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COVID-19 Protection

Healthy Motivation for me

When I was healthy, happy, positive, and full of energy, this is what I posted on Instagram as my “accountability” challenge. Years later, I am nothing like this person. This post is to re-motivate myself to start doing what I know works. Food is nature’s medicine that completely transforms everything, and has never been more important to put this front and centre back into our lives.

Viral Replication (Phase 1)

This is a living document of me collecting research on the phases of COVID-19 and the therapeutic options for each phase and viral target. This particular post focuses on Phase One – the Viral Replication phase.

More Ivermectin Research (Videos)

Here are 4 videos that I think are great for discussing Ivermectin. The first released yesterday interviews a doctor who has been prescribing it, the second talks about the many ‘interests’ that are getting in the way of Ivermectin reaching doctors, the 3rd goes through the data – the evidence – the meta analysis – the proof. The 4th gives a good overview and answers audience Q&As.