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Cardinal Gerhard Müller denounces Great Reset: COVID being used to establish global ‘surveillance state’: ‘I do not want to be saved and made in the image and likeness of Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates, or Soros and other such people’. (01)

(Just adding to my ever-growing list of leaders warning us of the Great Reset or NWO.)

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“We have a certain chaos of covid measures, born on one hand from a lack of knowledge of the effects and dangers of this virus but born on the other hand out of a wish to use this opportunity to subject the people to complete totalitarian control. To establish a surveillance-state, just like the proponents of the Great Reset said themselves.

Klaus Schwab: “Covid is an opportunity”

Many people are dying, they are sick, restricted in their lives, the economy is badly damaged, children cannot go to school, which will have dramatic long term effects for their soul and their spirit.

Then there are people who, from the height of their wealth, look down on these everyday struggles and who then proclaim loudly that this is an opportunity to push their agenda.

An agenda which is based on a fraud/lie. Namely the opinion that we can, through modern technology or modern communication, bring forth a new creation, create a new human in their image and likeness.

I do not want to be saved and made in the image and likeness of Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates or George Soros or other such people.

People who fly to Glasgow in their private jets and then want to impose measures and restrictions on “the masses” as they call it. From a political point of view, this has nothing to do with democracy where every person has equal rights.”

Full interview (with English Subtitles)

YouTube Dec 15, 2021 (03)

Extra notes that were in the full video:

  • 7:36 I do not want to be created saved in the image and likeness of Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates or Soros or other such people, who have accumulated much money while calling others to a humble life, who fly to Glasgow in their jets but then want to impose measures and restrictions on “the masses”, as they call it .
  • 8:11 From a political point of view, this has nothing to do with democracy where every person should be equal. This is a pattern we know all too well, dividing the masses into a small, self-proclaimed elite of the owning, the commanding, the ruling, the privileged, and the large masses that should only comply, which is punished for every individual thought and is being threatened with disproportionately high fines or even prison time.
  • 9:13 I think in an extremely dire situation if the consequences are manageable from an ethical point of view, the public authority and the state could maybe introduce a vaccine mandate, which we have done before, with smallpox for example, but in these cases it was clear that there would not be any unexpected side effects and repercussions. This is not the situation we are in right now. On the contrary, everything is unclear.
  • 9:48 The politicians themselves have caused immense chaos where information is concerned, but also with the measures taken. All the promises that they made were not fulfilled. They make excuses, like they could not have foreseen the course of events, but if you cannot foresee something, you should not make such concrete promises, but instead say “we are a little lost here, we are doing what we can right now”.
  • 10:22 But we simply can not go so far, as to make all of society their subservients. Right to freedom and human rights are rights that are meant to protect us from the state. Which is why it is even more problematic that these powerful forces against whom these rights have been formulated, these rights that belong to human nature that these are the people trying to dictate how far these rights go, that restrict and even suspend these basic rights.
  • 10:56 Unfortunately we can not even rely on the courts, like the constitutional court, since the people sitting in these courts are being nominated and rely on those same politicians.
  • 11:24 The courts have to be completely independent and should judge based on the law and justice and not based on societal trends, based on those opinions that they want to promote.
  • 11:40 Of course, even in the universities, even down to the law faculties, we see feminist ideology, ideology of emancipation, “the agenda of the Great Reset“. These people are put under a lot of pressure.
  • 12:03 Free thinking is punished and persecuted through the “Pensere Unico”, through the mass mentality and political correctness.
  • 12:13 Cancel-culture and however all of these other practically neo-fascist measures, neo-communist measures, totalitarian thought-processes are called.
  • 12:29 Unfortunately it is exactly in the universities, in public institutions, in mass-media, in the press, where we find this mindset. There is basically no journalist left that can report freely, since, if he does not comply with what is expected of him, he either gets fired, or put under so much pressure by his colleagues that he quits voluntarily.
  • 13:03 Therefore, this crisis is not only a crisis of health, but a crisis of democracy and freedom of thought! And we can see something developing here, the people from this Forbes list of the wealthiest men in the world, they proclaim themselves “the saviours of this world” – they take-over the function of philosophy and theology, they present a picture of man, which is only orientated towards consumption and profit, and has nothing to do with the dignity of the person created by God for freedom and reason.
  • 14:17 The fight for life, against abortion, against euthanasia, the killing of old people because they are not needed any more, supposedly forfeiting their general sense for society if they cannot participate in the enjoyment of life, those are the great challenges for the church and the society as a whole.
  • 15:33 Side-effects, the consequences for your health. How any one individual acts, I think he should be able to talk to his personal doctor, and a situation that concerns your health cannot be decided by politicians who have as little an idea of medicine and pharmacy as any Bishop. I don’t think that a bishop possesses direct medical knowledge, or that he can act as a virologist. In these cases we have to rely on experts, but at the same time, every individual has to weigh the moral obligations that emerge from these questions thoroughly and relate them to their own conscience.
  • 16:46 To pressure any ones conscience is I think the wrong way. We want to form one’s conscience in such a way that every human can, in his freedom before God, with a clear conscience, make a decision.
  • 21:26 In order to prevent escalation to fashion ones actions in such a way that it won’t be a reproach to the others, it is better to suffer injustice than to act unjust, which is a guiding principle for us.
  • 21:36 But in any case, every citizen has the basic right – Christian or non-Christian, Catholic or non-Catholic, to rebel against measures from the state.
  • 21:49 No democratic state can claim that their measures are metaphysically necessary, that they have been blessed in salvation history, or godly authority. They also only cook with water just like anyone else who states an opinion, and this is why we have to call politicians to temperance, since there is always the temptation to abuse power. Those in power can abuse this power, and we can’t just say “we are in a democracy, therefore everything we do is legitimate from the beginning”, but on the contrary, exactly because we are a democracy, the ones in power always have to justify themselves to the people, and then have to face a vote, and also have to pay attention to our constitution, which we have in these democratic states in the west.
  • 23:03 The constitution of our democracy does not just say ‘whatever the majority of politicians or the press says has to happen and everyone has to submit, or close their eyes, ears, mouth and nose, tie a mask to their face. On the contrary, the state is built by the people, and the people stand above the politicians. And our conscience stands above political power which is temporal power, reduced to worldly things and which cannot oblige people in their conscience, just like God obliges people, God who is eternal love and eternal life. In relation to God we are free, in relation to man, we have to fight for freedom.
  • 24:16 In my opinion there is no such thing as a non-believer, since everyone that thinks is being confronted by their mortality, and in his heart longs for the eternal, the infinite, and the true, but often cannot find it. Often also because the representatives of Church, faith and gospel stand in the way of the credibility of Gods word. But reality shows us, every person knows, that he has to die, he experiences this absurdity of suffering, of dying, of death and evil in the world, this is something born into every human being, the longing for infinity.


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