Andrew Tate on Who Controls The World [Video]

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Andrew Tate Reveals Who Controls The World & The Truth About Freedom of Speech

Rumble (Mirror) | YouTube (Source) | Andrew Tate’s Rumble Channel

0:00 Who Controls The World
11:25 The Slave Mind & Assassination
22:20 Being The Most Googled Man on The Planet
25:41 Is Andrew Tate Misunderstood?
33:13 Money & The Matrix
42:42 What is Enlightenment
46:12 Overcoming Trauma & Death
53:34 Prove Yourself Or You’re a Loser
1:18:16 How Andrew Tate Made His First $Million$
1:25:15 Car Collection & Girlfriends
1:34:58 Is Andrew Tate a Misogynist?
1:37:08 I Knew They Would Cancel Me
1:50:18 Fighting Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson & True Geordie
2:03:13 The Purpose of Life
2:19:32 Changeling Andrew Tate
2:24:27 Why You Should NEVER Buy a House
2:44:00 The Truth About The Gender Pay Gap
2:50:00 ‘Depression isn’t real’

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