Covid Songs (Reggae Truth Bombs)

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This post is dedicated to the many Covid Reggae songs by Roaman and any other Reggae Covid Truth songs I come across.

My Covid Songs post has grown – lol, keep finding more – too many for one page, so I’ll break them into multiple posts and tag them with CovidSongs so we can find them all.

Roaman (Reggae)

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Hell No Song – I Won’t Comply to vaccine passports!

Hell No

Got v passport?
(I don’t have it)
(Cos I never got it)
(Because I don’t want it)
(Because I don’t trust you)

Yet you still insist
I need a proof of vaccination to exist.
And so the lies persist,
but some of us can tell
and you bet we will resist.

I hope you know, it’s plain to see,
the pseudo-science you misuse on the tv.
And all the power you abuse,
to keep the people confused and afraid.

How is this still going on?
This farce been goin’ for way too long.
If you ain’t blind you can see that this is wrong,
And I won’t comply.

Not me, no way.

I may be wrong, after all I’m just a singer,
But I’m not afraid to use my brain and middle finger.
So go ahead and do your thing, but I’m not taking anything,
These vaccine passports are a crime, and so I sing:

Hell No!
– (am I gonna get it?) Hell No! H E Double-L N O
– (Do I trust the government?) Hell No!
– (Am I gonna comply) Hell No! H E Double-L N O

The Government Would Never Lie – Roaman Duet (Reggae)

‘The government would never lie’

The government would never lie,
Politicians always tell the truth
And don’t you know,
The media got your back

Scientists are never wrong,
And Big Pharma wants to keep you healthy and strong
And billionaires only want to help the world

I wish I could believe the things they say
but their actions speak way louder than words
So don’t mind me while I call BS

Before they Deceived Us


I still remember the pre-covid days  
When freedom was not yet for sale  
When it was still legal
to show your whole face
And coughing didn’t get you to jail

We used to be happy
Before they deceived us
But somehow we ate 
All the crap that they feed us
C’mon let’s be serious 
We’re getting delirious

Now sense ain’t that common at all 
Oh the mythical days of critical thinking
when people would still use their head
But now all we know is whatever we’re told
And we walk around almost brain dead

Can you see what I see?
Have we gone mad? 
Or is it just me

Thinking that maybe
it is kinda crazy
to follow these fools

Traded reason for “safety”
And we’re so confused
That we gave up our voice
And our power to choose

Please open your eyes
And don’t be surprised
I don’t follow their rules  

Care for each other

Care for each other
“it is not too late to take back the power
sisters, brothers go and show them
what it means to care for each other”

Why are we still listening to Bill Gates?

Why r we still listening to Bill Gates?
You wouldn’t take your broken leg to a mechanic
You wouldn’t call an engineer when your heart aches
You’d never trust the men who fucked up the Titanic
Then why the hell are we still listening to Bill Gates?

With his stupid sweaters and his creepy smile
He’s not a doctor and I’m really wondering why
He’s on tv, telling me what I can or cannot do

I’ve had enough Of his bluff
I just want to know the truth

Now there will never be a better time to wake up
And do the opposite of what he advocates
It wouldn’t shock me if he’s the devil wearing make up
So why the hell are we still listening to Bill Gates

The Politician Lullaby

The Politician Lullaby
Don’t you worry little sheep
Get your shots but don’t go out
Just consume and watch tv
We’ll brainwash away your doubt

There’s no need to use your brain
We will tell you what to do
You’ll be happy in your chains
While we profit off of you

No more freedoms, no more rights
Wear a mask over your eyes
Shut the up little sheep
We need you to go back to sleep…

Go Vaxx Yourself

Go Vaxxx Yourself
I don’t trust you, I don’t believe what you say
You can cut me from society, I still got my community
I’m not anti-vax, I’m just anti-bullshit
And I’m aware of what you’re trying to do, Cause I got the facts

They’ll say I died of Covid

They’ll say I died of Covid
Maybe numbers don’t lie, But I know people do
And when there’s money to make, You bet they’ll hide the truth, Something’s not right, And if they heard what I said, And take me out, They’ll say I died of covid

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