School board gets Served Affidavits by Students & Parents over Mask Mandates


Feb 3, 2022 –  Loudoun County Public Schools Wednesday suspended 29 students for not wearing a mask in school.

Feb 8, 2022 – Around a dozen students walked to the front of a Loudoun County school board meeting to deliver hundreds of notarized affidavits to the school board, demanding board members reverse a mask mandate and resign over recent sexual assaults by a “gender fluid” male student.

“We are here today to serve you an affidavit by which you must respond with an affidavit and sworn testimony showing us where in the Constitution you have been given the legal authority to trample on the people’s rights,”

The affidavits were signed by 65 parents and concerned citizens.

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Fullscreen: Rumble | VA School Board gets Served Affidavits by Students at meeting (4 Clips)

The 14-page affidavits, prepared by parents, demand that LCPS remove a mask mandate for students “since the science shows that these are not necessary for the protection of children.” The documents additionally call on the school district to repeal liberal transgender bathroom policies, remove Critical Race Theory and sexual content from instructional materials, and stop asking children about their COVID vaccination status.

Parents ‘serve affidavits’ to Loudoun school board members: Download PDF (Scribd)

Various studies, including large randomized controlled trials, have shown that mask mandates do not stop the spread of COVID-19. Research has also found that masks harm children, causing them to breathe dangerous levels of carbon dioxide and potentially devastating their cognitive development. Children face virtually no risk of death or serious illness from coronavirus. Between 0-0.01 percent of child COVID cases in the U.S. have resulted in death, according to the American Paediatric Association.

The affidavits also blasted LCPS for mishandling sexual assaults committed last year by a “gender fluid” boy who raped a female classmate in a girl’s high school bathroom. The boy was convicted of “forcible sodomy” in October and subsequently convicted of abducting and assaulting a second girl at a different high school, where the district transferred him after the bathroom rape.

Despite having alerted the school board about the first attack, Superintendent Scott Ziegler later told parents at a school board meeting that LCPS had no record of assaults in restrooms. The board was at the time actively considering a policy, approved in August, to let students enter bathrooms based on “gender identity.”

The affidavits accused the superintendent of “being complicit in the second sexual assault” for moving the rapist to another school. Ziegler and board members must “resign effective immediately, due to gross negligence in carrying out the duties of their office,” the papers demanded.

Sources: LifesiteNews | WJLA | YouTube | Scribd Copy of Affidavits | Twitter Thread

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