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Storytime. My dad was a magician. My sister & I grew up in Magic Circles & Magic Clubs. We grew up around illusion and deception and “behind the scenes” magic – the art of “distraction’. Direct their attention over here, while you do something over there. Wordsmithing. Setting up tricks that allow for any outcome “covering all basis”… that kind of thing.

When I was around 7 years old? I was invited to do a magic segment on the Ballarat TV show “Kids Only” hosted by Glenn Ridge. (There was no internet and I cannot find old episodes – probably a blessing cos I’m sure I was crap)

I have never been a confident kid, and I was already nervous as hell, but just before I went on to do my segment, they asked me to change the magic word from “Abracadabra” to the word “Quit”.

Because it was “Quit Smoking” week.

It was really uncomfortable – put me in a worse state of nerves & confusion (why am I changing the magic word?) and I fumbled my way through the trick and although it has always bothered me when I remember it, it wasn’t until today that I realized that even the local “Ballarat” – small town media have served an ulterior agenda, and will even change a 7 year old kids ‘magic word’ to serve it, and another possible reason why some people have a stronger b.s. metre and can see what the media are doing, and others do not.

(other than they have completely ‘covered all their bases‘ – they really have dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s – but what they are doing is very easy to refute when you have the ability to discern and question and query and research – not just take them at their word).

I have heaps of posts to add to this because it’s really quite an octopus of a network. Not just with the media, but with the published journals, unions, governments, and more. It’s quite the story that I truly understand why it’s hard for anyone to believe but millions of us have figured it out – not just little ol’ me – it’s literally all the experts that have been censored this time – anyone in the world that is calling them out – is now the new enemy – reputations wiped-out, history-changed, censored and discredited – even those who they have used as their “experts” in the past.

Maybe you have to grow up around magician circles – around deception, lies, tricks, illusion.

Maybe you have to spend 30 years carrying around an oxygen tank and living most of your life in and out of hospital before finally giving-up to die – only to find out that it was the medicines/lifestyle that was keeping me a slave to the sick-care system.

Maybe you have to spend a decade fighting with the TGA and realizing something is ‘up’ with them that they threaten anyone who tries to share things that will free people from the sick-care industry. That they were constantly (weekly) attacking my site when I was trying to share with people how I cured myself of the incurable.

Maybe you have to watch a few people you love die at the hands of bad medical policy & life advice & around doctors who completely do not agree that lifestyle has anything to do with why someone is sick.

Maybe you have to have had your own internet marketing business, and done hundreds of internet marketing, sales, & hypnosis courses to understand how the “online media” “big tech” media works with the same ‘slight of hand’ wordsmithing, trickery, and all the tools used in the digital world.

Maybe you have to have worked in the digital medical encryption industry to see that doctors prescribe from a computer that ‘heavily regulates’ and tells them ‘what to prescribe’, and the rewards and incentives offered to them.

Maybe you have to have a specific life to see what the media is doing or to even ‘question’ it?

Is it our duty as those who can see what they are doing, to share with others, or do we not share it? I mean, what else can we do? How do we live in a world where the ‘truth’ doesn’t matter anymore because they’ve ‘covered all their bases’ and the media has the megaphone and they won’t report the truth?

Everyone – jabbed or not – needs to know what works for health because the jab is not protecting you. And everyone needs to know that they are about to destroy the economy on purpose.

These are 2 things you need to know and stop avoiding learning about – but there are many. There is no end-date to this – not for many years.

The media is using this “wordsmith” trick to get you to “hate and blame” those who are trying to show you what they are doing and locate the truth. Turning you against the people that can expose them for who they are – but worse, is they are turning you against those that can help you.

And please stop accusing people of “don’t know who you are listening to but you’re full of shit” – we are listening to the actual experts that this system censored- and everything is easily verifiable and referencedit’s the media who are giving you the disinformation and telling you only to listen to them as their one source of truth, and it’s very important that you figure out good from evil as soon as possible and free yourself from their lies, and realize those who are speaking out do so at great risk to “help” you, and yet you are turning on the wrong people due to the media’s “narrative” and gift of misdirection.

Learn about the TNI – know the media are all working together right now – planetary-wide. Never before has everything been so very one-sided. But also, never before has it been so easy and open for all to see.

I know many who have given up trying to help others see what can actually help them during these times (and help us all by making it so the media can no longer drive division, hate, fear and lies), but I’m still trying to share that they are lying, that there is another agenda they are keeping from you, and that it is very obvious and it’s very easy to find out that everything they say is the opposite of the truth – but you just have to realize they have ‘covered all their bases’.

You’re not going to get it on Facebook. You’re not going to get it from the local newspaper. You’re not going to get it on the TV. You’re not going to get it from Google. You’re not going to get it from your overly-regulated & controlled local doctor. And that’s why it’s working.

But all the fear & hate you are feeling, is their doing. And all the “good guys” have unlimited amounts of help from what to do if you get sick (jabbed or not) to what to do with the after-effects of the jab, to helping you understand what is actually going on, and so on.

You just have to get off any network they control to find it. And start questioning why we would keep doing this – why would I keep posting when I know you hate me for it?

Why would I keep posting like this when I know you are wanting to “punch me in the street” for saying the opposite of what the media is saying?

Why would I put myself in that position if it wasn’t true? Why would I continually try and help you when it puts my own life at risk?

Why would I do this if I couldn’t prove it?

The truth should matter to you – should matter to all. We can’t live in a fake reality created by the media when the truth sets you free from all the shit they are doing.

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