZeeeMedia | Banned.Video (40mins)

Notes from above videos:

  • Celeste has so much knowledge when it comes to synthetic biology, transhumanism, the goal behind all of this. She comes from a spiritual perspective, from a Christian perspective as well, which I think is crucial to understanding this stuff, and she has amazing experience as well in her former life as a former FEMA employee.

Celeste’s father, who worked for naval warfare, told her at the age of five “the next genocide would happen on your watch,” prompting her to gather skill sets to prepare for that day. She pursued nursing and paediatrics but had to stop due to her child’s birth defects, she then pursued dentistry and later went back to environmental medicine. She heard a call from the Lord to work for FEMA to gather information, and she is cross-trained in various disciplines working on Y2K, 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, terrorism, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other disasters.

She did some job-sharing with FEMA & DHS, and then they asked her to do something that she couldn’t do: “Anybody that did not believe that the government was God was to be imprisoned and killed,” so within 48 hours, she left the agencies and her whole life behind.

The exercises she participated in were centred around different pathogens, and that they intended to just leave bodies to be vectors to disease other people.

“It’s post-human. They do not need humans anymore. They are going to synthetic biology. They’re going to synthetic humanoids, that look just like you and I, but they have nothing. They’re completely synthetic or artificial.”

  • So this is beyond transforming existing humans. I mean, from my understanding and my belief and all of the evidence out there, they want to depopulate and be left with, 500 million as per the Georgia Guidestones, but let’s say that’s a rough number. My belief and the belief of many others was that they would be aiming to control those people that are left. You’re talking about something else, though. Are we talking about clones? Are we talking about what, how far does this go?

The rabbit hole goes pretty deep. So I was at an unveiling for transhumanism for the military in 2018, and basically it was coming out at that time that all of, so they moved up the timeline first from 2030 to 2025, and what they wanted is any natural born human, humans created in the divine image of God, natural, would have to be depopulated by 2025, and they are pretty on target. I do not believe, given my faith, I believe that there will be a remnant, but they are going to make great strides, and they are bringing on the new humans. The new humans began coming forth from the vaccinated parents, and soon they won’t even use a human to gestate. Everything, according to the United Nations mandate, there can be nothing from nature, not even reproduction. So that will have to be done in a laboratory.

  • Yes, I was just about to say, we’ve seen those videos of hundreds upon hundreds of pods where babies are growing inside of them. More and more articles coming out saying that fertility is dropping, and of course, this is by design, less and less women are able to have children. Men aren’t fertile like they used to be. It’s affecting both genders, of which there are only two. When you say that the new human essentially was made possible through the vaccines, are you talking about the COVID injections specifically?

Yes, specifically. Of course, it can be in anything now. Those platforms are in everything. It was aerosolized. and it’s in the food. The World Economic Forum said in the third week of January 2021 that they were going to put the platforms, which is like the Moderna, the mRNA and various other platforms, into the entire food supply by the end of 2021. In December, they came out and said that that had been accomplished. So the only time that you’re not getting those platforms is if you grow something that’s heirloom organic on your own property, and even then, it’s going to have some synthetic biology and nanoparticles from the air and also the water.

She said she followed the geoengineering for a long time and there are all sorts of things in it, including smart dust, nanoparticles, blood and pathogens.

Boeing came out with an autonomous jet that actually came over to your neck of the woods when you were having the wildfires, and it’s fully autonomous. It’s made of graphene. It was invisible. It could do magic things that had a payload, but what it had were two pieces of technology that nobody knew about. One was Geomancer and one is Spellbook, and it was literally casting spells upon the people and territory of Australia, and that’s and then so that was just before the whole COVID thing hit you guys, and I think that that is why your government reacted in the way that it did because of the witchcraft and the spells, and now those jets, autonomous jets, have come back to America, and now we’re having troubles here too. (01) (02)

  • A lot of people in our audience aren’t Christians or believers of God, and so some of this stuff to them might be a little bit out there. They think, oh, come on, witchcraft and spells, really? Yes, really. Whether you believe in this stuff or not, the powers that are controlling the world are very much involved in this.
    1. I heard a testimony from a priest. He was an Orthodox priest, priest monk, I believe he was, who went against his conscience to get the COVID injection. He said the whole way there, he felt very conflicted. He did not want to do it, but he went ahead and did it anyway against his best judgment, and for one whole month, he was completely disconnected from God. He felt he had a demon sleeping in bed with him. For 40 days, he fasted and eventually re-established his connection with God.
    2. We also have another testimony from, I believe an exorcism was taking place, and the demon said that the COVID injection was created in a Masonic lodge in California, as in, it was the recipe, if you will, was given by a demonic entity.
    3. Now, people may not believe that, but we look at places, all of the information that’s come out over the years that these people do participate in satanic rituals.
    4. I had Sasha Latipova on a while ago with me, who said that through her investigation, she keeps finding this. That there are some sort of rituals taking place in the middle of the night in forests and things like that. So it really is not a stretch to believe what you’re saying, Celeste.

Yeah, they also use astrology. So the deployment of the COVID vaccine was, there was a particular alignment of the planets and the stars, and they said that that would amplify and it was a propitious day to start the annihilation of humanity.

In America, we just recently, I’ve been talking about this Senate bill 4488 that was introduced on June 23rd of last year, and it was about catastrophic and existential threat, and basically, in that, they talked about, of course, they had to put the climate change and their pet things, but there was also the intentional or unintentional release of technology that would annihilate humanity from the earth, and they also discussed in that document about wiping the earth, like there was no trace, and that’s where your geoengineering or terraforming comes in, that there would be no trace of biological life, including humanity on the face of the earth. (03)

Celeste said the Senate bill included the government providing for all needs of the people, but that it won’t apply to us because we won’t be here after the depopulation. The bill was not passed through Congress but was given to the Department of Homeland Security to manage, and they plan to hide portions of the bill in other legislation. She believes this is connected to Klaus Schwab’s statement about people owning nothing and being happy but continuity of government was the number one priority.

  • Maria compares it to the WHO pandemic treaty and the IHR changes:
    • “They keep splitting it up into all these different meetings, all these different edits to the proposals, and so people lose track of where are we actually and what is being proposed.”
    • Every country must exit the UN, the WHO and so on, if that’s still possible.
  • You mentioned before about the WEF publishing or discussing having mRNA in absolutely everything by 2021. I was not aware of that. How did they manage that?

So they just put it in the entire food supply, and now we’re finding out and I am going to be doing a synthetic biology webinar, and it will talk about how they did it, what’s in it. If you want a preview of that, you can go to my pathos series. It was an 18 part series that I did on COVID and the vaccination and what exactly was in it. I took 60 of the vaccinations and did research and drilled down and there was everything from gorilla faeces to Neanderthal genetic material, and all sorts of spy chips, Snoop dogs, all these crazy things were put in there. In a way, some of them have objectives and in other ways, they were mocking, a very mocking spirit saying, “you’re just nothing but scum of the earth and you deserve to be depopulated,” and that’s why in 2019, they kept saying it’s a post human world, and now they’re filling everybody with different animals, different creatures. (04)

I took a Homeland Security webinar on biostasis, and that is preparing and putting people in a stasis to go to the stars, and they talked in the middle of it about mixing human genes with Tardigrades, which are little water bears, and the reason they want to do that, they can live in austere climates, they don’t need water, they don’t need air, they don’t need all these things, and they’re mixing human beings’ blood with that in the vaccines. (05) (06) (07) (08)

  • That is sickening, but not surprising. Celeste, I’ve said so many times over, a lot of what freedom doctors are seeing, based on their understanding is the technology far surpasses what their training provides for, and unless you truly understand the satanic nature of the agenda, you’re never really going to understand the COVID injection agenda properly either.
  • People may think it’s just about depopulation, but it’s really not: it’s changing what it means to be human. It requires understanding beyond the physical realm to be able to see that.

So I don’t know the WHO, but I know the umbrella of, I tripped on it two-three years ago. This is directed evolution. The people that are pushing this are evolutionists, and they didn’t think that we were evolving fast enough. So they’re going to help us along, and so that’s why there’s so many different platforms and shots and stuff, because one has this chemical, one has this platform, and they’re kicking the tires to see what’s safe and effective for depopulation. They leave off the depopulation part, but I think that that’s very important, and it’s also experimental evolution. So we are all in this giant experiment right now.

  • We’re seeing this staged die off because we had people talking very early on that this was going to be mass deaths, catastrophic, and people have said, well, we haven’t really seen that level of death yet. I think a lot more people have passed away than what they’re telling us. I think just recently I got word that the Australian excess deaths are far higher than we initially thought, and so it is happening, but not in the millions like we initially thought, but in stages. Does this technology have the ability to program at any given time so that it’s not too obvious that people would be dying?

Yes, absolutely. In most covert operations, there is room for plausible deniability, and so that’s what they did. Statistics can be manipulated and, we’re being told that people are dying of other things, but are they really dying of other things or are they really dying from the different platforms, because it’s not just the vaccination. There’s the PCR test and there’s the whole food supply, the water supply and the air. So they’re getting it every which way.

The miracle is, and before we dig in, I just really want to encourage people. If you saw how much is arrayed against us, you wake up, I wake up every day, we put a smile on our face, we do whatever we’re gifted in doing for humanity or our family or go to work and you do a great job, and so they’re not successful. I mean, humanity is extremely resilient, and I think that that should be the good news for all of us – we’re still standing, even though they’re hammering us every which way.

  • If you are still able to be a positive person that cares about the people around you after everything they’ve done, all the ways that they’ve divided society, turned people on each other, and you don’t have hatred in your heart, you are still winning against this agenda.
  • Ultimately, it’s not about just your physical life here on earth. It’s about what comes after this life. It’s about what’s in your heart that matters more, and I’m not saying, let’s just all roll over and die. Absolutely not. We fight the right way, peacefully, lawfully and fight for humanity with the love that we have in our hearts. As long as they don’t get this and this, they’re not going to win.

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