[The Voice] Clan leader: You are leading us into destruction

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Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra opposes upcoming Voice Referendum in spite of spending decades campaigning… says it’s a token solution to chaos created from a system that has held them hostage from the beginning… and those voting Yes are grasping for hope, but it is false hope.

Clan leader: You are leading us into destruction [The Voice]

20 Sep 2023 Full Interview: Vimeo 6m
Clips: Rumble 3m30s | Telegram 3m30s | Instagram 50s

  • Full Public Statement: Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM on Treaty and the Voice 20 Sep 2023
  • Documentary Ḻuku Ngärra: The Law of the Land.
  • 17 Aug 2023, ABC: Arnhem Land clan leader Reverend Djiniyini Gondarra plans to vote No to a Voice as treaty quest continues
  • 1 May 2023, ABC: There are 11 First Nations MPs and senators. Here’s what they think of a Voice to Parliament

Official Transcript from full interview

Colonial of the government does not satisfy us. It’s not the system of government for us. It’s got nothing to do with us.

And yet, you invite us to become citizen of this nation and the country and the subject of the law. And yet you ignore our law. Our rule of Law. So that we can follow your law. 

We are not part of the choice. We were not part of the decision. You done it. To satisfy you, not us.

As a result, we are sitting with them under that service, from what is in their law system. Laws that they put down to set our paths. 

Every Prime Minister that has been elected into this government and the parties are still failing Aboriginal people, the Yolŋu people, the First Nation. 

I call for Treaty. Treaty Now as Mandawuy sang, Yothu Yindi ‘Treaty Now’. And never been happen in his lifetime when he hoped to see Treaty through Yothu Yindi. 

There must be an understanding that we are a sovereign nation. And that system is already there, a different format of election. You know, Yothu Yindi is a term that we use, we allocate responsibility to each other. Yothu (child clan) becomes in power, later there will be ngandi (mother’s clan) will become in power. So the system is there for self-government.

It is time that we create a new platform, a new legal space for two governments to come and sit and talk. This is our way, this is just like our law. When I ask for another clan nation, ‘come and let us sit and talk together’ and consider the law.  And we debate that law for a solution in the Ngärra (sacred law chamber) or in Dhuni (the space of political leadership) or in Makarr-gärma (the publicly accessible space). So that all Yolŋu know what is happening. This is our way. 

And this new Prime Minister is saying all this, saying all sort of things. Telling us this is what he is going to do. Telling us! this is what he is going to, and his government. And his words were a strong words by saying, ‘My government will be welcome for Yolŋu voice in the Parliament’ instead of saying my government will be happy to sit and talk to the law minded political leaders, to all the Djirrikay and Ḏalkarra (senior law men of all clans). We didn’t hear that. 

Where are you leading us?

  • Are you leading us into freedom?
  • Are you leading us into self-government?
  • Are you leading us to become independent nation?
  • Are you leading us where we have our own choice?

And we live with that choice.

Do you recognise and respect and honour our leaders?

What’s there for me and my people?

Where are you leading us? I tell you, you are leading us into destruction.

‘Most communities have no idea what Voice is about’

Dr Gondarra released a lengthy public statement detailing why, in spite of his decades spent campaigning for Aboriginal rights and recognition, he is opposed to the looming referendum.

“For decades, these laws and policies have deprived my people of their basic human rights, access to their land and waters and their God given freedom. And now you are forcing upon us a tokenistic solution to the chaos you have created using the same system that has held us hostage from the very beginning. If my people vote Yes in your upcoming referendum, it is only because we are grasping for some kind of hope, but it is a false hope…

“The result of this referendum will only reflect what the majority non-Indigenous population of Australia think is right for us.”

Dr Gondarra

In my 78 years living and working in both worlds, I have witnessed the Australian Government continuously hand pick Indigenous people that behave like the Master Slave, mirroring what the Government says, while they ignore the voices of clan leaders and community members who challenge them and the system they are operating under. This is nothing less than dictatorship and the continuation of the dividing and conquering of my people. 

Dr Gondarra

The Yes or No approach you are forcing upon the country divides people into  conflicting camps while distracting them from what the real problems are. Your proposed “Voice” cannot represent the views of all First Nations across Australia because our experiences and needs are not all the same. Centralised decision making has never worked for us and fails all of humanity. That is why we need our original clan-based leadership and decision-making processes, that we have used for tens of thousands of years, to be recognised and respected.

I question this referendum and the value of the “Voice” that it offers, so I will be voting No. 

But because of this, you cannot categorize me beside people like Jacinta Price or some of the racist voices also saying No. They have their own reasons. This is so much more than just a Yes or No situation. Where is our right to choose Neither?

Dr Gondarra

Stop treating us like children and forcing inappropriate solutions upon us, that are propped up by mainstream propaganda and funded by corporations that have never cared for our self-governance, our liberty or our freedom. 

Dr Gondarra

If the Government is serious about listening to our voice, they should accept the invitation I have put to them for almost 20 years – To meet in a neutral space with the political leaders of our sovereign governments and begin the overdue process of real dialogue and negotiation.

Dr Gondarra

Read Full Public Statement | Watch Full Interview

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