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Since the Vaccines don’t work with “Delta” when exactly did it work in Australia? Just wondering why we can’t ask this question, why noone is asking this question?

Feb 21 2021 ~ First Pfizer Jab Australia

March 5th 2021 ~ First AZ Jab Australia

March 16th, 2021 ~ “Delta” Australia

So the vaccine doesn’t work because… “Delta”?
Exactly when did they EVER work in Australia?

“Yes it still works”…
“The “paid actors” on the “TV” told me
and I believe everything they say because
they reckon the “experts” told them
and that everyone else is just ‘fear-mongering conspiracy theorists

Are you sure?

Because – No, THEY DO NOT
You are listening to criminals.

The “so-called” fear-mongering conspiracy theorists are the ones telling you to look at the data to see for yourself – to take a goddamn interest in what is going on and stop listening to liars on the tv. What they are doing to the people of this country is UNFORGIVABLE.

6 out of the 7 Covid-19 deaths in New South Wales were vaccinated

Almost Half had been Double-Vaccinated

The Failing “Effective” Mantra

Why would they lie?

Good question – that’s where we started too – perhaps you should be asking that a bit more often and finding out what we’re all yelling about, trusting your friends over a movie, and find out what’s really going on?

We are so worried about you – we are so concerned about what they are doing, and we don’t know how to tell you because the ‘tv’ is telling you that they are right and we are wrong and I swear – we have tried everything we can to get the truth to you but the media and new AI censorship is very very powerful, but very – I’m telling you – very EVIL – please try and open your mind to the truth.

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