Propaganda Antidotes [Part 16]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Sixteen.

Vaxxed II, never vaccinated her children, Andrew Wakefield

I think what also has helped wake people up is sharing my personal story. I have a rare experience in the movement because I decided never to vaccinate my children before they were even a thought or existed. I read studies and was following Andrew Wakefield’s work before I chose to have a family of my own and before they ruined his career. A lot of the movement have a vaccine injury story whereas I have two children who are 11 and 9 100% vaccine free and they can see that we never go to a doctor. It’s been 8 years (minus traumatic injury).

I also train adults for my career so I do my best to post for different learning styles. Some people respond well to short and to the point posts. Some people respond better to lengthy scientific posts about micrograms of mercury and the difference between injection and ingestion.

I’ve lost a lot of friends and family for speaking up, but whenever I get a message that I have made a difference it really motivates me to keep doing it.

Here are a few personal examples:

  • Someone I know has reached out to me to convince her boyfriend not to vaccinate their baby and I paid for them both to see vaxxed II when it came out. They didn’t vaccinate. I know I’ve saved at least one baby and that all makes it worth it.
  • My step mom was always at odds with me and always wanted to talk about vaccines whenever I saw her and argue with me… until one day last year she said she really didn’t understand why if people vaccinate to protect themselves, then why would they be worried about anyone else’s vaccine choices?? She admitted to me that I really made her think deeper about this issue. Sadly she passed away on the day Biden was elected so we’ll never get to continue that conversation.
  • Another guy I know from high school messaged me one day and told me he used to think anti vaxxers were crazy until he started to realize when listening to his own doctor that they really know nothing about health and wellness (he is a personal trainer).. and said he really respected my advocacy. I’ve received a handful of similar messages over the years so like I said- the true number is unknown.

War of the CV´s

It´s obviously not easy.

  1. My main strategy is making people aware of the scientists and more importantly – especially the scientists with huge CV´s. And also referring to the covid summit with more than 17.000 signing doctors.
  2. Here in Europe there’s a couple of handful really high profile doctors/ professors with impressive CV.s. Asking people to compare the CV´s (actually flashing the CV´s for them) to the scientists they have been listening to, convincing them of the narrative, and ask themselves if it is not strange that these scientists get censored, when their credentials at minimum level with the official scientists and often then some.
  3. In my world its a bit of a ridicules game – as a huge CV does not make you right necessarily. However – in this situation – “trust the science” argument – this has made a couple of people think twice. War of the CV´s – until we can actually have real discussions. I think, for 99.9% of us lay people – discussing these matters – always ends out in one referring to the off. narrative arguments and the other referring to the critical doctors arguments. And none of us really substantially know what we are talking about.
  4. Secondly also bringing the many injured stories up. Linking to the videos with personal stories. High emotional content. Important.

On a higher scale, it could be interesting to actually make a list of the CDC, EMA,WHO top scientists – and pair it with the best CV´s we could find on our side, and send it out as a statement.. just a thought. best regards Bjorn

Socratic method: ask questions and more questions

  • Socratic method. ask questions and more questions, after I show them John Podesta’s art work.
  • First question: would you trust someone who Spends millions of dollars on art like this to make health decisions for you?

A year of arguments and then a win

After a year of arguments where my close friend told me he would only discuss my new dog with me because he think’s that’s the only time I am happy which is ridiculous. I have a long argument where I seemed to convince him by explaining that the reason he believes all this bullshit is because those are the only people in his life. Rich liberals and NYC gay friends and that he lives in a bubble.

After a few weeks he apologised and told me he would check out childrens health defender. He had a very close friend who lost vision in one of her eyes from the vax and I asked him to warn her but he said she is so happy because of her new granddaughter and he didn’t want to upset her . That’s the closest I got. He will not be getting the monkeypox vax or boosters.

Corporate malfeasance & BigPharma's track record

Find a relatable in: for instance, talk to the financially-minded about corporate malfeasance to trace back Big Pharma’s track record in fraudulently bringing unsafe products to market.

Don’t expect success after a single encounter, but repeated, quiet, stepwise de-programming will occasionally pay off!

A steady diet of memes and studies, videos of testimonies of doctors at govt hearings

  1. A steady diet of memes and studies were provided to my friends and family.
  2. However, I think the best red pills are videos of actual Doctors testifying at government hearings about treatment (like ivermectin) of real patients as opposed to TV doctors or talking heads spouting vaccine hysteria.
  3. I was not able to convince them all, but I did my best to present solid medical information (studies and doctor testimony) and sassy memes to discredit the safe and effective narrative.

Start from an apolitical position

I start from an apolitical position. Most in America have a very hardened, definite political stance. When you get them to think objectively, then move to critical thinking, and allow them without pushing to see, then they start to come around.

Other peripheral issues, even politics as propaganda, can now be seen more clearly. Those that try the full-court press will be rebuffed. If you watch a lefty on TV pushing their argument with smug, holier-than-thou arrogance, a well-balanced individual will see through it.

Ultimately, the truth will prevail. It’s a balance between that rhythm and time, really being of the essence in terms of unmasking this before further globalist power grabs from WEF, WHO, and the cabal.

Keep up the good work Steve. Godspeed, Jim.

Real Anthony Fauci, Excerpts on my Substack

Sharing trustworthy sources with the conflicting data - continuously

It was a joined effort with multiple family members and friends continuing sharing trustworthy sources showing conflicting data. If needed only in local language or with translations. Not arguing to the point of outrageous discussions.

Created a picture book exposing the organized crime in government, media, and academia.

I am the author of a “picture book” exposing how inter-generational organized crime runs the “government”, media, and academia.

Most people are visual learners and my book leverages a number of learning techniques including revelation of the method and visualization to bring people to the “moment-of-insight”.

The book is called: “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed @

James Corbett of the Corbett Report interviews voluntaryist author, Etienne de la Boetie2 about his book: “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! subtitle: How Inter-Generational Organized Crime Runs the “Government” and Media.

2030 Unmasked documentary

  • 2030 Unmasked” This documentary came out in Sept 2021. Censored many times from YouTube.
  • Although the data presented is outdated, it is still effective in making the undeniable points and arguments.
  • If the movie is watched in its entirety, I have found it to be the most effective wake up method to change the marginal mind.
  • The narration and visuals are excellent and the whole thing is highly engaging. Calmly and effectively lays out the whole story, with supporting evidence – without overwhelming with confusing data.

Penny... on Health
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