[Germany] What’s In The Vials? (Pfizer)

IN C19 Vials

Professor Dr Arne Burkhart, German pathologist that was able to show some pretty strange objects in pathological examinations that have been carried out, that fitted the description of graphene.

On September 20, 2021, a group of several dozen physicians and pathologists held a day-long symposium at the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen, Germany, to try and figure out why hundreds of thousands of people have died in Europe, alone, not to mention other parts of the world, soon after getting a Covid-19 vaccine shot.

This was followed by a session titled, “Undeclared Components of Covid-19 Vaccines.” Here they examined and discussed a host of non-biological components they found to a lesser or greater extent in the blood of vaccinated people. It appears that all the vaccines administered in Germany and Austria contained these non-biological objects – Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca. (01)

German Press Conference: Deaths from Vaccination & Undeclared Contaminants in the Vaccines: September 20, 2021

German pathologists held a press conference discussing deaths from COVID vaccines and undeclared contaminants in the vaccines. At the press conference, the result of the analysis of COVID-19 vaccine samples will also be presented to an Austrian research group, which corresponds to the findings of scientists from Japan and the USA. Undeclared metal-containing components were found in the vaccine. Vaccine elements are visually striking because of their unusual shape.

  • Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt. (Host & his findings)
    • Head of the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen for 18 years and then worked as a pathologist in private practice. Professor Burkhardt has published over 150 articles in scientific journals and contributions to handbooks. He has also certified pathology institutes.
  • Prof. Dr. Walter Lang. (Peer-reviewing the findings)
    • Worked as a pathologist at the Hannover Medical School from 1968 to 1985. For 25 years thereafter he ran a private institute for pathology in Hanover, which he founded, specialising in transplantation, pathology, extra gynaecological pathology, thyroid, tumours, lung and flora pathology. He performed Keul under consultation diagnostics for twelve major pulmonary clinics and performed liver pathology examination for numerous clinics. From 1985 to 2020 he performed consultations examinations for the pathology of the lung clinic in Herne.
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Birkholz. (Risk & Quality Management)
    • Former professor of electrical engineering with a focus on quality and risk management at Jacobs University in Bremen. Before his appointment as professor, Professor Birkholz, 17 years, worked in the management of the chief editorial office at the company Siemens.

12 Minute Clip English Translation:

Vial Contents

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