Wow, I didn’t know Pfizer & Monsanto had merged 20 years ago

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You learn something new everyday. Coincidentally after my transcription of the horrifying Monsanto Eugentics-Genetics report yesterday, I only just now discovered that Pfizer and Monsanto are the same company.

Wonder why that’s not commonly highlighted in the misledia? How did I just find out about this now when I’ve been neck-deep in Pfizer studies for 2 years?

Not the kind of thing you want to learn, especially when my head is still full of sadness after learning just some of the evil things these corporate criminals are inflicting on the world just last night.

2003:Pfizer and Pharmacia Merger

Pfizer Inc and Pharmacia Corporation began operating as a unified company on April 16, 2003, forging one of the world’s fastest-growing and most valuable companies. With a research and development budget of $7.1 billion in 2003, the new Pfizer is now the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical company.

“Today we go forward as a single company, providing more products to help more patients than any other pharmaceutical company has ever done before,” said Pfizer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Hank McKinnell. “On any given day, we estimate that nearly 40 million people around the world are treated with a Pfizer medicine. Our new company is the global leader in discovering, developing and delivering innovative medicines and health care solutions essential to improving global public health and addressing unmet medical needs.”

In April 2000, Pharmacia & Upjohn completed a merger with Monsanto and Searle creating Pharmacia, a dynamic new competitor in the pharmaceutical industry. This top-tier company’s innovative medicines and other products saved the lives of many and enhanced health and wellness. Following the merger, Pharmacia continued Searle’s agreement with Pfizer to co-promote Celebrex, which was originally co-developed by Searle and Pfizer.

In August 2002, Pharmacia completed the spin-off of its agricultural subsidiary, Monsanto Company.

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