Pink Floyd using Concert to wake people up to the “Ruling Class” before it’s too late

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Roger Waters from Pink Floyd – snippets from his interviews & tours warning of the Ruling Class & the “This is Not a Drill” tour.

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  • 00:00 New York Times & Wall Street Journal is now just a mouthpiece for the government
    • The people have to wake up to the fact that these newspapers and the rest of the media are not giving you the news.
  • 00:22 Clip from his “This is not a drill” concert putting messages behind the songs
    • … Rule the world, Control the narrative, Rule the world
      • How do we do that?
        • Grease the wheels of public consent
          • Get them to agree to perpetual war at any cost
            • To help the rich
            • To fuck the poor
            • Both here at home and over there abroad
            • The avarice rules – yeah – and wise men are fools
            • Let’s shop til we drop, we’re the cream of the crop
            • We are meant to rule
            • and the many should
            • Slave for the few
            • Us good, them evil
  • 02:44At some point in everybody’s life they have to decide whether or not they believe in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights – either you believe in it or you don’t – you can’t have it both ways. If you do believe it then you have to stand up for people’s human rights all over the world irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, or nationality.
  • 03:08We’re all human beings, and we behave differently by accidence of our birth. The walls that divide us are created accidently, and in consequence, they are reversible. Once we understand that they’re only like us – we’re just people who are born in different parts of the world, we don’t have collateral damage. We no longer allow the headlong rush to maximize the bottom line. We say that other things that are more important. “
    • Wish you were here” is about the world is a confusing place, and it’s difficult to find a reality that one can grasp hold of heartedly. The thing that I attach to most powerfully in my life is my humanity, and that of other people.
  • 03:53 “The Ruling Class are murdering you. Not slowly – they’ve got their hands around your throats and you’re just passing out. They are destroying the earth and everything that lives on it to make a few quid. This is not a drill. It’s happening, and it’s happening now.
  • 04:12 “This is not a drill will be a rock n roll show that’s about the fact that this is our lives ending. We’re standing on the precipice and it needs just a slightest little nudge and we’ll all be yesterday’s news.”
  • 04:27 Another Clip from his “This is not a drill” concert
    • Teach your children well, teach your children well
    • Their father’s hell did slowly go by
  • 04:38Almost everybody thinks that the wars that we are subject to – constantly now – we live in a state of perpetual war, which by a lot of people in the United States has been accepted. They think it’s ok, because they think they’re fighting terrorists – that’s what they think. That’s not why we’re in a state of perpetual warfare, in my view. We know that all human beings are descended from the first homo sapiens who were from Africa, and that we have spread out over the globe into different parts, and in consequence some of us look different than others, this is because of weather and the different stuff that’s happened, but we all carry the same DNA. We are all related. Wherever we’re born, whatever our religion is, whatever our ethnicity, colour, sexual preference, whatever – we are brothers and sisters.
  • 05:45Julian Assange’s only crime is to speak the truth to the people, and he’s speaking truth though to a powerful elite who don’t want the truth spread to the people
  • 06:56Julian Assange should not of spent a single day in the embassy or in prison, because he has committed no crime. How many times do we have to explain this to the rest of the world? Not only has he committed no crime, but he is one of the most important human beings on earth. Why is that? Because he is one of the few proper journalists. What are journalists supposed to do? Journalists are supposed to inform “we the people” of what is going on in the world, so that we can make “informed decisions” about how we are going to relate to our governments – this is particularly true if we pretend to call the countries we live in democracies. “
    • Q.) He is charged with Espionage, how do you justify that, how do you clarify that?
      • Well you can’t. Well I could for you –
        • Obviously he has committed no act of espionage by any definition of the word, probably in any language, anywhere in the world.
        • It’s a trumped-up nonsense charge. Clearly, it’s obvious to absolutely everybody – the whole juditional procedure that has been going on in the UK, is a charade – it’s a piece of theatre to persuade those of us who need persuading, that this man deserves to be punished in some way for what he has done–
      • We should be building statues to Julian Assange in our town squares – not punishing him. What he has done is expose inconvenient truths to the powers that be.
  • 08:03 Clip from Roger Waters refusing Facebook’s offer for the rights to use his song “Another Brick in the Wall” to promote Instagram.
    • “with an offer of a huge, huge amount of money
      • and the answer is “Fuck you – No Fucking Way
        • “it’s an insidious movement of them to take over absolutely everything”
  • 09:14 “Is it my imagination? Is it too much to suggest, that our leaders are driven not by trying to achieve peace in our time, but by something else – by something altogether less sublime?
    • Call me a cynic, but it sometimes seems to me that some of them are more attached to power than to peace.”
  • 09:34This is not a drill is me shouting it from my rooftop, and hoping that you will shout it from your rooftops and we’ll start acting as one, and put an end to this madness”

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  • The ruling class is murdering you: Roger Waters on shouting from the rooftop
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  • Roger Waters – Thoughts on Facebook Ad Offer

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