Covid Mismanagement [Senator Roberts]

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Senator Malcolm Roberts covers just about everything in this 1 hour talk in Queensland this week.

Senator Malcolm Roberts gives a community event last week at Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast.

My 1 hour speech to a town hall on COVID mismanagement

3 May 2023 YouTube | | Rumble-Mirror | Download on Telegram

I want to thank everyone for being here. It’s wonderful to be here with you. I know you’re concerned about the country and I’ll explain what’s happening in the country, or why we need to be concerned and what we can all do about it. I want to thank Abby, because Abby has really struck a chord up in the Sunshine Coast, with what she’s doing. I want to acknowledge, wait for it, Case and Corrie Smit, because they formed the Galileo movement in the early days of, what? 2011, ’12? Yeah, that did a lot of good work. I was very proudly a volunteer in the Galileo movement exposing the climate rort. (01)

I’m happy to talk more about that, but I want to say that we are winning. Very important to understand. I’m not giving you a line, we are genuinely winning. Have we cracked it yet, in terms of the COVID mismanagement? No, we haven’t, but I’ve been very heartened with Naomi Wolf, who spoke at Hillsdale College. I can see a lot of people nodding their heads. She is wonderful and we’ll talk about her later, in question and answer, but I want to get through the core parts. (02)

Why do I say we’re winning? The LNP, which put in place the heinous, inhuman mismanagement of COVID now supports revealing the Pfizer contract that they wouldn’t reveal when they’re in office. Yes. The Labour Party, the Greens, and David Pocock still suppress the Pfizer contract. (03)

The LNP now supports a motion on inquiry into excess deaths. We are having enough excess deaths that would cover two plane crashes every week for a year. If we had one plane crash, people would say, “What the hell’s going on?” If we had two in a week, we’d say, “What’s going on?” We are having around about 30,000 excess deaths a year and they didn’t start until after the COVID injections. They are clearly due to the COVID injections, we’re starting to crack people on that. The mouthpiece media is starting to crack. Adam Creighton, who’s part of The Weekend Australian, has been against mass injections, restrictions, mandates from the start, but he’s now starting to speak up about the injection deaths. (04) (05)

Look at the ridicule that the World Economic Forum had globally as a result of its Davos meeting. It’s now the source of ridicule, because we bashed them over it and we exposed it. Now it’s okay, that’s very important to understand. Just by telling the truth.

We’ve seen the resignations of Greg Hunt, who introduced… What did he say now? With regard to the COVID injections, “We are engaged in the largest clinical vaccination trial.” It is a gene therapy experiment.

That man and Scott Morrison enabled it to be mandated and now we’re seeing the penalties of that. I don’t care if someone’s been injected or not, what I care about is whether it was voluntary or not. We’ve seen Skerritt now going from the head of the TGA. In Senate estimates, the last Senate estimates in February, I asked him a question about approval. We already knew this, but he admitted that the TGA has not done testing of these experimental gene therapy-based treatments in this country. Why not? Because they rely upon the 15,000 employees and billions of dollars in the budget of the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration in America. Guess what? The Food and Drug Administration did not test the damn things either. The Food and Drug Administration relied upon the word of Pfizer.

We can talk in question and answer about Naomi Wolf. We can see now Brendan Murphy, another one of the unholy trinity. He’s the Federal Health Department secretary, he has now announced his resignation. Agencies are getting nervous as the news emerges. These agencies… I’ve got a lot to cover, so I won’t get into detail there. I’m happy to answer in question and answer.

The people now are becoming aware of the injection injuries. They’re not vaccines, I don’t call them vaccines. They are injections and they’re hideous. I’ll say it, I’m not a doctor, but if you’ve had one injection, that’s potentially harmful. If you’ve had two, much more harmful. If you had three, it is serious stuff. Four? Highly serious stuff. The people are waking up. Recently, we saw demonstrations in Paris, and where did they demonstrate? (06)

Speaker 2: Outside BlackRock. (07)

Malcolm Roberts: Thank you. As this lady says, outside BlackRock offices. People are waking up.

We’ve also seen the digital identity bill that was raised by Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce, but now being foreshadowed to be introduced by Katy Gallagher as head of the Senate, for the Labour Party, and Anthony Albanese. The good news there is that we’ve exposed the incompetence of the Digital Transformation Agency, they won’t pull it off. They won’t pull it off, they’re not competent. You’ve heard of Errol Flynn? They’ve got the Errol Flynn complex. Everything they touched, they wreck.

Then, if you look at it, though, this is good news for Australia, there’s not a single New Zealand member of Parliament who speaks up against the COVID mismanagement. It was coordinated globally, we know that. There is one, maybe two, United Kingdom MPs who speak against it, there are a few USA MPs, there are six of us in Australia. Six.

My topic today is rekindling human progress. We’ll cover human progress in a minute. It may seem overwhelming what we’re facing, but there are huge opportunities for Australia. Look at the material progress in the last 170 years. Look, these things weren’t invented until 2008. We’ve had them for 15 years, yet now they govern so much of our lives. That is a huge benefit. It’s also a huge risk, because they can use these things to control us. It’s up to us, though. We are now immune from famine in this country, immune from famine in most countries, except for some in Africa, some in Asia. That’s it. Humanity’s been lifted in just 170 years out of dependence on nature to become independent of nature, but that doesn’t mean we trash nature, because one of the most important things to recognise is that the environment is essential for civilization’s future.

If we trash the environment, we wreck civilization’s future. The best way to protect the environment is to protect civilization. Civilization gives us industry, which reduces, reduces, reduces our environmental footprint. Case I know as a scientist, he’s also an environmentalist. He knows that, he can back that up. Now, I don’t like everything humans do. There are people like Adolf Hitler, Maurice Strong. Anyone heard of Maurice Strong? I’ll talk about Maurice Strong in the Q and A. Maurice Strong, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, and a whole bunch of people in the World Economic Forum. They’re responsible for millions of deaths.

I don’t like what they do, but I am fiercely pro-human. We are a wonderful, wonderful species. We are the best species on the planet. We don’t do everything right, but when we screw up, we look and we identify where we screwed up. The environment we were making a mess, because we were ignorant of it in the ’70s. Now, it’s far healthier than it was in the ’50s.

There are more trees in the developed continents now. There’s about 30% more trees in the developed continents than there were 100 years ago. Did you know that? Because we need less ground for agriculture, we need less ground for industry. That’s fact.

Humans care and take responsibility, we fix things. What characterises most humans? This is your turn to answer. What characterises most humans. What traits? Love? Compassion? Resilience? Some greed, but most of the people in this room wouldn’t be here… None of us would be here except for this four letter word starting with C. Care, care. We would not be here, but for that word. I only realised what I almost said there. You thought of it, not me. That’s why I’m fiercely pro-human and I love human beings. I love our country and our forefathers. What do you appreciate about our country? Sorry? Freedom?

Speaker 3: The way it used to be. Malcolm Roberts: We are going to go there, the way it used to be. All right, you’ve already beaten. This is what I appreciate. Did you know that this country, our country, Australia, had the highest per capita income of any country on earth about 120 years ago. Did you know that?

Speaker 3: With Argentina. Malcolm Roberts: Yes, and Argentina collapsed more quickly than we did, because they went socialists, whereas we’re partly socialists, largely socialists. We’ve punched above our weight in sport, war, inventions, culture, business. Australians used to take responsibility, personal responsibility, and that’s fundamental for strength of character. Instead of blaming others, our politicians used to take responsibility. Freedom of choice is essential for responsibility. Anyone heard of Maria Montessori? She said that the essential years for the development of both character and intellect are birth to six.

We’ll come back to that, but another thing she said is, “Wherever you see a lack of responsibility, you’ll see a lack of freedom.” You cannot have responsibility if you don’t have choice. Fundamental to human development and strength of character. Choice leads to responsibility, ownership, respect, primacy of needs, efficiency, and many other benefits, but government has become about control. The opposite of freedom. I don’t believe in left versus right, that’s an abstraction that’s been concocted up to confuse us and distract us. The real message is “Control versus freedom.” It goes right through human history. Christ, Buddha, and other sages taught us responsibility as a source of personal power, and that leads to self-discipline and the sanctity of life. Why are we languishing? What concerns you about today’s culture? Lack of care. Selfishness. What else? Lack of education. We’ve got wonderful schools. Of course, that’s right.

Speaker 3: Lack of thinking and gullibility. Malcolm Roberts: Lack of thinking and gullibility. Accepting what the government tells us. Sorry? Apathy. If you can’t have an effect on the government, you’re going to be apathetic to the government, aren’t you? We’ll talk about whose fault that is. What else? Would it be fair to say that many people in this room are feeling concerned? Frustration, confusion? You know where you’re going. Yeah. Compared to where we were 20, 30, 40 years ago, you’re confused as to why. You might not be, but many people are angry, uncertain, fearful. Not fearful of the rubbish they tell us through climate change lies, but fearful of why they’re doing it and where they’re trying to take us. Yeah? Okay. No common sense. You’re frustrated about that? Also, some people are feeling hurt and very uneasy. What are the needs? What are the needs you have that are not being met? Leadership, certainty.

Speaker 3: Truth. Malcolm Roberts: Truth, who said that? Speaker 3: I did. Malcolm Roberts: Good on you.

Speaker 2: Trust. Malcolm Roberts: Sorry? Speaker 2: Trust. Malcolm Roberts: Trust, yes.

Speaker 2: Respect. Malcolm Roberts: Respect. Respect is two ways, isn’t it? If politicians don’t respect us, we don’t respect them.

Speaker 4: Transparency. Malcolm Roberts: Transparency.

Speaker 5: Free will. Malcolm Roberts: Free will. Thank you.

Speaker 6: Informed consent. Malcolm Roberts: Informed consent. These are fundamental. Three years ago, would we have believed that we’d be saying these things today? Not at all. Governments need to serve the people. We need to be heard. We’re not heard, whereas Case said, “We’re indoctrinated and given propaganda, or they try to.” We need understanding, trust. We need to see governments that work in the national interest, don’t we? The national interest. We need fairness, leadership, restoring responsibility, choice, and resilience. What culture do we need? A bit like the old culture in our country where we had personal responsibility, free expression, we were safe, we were secure? Our property was secure, it’s not anymore.

Speaker 2: Incentive. Malcolm Roberts: Incentive. You don’t want to be given incentive, you just want to let the government get out of the way, so you can use your own incentive. Yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 3: Predictability. Malcolm Roberts: Respected, predictability. Some kind of certainty. Honesty, honest leadership, be heard. People love to be heard, because it’s fundamental. I can tell you a lot of stories about the benefits of letting people be heard. How do we shape culture? It is now the most important thing in business. A switched-on business person will understand that he or she needs to provide leadership, but also develop a culture in which people can work freely and to the best of their ability. Culture is now far more important than a machinery, than buildings, than anything else in the business. Far more important. How did we slip out of our previous culture that was so productive, get to where we are now, and still in a downward spiral? How did we get into that? Think about how to shape and change culture.

Most of the people in this room have got grey hair like I have. In the 1970s, what was the attitude towards drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol? Yeah. “We all did it,” she says. That’s true, that’s fundamental, and that’s a very important point, because we all did it. State governments then got concerned about the number of fatalities on the road, so they started bringing in advertisements on TV and in the media saying things like, “65% of fatalities involve alcohol.” What impact did that have? Nothing, nothing. So they got smart and they used what politicians use, and that’s emotion to sell. Advertisers use emotion to sell. They showed pictures of dead babies on the road, mothers crying, drivers behind bars. What impact did that have? It raised awareness, but it didn’t change any behaviour, so it didn’t change the culture. So then Victoria became the first state in the world to introduce random breath testing. What did that do?

Speaker 3: Fear. Malcolm Roberts: It is fearful, yes, but only if you drink and drive. It changed behaviour, it changed behaviour. Sorry, I missed that. Ran around it. The cops work up to that, though. Good people with a sense of humour. Think about this, it fundamentally changed. [inaudible 00:17:27], one of Australia’s foremost sociologists said that it fundamentally changed the culture in Australia with regard to families, men, and women. Men, instead of going out on Friday nights and Saturday nights alone, they needed drivers, so they went with their girlfriends and wives. Now, that’s funny, and it’s meant to be funny, but it’s truthful. It’s truthful. It changed the culture dramatically with regard to the sexes in this country, because it used to be boys’ night on Friday and sometimes Saturday, right? Let me ask you. We just said that the behaviour in the past was drinking and driving is okay and the behaviour was people drank and drove. What’s the behaviour now largely? People do not drink and drive. What’s the attitude? You can legislate behaviour, you can’t legislate attitude.

But what’s the attitude now? If you’re caught drinking and driving, it’s shameful. The attitude has changed to catch up with the behaviour, and that’s significant. Culture is basically a combination of behaviour and attitudes. What people think about what they do and what they do. Remember that, legislation and laws are about behaviour. I won’t go into that in any more detail, but there are many other things there. Let’s look at some of the major global initiatives, global initiatives, that are occurring in this country, our country. Education is really indoctrination, corrupting our children.

I haven’t gotten to this today. My wife is an American and Australian, very proudly dual citizen, very proudly citizen of Australia. She was reading on the lounge as I was leaving, and she said, “Get a load of this.” They did a survey of people in America who believe in the woke rubbish. They were all college graduates, because university is the place where they infect people’s minds and they include that in teachers. Teachers go out and infect kids’ minds, so we’re now seeing our children’s sexuality being distorted as early as four or five years of age. We’re seeing gender dysphoria, which is a normal part of adolescents for a very small minority, now being distorted into mutilation and cutting off genitals, cutting off breasts. If a parent gets involved and says to the child, “Come and have a talk,” in Victoria, that parent can be thrown in jail. (08)

Rockefeller, in the late 19th century, said, “We don’t want education systems to produce brain surgeons, ballet dancers, sportsmen, businessmen, doctors, we want them to produce cannon fodder, factory fodder.” (09) (10)

Don’t think this has been a deliberate dumbing down. ABC, I questioned them in senate estimates, “Why have you got a page devoted to Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu, which is complete crap?” Because, Senator Roberts, it’s in the national curriculum. (11)

We get the national curriculum in front of us in the senate estimates to say, “Is Dark Emu anywhere in the national curriculum?” “No, Senator Roberts. Not one bit.” (12)

The ABC is lying. Why is it lying? Okay, that’s our children being mutilated and corrupted by our education system. (13)

Let’s look at our health system. COVID has destroyed… Sorry, sorry. Government’s dishonest, deceitful, inhuman response to COVID has destroyed our healthcare system. We have 7,000 nurses still furloughed in Queensland, because they wouldn’t take an experimental gene therapy-based injection. Yet we were told by Palaszczuk and by Yvette D’Ath, “We need all hands on deck.”

We see a 40% increase in ambulances carrying coronary care patients. Yvette D’Ath, the health minister says, “I wonder what that could be.”

All of this. I won’t go into the details, I don’t have time, but I asked for the data on COVID severity and transmissibility. The chief medical officer eventually gave it to me and it shows quite clearly on his graph, his graph, not mine, that the severity of COVID is low to moderate. We were told it was severe. Low to moderate, we were all going to die. If you think about it and you break that down, COVID is very stratified. It doesn’t affect children, it doesn’t affect teenagers, it affects very few young adults, middle-aged adults, it does affect some people over 65. Some, some. When you rule that out, COVID is very low severity compared to even some past flus. On the chief medical officer’s diagram, it showed lower severity than some past flus, but we turned our country upside down, stole freedoms, and disrespected people. Took away basic human rights. Why? That’s where we get to. We saw coercion, compulsion.

We saw the leader of this country, the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, lie repeatedly every day for a fortnight saying there are no vaccine mandates in this country. He funded it, he bought them, he gave them to the states, indemnified the states, made the data accessible, so the states could enforce the vaccine mandates. Yeah.

The TGA, supposed to look after people. I was talking about ivermectin. This is the first time anywhere that we have withdrawn a proven, safe, effective, affordable, accessible treatment that works, and where it’s been used around the world, it has worked. It has stopped COVID in its tracks, but that was withdrawn from us, so that people had no alternative, but this mad shot.

I’ll say it again, I don’t demean anyone who’s taken the injection. I saw a wonderful lady at an inquiry we ran, she came down from Toowoomba. She jumped up in the middle of the inquiry, lifted her shirt, and there was a scar from there to her pubic bone. She nearly died three times, the surgeon operated for 12 hours to save her. A massive rupture in her main artery. She said she only got it, because it was safe and effective, she was told by Scott Morrison, and because she wanted to see her parents overseas in Sweden.

We saw a national cabinet… The TGA. I was talking a lot about ivermectin. Got banned on YouTube for a while for talking about it, we kept talking about it. Now, the TGA sent me a threatening letter about two and a half, three and a half pages long saying that I’m advertising ivermectin. It’s against the law and they inserted quotes in the letter from where I supposedly was breaching the law. With a bully, you don’t count out to them. I wrote back a very brief letter, “Thank you for your letter. How dare you interfere with the duties of a duly elected senator representing the people of his state?” By the way, the federal government has blood on its hands. I got a response, “Thank you for your letter.”

Now, it’s difficult to stand up to bullies, because many of the things were brought in… The mandates were brought in about. I’m very much in favour of proven, safe, effective, affordable, accessible drugs. Proven, tested, proven. I’m completely against unproven, untested drugs. Even more so against drugs that are untested and forced on people through coercion. Even more so when they say, “If you want to feed your child, to keep your job, you will take this shot.” I don’t care about your attitude towards the shot, that’s your choice, but when someone has to be forced to keep his girls and boys being fed, that’s just inhuman. That’s what we got to.

Medicinal cannabis, a wonderful treatment that Pauline and I have been pushing for quite some time, and are starting to get relaxed slowly and slowly, is banned for access – has minimal accessibility now, because it is a proven, safe, effective, affordable treatment that you cannot overdose on and that is wonderful for so many things. In the 1930s, it was the most prescribed medical treatment in America, and it was banned because of big pharma. That’s why, because it works and they can’t patent it.

Fluoride. To get a little bit of fluoride in our teeth… Some dentists disagree, but let’s assume that fluoride’s good for our teeth. Do we need to flush it through our toilets, wash our car wash our cars with it, water our lawns with it, shower in it just to get it on our teeth? It’s rubbish. That is also enforced medication, unless you buy a reverse osmosis filter.

Then we’ve got the World Health Organisation developing international health regulations and a treaty for future epidemics. They want to take control, through that treaty, of our health system in this country. They will be telling you whether or not to take an injection, whether or not you’ll be locked down, whether or not you’ll be having various restrictions, and get this, they’re writing it, so that they can declare a potential pandemic. That can only become law if the donkeys in Canberra accept it and pass the legislation making it possible.

The World Health Organisation is a criminal, corrupt, incompetent, dishonest organisation. I belled them from the start. My very first speech in parliament in 2016, I said, “Get out of the UN.” Oz exit.

The World Health Organisation is funded primarily by Germany and the United States, which are the two biggest homes of pharmaceuticals. No, no. He’s number three. I thought he was number two, he’s number three. No, he’s number three. I was corrected the other day. Bill Gates, who invests in injections, but we can talk more about him. Look at that family.

We’ve covered children, health, family. The Family Law Act was brought in, it’s sourced from the United Nations. It’s been the slaughterhouse of the country, been crippling families. Look at our energy, our economic lifeblood. They’re destroying our energy now. We had the cheapest electricity in the world, we’ve now got amongst the most expensive, because of subsidies due to the crap that they’ve put up there on climate change. We can talk about climate change later.

Who benefits from solar and wind subsidies?

No, some people do. They’re billionaires, including Malcolm Turnbull’s son. The billionaires who are feeding off these subsidies. If they’re so damn good, why would they need subsidies? We have the highest level of subsidies of any country in the world.

We are the world’s largest exporters of hydrocarbon fuels, coal, and natural gas. The largest exporters. We can’t use it here. We can ship it to China and then we’ll buy their products back. When you are buying a product made in China, you are buying something that came from coal. They turn a blind eye of that.

Look at our science, been completely destroyed. I might read a quote from Carl Sagan. Basically, our science has been destroyed, because anything they want us to do, they say, “Do it for the science.” If you don’t get a shot, you’re a granny killer, so they tell us lies.

Maurice Strong is the father of global warming, he concocted it. The man is a mass murderer, he’s responsible directly… Sorry, indirectly for 40 to 50 million deaths, and I’m happy to talk more about that in detail later. We have now government grants that are being funded in various entities to control the science, to give us propaganda. It’s not science at all. In the name of science, carbon dioxide. Do you know, does anyone know how much carbon dioxide’s in the atmosphere? 0.04%. That’s four one hundredths of 1%. Although Case put up a wonderful slide showing the greening of the planet, we are not responsible for that, because our carbon dioxide that we produce has no impact whatsoever on the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. None at all.

There have been two massive global experiments in 2009 and 2020 that proved that fundamentally, and I can discuss that in questions. Let’s have a look at our economy and look at tax. Multinational companies, since 1953, have paid zero or little company tax. 90% of Australia’s large companies are foreign owned and, since 1953, have paid zero or little company tax. Who pays the tax? We do. When you see the tax system… We’ll talk about that if I get time later. Our tax system is actually destroying competitive federalism, one of the core tenets of our constitution, and accountability in this country at state and federal level. Destroys it. Look at life itself. Some of the practises that have come in here that are anti-human. We can now have abortions in this state right up the term.

Yep. Three or four liberal nationals voted for it, the Labour Party voted for it, we didn’t vote for it, Katter didn’t vote for it. Yes. Not Victorian government, but in Victoria and in New York, some people are talking about legalising abortion to within three months after birth. Yes, that’s murder.

Childhood mutilation, destroying life for kids for the rest of their lives. With puberty blockers destroying the adolescent mind, destroying accountability. Paedophiles are now being sanitised with the term… You don’t call them “Paedophiles,” you call them “Minor-attracted.” This is what they’re doing.

Now, our food. We’re talking about fundamental things here, our food. They’re now talking about using lab meat. Meat that is not meat at all, but cultivated from fat cells and it’s thought that they’ll be carcinogenic. Highly cancerous. Certainly not fit for food. In-vitro meat. That’s what it’s called, lab meat or in-vitro meat. Grown in a Petri dish, fake meat, bugs. The Morrison Joyce government gave $64 million of taxpayer money in this country a few years ago to the 2021 UN Food Summit to develop bugs for food.

Bill Gates was here in the country back in February and he met with Anthony Albanese. Anthony Albanese’s office said, “They talked about food, energy, climate, agriculture, and health.” Not one of those things does Bill Gates have any qualifications in. In every one of those things, he has enormous conflicts of financial interest and our prime minister’s listening to him.

The banking system has been designed through regulation to enable the avoidance of accountability.

The voice is a concoction to take control of our land as well, again, from the United Nations. It’ll destroy our constitution, it’ll feed the aboriginal industry. The aboriginal industry is one of the most serious blockers to the aboriginal advancement in this country. They are taking the money on the way through and controlling resources, controlling water, stealing this money. It’s unworkable, it’s hidden by deceit. Albanese won’t talk about the details of it (the voice), because he knows we will certainly reject it if we do, so he is madly trying to hide the details. There is no basis for it. The Uluru Statement from the Heart, I saw Nampijinpa Price, Jacinta Price, tear that apart. There’s no basis for the Uluru Statement, none at all. It came originally from Zaire (Africa). Copy.

Immigration. Anthony Albanese in February last year, before the election, said the federal government at the time was blowing up immigration to cover its sins. Used to be about 250,000 come in a year. Albanese wants to take it to over 300,000 a year, 330,000 a year. Amazing what happens when he gets into office.

Then think about language, language is a system controlling thought. Examples of labels. If you have a certain expression of your own free will, you can be called a transphobia, a racist, a homophobe, Islamophobe, a Nazi, a climate denier. That’s all designed to suppress debate. People like Case and I, we won’t be suppressed. You can call us climate deniers, we don’t deny climate at all, but that has held back academics in this country from discussing a lot of the topics. Labels are the refuge of the ignorant or the dishonest. If someone calls me a label, I say, “Thank you very much for admitting that I’ve just won the debate, because you didn’t present any data, you didn’t present an argument. Therefore, I’ve won. If you had the data and the argument, you would’ve presented it, but you haven’t, because you haven’t got it.”

They also use language to turn the hideous into attractive things using soft or attractive words. It’s gender affirmation, not mutilation. The identified sex and bodily mutilation is now called transitioning. A male body wearing lipstick and a dress is transgender. No, he’s still a she. I’m not downplaying the very, very small percentage of people who have serious gender dysphoria, they need our support, they need our love, and above all, they need our truth. They’re turning the beneficial to harmful. Affirmation, for example, as we’ve talked about.

Greenhouse gases, fossil fuels. They call them fossil fuels. They have liberated humanity. What have we used for lighting 170 years ago? Whale oil. The whales think coal is wonderful. What do we use for cooking and for heating? Wood. The forest thinks coal is wonderful. Coal has a far higher energy density than just about anything except uranium.

They give us propaganda to dumb us down, to disengage us, to deceit, and hide us. The language is under attack, yet it’s hidden. The truth is under attack, yet people don’t see it.

I’ve got that, I talked to Abby. Thank you. The next form of what drives behaviour and shapes culture is our leaders. Our leaders. People assume, don’t we? That our leaders are doing what’s best for the country and what’s best for us.

Speaker 3: Used to. Malcolm Roberts: Used to. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. People follow leaders who are honest and effective, yet now we’re finding that our leaders are dishonest and corrosive. Adam Creighton, who is a pretty good journalist in my opinion. He’s an economist, he’s based in America, he works for News Corp. News Corp went woke, because they have a lot of investments and advertising coming from pharmaceutical companies. Adam Creighton, I’ll give him his due, he’s a conservative economist. You’d call him that, wouldn’t you, Case, conservative? He’s writing in The Australian, he wrote this. He quoted someone, I’m going to ask you who he quoted.

“Look what the West are doing to their own people. It is all about the destruction of family, of cultural and national identity, perversion and the abuse of children, including paedophilia, all of which are declared normal in their life.” Who said that? Yeah, it was Vladimir Putin who said that. He’s opposing the globalists. I’m not necessarily endorsing him, but I do take pride in the fact that I’m the only senator in the Senate, when they introduced their motion talking about going to support the Ukraine, I’m the only one who said, “Just wait and ask a few damn questions,” because I’m tired of following the Yanks. I love the Yanks, I’ve been in all 50 of their states, I’ve worked in eight of their states, I’ve been educated in the states. They’re wonderful, wonderful people, but their government is hideous. It’s been overtaken by the globalists for decades now. That’s a fact.

What the hell happened? I’ll tell you what happened. The United Nations and allied globalist agencies have captured our bureaucracy, some of our politicians, and changed the system. One of our politicians, who I’ve got a lot of time for, he’s now retired, because he didn’t get pre-selection in the Liberal Party. One of our senators, he spoke in 1994 or 1998 at a conference extolling the virtues of UN Agenda 21. When I found out about that in 2015, actually 2013, I wrote to him and said, “What are you doing?” Took him two years, but he finally met with me. This is before I got in the Senate. He dodged the question, but in doing so, he acknowledged the basis of my request, because he would’ve been conned into supporting Agenda 21, because Robert Hill, the senator, environment minister, is the one who pushed that rubbish.

He is the one, along with John Howard and John Anderson, who stole farmers’ property rights to comply with the UN’s Kyoto Protocol. Didn’t know that, did you? No. I thought John Howard was a wonderful prime minister, then I started doing some research. No, let’s talk about it. John Howard brought in the… He was the first leader of a major party in this country to have a carbon dioxide tax and emissions trading scheme. Did you know that? No. He was the one who brought in the renewable energy target, which is now destroying our electricity sector. Case knew that. He was the one who said we would not sign the Kyoto Protocol, but we will comply with it. He had a choice, his government had a choice. Do you shut down industry? No, because we would’ve revolted in 1996/97 if that had been the case, so what did he do?

He went to the people who are most vulnerable, the farmers, because they don’t have adequate representation, they’re small in number, and his government made a deal with the states to steal their property rights, to control what they grow, to control what they clear. Now, he had a problem. Section 51, Clause 31 of the Constitution says, “If the federal government interferes with someone’s property rights or rights to use their property, they must pay just terms compensation.” We’re looking at, back in those days, 100 to $200 billion in compensation. Whoa, can’t go there, so the Howard government did deals with the states, because the states don’t have any such restrictions. So they legislated native vegetation protection. How can you disagree with that? It was really stealing the farmer’s rights to use their land, because they’re telling them they couldn’t do certain things. That’s a fundamental for Western civilization. It’s a fundamental of the Liberal Party. You do not interfere with property rights, you defend them. That’s what that Howard-Anderson government did, it stole farmers’ property rights and it’s been hollowed out even more. That’s what’s happened. (14)

The allied agencies I talk about are the World Economic Forum, Club of Rome, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, WWF, Greenpeace. All unelected, low accountability. This is the global governance that they would want to shove down our throat. The United Nations’ senior bureaucrats have told us their aim is to have an unelected, socialist global governance. Many of them have said that. Correct, Case? They’ve all said it. Not all, sorry, a lot of them have said it. And they have admitted that climate is about redistributing resources and redistributing control. They want to allocate resources and control the means of production. That’s communism. Without owning resources.

They want to hollow out the regions, our regions are being hollowed out. Our industry has been hollowed out, our industry has been exported to China. We pay subsidies to the Chinese to build wind turbines and solar panels using our coal. They install them here, we subsidise that. They run them, we subsidise that. That raises the price of electricity. The number one cost component of manufacturing is not labour, it is now electricity. When you raise that price artificially, what are you doing to your manufacturers? Shutting them down and sending them to China. Then we send them more of our coal, they produce 4.5 billion tonnes of coal. We produce 500 billion total and export most of it. They produce nine times the coal we do and they want our coal. They’re growing phenomenally, because they’re doing what we did in the West using hydrocarbon fuels. A miracle fuel, miracle fuel. As Case pointed out, hydrocarbon fuels produce no pollution these days. Tiny bit of pollution, car exhaust, but it’s almost nothing. It’s 1000th the amount that was in cars in the 1970s, just half a century ago. 1000th.

They’re hollowing out the individual spirit and the sense of responsibility. They’re hollowing out the family spirit, they’re hollowing out the national identity and spirit. Who pays for all of this? We do, that’s exactly it. Lost jobs, lost freedoms, and we lose financially by transferring our wealth to the wealthy. COVID, they didn’t shut Bunnings, they didn’t shut… Made the coals, but they shut the corner hardware store, they shut the corner grocery store, little restaurants. Small businesses got hammered, because you don’t control small businessmen and women. They keep people in fear and they make us afraid of being human, they make us afraid of other humans. These humans, we’ve got to… Humans, the UN tells us, are greedy, rapacious, uncaring, unreasonable, and irresponsible. They’re not, we’re not. Then they say, “To protect you against that sort of person, we need more government.” What makes up government? Humans. It’s illogical, and yet we fall for it.

Some of us do. They lock in fear, they lock in insecurity, and then they say the problem is humans. Now, government. Thomas Jefferson said many years ago… Very, very, very wise American founding father, said, “The government has to be kept small and minimal at central level, because it is so open to the control of the ego and the control of other people. Government enables control, government invites control,” and that’s what you’re seeing.

Our constitution was set up so that the federal government, just like the American government, which came up with the idea, had minimal central power, the states have most of the authority to do things. That was done deliberately. Joh Bjelke-Petersen, most people in this room would remember him. Joh abolished death duties, and what happened? They all came to Queensland to die. (15)

Okay, that is funny. The reality is they came to Queensland, the retired people, so that if they died, or when they died, they would leave their money to their children here. What happened as a result of that? Queensland grew, Gold Coast took off. What else happened? What happened in the other states?

Speaker 3: Everybody lost money. Malcolm Roberts: Yeah, they lost money, so what did they do? They abolished death duties. Now, Bill Shorten and the Labour Party are talking about bringing it back at a central level where you can’t abolish it. You can, but you’d have to get a lot of support. That’s what I mean. They centralise and they say the problem is humans, but the problem is government. Common themes of the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and the other globalists are fear-based. Their language is emotional, they wrap terms in lovely terms like sustainability, gender affirmation. Sustainability in the UN is only sustainable with subsidies. It’s not sustainable, it’s a crop.

They drive corrosive, anti-human culture based on spreading fear and guilt. Children in schools today, from when they first enter school right through the university, are riddled with guilt and fear. Completely unfounded, because we’re the best species on this planet. The UN-World Economic Forum is driven with the aim of being in control. Then what they do is they transfer wealth through donkeys in parliament to multi-billionaires who then support their agenda, they then drive grants to academics to support their agenda, and then they label, berate, and humiliate anyone in academia who stands up. (16) (17)

So why are the climate sceptics all retired? Look at Peter Ridd, he stood up. Wonderful man. He stood up and he lost his job as a result of it. Maurice Strong knew that systems drove behaviour, so there are systems all around us… See the little labels when you go to buy a car or a refrigerator, an appliance. How much carbon dioxide [inaudible 00:49:23]. Oh, my god. Terrible. See what they’re doing? They’re reinforcing everywhere. How much carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere? 0.04%. Some people will say, “Oh but Senator Roberts, cyanide can kill you at less concentration.” Yeah, it can kill you, but cyanide kills you through a chemical action. This is a physical action, which means 0.04 cannot hurt you. It cannot hurt you, it cannot hurt our climate.

They dumbed down society, which destroys responsibility. Then they create victims, whether it be women, whether it be aboriginals, whether it be Muslims, whether it be any other minority group, and some of them fall for it. When they create a victim, what are they doing to those people? Marginalising? Not quite, but what they’re doing now is they’re removing responsibility for their position. They’re destroying responsibility, they’re destroying people. Fortunately, a lot of people don’t believe it, but some do. What I’m saying is they’re destroying people just to get their narrative across. Destroys responsibility, creates and perpetuates dependence. Victims go through life in a dependent state and then, for every victim, what else do they create?

Speaker 2: Perpetrator. Malcolm Roberts: Perpetrator, exactly. They sow division and separation. So they create people who don’t think for themselves, they make them malleable, so the thinking is gone, as this man said in the early days. They also destroy productive capacity, look at our electricity sector now. This has not been accidental. UN Agenda 21. It’s now 2030, because they didn’t get it in by the start of the 21st century. Not a thin book. According to governments in Canberra, initially, that didn’t exist. Didn’t exist. Then, when we proved it, or when other people proved it a few years ago, they said, “Oh yeah, but it doesn’t mean anything.” They then legislated as Australian legislation. Who drives the UN agenda? BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street. The UN was formed to actually push this stuff. That is part of their reason for being.

Some of the destructive systems are… I’ll go into that in question and answer, I just want to come back to now – Australia’s potential. We have the people, our education is shot, but we still have good people. We’re very innovative, creative, and enthusiastic people, very good workers. We have the world’s best resources, the United Nations have said that in this report. We have huge opportunity with markets in Asia, the biggest markets in the world, and our country is clean, so we have huge potential. The solutions that I see are several. Small central governments, send the services back to the states where they belong. The education department, the health department, the environmental department should be abolished in Canberra and sent back to the states. That’s where they need to be. We don’t need 4000 bureaucrats in Canberra with not one skill. Not one skill. Who’s paying for that? We need to get back to restoring governance based on data and facts. I can tell you now, every major problem in this country is due to that building in Canberra. I’m serious, every major problem.

And they make decisions contradicting the facts and the data, not with the facts and data. Happy to go into that in more detail. We need to comprehensively fix our tax system, comprehensive tax reform. Who are the supreme sovereigns of this country? The people, because we’re the only ones who can change the constitution. That means we are the ones who determine the government. We’ve been asleep, we have just tolerated any crap they dish up. Instead of voting on emotion, we need to vote on strength of character, policies, and candidates’ values. We need everyone in this room to speak up, spread these words, we need to very much reinvigorate ourselves with our belief in humanity.

Look at the person next to you. Are they criminals? They’re pretty decent and caring. They’re pretty decent and caring. They’re not criminals, but that’s what they’re making out. We need to be very pro-nature, because nature is being ruined by the United Nations. We need to be very pro-freedom in all dimensions. Not only speech, but in all dimensions. Need to be pro-Australia, we need to be pro-Christian. Doesn’t mean we have to go to church, but I’m talking about Christian values. Christian values are fundamental to a free enterprise, personal responsibility. Freedom needs Christianity and Christianity needs freedom. They are fundamental. I don’t go to church, but I believe in the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and many of the other sages, but we need to speak up when they start to dismantle our Christian churches.

We need to restore sovereignty, get the hell out of the United Nations. Just remember that politicians are supposed to serve us, the people. Look at our policies, the federal and state government’s policy in terms of energy. Just think about the cost of these things to the everyday Australian.

The cost of housing destroyed by huge immigration, which lifts demand for houses, whether you’re rental or ownership.

Energy, taxation, gas prices. The solution is reform and getting back to basics.

So what we have to do as citizens of this country is take responsibility. We have to call out the Greens, because the Greens keep saying, in their election campaigns – “Lots of free stuff here. Vote for us and we’ll get lots of free stuff.” That’s the road to ruin, as Argentinians found out, and we are on the road.

We need to stand up for Christian values, we need to remember that we are inherently wonderful as humans, we need to call out the UN, and we need to work together to restore our country, our nation, and our families.

Just remember this, please. Governments cannot create prosperity. They cannot. They can only consume it. They can distort it.

Who creates prosperity? That’s right, the people. We need the government back in its role and citizens back to our role. Use our constitutional power, the power and the ballot box.

I’ll say again, we are winning, and I’d love to answer questions about Naomi Wolf and the podcast we made with her yesterday, because she’s got 11 points that are fabulous.

April 28, 2023 Rumble Part 1 of 2 | See also: Part 2 of 2 (Malcolm Roberts, Alex Antic, Graham Hood, John Larter, Naomi Wolf)

We have a long way to go, but COVID has really woken people. We had some people awake to the climate scam before, now more people are awake to climate scam, because they’ve seen the COVID mismanagement and they’ve gone, “Hang on, this is similar to climate control.”

So let’s restore the truth about humanity and use it to rekindle human progress, so that we humans are bound and flourish.

Thank you.

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