Propaganda Antidotes [Part 13]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Thirteen.

Russell Brand

I wrote a comment on your Substack post on this subject. Dr. Mike Yeadon replied. Reading his reply caused me to think a bit more deeply about my original comment. I have posted a reply to Dr. Yeadon which more deeply explains my experience overcoming triggering barriers in current media sites. Here is my reply to Dr. Yeadon:

Dr. Yeadon, Grateful for your work, your courage.  Calling your attention to the very effective style of Russell Brand and ways it may help in this cognitive war … Russell’s work definitely stimulates people’s appetite for the truth. He is really very funny. His humor seems to disarm the highly polarized among us. It’s how I got doors open to share Substack articles with co-workers. Russell has definitely got the heart of a lion. He wishes to do good with the benefits he’s received from his successful career. Although Russell had a bit of a rough go in life he turned it around for the good – and he wants to do good. I would say at a minimum, if you chose to visit his video links below it will probably give you a few good healthy, restorative belly laughs! You’ve been out there along with Steve and the outstanding professionals fighting the good fight for us all – a very tough slog, crucial for humanity. But here I hope you find a lift. Here is someone trying to help you carry that ball.

Thought about Substack – it does not use political paid-for ads for revenue.  When a person who is basically on the fence sees such ads they can be triggered.

Example, I sent an extremely well prepared article from The Gateway Pundit to a co-worker who did not read the article because he took offense at the ads at the top of the article. He texted me back balking that it is a “conservative” site. Sadly, because of this he never did digest the contents of that article.

Not to be daunted, I waited some time then sent some Substack articles on the same subjects plus a Russell Brand video on vaccine mandates (link below for you). Now I’ve got text conversations on a regular basis and can easily enter into discussion about what is happening globally.  Great progress!

Ok, on with Russell … here is the first Russell Brand video I shared with “normies.”  Russell’s videos seem to break some cognitive ice with them …

In this 17  minute video Russell jumps the “group think” guardrails on vaccine mandates. Bravo Russell! “This Is A DISGRACE” by Russell Brand 9/8/22

Then doing my research for you I came across another video … Russell is beginning to pry the lid off of Fauci, et al … this one is 13 minutes … “So, He Lied??” by Russell Brand 9/8/22

I think this is the start of something good. as business cards on people's cars

  • I designed a simple two-sided full color business card with an image of Covid-19 Fraud EXPOSED! Both in English & French. The other side, the web site plus I added 4 different web sites to visit. All translatable in numerous languages. I place this business card on people’s car on the drivers side, inside the glass rubber casing. The important message gets transmitted without too much talk which causes fear or confusion and sheer curiosity takes over.
  • has been a new facebook like social platform but more improved. It’s only been around for about 2 1/2 years and it has exploded with well over 30,000+ members internationally. Not all are paid subscribers as I am, some are higher paid members but it’s gained lots of traction with Americana and European and also international audiences. The design and content is fantastic and improving constantly. We are uncensored and also live at times. It’s a whole new concept and it’s gaining momentum.
  • Started by two BC, Canada entrepreneurs. Norbert Orlewitz a marketing whiz and Roman Timachenko programmer. Norbert’s wife has also been an active video producer and interviewer, of high profile people, medical doctors, nurses etc. Odessa Orlewitz. She’s on many social media platforms.
  • LibertyTalkCanada on Bitchute, facebook, Rumble…etc…Need a photo of this business card? Let me know…I’ll e-mail it to you. Robert – WatchmanForTruth, I’m in Montreal, Canada

I announced I would sack anyone who got vaccinated

I’m the manager of an IT company. When vaccine mandates were introduced I announced I would sack anyone who got vaccinated. I reasoned that if the government made it lawful to sack people over medical decisions, I could too and also I wanted to create employment for unvaccinated people who were being fired from other companies.

At first one or two staff were concerned but when one staff member’s 39 year old uncle died from heart attack soon after vaccination, staff realised I was right.

My own father had a stroke 3 days after a Pfizer Booster and died, so my Red Pilling was limited.

I simply point out they lied to us

I simply point out they lied to us they said if we got the shot we couldn’t catch or infect anyone with Covid it is easy to convince them they lied.

I use humour

I use humour. When they tell me they are out to get their booster to protect others in the community I just agree with them. Then I say that I always make sure to take my birth control so the nice couple next door doesn’t have another ‘Whoopsie’. This has actually been a lightbulb moment for some of my friends who are silently stunned and then they laugh instead of getting angry.

I list all the people within my circle who died/seriously hurt from the jab

I keep a written and growing list of people within my social circle that I know personally and or their family members and friends who have either died following their vaxx or have experienced a serious vaxx injury and I share that information regularly in conversations and over social media.

My list has grown to over 100 and is growing weekly.

I pastor two small churches with approximately 120 members. 90 percent of our membership is unvaxxed.

I have not been able to change anyone's mind

Blue pilled is completely refusing to see another side – I have not been able to change anyone’s mind that thinks this way.

I have only been able to talk to other health care providers that already were not buying into the narrative from the beginning. Same in the social scene – an over 60’s singles group that meets for dinners, another group – pickleball players mostly seniors. This topic is nuclear waste for those that don’t want to hear it.

I have had to make alliances with like-minded people as I can no longer relate to those that refuse to learn the truth. I cannot speak to my own daughter about this topic – she is certain I am crazy.

I Was Responsible For The Defeat Of The US Vaccine Mandates
I help people facilitate self-red-pilling

I can’t say I red-pill people. I help people facilitate self-red-pilling for want of a better term. My observations are that most people are not 100% accepting of the official narrative.

If you have a genuine conversation with someone and really listen – genuinely try to understand their position, they will tell you all sorts of things about themselves that you would never get out of them if you asked them directly.

You can then take this information, sometimes it will contain the exact place(s) that they don’t accept the official narrative.

I’ve had reasonable success asking questions on topics that are adjacent to the part of the narrative that the individual doesn’t accept.

I only give answers if asked directly – I avoid wherever possible to tell someone what to think, my foremost priority is to get the individual to think for themselves.

If I am asked for what I think on the subject I will try to explain how I came to the conclusion, and also that I may well be wrong. It’s not a particularly rapid process on the individual, but I have observed outstanding results as the process seems to be able to be self replicating.

The self-red-pilled individual will then go on to get others to question the narrative.

Most individuals in this world would rather be fatally wrong

For most individuals, taking the red pill is a “hard pill to swallow” and understandably so.

The expression refers to a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the “red pill” or remaining in a contented state of ignorance with the “blue pill.”

These terms refer to a scene in the 1999 film The Matrix. We are living in very difficult, distressing, and unprecedented times.

As a rule, I have found that vast majority of people don’t want to hear the truth, they just want to be reassured that “what they believe is the truth!” As creatures of habit, humans do not succumb to change easily.

Change comes slowly like the proverbial boiling frog – “gradually.” It explains why it took many generations of mind-bending propaganda through every form of controlled media to achieve total social compliance. Years of gradually moulding people’s brains into believing that any lie spoken about often enough will systematically become truth.

Why do you think television shows are referred to as programming? – “You mean the moon isn’t made of cheese?” Sooner or later, 20% of the populous will start to notice subtle and consistent change for the worse. Their analytical frontal cortex will begin to surmise that there seems to be some serious shit happening here!

Ten years ago, when I first began my journey down the rabbit hole, it was extremely difficult to discuss the noticeable inconsistencies of this world with the average person on the street – many of whom would look at you as though you had three heads! But through casually speaking with friends that carrying these conversation on to others, small changes in attitude begin to take hold in the growing number of minds through a naturally occurring phenomena known as the (SOC) Self-Organizing Collective. The real truth, as disturbing and unbelievable as it may be, begins to noticeably rear its ugly head to more and more people. Over time, reality sets in and this awareness slowly spreads like a contagion and makes talking to more and more people much easier. The former doubting Thomas’ are now beginning to pass around the red pills amongst themselves and others, though it has to be done cautiously and covertly like talking about a Speakeasy to strangers during prohibition.

I was at a sandwich shop the other night and when I engaged in certain benign political comments with the staff. I overheard them suddenly turned to each other as they spoke about me under their breath saying, “He’s one of us!” I felt in good company like people in the movie, “They Live.”

It has been my experience that calm, logical, and evidential discussions will create open and honest conversations with those who are not too brainwashed. Unfortunately, I find most individuals in this world would rather be fatally wrong, as long as they were in a group of their peers, then be right standing in left field all by themselves.

The 80 / 20 rule applies to red-pilling as it does to most things in life. Typically, up to 20% of the population will start to influence the remaining 80% who lag behind. Slowly, word gets around as change begins to form protests and potential revolutions. But according to an upcoming publication in “Science,” a study describes an online experiment in which researchers sought to determine what percentage of the total population a minority needs to reach the critical mass necessary in order to reverse a majority viewpoint.

The tipping point they found is just “25 percent.” The study showed that there was no effect up to 24% but at the 25% mark and slightly above that level, contrarians were able to persuade anywhere from 72% to 100% of the population.” 

But in this day of mass global corruption, multitudes of vaccine deaths and injuries, civil unrest, wokeness, climate change, political insanity, and let’s not forget that we are on the brink of World War 3 with Russia – it appears that cognitive dissidence is alive and well. There are still many people who refuse to have their utopian world messed with!

During a crisis, they will still defiantly hide in a corner with a bottle of scotch rocking back and forth while uncontrollably mumbling, “Take me to a happy place.” Then there are those with a bad case of “normalcy bias.” These unfortunate souls have a tendency not to be capable of dealing with life during a disaster. They will likely hide with their heads in the sand like an ostrich and hope the problem will resolve itself or deny that there even is one. By the way, ostriches are not known for hiding their heads in the sand, only people do that.

My final thought on this subject is wondering if we’ve come too far? Is it too late for the warehouses still full of red pills when it seems that we are all out of stock on blue ones?

Share my vax-injured story

I told them my story of how I was reluctant to get this jab. My company told me that they couldn’t place me at the main client I worked at without the shot. For the first time in my life I felt bad chest pain 6 hours after the first shot. If I wasn’t so distrustful of hospitals I would have called an ambulance.

I then tried to get a doctor to exempt me from the second shot but no doctors were prepared to give me such a letter. Fortunately I wasn’t any worse from the second shot. But it’s took me 8 months before I could exercise properly without any chest pain. Although much improved and able to function properly now, I am still not back to 100%.

I am 20% worse in running and rowing than I was before the first shot in October 2021. When I share this story with people, it has worked to prevent them from getting any further shots.

I replaced their fear of Covid with fear of the State

I replaced their fear of Covid with fear of the state. He had all the hallmarks: cycling in a mask, standing well away from me even outside. He now sends me evidence of vaccine harm etc that demonstrates a complete conversion. Perhaps I caught him at just the right time. Btw most people in the UK seem redpilled now simply because the propaganda has disappeared and there are no restrictions.

In short: fear of the virus needs to be replaced by fear of the state.

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