“We’re in End Times” Dr. James Thorp (OB/GYN)

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Dr. James Thorp has been practicing OB/GYN and maternal-fetal medicine for 43 years. The following are selected clips from Tommy’s podcast, “TPC #1,033: Dr. James Thorp,” on December 18th, 2022.

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Babies all over the world are being killed (1min)

Babies all over the world are being killed. 5th Generation Warfare.

Rumble | Telegram (1 min)

Pregnant women, pre-born babies, new-born babies, all over the world are being killed, and injured, by this evil, experimental genetic therapy that’s never been tested and cleared for pregnancy. They’re doing it covertly. The victims don’t know it. This is 5th generation warfare. This is warfare of information. It’s far more deadly than Haman or Hitler. People don’t even know they’re being killed. People are dropping dead like flies all over the world – look at what happened in Qatar, Tom. God puts it in plain site of everyone in the whole world. Are you stupid enough that you can’t see what God is telling you? Three sports casters for the World Cup dropped dead right in front of you, and you can’t connect the dots?

We're living in End Times (5mins)

“We’re living in End Times”

Rumble | Telegram (5mins)

Tommy: There are pro-human, loving forces, and there are hateful and self-hateful forces.
James: It’s straight out of the Bible; we’re living in the end times.

61,000 Millennials dead (20secs)

“61,000 Millennials dead”

Rumble | Telegram (20secs)

“According to Edward Dowd and the insurance industry, 61,000 Millennials — your age, Tom — died unexpectedly and “suddenly” last year; not the entire year; just the last seven months.”

FDA, CDC, Schwab, Fauci = Satanic (1min)

“FDA, CDC, Schwab, Fauci = Satanic”

Rumble | Telegram (1min)

“What the FDA and the CDC are doing right now… they’re all corrupted to the core… these people have the spirit of Haman, a Satanic in-dwelling, and they’re committing the most heinous, outrageous, horrible, ethical disaster in human history. …CDC, FDA, American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the rest of those clowns… Klaus Schwab, Anthony Fauci, our current administration… I could go on and on and on. They make Haman and Hitler look like Alter Boys.”

They know what they're doing is evil (10mins)

Tommy: “They know what they’re doing is evil”

Rumble | Telegram (10mins)

Tommy first speaks about a guest he’s had on his show, a former CIA and child trafficking rescuer, Bazzel Baz @bazzelbazhttps://bazzel-baz.com/

Then he goes deeper into a monologue about how he sees these evil-doers:

“This is hiding behind Disney, Sesame Street, Elmo, etc. “Do you want to go see grandma?” “Do you want to go to the movies?” If so, “inject this into you”

They are taking the most innocent and cherished aspect of life and hiding behind it because they’re weak.

Their tactics are not open and publicized. They’re literally hiding behind “Sesame Street”, hiding behind “Marvel Characters”

It is the greatest evil ever committed on the planet.
They don’t even have the backbone to be a marching army; it is shadowy—they squirm and scour, gaslight, and censor.

It’s not only the most evil thing, it’s also the “weakest thing”—they can’t even put a face on it. It’s hiding behind Elmo, and they’re attacking pregnant women, the elderly, etc. They’re hiding behind “don’t you love grandma?”

The most skilled fiction writer couldn’t write a more evil group of people.

The first step in fighting it is identifying it.
When you identify it, they censor you and kick you off YouTube, but that still serves to identify them: “Why would they do that?”

I was just interviewing authors and talking about UFOs, Delta Force, and missiles, and now they have me, someone with clinical OCD, on a vendetta to interview every physician on the planet to bring this to light.

The more they censor me and push me out, the more virulent I am becoming – I don’t care, I know what I’m doing is right”

We've lost loved-ones due to group-think (4mins)

James & Tommy: “We’ve lost loved-ones due to group-think”

Rumble | Telegram (4mins)

Dr. James Thorp lost friends, colleagues, and two of his daughters due to interpreting the data differently and being censored, and more than 95% of the people in Tommy’s life have stopped talking to him.

People should have a choice; all I want is for people to at least know the data and have the choice, but you can’t do that when there are those who are frothing at the mouth to have dominion over you—I can’t wrap my head around those who want power over another. It’s inhuman and evil to want dominion over others. If you have a good product, you don’t need to mandate it. If you have to mandate something through censorship or fines, by denying people the opportunity to play sports, or visit grandma, then they know exactly what they’re doing, and it’s pure evil. “All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

We have to fight - and it's easy (3mins)

Tommy says “We have to fight – and it’s easy”

Rumble | Telegram (3mins)

“It would be so much better if we didn’t have this fight, but we have to fight, and it’s easy.” “How lucky are we that it’s not the battle that our grandfathers fought?” What is our fight right now? Our fight is comical; we have leather chairs, blankets, slippers, and the heater is on; all we have to do is speak up. People don’t want to talk to you anymore because you’re talking about vaccine injuries? Oh, shucks. “Normally, you’d lose a limb.” That girl you were flirting with thinks you’re an anti-vaxxer. Wow. Did they die? No, they stopped “liking” my page. How easy could our fight be? Tell me, what are your reasons for not fighting? “It’s the easiest fight there is.”

CIA has taken over Medical Complex - Blood on their hands (2mins)

“CIA has taken over Medical Complex – Blood on their hands”

Rumble | Telegram (2mins)

“They murdered my president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, right in front of me; I’ll never forget it; I was 10 years old and they blew his brains out in front of the world; it’s the United States government that’s evil; the CIA, and now the CIA has taken over the medical industrial complex, and the medical industrial complex is nothing more than a killing field that participates with the hospitals, with the CDC, with the FDA, with the HHS.

They’ve used our tax dollars to pay bribe money to 274 different sectors of our society to push this lethal vaccine under the charade of a vaccine—under the charade of being safe, effective, and necessary.

These physicians, pastors, and all these sectors that were bribed now have blood on their hands and can’t see the truth.

Pfizer tried to hide that they killed 1223 people in less than 3mo - for 75yrs (3mins)

“Pfizer tried to hide for 75yrs that they killed 1223 people in less than 3mo”

Rumble | Telegram (3mins)

Dr. James Thorp comments on the Pfizer FDA release that showed 1,223 people died within 74 days of taking the Pfizer shot.

When he was at medical school, he remembers 26 people dying from the Swine Flu injection, which was immediately ripped off the market.

Fast-forward to December 2020-February 2021, there were 1,223 dead people, and they let it go; they didn’t even shine a cautionary light, and the data that’s come out since then, is horrible, and I’ve been publishing on it for almost 2 years now; it’s horrible. What they’ve done is such a travesty of justice and science. They have proof that this vaccine should’ve been removed immediately in December 2020, but they never did it. By February 28th, 2021, the CDC and FDA had all that data, but they stifled it.

Pfizer Document:


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They knew in 2012 that the lethal LNP concentrates in the ovaries (2mins)

“They knew in 2012 that the lethal Lipid Nanoparticle concentrates in the ovaries”

Rumble | Telegram (2mins)

The broadcast to the world was, “This is necessary, safe, and it’s going to save the lives of you and your baby.” It was all fraud. They’re liars; they’re killers. They let this poison out to the entire world, pushing it on my patients—women of reproductive age, pregnant women, preborn babies, and newborn babies—that’s the future of humanity. They knew back in 2012 that the lethal, toxic lipid nanoparticles concentrate in the ovaries. Everybody knows they should never have rolled it out to my patients, and yet they did. They lied.

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Why they can't wake up & what should happen to those who pushed this (6mins)

“Why they can’t wake up & what should happen to those who pushed this”

Rumble | Telegram (6mins)

Some of my colleagues deserve to be destroyed by civil and criminal litigation, imprisoned, or even executed, but the vast majority of them are people who have become trapped in a trap from which there is no way out.

There are four different levels of cognitive dissonance that I can think of, and every single one of them is almost irreversible:
1.) The first shot you took yourself
2.) Pushing the shot on my primary family members
3.) Pushing the shot onto my friends
4.) Pushing it on my patients and get to be in good standing with my employer and get my pay check

Once you’ve transgressed those four levels of cognitive dissonance, you can’t go back.

Dr Peter Breggin, a brilliant psychiatrist, says there’s only 1 percent of human beings who have the ability to do that: to look at new data and say, “I was wrong, I made a mistake.”

I have done it publicly myself; I used to push vaccines, and I was deep, deep, deep into the medical industrial complex. A few key people in my life helped me awaken back in 2010. Dr. Andy Wakefield, RFK, my oldest brother, and my oldest daughter. Those people in my life really showed me that something was not adding up here, I looked at what RFK Jr. of Children’s Health Defense put out—the book, the literature, and the movie they did about the way the pharmaceutical companies sterilized millions of young, beautiful women in Africa. I looked at all the data, and I looked at all the studies that were published by the pharmaceutical industry to develop that sterilization vaccine, and they were right; I acknowledge and thank Dr. Andy Wakefield, and Councillor Robert Kennedy Jr.—they’re brilliant people, and they’ve taken so much flak and so many people attacking them for publishing the truth.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Dr. Peter McCullough, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Pierre Kory, and Dr. Lee Merritt—they’re all heroes, but those like Dr. Aseem Malhotra, we want to welcome with open arms. This is a young, incredibly handsome cardiologist who is very famous over in the United Kingdom, and he was the poster boy for pushing the vaccine. And undoubtedly, he’s killed and maimed a lot of people, but he’s apologized, and he’s done something that most people can’t do. Steve Kirsch did that. These people deserve to be crowned.

Tommy: Other levels of cognitive dissonance I can think of are:
5.) They went to medical school—is everything they learned a lie?
6.) Are the FDA and CDC then lying?

You’re asking people to throw out a lot. You’re asking people to throw out everything they know to be true.

I don’t fault people for having been fooled, but you have been tricked. I’ve been tricked, and my podcast shows that. I go back and can’t believe what I used to believe. Whatever I’m saying today may be proven wrong or right in 2 years. What you have to look at is, “Am I pursuing the truth?”

Infertility documentary (Andy Wakefield, Robert F Kennedy, JR)

Sudden Dead-Doctor Syndrome in Canada (12secs)

James on the “Sudden Dead-Doctor Syndrome” in Canada

Rumble | Telegram (12secs)

“Almost 100 young, healthy physicians have been murdered by the killer Justin Trudeau, and nobody connects the dots?”

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Dr. James Thorp. MD OB/GYN & Maternal Foetal Medicine Physician for 43 years

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Thorp Bio

Dr. Thorp is a Board-Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist and Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician with over 43 years of obstetrical experience. While serving as a very busy clinician his entire career he has also been very active in clinical research with almost 200 publications. Dr. Thorp has seen over 23,200 high risk pregnancies in the last 3.5 years. He has served as a reviewer for major medical journals and served on the Board of Directors for the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine for four years, and served as an Examiner for the American Board of ObGyn. He served in the United States Air Force as an Obstetrician Gynaecologist having been awarded a Health Professions Scholarship for his medical school education. Dr. Thorp testified in the US Senate under the Bush administration in 2003 for his expertise in treating the foetus as a patient with in-utero therapies. On December 7th 2022 he testified in the Senate with Senator Ron Johnson and others. Most recently Dr. Thorp has focused his research efforts on the COVID-19 pandemic and published over 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications and a book documenting the dangers of the vaccine in women of reproductive age and in pregnancy.

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