Jamie warns Australian farmers of what’s ahead for the Great Reset

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ANR Founder, Jamie McIntyre, warns farmers in Australia and globally that the globalists, led by Bill Gates, want to destroy beef production.

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This includes in Australia, as they think cows release to much methane,& wish to sabotage the Global food supply to usher in the Great Reset & New World order. This includes having you “own nothing and be happy“, while eating insects, bugs and fake meat grown in a lab.

Farmers can be the key globally, to help lead a Global revolution.

No farmers no food.

They’ll over hype diseases in cattle like “foot and mouth disease”, under a pretence to slaughter farmers herds to send them broke, and disrupt food supplies.

Prepare to stop the Climate Change zealots who are causing energy, food shortages and massive price hikes.

Renewable energy is also a foolish fantasy, that isn’t going to ever replace energy, unless Nuclear is considered.

The Globalists, if not stopped will destroy Western Society, in order for the Oligarchs to remain in control.

Be warned and act why you can.


Jamie McIntyre

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