[1995] IMF, World Bank | Jeremy Lee

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How & when money changed to IOU’s, International Monetary Fund, The World Bank

Can we get Australia back? Mackay, Queensland, June 6, 1995Fullscreen

I don’t feel like transcribing any more old videos today, but I will do a rough timeline.

  • 00:25 August 1995 – Bankruptcy in California – Billions of dollars.
  • 01:40 Pumped cash in from Federal Reserve
  • 02:00 IOU in state of California – new market started in IOU’s
  • 03:00 Pumped more money in from Federal Reserve 1994
  • 03:50 Mexico bankrupt
  • 04:00 Clinton – Mexico – Rescue Package – USA Rejected
  • 05:50 Clinton went to International Monetary Fund & World Bank for funds
  • 06:30 Mexico had to hand over the total Oil revenue to the bankers that stitched together their rescue funds – this was their biggest mechanism to repay the money and now they were left with an ever-increasing loan with ever-increasing interest and the industries they needed to repay the line were cutaway by the lenders
  • 07:00 Brazil, Argentina, and other third-world countries were crippled by impossible debt that they haven’t the means to recover
  • 07:18 Papua New Guinea financial Crisis 1994
  • 07:53 Australia put together financial aid package for New Guinea on condition they accept the rigid, tough conditions set forth by the IMF and World Bank – December, 1994
  • 08::22 In 1995 Europe tunnel under the channel from England to France virtually bankrupt – billions of dollars
  • 09:30 Malaysia, Derivatives Market, Barings bank instructed one of their employees in Malaysia to start gambling on the Derivates Market
  • 10:00 Australia, Derivatives Market, 2 Trillion dollars
  • 10:30 Malaysia gambling on derivates market, put all their eggs in Japanese Yen, but then Japan had earthquake, which plunged the Yen far enough to sink Barings bank
  • 11:00 Barings fell under the control of the Dutch ING group.
  • 13:00 Difference between a Million and a Trillion. If you went to bank and asked for a Million dollars in $100 bills it would be about 9 inches. If you asked for a Trillion dollars in $100 bills, it would be 6 kilometres high. Now multiply that by 5 and a half, and you’re up about 32 kilometres right into outer-space. That is the bill that Washington has. It’s just one government debt.
  • 15:00 Cut your profits, cut your wages, and export more. It’s a con.
  • 15:20 Japan won’t buy American cars.
  • 16:00 Every country are deep in debt.
  • 18:00 World Trade.
  • 19:00 Australia.
  • 21:00 Flogged off the rest of the Commonwealth bank.
  • 22:00 Flogged off the cars.
  • 23:00 Foreign investors now control 40% of Australia’s $114 billion bond market, setting the interest rates business and governments must pay on their loans. Investment decisions that make or break Australian jobs and hopes are often made by far-away executives looking at a world-map, not Australia’s interests.
  • 23:40 Announcement of de-regulation. Detrimental to Australia.
  • 24:00 Political agendas are being increasingly dictated by what the big players in financial markets (mainly international fund managers) want. This applies especially to an indebted country like Australia. In that indirect sense, deregulation has undoubtedly been a regressive influence.

  • 25:00 Since deregulation started, we have wiped-out 150,000 farmers.
  • 25:50 Has also moved to 155 Small Businesses going out of business every week in Australia.
  • 26:00 Handing our businesses over to Foreign control:
    1. Processed food 95%
    2. Motor Vehicles 100%
    3. Chemicals 98%
    4. Pharmaceuticals 100%
    5. Mining 97%
    6. Electrical 98%
    7. Banking 86%
    8. Confectionary & Beverages 84%
    9. Manufacturing 57%
    10. Insurance 82%
    11. Building Materials 88%
    12. Hotels 75%
    13. Oil & Gas 92%
  • 27:00 We have sold all this off to overseas ownership to try and hide the fact that we’re going deeper into debt. Now we’re selling all our assets – banks, airlines, electricity commissions, water commissions – the Sydney water is owned by two French companies. Adelaide had an advertisement for its water supply and in the ad stated that no Australian company need apply.
  • 28:30 Result is we have 680,000 kids in Australia where no one in their homes has an income-producing job. 25,000 kids homeless. 280,000 Aussies on waiting lists for homes which we could build easily if we stopped building government departments instead. Two-thirds of Aussies now owe more than they own.

  • 29:00 Personal Stories
  • 32:00 Over 300,000 Australians working Slave-labour conditions in Textiles, Footwear, Carpets. Right here in our own country.
  • 34:00 How Australia was divided into States.
  • 35:00 In 1900, Australia had the highest standard of living in the world.
  • 36:00 Central government to look after a limited number of things, but they were scared it would become too powerful so they came up with this document. The Australian Constitution.
  • 36:40 The Australian Constitution is the most important legal document in the country. It was to stop Canberra becoming too powerful. No change to the constitution unless the people had been asked in a referendum and all the Australian adult population can have a say about the changes.
  • 37:00 Why then are we getting all the changes without Referendum?
  • 37:30 New Map of Australia put together by Paul Keating:
  • 38:00 New map. Red lines are the new regions they are setting up in Australia. Program by Whitlam to amalgamate councils and regionalize them and we will start controlling them from Canberra. Central Government.
  • 38:40 We’ve had two referendums and the people said no, but they are doing it anyway whether the people like it or not.
  • 39:00 Appointed representatives instead of Elected.
  • 40:00 19 Regions are already in place with no referendum.
  • 41:00 National Competition Policy & Hillmer Report 1993.
  • 41:50 Report “The only way to get Australia up and running again is Compulsory competition, user pays for every single thing that happens – your farm, grocery store, local council, charities.
  • 42:00 Canberra: Australian Competition Council and National Competition Commission that make the rules. Rules will apply to everybody. If Mackay wants to build a footpath which they’ve been doing for 100 years. Get some council workers, and they get the cement mixers, get an engineer to make sure its right, then it’s done. Else, you go to the ready-mix and they come out and pour it. That’s out now. From now on, every job down to a local footpath must be put out to national tender. Cheapest tender must get the job – by law and under penalty of huge fines if this does not happen. The tender from a little footpath in Mackay QLD, might come from a little company in Hobart, TAS, or from Singapore or Fiji or the Philippines – it doesn’t matter where it comes from if it’s the cheapest tender, that tender gets the job.
  • 44:00 Bevan O’Regan – Mayor of Narrabri Council. Tried to get all the councils to look at it, which went ignored because “it’s the only way they can get money”. So he did a video, which went to one-third of the councils, and they now have a picture of what is going on.
  • 45:00 Under these laws, any organization or private industry that disobeys the laws of the competition commission is up for a 10 million dollar fine. If it’s a private individual, $250,000. Enough to wreck everything. July 1st, Australia moves into the World Trade Organization. WTO. General agreement on Tariffs and Trade, GAT. We’re going to have the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization. When that goes through, we’ve deliberately handed over the decision-process of Australia outside to a world organization for the first time ever, to make our laws.
  • 46:00 What it means for Local people.
  • 47:00 All linked in with the United Nations environmental movement which is now producing mayhem out on farms and some of the ideas are crazy. Even licence fees for every dam you have on your property and fines if you don’t do it – and half the fine goes to the person who dobbed you in. It’s Russian stuff.
  • 48:00 Treason.
  • 50:00 The shift of decision-making out of Australia into International Forums. We’ve lost our democracy, our constitution and our freedom.

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