Propaganda Antidotes [Part 5]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Five

Igor Chudov

  • Our employer, a public office in Europe, recently announced the availability of the new bivalent injections. I happened to see Igor Chudov‘s article about this subject, where he told there is zero medical reason to have 2 years later the old Wuhan part in it, as this variant died out in 2020. So I posted a comment and questioned the Wuhan part using Igor’s words.
    1. One brainwashed colleague replied that they have explained, that having the old part somehow “makes it better”.
    2. Another colleague started to question it in his reply.
    3. A third colleague called me and after talking one hour on the phone, she decided to cancel her appointment for the booster.
  • We try with some colleagues to always speak up a little, to be the dissent voice; this is very important – not to agree (in a neutral, respectful way) – please read or youtube about Prof. Mattias Desmet, Ghent University Belgium.

Adverse Reactions

When I decided not to get jabbed, it was because I wasn’t comfortable with the speed of the process. I decided to wait and see what happens. My husband got J&J.

Since then, I started following the research and adverse reactions and got totally red-pilled. I’ve been dripping my findings to my husband for over a year now. He still thinks I’m a conspiracy theorist, BUT he didn’t get any boosters and is not going to. So half-way victory.

He recently had covid, which wasn’t any worse than the regular flu. I was taking care of him and didn’t get it. I think that was more convincing than a year of talking about it.

Newsletters to customers

We own a business that is reputable and has always made people feel good about freedom, choice, personal health options.

We sent a few newsletters to our customers about the situation. We make products that go into stores like Whole Foods, but their customers are mostly “liberal.” That means our customers were also.

We lost about 50-60% of our business by telling people they had choice. BUT, we had many write us about how important it was for us to say it.

We have no regrets. It’s not about the money, but we do make some damn good oral care products- really!

As their doctor, I tell them the truth

As their doctor, I tell all of my patients I am not C#VID vaccinated and that I will never be. I am willing to lose my licence to practice medicine over this issue. I have been their doctor for many years and they know how committed I am to my profession.

It really makes them think about it. They come back and ask me if I have been vaccinated yet. They confide in me. They are moved by my choice.

I never tell my patients what to do, but I check them out thoroughly and give them all the information to make their own choice. I think I command their respect and their affection, and this is the best way to red pill other people.

BitChute, Rumble

I usually send them videos from bitchute or rumble on the subject we were discussing I.e. vaccines or government corruption or geo engineering and then they usually do their own research and wala they are redpilled.

It usually leads them down other rabbit holes which if I am familiar with the subject I can guide them. What’s sad is people get really upset and usually burn themselves out on info gathering and it’s depressing. So you constantly have to remind people to take a break from it.

Most of my friends now are people I have never even met, people I met in fb groups or on other platforms, who have like minded views and we constantly exchange information and stay in touch.

Mold Inspector, Functional doctors vs Traditional doctors

  • I am a sub-contracted mold inspector for an industrial hygienist who works almost exclusively with clients who are highly sensitive to mold and the mycotoxins they produce. Most of the clients have been diagnosed with chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS). This diagnosis almost always comes from a functional doctor instead of a traditional doctor.
  • With very few exceptions I am hearing that these functional doctors do not recommend the vaccines. In fact, on a recent post inspection follow up call, one client was in tears because she could not find a functional doctor that supported/supports her decision to get the vax.
  • Most of the clients I meet with have not been vaccinated as they have already lost confidence in main stream medicine.
  • They almost all have the same story- they’ve been to 5 or 6 regular doctors who just tried treating symptoms instead of looking deeper into what’s really going on. It’s not until these clients finally see a functional doctor, who looks for things like environmental toxins that could be causing their health issues, do they start the healing process.
  • One of my family members who I had sent countless videos and articles to concerning the safety of the vaccines still got vaccinated as did her two kids. Her final reasoning for getting vaccinated was that their family (traditional) doctor recommended it. She recently started seeing a functional doctor who doesn’t recommend the vaccines so now she won’t be getting boosted.
  • Since there are a lot of vaccine injured people out there, trying to steer them toward functional doctors could be key in getting people to question the necessity, if not the safety, of the vaccines. Hearing concerns about the vaccine from a doctor in a one on one patient/doctor setting seems to make a big difference.

Empathy, Data, and questioning Benefits

  • The most important element is empathy. Hectoring people to suggest they are ignorant, haven’t done the research, are naïve etc does not work. Find a subject over which you can command the data. Walk them through the decision makers, decisions and outcomes. Then explain who benefits from what. Who does not benefit. What are the benefits? it’s better to ask questions for them to respond to “so by mandating vaccines for school kids who benefits?”

Connecting movies with relatable information

  • My son didn’t want to hear me out for the last couple of years. We found a similar interest, the series “Breaking Bad”, I slowly was able to explain certain things going on today in certain situations. You could do it with most movies. He showed me this video and I think that this would be a good way through entertainment and learning. Make it relatable and then bring the information to them in that way.
  • Or bring it up in an example geared towards the person’s interests. C/O my son – This video shows the connection between Breaking Bad and the real world with Big pharma and our deep dark desires.

Credible articles, and new focus of CBDCs.

  • I tried to focus on sharing articles that friends would think were credible such as BMJ etc. Or anything that clearly exposed the lies.
  • Used Facebook quite successfully in the beginning but after the first few bans they really have me on their radar which means I’m banned more than I’m active on there now.
  • So I’m now going to focus on the CBDC / cashless angle. Catherine Austin Fitts suggested giving a small slip of paper with every cash transaction, informing the recipient of the dangers of cashless society. I’m going to pay cash in every shop and hand over a small printed slip each time.

Stickers with Website & Video links.


Data, History, Great Barrington, Alex Berenson, Jimmy Dore, Bill Maher

  • I don’t use a tried & true method, I’m just very much engaged with the subject matter, data, and history, and try to tailor my approach to the individual person.
  • I deal with scientists at work, many who are PhD’s, who mostly have more education than me (I studied microbiology as an undergrad at Berkeley), family members, and friends who were almost all far left to liberal.
  • First off, to plant a seed, I use the tamest, most mainstream level-headed references for all the types of people, like The Great Barrington Declaration, or some of the early Alex Berenson twitter posts and his handbook series (no graphene oxide, David Icke, terrain theory – not that I’m personally unaware of those points of view or even discard them).
  • Then you almost always have to give them time, unless they want to engage more & ask a bunch of questions right away, and allow the basic idea to sink in. In most cases, if they’re open minded, they’ll bring it up again and then you’ve got ’em!
  • I have to say older scientists and really far left friends (who have never trusted the government) have been the easiest to red-pill.
  • Of course, everyone here at work is red-pilled, since I’ve got a couple of new stories or studies every day.
  • Middle-of-the-road liberals are the toughest nuts to crack, so I don’t really try to work on them, other than telling them to watch Jimmy Dore and Bill Maher.

Mattias Desmet, FDA/Pfizer

Most importantly, I want to offer encouragement to keep talking, by way of Mattias Desmet (of mass formation psychosis.) He says your goal is not to red-pill — it’s to break a trance, even momentarily.

Whether you’re believed or not, you’re keeping others from sinking deeper into quicksand. He’s studied history and says that in Germany there were people warning others about Hitler. But they eventually stopped talking because they weren’t believed.

He says it was about 6 months later that the roundups began. So don’t throw up your hands when someone tells you, “Yes, it’s weird that the FDA/Pfizer went to court to keep data from the public for 75 years, but I’m going to keep taking the boosters anyway because I don’t want to get Covid.” You are still having an effect! Your silence is required for the worst to proceed.

That said, I try to keep the tone light. If it turns into a heated debate, you’ve probably lost. It’s not easy because of the emotional attachment I have to friends. I really want them to live, but I have to detach from that to discuss.

Desmet advises saying something like, “I think differently about this than most. I’m just going to put it out there, and you can take it or leave it, okay?”

Those I’ve had success with have been concerned on learning the FDA/Pfizer went to court to hide data from the public for 75 years. I ask, “Is that something YOU would do if you had a safe and effective product?” One friend said, “Oh, I hope they’re not hiding anything.” Another said, “No, that’s not what you do.” The latter was red-pilled eventually. I like that one because it’s pretty easy to confirm independently, even through MSM.

It’s also pretty easy right now to confirm that the latest booster has only been tested on 8 mice.

Other things, like insurance company data, or that both overall and Covid deaths have gone up since vaccines were introduced takes more digging, and probably more time than they’re willing to spend.

Another good technique is talking about injuries to friends/acquaintances/celebrities/athletes.

Gratitude, Openness, Friendship, Understanding, Support, Gulf War

I like to start from a place of gratitude.

Lately, I’ve thanks my friends and colleagues who, even though they may not have agreed with me, didn’t ostracize me, at least not directly. I thank them for their openness, friendship, understanding and support.

If someone expressed openness, to talk more I would start by relaying my initial support for the second gulf war. I was caught up in it even though I questioned the reasons for attacking Iraq. I relay how the gulf war cost lives, thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. I take the conversation away from a political left/right discussion and shows how I too was fooled. Now we know GW Bush planned an invasion from day one of his administration, now we know our government lied about weapons of mass destruction, now we see the deaths and ruined lives of those in our own country and overseas. And for this, I ask God’s forgiveness, because in some way I’m responsible.

Covid used the same playbook as the war on terror. Government stoked fear, threats, intimidation, various forms of violence. I saw it coming with Covid because I was honest about our governments role in Gulf War 2.

I saw the Covid fear threats, intimidation and violence and resolve not give into it.

It’s a sad day when you lose your belief in your own government. But, I never lost my belief in a God who made us and loves us. Our rights and nation stand on the principle of a God who made us and loves us and wants what’s best for us. Our rights which include medical autonomy, free speech, freedom to practice religion. These rights are foundational and most American still believe this. I’m also a blood donor and happen to be CMV negative.

CMV is a very common virus and my blood is specifically earmarked for babies and burn victims I wouldn’t get the vaccine in good conscience with the possibility of spike protein and lipid nano-particles in my blood stream. I wouldn’t wilfully put babies and burn victims in harms way. And with a sever platelet shortage, I couldn’t in good conscience not give blood.

Slip them a piece of paper with this link

Have they any fertile soil? Are they at lease a little open minded? Ask would they view a short pictorial view of the past few years? If yes pass them a slip of paper with this link:-

Thank you for all you are doing to help save the world. love from the UK Peter

Group mailing list, Graphical data

Scientific/regulatory knowledge

He’s a good friend who trusts me and my scientific/regulatory knowledge and judgement. Before he got the first shot, I gave him a bunch of information which I thought would convince him to hold off (which he essentially agreed to do).

I even said “If what I’ve given you isn’t enough to convince you not to take the shot, I’ve got more for you to read before you decide to get the shot”.

Nonetheless, he got the shot without talking to me first. Same routine for the second shot. But when it came to the booster, what I sent him finally got to him and he agreed he had had enough and at least to the best of my knowledge, he hasn’t gotten any more.

BTW, he’s felt no effects from either of the shots. That’s the best I’ve been able to do. :(

Dr John Campbell

Many of my blue-pilled friends trust John Campbell, who was initially pro COVID-19 vaccine. He has now changed many of his opinions based on Pfizer clinical trial documents and other studies. Can you have him as a guest on your show? His reach is quite large.

Ivermectin, Lactoferrin, Diphenhydramine.

Treat their Covid-19 with Ivermectin and/or Lactoferrin + Diphenhydramine.

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