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Dr. Ryan Cole did not find graphene in the vials he tested, but he did find contaminants, and he was surprised by what happened when he tested the vials on Del Bigtrees’ blood; however, he does warn and is very concerned about what the vials actually did contain.

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He said that many of the reports by those making graphene/nanobot claims are probably not done in a sterile environment and thus pick up on a variety of things. The contaminants he found included metallic particles, and the manufacturing process being done quickly could be the cause of batches being different.

“All scientists agree–when you censor the ones who don’t”

He agrees that if you suppress the ability of scientists to even “look,” then you’ll never find, and that we shouldn’t be censoring dialogue and that we’re only at the “tip of the iceberg” right now with so much more to learn.

On the rubbery-clots found by embalmers

On the post-mortem results of the ‘rubbery-clots‘ that embalmers are finding, he’s had a look at these under the microscope; he agrees it’s unusual and that it only began to happen after the roll-out of an “experimental injection.” He could definitely tell there was a massive difference between the normal post-mortem clots that he would see, which are jelly-like, v’s these post-injection clots, which are firm. This is covered in the first 15 minutes of the video above, and again around the 23-minute mark.

Some of the studies suggest that if you have higher blood sugar, you have a higher propensity to form these clots.

You can break down a normal clot with anti-clotting medication and some supplements, but this type of material in the clots they’re now finding, is an amyloid-like material.

He said Dr. Pretorius has done a great job describing it in the medical literature. She even removed platelets from the blood, which is what they thought were binding, and put the spike in there and found that it was able to build upon itself. It forms a pretty strong protein bond that the body’s normal mechanisms for breaking things apart don’t appear to be able to do it with these rubbery-clots.

In relation to the “spike protein”

“Covid” itself was known to clot due to the spike protein, but these injections cause your body to create billions of these spike proteins over a long period of time, and there’s also been manipulation of this injection-induced spike protein, where there are a lot of unknowns, including how long it lasts and what it will do to a body that is producing these over time.

There was a lot of misleading and incorrect information at the start of the rollout, including that aspirations weren’t done.

The lipid nanoparticles in the injections don’t just stay in the site of injection; it goes into a pressurized blood system, and they’re finding lipid nanoparticles and spike proteins in places that they weren’t supposed to find them, such as the appendix and spleen, and the spike itself can circulate for a long time.

Lipid nanoparticles are ‘designed’ to go all over the body

The lipid nanoparticle itself was “designed” to cross the blood-brain barrier so that it could deliver cancer therapies and so on to the brain, so this product was “made” to “get outside,” and it’s going everywhere. The brain, for one, is usually protected from outside elements, but when they wrapped their mRNA technology in the lipid nanoparticle and told you it was going to stay in the arm, they were lying and it defies all reason; they knew it wouldn’t because the lipid nanoparticle product is “designed” to do the opposite of that, and twenty years of papers show they knew what this was going to do and where it could go.

If nothing else, the spike protein can cause inflammation throughout the entire body, and once you have inflammation in the lining of the vessels, it will start to trigger “stickiness” in cells.

A clot in your leg can travel to your lungs, where it fragments and plugs your lung vessels, resulting in “now you can’t breathe.”


Some of the contaminants he tested were coming from rapidly manufactured needles (when they used a non-stainless steel needle, contaminant-metal would appear in the lab results), implying that there is another possible source due to the rapid manufacture of billions of needles.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG)

He said that PEG is a harmful molecule and that injecting it into the body is not a good idea. He also said that they found inconsistent amounts in different batches (some have a lot, and some have very little), and those batches that have a lot more could be more irritating to the body, and some people have already developed an allergy to it.

Peg coats the lipid nanoparticle and protects the mRNA. (timestamp approx 44-mins)

Polyethylene glycol inhibits the process of your most important cell, your Pac-Man cell, your garbage truck cell, that will eat an invader and present on the surface and say, “Hey, immune system, I’ve got this gobbled-up, come collect me,” so now the main cell that you want presenting an antigen and stimulating an immune response is blunted by PEG in the system. So it’s getting in the way of a proper immune response.

The homogeneous PEG coating they found in the mass spectrometry results has a long lifetime, which means it’s more harmful, and they also found inhomogeneous PEG coating, which has a short lifetime and is less harmful.

What he thinks labs are seeing:

They tested over 100 vials (have not tested any booster-bivalents yet) and didn’t find graphene oxide in any of them. He thinks most of what we are seeing is likely to be cholesterol crystals, a cholesterol cloistering (sp?) spike, and Pfizer has a lot of salt and some sugar, Moderna has more sugar and a little less salt, and some of the little flakes are salt flakes, salt crystals, and sugar crystals.

Timestamp: 37-min, the “rods” they found, were cholesterol crystals:

He said what people are reporting as nanotech circuitry are just stacked-layered cholesterol.


Lipid and mRNA can do harm:

These vials have lipid content, PEG, salts, sugars, genetic material, and some lots had some contaminants.

He said the lipid and the mRNA are two things that can do harm. You don’t have to get off the beaten path; he said those are the two harmful things he found.

(Dr Chetty said very similar last year: 7000+ C19 Patients (0 Deaths). Cause: “Allergen To Spike Protein Man-Made Poison” [Testimony])

The lipid nanoparticle is hyper-inflammatory and can be toxic to our cells. When it was designed, it was only to be given once. And now that they have given it two, three, and four times, the accumulative toxicity of the nanoparticle itself is concerning.

Even more concerning is this gene that gets into your cells and continues to make the toxic spike proteins that have countless known side effects.

The alien-looking creature…

Of the alien-looking creature found by Dr. Franc Zalewski and also in some of Carrie Madej’s videos: [Poland] What’s In The Vials? (The ‘Thing’), he said it’s something botanical that lives on the bottom of a leaf, (stellate trichomes) and would look scary under a microscope. He said you would probably find this if doing microscopy in a living room or other non-laboratory setting.

No parasites found

He found no parasites in the vials either.


The scariest thing he found in the vials is the inconsistency of the previously mentioned, but especially the “fragmented-RNA”. He’s concerned about that the most because we have no idea what it will do, but the studies confirm that its a carcinogen.

Disputes graphene, nanotech, parasites, doesn’t dispute that contaminants are dangerous

He’s not saying they are harmless; you don’t want any of this in your body, and their quality control clearly needs a revamp; he’s disputing the graphene, nanotech, and strange creature claims—at least in the vials he tested (over 100).

Contaminants in the vials is not unheard of: Japan rejected over a million doses of Moderna vials in mid-2021 after discovering “foreign materials”, eventually blaming a manufacturing contract site in Spain. (12) (13) (14)

All of the injections were rapidly manufactured at “warp-speed”; and it usually takes many years to get a drug safely to market, and the EMA were getting vials that were only 50-55% pure – so you’re getting fragmented-RNA, instead of the full sequence to make whatever it’s supposed to be making.

Vial Contents – Johnson and Johnson

Timestamp approx. 29-mins. About 2,000x magnification. Typical fluid flowing, debris that looks like a glass-shard.

Per the FDA Fact Sheet for J&J, there are trace human proteins; trace human DNA. (15)

“If I put my protein in you, you’re going to have an allergic reaction, because proteins from different people are immunogenic in other people. That’s why when you go to the blood-bank, they’re trying to match as perfectly as possible your blood to someone else’s blood, because even blood cells have tonnes of different proteins, so you have to match proteins.”

Vial contents – Moderna

Timestamp approx. 31-mins. “I don’t know what those rod-forms are. Looks like debris. We’ll send it off for an analysis.”

Vial Contents – Pfizer

Timestamp: 32:50. “Bunch of particles sticking to another particle, some very elongated, rods or sheets, perhaps a chemical of some sort bonding together”

Timestamp approx. 44-min PEG-Coating of Pfizer: ” inconsistent amounts of PEG across different batches”

If you are wanting to put this into humanity, you want to know it’s “safe and effective”, we already know it’s not effective, and it doesn’t matter if it’s not effective if it’s also “not safe”.

“Hodgepodge of inconsistencies” between the vials, even from the same brand.

Back in the studio with Ryan, Del said that it seems like we have a “hodgepodge”; some of the vaccines seemed to have nothing at all, almost like a saline shot, and sometimes they had a couple of different Pfizers and the other one would be packed with all sorts of things, that you get a sense that the manufacturing of this is totally and completely inconsistent.

Ryan agrees. Some were more concentrated, some were less. Where are these being made? Is the FDA inspecting each facility? These are being made all around the world, and they were wrapped-up so quickly, and clearly not good manufacturing process, especially for something that is a brand-new process being implemented at mass-scale. He thinks the inconsistency might of been a ‘good’ thing for a lot of people in the sense that they may of got nothing at all.

If you got one, don’t get two, if you got two, don’t get three, just stop

Del said “If you’re watching, there’s a potential that you didn’t get anything at all – not sure if it’s on purpose whether they purposefully put out saline injections, but what we could see was just some may of settled to the bottom, was it thawed correctly, is it totally destroyed because they thawed it way too early, all of that is in play here, so if you’re healthy right now, and you’ve made it through this, just don’t do any more.”

Mass-Spectroscopy and electron-microscopy confirms contamination

They looked at it with 3 different types of mass-spec, 6 different types of clinical chemistry, and the studies were very revealing at what was there, and what wasn’t.

Simplified mass-spec according to Ryan “everything at an atomic level has a mass, and a spectrum, so you literally have to destroy the sample and as it basically flames-off, it will have a signature for its mass and its colour that it puts off; so you can break one thing down into all the multiple elements that make it up, so its a very special expensive process, used in industry, manufacturing, lab medicine, to identify what are the constituent parts of something, and make sure something is pure and detect the impurities that make up that particle.”

They found metallic particles and contaminants: aluminium, silicon, magnesium, sodium chloride, calcium, titanium, iron, etc.

Del BigTree’s blood reaction with Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson:

Next, they tested the blood of Del Bigtree with drops from the c19 injections, and when the droplet of the vial contents came in contact with Del’s blood, it instantly cleared, and Dr. Cole had never seen anything do that.

Timestamp approx: 54-mins.

Control slide: Del’s blood without any “vaccine”.

Del’s Blood reaction to Moderna

Del’s Blood reaction to J&J Janssen

Dels Blood reaction to Pfizer

Each injection seemed to do something different.

  1. With Moderna, the cells went away, and pushed back into a big giant clump.
  2. With J&J, it looked like a bomb went off – all the cells had scattered, and still had clumping.
  3. With Pfizer, it also had immediate dispersion of cells and clumping. Installing changing the pH of the cell causing a massive outflow of fluid from the interior of the cell, causing cell-membranes to fold almost instantaneously; causing all the red cells to become non-functional. The body would have to have an inflammatory reaction to that because it would have to “gobble those cells up”

If he saw this effect in a new patient, he would test them for chronic kidney disease.

Note: Richard Fleming also had the same blood effects in his tests.

The vial contents seem to be shifting the integrity of the cell and if the cell is no longer functional or destroyed, they go to your spleen. That’s where your red blood cells get recycled.

He said Dr Burkhardt in Germany found lots of spike protein is being made in the spleen.

Manufacturing purity seems to be the key point.

They are going to try and do an mRNA plus influenza genes, plus RSV genes, and all these other shots going forward.

We already know this was a “failed” vaccine programme, they have a technology that’s harmful.

“Human cells are meant to make human proteins, not foreign toxic proteins”. Traditional vaccines don’t do this – this is a new and experimental technology. You don’t want your body creating virus proteins; this platform has sufficiently proven to be dangerous.

Not only do the covid-19 vaccines need to be stopped, but this whole platform and agencies that have taken it upon themselves to keep pushing this forward as though they’ve done ten years of safety studies which they have not. It’s proven to be harmful and has no signals of safety.

Of all the medicines you want to rush to the market, you’re rushing this one?

It’s a “gene-based technology”, and it went through the regulatory steps under “Emergency Use Authorization” as though it were a “vaccine”. By calling it a vaccine, it went to this FDA vaccine committee, but as Dr. Wiseman astutely points out in that Senate hearing – it should’ve gone through the Gene Committee. And they should’ve looked at reproductive toxicity, they should’ve looked at genotoxicity, and mutagenicity, etc. They went through the “wrong regulatory process”; through a team of people that know nothing about gene-therapy.

Those agencies that “technically” work for us, are not working for us. They should have put “Safety first, safety first, safety first.”

Dr. McCullough said we had the signal in February of 2021 with enough people dead already, that it should’ve halted right away.

The Senate hearing was enough for anyone to say, “Houston, we have a problem.”

My questions:

I would love to see him also test all the vials from researchers all over the world, particularly those that do this for a living, and especially the ones with published papers such as:

  1. The World Council of Health (Tess Lawrie, etc.) commissioned a UK laboratory to conduct an independent analysis of the vial contents, which they used to file a case for “Corporate Manslaughter and Gross Criminal Manslaughter”:
  2. Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra’s research was shared on ResearchGate with a call for technical discussion by the scientific community (which was also discovered in Pfizer servers; see Melissa McAtee’s testimony; as something they were concerned about):
  3. The Argentinian paper:
  4. And the Italian study that was published, containing the “Dark Field Microscopic Analysis on the Blood of 1,006 mRNA-jabées,”

After watching Ryan Cole’s video, I hope he’s correct, but I’m curious if different countries are receiving different vials and if you can’t just say “all Pfizer/Moderna/AstraZeneca/J&J” etc. are clean of graphene/nanotech, etc., unless you’re looking at the same vial… That’s why laboratories from everywhere are important, but it is most definitely extremely important that researchers have a sterile environment, stainless steel needles, and record the batch ids.

Did the vials that Ryan tested all come from the same place? Were they frozen/thawed? Were they due for expiry? Are they from the same factory? Are they from the same country? Are the same batch numbers tested by independent labs with the same results? In other words, can we be certain there is no graphene or parasites in all vials across all manufacturers in all parts of the world?

Particularly when it seems in “warp-speed” psychosis, safety-tests are the first to “vanish”, and with IP-protection against ingredients, and “immunity” protection if they kill or maim, with psychopathic owners that seem to be owned by the same corporations that own the world; and the controllers of the world are obsessed with over-population and have already been caught experimenting on maiming us in the past.

Since that Ryan Cole video came out, there’s a couple of different perspectives that have been shared:

What’s in the Vials?


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