VIC Government (Inquiry into COVID-19 response) – Individual Submissions


Inquiry into the Victorian Government’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Public submissions

(Lockdowns, Mask Mandates, Police Conduct, Hotel Quarantine, etc)

  • All are PDFs or Videos
  • Submissions were welcome from the public up to Nov 2020. (01)

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“Over 35% Small Businesses Closing!”

Another 30% are losing $50,000-$200,000 each month.

Name Withheld – CPA/Tax Agent. Over 3,000 clients – 35% are liquidating & folding and another 30% are losing 50,000-200,000 each month. This insanity needs to end!

As a CPA, and certified tax agent, I’ve been on the economic frontline and have witnessed the chaos that the Andrews Government has unleashed on our mental health, physical health and socioeconomic wellbeing!

Their handling has been untruthful, deceitful, misleading and in all honestly communist-like. I never thought as an Australian who’s background is from the Middle East, that my mother land… now has more freedoms and rights, and handled this virus better than a first world country and state that I live in!

Our freedoms have diminished! And we no longer trust the government or the democratic system! With no voice, there is no democracy!

I have 3000 small business clients… 35% are liquidating and folding and another 30% are losing 50,000 – 200,000 each month!

This insanity needs to end! We need protection from tyrannical government!

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