Propaganda Antidotes [Part 15] (Got a heads-up it was coming)

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Fifteen.

In December 2019 (after having a discussion with a friend with an agency who would be expected to know about unusual upcoming events of this type), I began explaining to people I knew that a virus that they have not yet heard of was likely to spread from Asia (China specifically) around the world.

I detailed that it was a coronavirus, based on SARS 2002-2003, that it would not in itself be particularly dangerous (less so after one year and two years of very fast mutations…it’s what coronaviruses do) but that groups from the Pharma industry and certain agencies around the world and associated governments would seek to use this “opportunity” to initiate society wide levels of lock downs travel bans and forced vaccinations once the proper levels of fear and willingness to comply have been reached.

In the first week of January 2020 I detailed the Renin Angiotensin System impacts of the virus based on its ACE2 attachment and the destruction of the function of the ACE2 in the biofeedback loop that manages everything from hypertension, venous perfusion, von Willebrand’s Factor, fibrinogen etc etc, as well as the role of Vitamin D in the immune response et al.

I do have excellent references for you to discuss my knowledge of these with including French top researchers as well as some in the US. My knowledge of these is reflected on my LinkedIn if you can get access to view there as well as my list of expert LinkedIn friends in this research field that I have made due to my knowledge on these subjects.

At university I did work in research from 1980-1983 that included evolution of pandemics, both viral and bacterial. I never stopped my interest and pursuit of research over the last 40+ years (please do not mistake me for my elder brother Gerald (Gerry) T Marsischky PhD genetics expert), but I did myself leave the graduate program in 1983. Prior to that I was a tutor for persons who were preparing to take the MCATs at my university. I switched my work from my university degree programs to mining via a 3 year industry apprenticeship leading to a 40 year career that has taken me many places including Africa (28 years) and France (25 years).

In Africa I was involved in government level projects as well as governmental advisory positions for African governments as well as directly with the French presidency of Jacques Chirac. In January of 2019 I was contacted by the creator of the French “digital medical records card” that had served for many years as the means for French citizens to both access their health care and to carry their records (or access to those) from medical provider to the next medical provider.

The gentleman asked me to join him in a new digital ID/credit/monetary card project that he wanted to begin in Africa. In 2017 he had been informed by the French government that he was not going to continue in his contract to provide services to their secure medical card scheme that he in fact held more than 80 patents for on security, digital reader functions and for many future developments.

He stated clearly that a extremely dangerous combination of western based pharmaceutical groups and agencies were working to tear down the French and other socialized medical programs and would through this new system strip individuals of any anonymity in their medical or financial lives. He was frankly distraught, but still believable.

I was at the same time looking into and following a 2015-2016 outbreak of a possible influenza or coronavirus that disappeared as quickly as it began.

Deaths of a number of major personalities were linked to pneumonia like symptoms that continued to appear and disappear on either 30 day, 60 day or 90 day cycles in each case lasting for exactly one year for every individual infected. There was no variation on timing, these intervals were set. I had a cycling 60 day version that lasted one year. On what would have been the 7th occurrence, no illness. The illness would be quite possibly a Spike protein damage in form and there is suggestions that the labs were attempting to use other viral vectors for spike protein in that time frame, including a W1V1 virus(?) I was also looking at the pneumonia outbreaks that were killing people utilizing vaping pipes, with similar symptomology.

In Dem Rep of Congo where I worked as an advisor from 2001 onward I had contact with certain agencies who noting my past experience in medical research from the early ‘80’s asked for my opinions on Ebola and other hemorrhagic fevers and their impact on the population especially the mining sector there that I was very familiar with. (More details in that maybe of help later). As my early knowledge of the events before they began to unfold was so extensive and that I had prior research allowing me to speak clearly on these subjects I have been very successful.

A number of members of the medical community, doctors and nursing staff as well as officials I know in a few governments were convinced based in my extensive detailed knowledge of the virus and checklist I gave them (verbally) of the events and Pharma/ government strategies to come.

Obviously this is a brief thumbnail of the subject. But it might give you a reason why we might speak more directly, if you would like to.

The call with my friend within an agency was on Dec 19th 2019. All parts of what has occurred was covered in that call.

One last note, because of two returning medical staff becoming ill with possible Ebola after coming home to Denver from an Ebola vaccine testing area in Dem Rep of Congo in July of 2018 I was able to alert the DRC government, office of the president and minister de migration (Immigration for our a English use) who are I’m powered to control movement of people within the different provinces of the DRC, before a new outbreak occurred in August of 2018.

Hard to miss the timing of vaccine workers arriving when no outbreak was occurring and then to have outbreak occurring after they leave the region (with symptoms of Ebola).

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