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Still trying to get my head around the “viruses don’t exist” theory. Here’s another video from Dr Robert Young to ponder.

Dr. Robert Young – “Viruses Don’t Exist” Explained, Nanotech Inside People is a Bioweapon

Rumble | ZeeeMedia.com | DrRobertYoung.com

Dr. Robert Young is widely recognised as one of the top research and clinical scientists in the World. Throughout his career, his research has been focused at the cellular level. He joins us to explain that viruses as we know them do not exist, and delve further into how nanotechnology inside humans is being weaponised against us, and will eventually lead to our destruction.” ~ Maria from ZeeeMedia

My notes:

  • 5g is a directed-energy weapon
    • Magnetic fields
    • Havana effect
    • Causes cell-membrane damage or deterioration, which leads to the Corona effect
    • The spike-protein effect
      • Spike Protein is not caused by a virus, it’s caused by radiation poisoning.
    • Blood coagulation effect, mood-swings, depression, neurological challenges, loss of taste, vision deterioration, all caused by exposure to your computer, cell phone, cell tower, and the Wi-Fi that you’re swimming in.
  • Wuhan, Milan & Los Angeles, etc. were targetted
    • What preceded Wuhan was the inoculations of a so-called vaccine, that he says he doesn’t have evidence for…
    • … that he theoretically thinks contains reduced graphene-oxide
      • reduced graphene carries a negative surface-charge, so once you’re exposed to a field of radiation, once they turned on the switch in Wuhan, in combination with a receptor of graphene, which acts like a bio-sensor, what you have is a quantum link, which links you up to the radiation you’re being exposed to, to the graphene, which then causes (depending on the frequency), immediate cellular disorganization, which leads to pathological blood coagulation, which leads to pulmonary embolism, which leads to oxygen deprivation, which leads to death.
        • This can happen in less than 4 minutes.

(I think I have evidence on this somewhere … maybe… I’ll have to look in my files, pretty sure that clinical trials for the quad-flu shot was performed in both Italy & China prior to the “Covid” narrative ~ Penny).. (something like this was also mentioned in the “Plandemic” documentaries by Dr Judy Mikovits – pretty sure she said they had given the 5-in-1 flu shots prior to the so-called outbreak)

  • Q.) Does it depend on how much graphene is in the system?
    • A.) Not necessarily, because graphene just amplifies all this / speeds everything up.
      • So if you’ve had a flu shot, which I believe was the case in Wuhan, and they turn up the electromagnetic field, which I believe they did, and then they use a false flag, which they’ve been doing for years (Spanish Flu pandemic, etc.),
        • Corona means radiation when you translate it.
        • “Virus” means poison.
      • So what we have is radiation poisoning that’s chemically poisoning people, causing pathological blood coagulation, that leads to cellular disorganization, which gives rise to the corona effect, particularly of the red blood cells, and “causing” the spike protein.
        • Spike Protein = degradation of the cell membrane & the death of the cell
          • What happens is those break off. They’re called endotoxins, and these fragments, activate the neutrophils.
            • And what are neutrophils? They make up two-thirds of your white count.
              • When the garbage increases inside our body, white blood cells come out to pick the garbage up, but when it becomes overwhelming, that’s when the lymphocytes start secreting antioxidants to reduce hydrogen and oxygen to neutralize the poisonings that are happening from the cell-internal acidity that’s breaking it down, which leads to death.
      • So the radiation poisoning, in combination with the graphene-oxide, in combination with the cellular breakdown, increases acidic bio-waste, which drops the pH, to a point that you go into a coma, from 7.1 pH to 6.9 pH – which is death.
        • So the ideal pH of the blood is 7.365.
        • Once you’re exposed to this technology, and this is all intentional, it’s to reduce the actual bio-chemistry of the environment to a point that leads to death.

  • Q.) Maria mentions that Australian scientists anonymously came to her to break the news on what they found and that you could see the cells gathering around these nanotech particles (01)
    • A.) When neutrophils collect (because they’re garbage collectors), when they collect graphene, “they” become part of the garbage.
      • Graphene is a biosensor, which means it can receive and transmit.
        • So there’s no ‘shedding’ here.
          • When someone’s been poisoned with graphene, they become a human cell tower – they’re receiving radiation, and emitting radiation, which affects everyone else around them.

  • Q.) So how does the Spike Protein come into it? Please explain it to us, I think you did, but I didn’t quite get it.
    • A.) Spike protein is a symptom of cellular degeneration of the human cell.
      • It’s not something that causes the symptom.
        • It’s the effect of a declining pH, much like the oceans require an ideal pH of 8.4, but now the ocean is at 8.04, which is why we’ve lost over 50% of our marine life. A very simple concept.
          • A fish is only as healthy as the water it swims in.
          • The human cell is only as healthy as its ideal pH – in the blood it’s 7.365.
        • Radiation poisoning, in combination with graphene oxide, causes cellular disruption, disorganization, and death, and the waste products of that lower the pH, to a point where the body has to activate, and it’s called the clotting cascade.
          • The clotting cascade that is taking place, is to try and prevent internal bleeding, from the damage, of this declining pH, caused by the radiation, amplified by the graphene oxide.
            • So simply, when we understand that the “flu” is not a disease, and it’s not viral-centered, the flu is a symptom of detoxification, of increasing body-temperature, to remove acidic waste products, in order to maintain the alkaline design of the human body field—the biofield. If it doesn’t, then you die.
              • And this is what’s happening to people. Their cells are breaking down, because they’ve been impregnated with graphene oxide, through inoculation, the air, the food, the water, and then when radiation is introduced, it amplifies this thing, which then leads to cell membrane deterioration. “The corona effect’. And a higher valance of that is called the “Spike protein effect”.

  • Q.) If what you are saying is true, that radiation poisoning is the cause, then they can continue this madness (indefinitely).
    • A.) They can turn it on and off at will, increase/decrease, target cities, groups of people, individuals.

  • What’s in Pfizer? mRNA. Why are they putting modified genetic material in the vaccine?
    • The RNA material is specific to specific organs and glands.
      • When creating nutraceuticals, I can target specific organs and glands with the RNA or DNA that’s related to those particular organs. So I would include the genetic material of the ovaries if I wanted to target the reproductive system.
    • So the mRNA, acts as a driver to drive the nano lipid capsid.
    • The thing they haven’t admitted, are the parasites.
      • Parasite eggs that they have to keep at a very low temperature in order for them not to hatch.
        • That’s the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite.
          • And guess what that causes? Myocarditis. (05) (06) (07) (08) (09) (10) (11) (12)

  • So everything you thought you knew about this subject, I’m turning everything upside down.
    • So what is going on is that Pfizer is experimenting on using genetic material to drive specific ingredients to specific areas of the body. ie. the female reproductive organs, the male reproductive organs, the heart, the brain, and the bone marrow.
      • They’re driving the biosensor material – reduced graphene oxide – with attached Ferric oxide (Iron) (13) . So what we have is Graphene Ferric Oxide, being delivered to the female reproductive organs, and I can only come up with one purpose for that.
      • This kind of research has been going on for 20 plus years. (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19)
      • This technology has now gotten to the point where, once it’s implanted, they can read your heart, your blood pressure, your blood sugars, they can do everything electronically.
      • The internet of things. This has been proposed in the 2030 agenda that this integration of this technology will be for all humans. This is what is taking place.

  • So, red blood cells should be swimming in their own fluid. They should be even in colour, shape, and size.
    • when they’re exposed to graphene oxide and radiation.
      • The black in the image is a ‘reduced graphene oxide’ cluster.
      • Look at what the blood is doing around it. It’s clotting. That’s what this does.
        • Reduced graphene oxide in combination with 4g and 5g, pulsating at 2.4Ghz and up, causes cells to reverse their polarity, start clotting together, and they’re attracted to this graphene, so they form clots.
          • They can’t move through the system if they’re all clotted together.
            • This is what causes oxygen deprivation.

  • On the left here is ferric oxide.
    • So these are the cells, and you can see graphene oxide all around them.
    • It looks like a war zone.
    • This is why people are getting sick.
  • It can be a delayed reaction depending on what they’re eating, drinking, breathing, etc.
    • You can be exposed to this by the aerosol, on the PCR swabs, drinking water, etc.

  • Q.) Maria reading from: EXCLUSIVE: Self-assembling vaccine clot biostructures harvest conductive metals from your blood – preliminary ICP-MS analysis results released (20)
    1. The post vaccine clots are not made of blood, the clot was very low in key elements that would be expected to be seen in living biological tissue….
    2. Electrically conductive elements were higher in the clot material….
    3. and they’ve determined in the end that these are not blood clots, they are self-assembling, they get larger in the body, and they add to their aggregate size.
    4. They are not alive, and don’t appear to be parasites.
    5. They self-assemble through some unknown mechanism.
    6. Not made of human flesh or tissue.
    7. They seem to harvest electrically conductive elements from circulating blood and incorporate these elements into their own biostructures, resulting in higher concentrations of these elements (Al, Sn, Na) compared to human blood.
  • What are your thoughts on these findings?

  • A.) Here they are right here, graphene bubbles, graphene threads, ferritin oxide, and heinz bodies or hemaglobin chelated graphene. They self-assemble inside your body.
  • The self-assembly is done through electromagnetics. Opposites attract.

See also: What’s in the vials?

  • Q.) Embalmers told me they’re only seeing it with those who have taken the COVID vaccines or had some sort of blood treatment, indicating that perhaps it had been passed into their blood through those who have had the injections. But we’re saying this is also possible through the nanotechnology that they put in our food, our skies, and so on, correct?
  • A.) Absolutely. In fact, I’m seeing it in pretty much 100% of everybody who is living on this earth. They’re chem-trailing it, it’s in the water, this tech is in the food, etc.

See also:

  • The most important organ in the body, is called the Interstitium (21)
    • Germs are born in us and from us. (22)
      • And when I mention the flu, that’s just the body trying to get rid of excess toxins, that haven’t been eliminated through urination, defecation, or respiration; it’s now coming out through the pores of the skin, and this is what gives rise to Monkeypox.
        • Monkeypox is nothing more than a symptom of chemical and radiation poisoning.

  • Q.) So everyone has this graphene oxide in them, it’s showing up in everyone’s blood-injected or uninjected, it doesn’t matter, they’ve been poisoning us forever. I understand and accept that, but for the people that aren’t dying/aren’t getting sick, is it that we have a better fighting chance?
    • A.) You have a fighting chance because your orifices, and you have many orifices to eliminate these toxins, are functioning to a level that’s removing these waste products – through urination, defecation, perspiration, respiration, and menstruation.
      • And women have some extra fat on their bodies, and the purpose of that is to protect them when they get pregnant. If the body cannot remove whatever the waste is through normal elimination, it’s held in this largest human organ called the Interstitium and it’s compartmentalized, and in those compartments are fluids—it holds onto that.
        • If cells are producing lactic acid, where does the lactic acid go? It goes into this fluid, which is not the skin; it’s this organ that holds these fluids to be able to eliminate them, and if it does not, the fluid will push it out to the muscles, or out into the fatty tissue.
          • This is why when you over-exercise, you feel pain, What are you feeling? You’re feeling “acid.” What is the acid? It’s lactic acid.
            • People who are sweating daily have a better chance of removing these wastes than people who are sedentary. So what was the age group that was most affected by this chemical radiation assault on the human body?
          • Yes, athletes are dropping dead, not just from radiation and chemical poisoning, it has a lot to do with Trypanosoma cruzi.
            • … which has caused a flip.
              • The flip is that in 2020, people were dying from severe acute respiratory disorders, at 31%-32%, and heart disease was down to 16%. We’re now seeing lung conditions at 10%-13%, and heart disease at over 60%.
                • Why? Because of the exposure to the inoculation, the implantation or the infestation of these parasites, and so now do we have a virus that has become disinterested in the lungs which is now interested in our heart?
          • Women are more sensitive to electromagnetic fields than men because they’re more connected, particularly neurologically; they have 7x more electrical connections. And so we are electrical beings, having a physical experience, and that electrical system is being attacked, by electrical cars, electrical fridges, in other words, the internet of things. We’re being cooked.

  • Q.) I’m thinking about SADS, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, which is affecting the vaccinated. Is that happening because they have a higher concentration of this nanotechnology?
    • A.) It is part of the reason but the main part of it, is they’re not managing and maintaining the alkaline design of their internal fluids of their bodies. We’re 60% fluid.
      • Just like you’d test your car, test your urine, the ideal pH is 8.4. If you’re having any symptomology, you need a hyper – //*- hyper what? lol cannot work what he’s saying here.. hyper… something… alkalinity perhaps?–*// to bring it up to a 9.
  • Conventional medicine “attacks” something that has nothing to do with the cause. The cause is simply a polluted, internal environment which can be managed by testing the urine.
    • Every time you urinate, you test your urine (//*-what? that seems a little overkill?-*//)
      • And anytime your urine drops below 7.2, you take 120mls of distilled or alkaline water, with 3-5 grams of baking soda.
        • If you want to maintain the integrity of your human body, you have to correct the balance, by what you eat, what you drink, what you think, what you breathe, what you feel, and what you believe.
  • This is not a disease. People are treating symptoms, and they’re dying from the treatments.
  • And we’re dealing with new toxins:
    1. ferric oxide
    2. reduced graphene oxide
    3. and parasites.
  • The other side effects are the body trying to protect itself,
    • The body will use what resources it has to protect itself.
  • The best way to improve circulation, are 3 compounds:
    1. L-Arginine
    2. L-Ornithine
    3. L-Citrulline
  • Those have to be in combination, they produce nitric oxide, which will break down these aggregations. (23) (24) (25)
  • I want people to know, there are no viruses that are causing these specific symptomology.
    • There are no diseases, but there are imbalances, that medical science would have you believe are diseases.
      • These are the symptoms of the body trying to repair or eliminate, or restore the alkaline design of the human body.
  • Book: The pH Miracle, focus on chapter 5 and 11

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