Propaganda Antidotes [Part 11]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Eleven.

Send only sources that haven't been 'fact-checked' like Fauci

Analytic approach based on official data, peer-reviewed papers, and pronouncements or quotes from e.g. Fauci. This is for analytic people who believe in sources they trust. Do not provide links to anything or anyone that you haven’t already fact-checked and framed around said ‘fact check’. Rebut the fact check at the same time as you provide the material or link.

Provide an ‘out’, such as discussing pharma greed and the usual incompetence and partial corruption of the CDC and FDA, as this can be believed without shaking their world view too much too quickly.

“Early treatment was suppressed” is a powerful and provable argument. Use McCullough and his multiple under oath testimonies in the US Senate as evidence.

Sorry, Yeadon is out, as he would have been perfect with his Pfizer background, but his hints of genocide are a bridge too far.

Ask questions rather than make declarations and drop the conversation when they get tired. McCullough has a great CV and quotes a peer-reviewed paper every second sentence.

Despite all of the above, I have only convinced one ‘normie’, and another was already there more or less, so it doesn’t count.

Online, be polite, stick to facts, and be aware of what the fact check says if you provide sources. I may become more aggressive, but I think more aggressive behavior online will get us nowhere. With the people I know well, who know me, shock might have an effect.

Time is running out, so continuing to talk in whatever forum is better than not, regardless of any obvious immediate effect. People will have to make up their own minds, but we need to provide impeccable sources calmly presented to give them the background to make the leap.

Steve Kirsch

By sharing our tragic covid vax experience with remdesivir

Regrettably, by using our family’s personal COVID tragedy as an example, I find that saying “My fully vaxxed dad died from COVID treatment protocols, that’s why I looked into the vaccines more closely” helps open the conversation in a non-threatening way. I share that our otherwise healthy, fully vaccinated father was hospitalized with COVID in 2021 just days after Biden declared, “If you’re vaccinated, you won’t get COVID, won’t get hospitalized, and won’t die.” Our father was doing fine, chatting with us on the phone, until he was given Remdesivir. He went downhill quickly, was ventilated, and died within 2 weeks.

During this time, we asked the doctors if he could try additional protocols (IVM, HCQ, experimental stem cells we could obtain on our own), and the answer was always “No, that’s not the protocol. There’s no supporting evidence. This is your only option.” The experience was devastating for our family.

I ask how public health authorities could have scripted and promoted Biden’s statement, knowing full well that the bold declaration was false. My father was NOT the first breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization and death for a vaccinated patient.

So either the authorities are beyond incompetent or they’re dishonest. Either excuse is troubling and suggests that they cannot be trusted.

Furthermore, what kind of public health protocol prohibits patients from trying every last treatment option? The policy was evil, and the consequences were devastating for so many families. I tell blue pillers that I don’t want to see other families suffer the same tragedy that our family experienced. That’s why it’s critical to do your own research and make your own health decisions, especially as it relates to the vaccine and boosters.

FLCCC, Mercola, CHD, Fuellmich, substacks, Telegram, Gettr, Rumble, Odysee

Basically, the same technique they use: drilling. You share one little piece of information about a study which raises questions to their worldview. A week later, another. And so on.

Always encouraging them to plug into truthful sources, like FLCCC, Mercola, CHD, Fuellmich, substacks (Steve Kirsch, Robert Malone), etc.

I always share on all media platforms: WhatsApp groups, Telegram, Gab, Gettr, Rumble, Odysee, Bitchute, and the Big Social Networks (you need to change certain words to avoid censorship, even on Reddit).

Some of my messages reached hundreds of thousands in distant lands: it’s like throwing a message in a bottle! Caveat: many may block you or leave the WhatsApp group, but in the end, the few left will thank you for saving their lives.

I did find a friend who reacted exactly like Tank in the Matrix movie: he told me he wasn’t interested in any news which would ruin his perfect world to enjoy life… Acknowledging that the most powerful are after your life is a threat to hedonism.

There’s another thing: the constant ultrasound attacks through cell phones, increasing screen refresh rates beyond human perception, everything points to neuromodulation and subliminal propaganda. It’s either that, or mankind is unbelievably stupid and manipulable.

Draconian curfews, court cases.

I told my friend (x3 spiked) how alarmed I was that the province of Quebec desperately searched for evidence that they needed to impose draconian curfews in late 2021, but when no evidence could be found, that the Province went ahead and imposed them anyway.

I then sent my friend a link to the CBC article that covered this story:

She was completely taken aback that such harsh policies had absolutely no scientific merit. Later, I was able to show her that there was also no scientific basis for air travel restrictions, using court documents from the Rickard vs Transport Canada court case, and reports such as this one:

CARES act, Nonsensical responses, Monetary incentives, Paris treaty, WHO, WEF

I begin by asking what their thoughts are about Covid? Then I ask if they have read the CARES Act and if they noticed when it was written and if they noticed it was monetarily incentivized at every step for hospitals.

Then I ask if they verified any of the numbers and percentages we have been fed. If they thought people in these positions (Fauci, CDC, etc.) really are that stupid to put infected people in hospitals and nursing homes. Intelligent people respond to crises very carefully. Why all the off-balance talk? Why not just say, “This is what we know. When we know more, we’ll let you know.”

Then I ask about the red pill doctors. These aren’t some idiots. These are the top of their field. Why? What would they have to gain?

I then ask if they have ever read anything about the Paris Climate Accords, World Health Organization, the 2030 Agenda, etc., and the World Economic Forum. I then explain that in the Great Reset book by Klaus Schwab, it refers to a virus to move towards the great reset.

Why has the world been so accepting of what happened in Wuhan, China? Even when they knowingly exported the virus by allowing intercontinental flights. Why? No fines, nothing.

I ask if they have ever read anything regarding the medical studies of Ivermectin and where it has been effective. Why the mask? I knew they didn’t work as my wife sells them. I know several doctors and even one CEO of a healthcare system. The CEO knows, but won’t say anything.

The doctors? Some I know they know for sure. Others I think know, but won’t say anything. All of them I refer to have no integrity. They earn big money and have a great living. They don’t know what else to do if they stood up and said what they know.

In the end, some people just don’t want to know. Why? I think they enjoy ignorance. I’ve seen several red-pilled people receive the jab afraid of their job. Most who listened were already convinced there were election irregularities, so they were already guarded.

Blockchain & Data Driven Therapeutics

Real-life hard copies of this zine have been successful. People react positively and will engage with it and take the time to read it when previously they haven’t with videos/links. I think the humor/light-heartedness helps. My husband being a prime example. I did not create it, a clever lady only known as Eve did.

Note that it was only released in August ’22. It is not about vaccines, though. Its focus is the Technocratic Architecture that we experienced that accompanied them. Of course, it has been being built even since before the pandemic by BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, and DARPA’s etc. of this world. Many of us (including many of my friends and family) are involved in building this – we just don’t necessarily know it.

We need to understand and discuss the Economic Imperative and the Data Analytics Imperative behind these Blockchain systems, and also behind the Data-Driven Therapeutics and Wellness prescriptions and pathways tied to digital id and dashboards that are going to be offered.

There is also a YouTube video which fleshes out each page of the zine in great detail by Alison McDowell, whose research the zine is based on. This is a conversation more people need to have.

Wake one person a day, email, memes, videos, mass-email

I try to wake up one person a day, so I really might have awakened more people. I will go out of my way to try and enlighten someone while working or doing daily things in public. I share information almost daily on a mass email list, hoping that the meme, story, or video will register a response.

Usually, friends will tell me that they shared what I shared with them. Take, for instance, your articles; I share them on an email list of 50 friends, and they will respond or not. No matter, if I have planted the seed.

I always try to “Red Pill” people about 9/11; it is an easy one to use. Just mention WTC 7. Thanks for what you do.

Do you know what natural immunity is?

The only thing that has worked for me was when I was getting lectured by a doctor on how vaccines in general work, and I asked him, “Do you know what natural immunity is?” He ignored me and continued his lecture, and I interjected again, “Yes, yes, but do you know what natural immunity is?

After doing this two or three times and insisting that he answer my question, he finally said, “yes.” And I said, “OK, then.” I didn’t try to make any further points, and the conversation soon ended, but after that exchange, he seemed more open to my outside-the-box ideas around vaccination and treatment than before.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest forms required for parents to sign for Ice Hockey

There is MANDATORY information on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) that we will be going over at the parent meeting on the 22nd. This is a new requirement from the State of Wisconsin. Unfortunately the forms we needed from WAHA were not available in time for registration or we would have collected them the same way we do the concussion information. 

Kids are not allowed on the ice for the season until the SCA forms are turned in, so it’s really important you get to the parent meeting or make special arrangements to get them completed. Thanks for your patience this first year, next year the process will be easier. This is from our local hockey association. If this doesn’t red pill you- then I don’t know what else to say.

Masks, Kirsch, Health risks & mitigations.

Red Pilling Takes Time and Effort

As health care consumer

1) I challenge masks with, “We’re still pretending masks work?” I get little push back this year and even some chuckles.
2) Emailed my dentist a list of studies that masks don’t work with comment “this should about cover it”. No masks next visit.
3) In one on one I say “You don’t need to wear a mask for my sake”, a few will remove their mask.

As retail consumer

1) Always wait for a warning before putting on mask and I state “You know these don’t work”, “Still pretending are we” or “I’m not playing pandemic anymore”
2) Email and social medial I share Steve Kirsch articles & videos, Coffee & COVID and many other articles and videos from various sources.


1) I stuck to health risks and mitigations. Recommended first HCQ+zinc, then IVM, sent studies and articles, was shut down by (let’s not talk about this or you don’t believe the experts, you horse dewormer idiot) 50%, accepted.
2) I simply state things like “I’m hearing bad things about those vaccines, I wouldn’t get them”. I let that go where it goes.


I spoke with elders about the danger to young couples based on early studies showing that the mRNA concentrates in the overlies. I had the studies and videos.

I started my Rumble channel as a ‘go to’ place for further information if they were interested. It was a touchy topic initially, but everyone seems to know now. A few fell victim anyway.

15 Different ways...

  1. Maintaining gentleness and consistent care regardless of differing opinions.
  2. Asking questions that can’t be answered easily.
  3. Showing contradictions between government or ‘regulatory body’ directives.
  4. Raising issues regarding unresolved problems from pre-Covid era.
  5. Avoiding endless dialogue and using simple terms and phrases to jolt a person’s thinking (aka – trying to use value from language systems like hieroglyphics).
  6. Eg. $cience.
  7. “Anecdotal” – when all of the anecdotal evidence leads to one obvious conclusion.
  8. “Professor BS” (Victorian Chief Health Officer – Victoria, Australia).
  9. Giving people permission to ask better questions.
  10. Also having everyone ask themselves this basic question – If you were stupid, how would you know? Humility is the beginning of the journey to truth.
  11. Staying with people when they are going through the fear of adverse health events (4 family members – all vaccinated). 2 have come back and apologized for not listening to me.
  12. Following Air Crash Investigation methodology and principles – Make No Assumptions! Prove everything where possible.
  13. Explaining to people the lessons I received in Basic Training in the military and the various forms of warfare which include “Information Warfare or Propaganda”.
  14. Opening conversations with people about “Conscious or Unconscious Knowledge Avoidance” – the principle of not wanting to face a reality of some nature partly because of the immense implications of the possibility of that reality.
  15. Maintaining reputation. People don’t have to agree with you to respect you.
  16. I have one other major option I’m currently working on. I will not speak openly about it…

Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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