What is going on with the Censorship & Mass-Media Disinformation? What is REALLY going on?

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(Feb 13th 2022 — Remind me to update this post with more updated information – I don’t have time today but there’s so much more to this! This TNI stuff is just a tiny tiny aspect, and I was way too kind and naïve when I wrote this post. The corporate media is truly evil. Please, please don’t ever listen to anything they say – turn it off – free your mind.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt when I wrote this post, but there is absolutely no way they are not privy to what is actually going on and what they are doing – the lies, the fear, the bombardment of hatred spewing out 24/7 on our friends and neighbours is absolutely criminal – never allowing a shred of hope or happiness or optimism or truth – they have kept constant terror and confusion pouring into the hearts of our communities who have falsely and naively believed they wouldn’t lie to them.

The media are the weapon behind this mass-formation psychosis the public are experiencing – they are deliberately and systematically gaslighting people into believing lie after lie after lie and there is no excuse for what they are doing – none).

What is going on with the Censorship?

In Australia, we had a little “narrative to the public” that ended in a new law that basically silenced Independant Media:

There’s also “The Trusted News Initiative”, which is a heavily-regulated and controlled group that all mainstream media and digital media setup to streamline advice from “trusted sources” to combat ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ during the pandemic. In other words, it was created to be ‘of service’ to the public to get accurate information in a global crisis.

Trusted News Initiative (01)

They are given the information from one global media source, and they collaborate to combat anything that differs from the “government-approved health advice”. They have newly-created fact-checker sites that they also use immediately to debunk and correct actual misinformation/disinformation, anything that would lead to ‘vaccine hesitancy’, but also — any science or expertise that contradicts the narrative they are trying to create.

Unfortunately, when you have only one heavily-governed global media who are getting information from the one source, and those behind it wanting to promote their “Universal Vaccination” for a new Global Digital ID system, and all the things that come along with that (global surveillance & tracking, complete digital control over the world’s media, complete control over the news media, control over the medical literature – to the point of fabricating data in studies in order to feed it through the press with political motives (then withdrawing the study after it had already gone viral and not correcting their mistake), complete control over the narrative, contact tracing, digital ID, passports, moving businesses & education system online to further be able to control everything you see, hear, think, or say), only one ‘solution’ is offered because only one ‘solution’ is fit for a global digital ID (hide in your homes and wait for a vaccine).

It became a systematic censorship of the world’s top public health experts, and a constant repeating of the same message over and over – all day and all night – and everywhere you look – “Get the vaccine, it’s safe and effective” “Mask your Kids, Gel Up, Stay Away from Others, Wash Your Hands” – “Get Tested” “Isolate” – Cherry-picking the science that fits the “Universal Vaccine Agenda” and completely ignoring, censoring, deleting and systematically destroying any science. health advice, and effective treatments that got in the way. Millions of content from top health experts have been deleted, effective treatments have been ‘debunked’ or ridiculed – even though they are used by millions worldwide, and in it’s place, are those who are promote the ‘get the vaccine’ and anyone that doesn’t want a vaccine is “antivax” or “antigov” or “neo-nazi’s” or “keeping you from getting back to ‘normal'”.

TNI Objective

  • Crush early treatment because early treatment was not in line with the World Health Organization & the CDC
  • Crush anything on Vaccine Safety in order to promote the vaccine – they didn’t want any Vaccine-Hesitancy

See also “Fact-Checkers”

Are all the journalists in the world saying the same thing?

All corporate-funded big-tech-funded or pharma-funded media – YES.

There have been journalists that have quit to let people know – unfortunately they are suppressed and censored the same as everyone else who is speaking up.

Those who stay either think they are doing the right thing and providing the right advice from trusted sources, or are corrupt. There is no other way to say this. Journalists who want to speak out, suffer the same fear & threats as our current health professionals and anyone in position now that is saying anything other than “Get the Jab, The Jab is Safe”.

  • Weekly Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Weekly meetings with the objective & directions
  • And you could guess what else

See also: Holding the Line – Journalists against Covid Censorship

Ivory Hecker

Same Script, Same Narrative, Globally-Controlled Media

Browse Posts on Rigged-Media – But Downloads Folder Contains a lot more that have not yet turned into posts (sent directly to lawyers)

What Started as “The Right Thing” turned into a tool for The Great Reset

The media – in the guise of doing the ‘right thing’ – has been the cause of all the division, hate, fear, and the real reason you have been kept in a state of absolute terror and despair during the pandemic, and I’m not sure you will ever be able to get out of that state of fear to recognize it is happening unless you first understand that there are working treatments, that COVID is being used as a political tool, that almost everything they are saying is being used politically rather than for your ‘health’ and that you don’t need to live in fear nor hate on any of your friends – everything is driven by this Trust Network Initiative – brought to you by your favourite giant pharmaceutical company and corporations who decided to use this pandemic to initiate The Great Reset. Unfortunately they have also told you the great reset is either just a conspiracy theory or that it is a good thing for climate change and to restore our economy – I wish that were true, and I wish the media would be open with you about what they are doing, and had talked you through it like a good journalist would, but it really doesn’t serve the new world order to be open about it when it’s better for them to keep you in fear so that they can get this jab into you.

Learn more about The Great Reset

“Last week I asked the Senate to reject The World Economic Forum’s damaging Great Reset policies. My proposal was blocked 2-73 with only Malcolm Roberts and I voting to acknowledge the harm these unwanted policies would inflict on Australians.” – Pauline Hanson

Here it is on our parliament website when Pauline Hanson asked the Senate to Reject the WEF Great Reset Policies last November:


“What is the Great Reset and why should I be concerned?”

The Great Reset in less than 10 Minutes

Aussie Unions are the ENGINE ROOM in The Great Reset – John Wilson

Plans to use COVID for Great Reset are ‘very sinister’

Socialists are using ‘hysteria over COVID as a weapon of economic destruction’

COVID-19: The Great Reset

From the World Economic Forum’s perspective


Browse through all the changes we can expect as they roll it out:

A new universal agenda’ for all of mankind

If this is your first time finding out that it’s real, I know how you’re feeling, I dismissed it too – never looked into it even though I had a feeling that the world was heading this way, and even throughout the pandemic I focused all my research on treatments and understanding the virus and vaccines, I deliberately didn’t look outside of the ‘mainstream’ journal publications because it was too important to get wrong, but I didn’t know that The Great Reset was … actually ‘mainstream’ – in the open – not hidden (other than via the media’s deliberate refusal to report on it). I didn’t know it was an actual already-in-progress agreement between countries that they decided to implement during the pandemic. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Understanding what they are doing is important for understanding why they lie, why they need a global digital ID, and what they intend to do while they have you divided and fighting amongst your friends, and destroying non-governed businesses. You can stop fighting with family and friends thinking they are stopping you from getting your life back or putting your life at risk – there is no going back to normal life. We might have a chance to repair our communities through the awareness that it’s not a conspiracy and that we need to come together and not split apart, that the people are ultimately the ones who are really driving this country, and that they cannot implement that which we don’t want, if we, the people are united and have an understanding of what is going on and work together on what we can do about it.

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