[The Voice] Pfizer says Yes – Red Flag number?

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If you’re looking for another reason to not trust The Voice being for the benefit of the people, perhaps one of the most criminal corporations in the world who maim and kill and never get imprisoned getting behind it might raise some more red flags? (01)

Especially as their Tribal Leader mascots were the first to die, and their ABC mascot died just six days after their jab-push, let alone having “Zero” covid deaths of any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders before the rollout. But, you know… “1,000,000,000% safe and effective, right?” or “lucky they were Pfizer’d, or it could’ve been worse, right”? (02)

On 11 May 2023, Pfizer Australia posts this on their Instagram: (03)


Pfizer Australia supports the Voice to Parliament, underpinned by constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First People of Australia.

We believe the Voice will enable better health outcomes for First Nations communities in Australia and provide a route to help inform policy decisions that impact their lives.

Reconciliation helps to address the most significant disparity in Australia’s population: the health and wellbeing of First Nations peoples.

We respect the conversations around the Voice and encourage people to engage in genuine learning about the past, to ensure Australia has a well-informed referendum about the proposed constitutional change.

To learn more about Pfizer’s Reconciliation Action Plan, check out ‘Our RAP’ in our highlights above.

In line with our community guidelines, comments have been disabled.

It is understandable that not everyone will agree with corporate citizens having a place in this conversation.

We respect people’s right to want to have a debate about these matters, but we are choosing not to create further space for those debates on our channel.

We support respectful, informed, fact-driven and evidence-based debate.

For more information on our RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan), please visit our website.

Pfizer RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) (04) (05) (06)

Pfizer Voice to Parliament Press Release (07)

I’m not going into detail on this. My opinion is they are getting behind The Voice for various nefarious reasons, including whatever bribes they can offer to certain groups to go chase down more innocent souls with their poisons.

But stepping beyond their known criminal records where they are “untouchable” for all their crimes, and kept the deaths of their trial secret until after they had been approved without safety data and after the global marketing campaign, and even now it’s difficult to share their documents anywhere because they have partnerships with all the media (our daily brainwashing), they even write children’s books!, and pharma provides the most funding to our regulators, they merged with Monsanto 20 years ago, and all the major pharma companies are pretty much completely funded by the same crew that owns almost everything on our planet (Vanguard/BlackRock/StateStreet). (08) (09) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16)

To me, they “beat as one”, they are not a separate entities to the current evil rulers, and if they are going all-in on The Voice along with the Digital ID, and who partnered with IBM in 2017 for “Internet of Things” collaboration, partnered with DARPA in 2013, and the IMF need the “whole world injected”, Fauci was conducting “clinical trials of a universal influenza vaccine that uses nanoparticle-based platform technology” and conducting research for “self-assembling nanoparticle vaccines“ just a few weeks before “covid” was announced to the world, and labs all over the world have found all sorts of unidentified crap in the vials and blood, it’s just another huge red flag for me that people should take into consideration, and another reason to vote No. (17) (18) (19) (20) (21)

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