Health Authorities using Questionable studies for their Modelling & Mandates

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There are two new studies that are widely quoted by health officials that have no regard to the facts or evidence on the ground.

The two studies health officials are referencing are the Veteran Affairs pre-print saying reinfection outcomes are bad” (to justify never-ending boosters) and the Harvard study saying substantial immune escape has occurred” (to justify the re-masking of kids).

Studies are being cherry-picked because they work for the “narrative”. They use studies that work in their favour. This happens in whatever group it is – vax/antivax, mask/antimask, etc. – whatever it is, they will use whatever studies that support their own narrative.

Veterans Affairs vs Harvard Studies

Sparks Are Flying – A Review of The Latest COVID Studies

20 July, 2022 YouTube | SubStack explainer

Comparison of the two competing studies and how they are shaping the health care decision-making, that there is an acknowledgement that the lethality (of covid) is not as high, and there are mandates trying to come back due to cases, even though the infection is not severe.

The two studies health officials are referencing are the Veteran Affairs study saying reinfection outcomes are bad”, and the Harvard study saying substantial immune escape has occurred”:

  1. Jun 17, 2022 (ResearchSquare PrePrint – under review for nature – this is the Veterans Affairs hospital study)
    • Outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection (01)
      • “Every reinfection increases severity”
      • 5.7 million people (5.4 million were the controls, and the remaining were re-infected)
        • This study implications for “healthy individuals”, are not seen by any other studies. This is the ONLY study that is saying it.
        • It’s based on Veterans Affairs hospital study – this is not generalizable to others, and has no repeatable evidence from any other studies.
          • But health officials are referencing this study to re-introduce mandates.
          • They are using this study as their “evidence” to reintroduce public health mandates in their modelling.
  2. Jul 7, 2022 (NEJM – this is the Harvard study)
  • San Diego, CA & University of California = reintroducing kids wearing masks in schools (or you need to stay home or online-school), referencing these studies
  • Dr Anthony Fauci = referenced the Harvard study, the one with just 27 blood samples!

More References Discussed in Video:

Menstrual irregularities after vaccination.

  • 42% women get heavy bleeding after vaccination.
  • 14% women reported not heavier (characterized by a mix of lighter bleeding or no change after vaccination).
  • 44% experience no change after vaccination.
  • Category missing is those who had “absent” periods; without any clear cause after the vaccine.
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    • Patrick Taeschler on Twitter: “Our new article on T cell recovery following COVID-19 is now out in @AllergyEaaci! We found functional and numeric recovery of peripheral T cells in the follow-up of COVID-19 patients, but also evidence of prolonged immune activation.) (13)
  9. Jul 7, 2022 (Frontiers in Immunology)
  10. Jan 14, 2022 (Frontiers in Immunology)

Veterans Affairs Study

COVID Reinfection Outcomes Are Not Good (Preprint Study)

In this video, Dr Been goes over the Veterans Affairs hospital preprint study listed above:

6 July, 2022 YouTube | Odysee | Substack Explainer | PDF of Study

  • This study shows that a reinfection increases the risk of hospitalization, death, and sequala regardless of the vaccination status.
    • The world’s first study to characterize the health risks of reinfection.
    • Reinfection with Covid compared to the initial infection, has almost double the risk of at least one symptom lingering for up to six months after the infection.
    • Study includes 5,693,208 participants which includes mostly men (10% women)
      • Women: 566,020
      • Participants Infected Once: 257,427
      • Participants Infected Twice or More: 38,926
      • Participants Uninfected / No infection (Control): 5,396,855
  • Long Covid has only a 15% reduction with the vaccine.
    • Risk of cardiovascular long covid for those with 1 dose, 2 doses, or more than 3 doses of the vaccine is more than double if reinfected.
    • Risk of all-cause mortality is double regardless of vaccine status if reinfected.
  • There is a missing cohort of whether the vaccine caused the symptoms, the data assumes COVID reinfection, and does not address vaccine-related symptoms.
    • Intentional blind spot of researchers and health authorities towards anything related to the vaccine side-effects.


  • Jun 17, 2022 (ResearchSquare PrePrint – under review for nature – this is the Veterans Affairs hospital study) Outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection (16)

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