Propaganda Antidotes [Part 12]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Twelve.

I am very unsuccessful

I am very unsuccessful.

I’ve lost two jobs during the pandemic (hard to prove because right-to-work state).

Even tonight, I have a nephew’s wife tell me she will vax their almost 1-year-old and I’m an a$$ for suggesting God-given immunity is better. Wish I was just a drunk uncle, not “reality uncle.” They’re Christian, so they have given it to God, not recent “science.” Should I step in with my sister?

It gets worse at that point. Nope, only red pills are my wife and friend who won’t take another booster regardless… it wasn’t me. Sadly.

Ivermectin, Remdesivir, Death Protocol.

Before the censorship got out of control I was posting on the comment sections of pro clot shot news articles using a news app on my phone. My bold comments were attracting responses from people in the medical/research areas. They had no chance. I had the facts ready to go: transcripts from expert interviews, clot shot death rates from multiple countries, real life examples of people cured with ivermectin, links to real faces of clot shot damaged individuals.

My most memorable red pill I give credit AND GLORY to God as it is likely the catalyst in saving the life of Johnathan Jordan’s mom in Mississippi’s Forest General Hospital and the person I was corresponding with (mel_bel) worked at that hospital and knew the doctors involved in her treatment.

The correspondence took place in the comment section of the HuffingtonPost’s article titled, ‘Delta Variant Will ‘Find Everybody Not Immune,’ Warns Mayo Clinic Vaccine Expert’ no author, dated July 23, 2021. The hook/post that got his attention: “They start them off on Remdesivir, intubate them, followed by a death cocktail on sedatives. These aren’t COVID deaths. It’s premeditated medical deaths and people need to go to jail over this.”

I got him to watch the 20 July 2021 interview with Johnathan Jordan on the Stew Peters Show to which he replied he knew those doctors personally and “You & Mr. Jordan have no idea the medical needs of patients on the ventilator. Covid patients make progress & crash. These lies have caused this man to interfere in his mother’s care and now he can’t even visit her.”

Because I had transcribed the entire Johnathan Jordan interview I was able to pointed out the fact that the doctor disobeyed a court order to withhold ivermectin.

I also pointed out that I know of studies on ivermectin and that ivermectin saved two elderly women in NY from death also administered under court orders.

mel_bel said he would forward the interview link to one of the doctors thinking they would have a case for slander.

THE RESULT (a couple days later on the Stew Peters Show – 28 July 2021) Former Pfizer Employee Confirms ‘Vaccine’ is POISON! – Jan 6 ‘Commission’ HOAX! Gun Grab Underway!

Stew Peters: I have just got one of the coolest emails that I think I have ever had. An update from Johnathan. You remember we covered his mom who was on the vent. She wasn’t getting the ivermectin that she needed. The pressure worked; Being on the show appears to have worked. You guys went into action your reviews, your phone calls to the medical center. They have since pulled her off the vent. They have given her what she needs. She is on her way out of there and doing very well. We are protecting you against the jab. We are protecting you from the lies and the propaganda and we are delivering the truth.

Kirsch, Berenson, Harvard, UPenn, BMJ.

I have successfully convinced ~10 people who were pro-vax to no longer receive any further COVID vaccines. I did this simply by sharing and discussing a lot of information on your sub + Alex Berenson’s sub. You guys both have solid data and link it to studies. No one cares about some fringe opinion piece.

But when I beat people over the head with links to studies with big names like Harvard, UPenn, BMJ, etc – it works. It’s never quick, it takes time, and they’ll be frustrated about the info. But eventually it always clicks.

I send them a link to a new study every two (ish) weeks. And when I know they won’t read it, I post the article summary in the group chat. I force them to see the numbers from legitimate sources that are indisputable.

Why do they censor doctors curing people? Why are vaccines liability free?

Socratic method. Data share doesn’t work. Ask well worded question like, ‘Why do you think they censor doctors curing people?” ‘Wonder why all vaccines are liability free?” . . . don’t really know how many I’ve red-pilled . . . I talk to lots of strangers.

Naomi Wolf, Edward Dowd, Insurance company tables

I shared the Naomi Wolf interview with Edward Dowd of Blackrock….the actuary numbers from insurance company tables.

Knowledge is power, Kirsch, Remdesivir, it's like trying to deprogram cult members

Waking people up pits the informed citizen against the entire corrupt medical establishment, backed by corrupt Govt agencies (FDA, CDC, NIH), politicians and the MSM. It is like trying to deprogram cult members who still live in their cult and continue to get nightly sermons from their kidnappers about “safe and effective”.

That said, knowledge is power, and there is plenty of knowledge out there thanks to heroes like Steve Kirsch. My family hasn’t faced a death – yet. But we’ve had blood clots, doctors pushing the poison on pregnant family members, and stories of acquaintances and extended friends who’ve suffered. One murdered by Remdesivir. For my part I’ve alienated most of my family to a point, but they still talk to me, listen to me, and I believe, take what I say seriously. I’m up against the system highlighted above.

Sadly, most people are sheep. Their heads are down eating the grass and they don’t pay much attention to where they’re being herded. But… No one in my family has gotten a booster. No one is going to get a booster. Whatever damage has been done, I’m praying it ends here. I don’t think my prayers will be enough, though.

Except for my brother, no one has gotten a bad lot number. My brother got one, but so far he seems fine. I know he’s not, but no serious adverse effects we’re aware of. My wife’s family is a lost cause. Californians; they’re lost causes. They’ve gotten the booster and will get this new untested injection when it’s available. It’s going to take a very serious adverse event, or even a death, to get their attention. They are so bought into the lies I gave up on them a year ago. My wife too.

David Icke, Chemtrails, Robert Kiyosaki, Jordan Peterson

I redpilled my sister. She was asleep for many years. I exposed her to David Icke books and talked about Chem Trails. She was asleep until 2019. Now she tells me about the chem trails by her and tells me about conspiracy topics I haven’t heard.

The other was one of my workers. I started by giving him the Rich Dad Poor Dad book. This got him thinking differently. From there I mentioned Jordan Peterson. On his own he found Ben Shapiro, Candice Owens and others. Now he is MAGA.

I also work at Seagate Technologies (not on the World Economic Forum list of partners but still woke). I work in HR and have to be really careful since I started in May.

How many times did you hear 'safe and effective'?

Three lines that come in handy:

  1. “Everyone who sees what you see agrees with you!” (they appreciate the acknowledgement. )
  2. “But everyone who sees what you see AND sees what I see, agrees with me.” and
  3. Yes, but on that subject, what is the other side that is a hundred times worse” and “Is that what you think, or is that what you have been told?

(Truth is what you discover, lies are what you are told)

Offer to show them the other research, they will decline, in which case you can say “That is why you don’t know” Call me when you want to know what the facts say, and not the summary that powerful people want you to believe.

In the meantime you can wonder why nothing you have been told has come true, and everything I have said from day one has. They wont ever call, but at some point they will stop protesting and interjecting, (that is as close to listening as they will get) to them the ubiquity of the narrative is supportive.

(How many times did you hear, “safe and effective”) They need to hear the truth many times before they start to realize it has merit, since they are obviously not ones to search past being spoon-fed by MSM to get it.

(And I also say “it sucks, and I hate that it is true.) I don’t want anyone believing I am some sort of pessimistic masochist, I told you so, type.

When they are sick, ask them questions, also David Martin

The easiest people to red pill are those that had two shots and one or more boosters and then get covid and test positive. These people are usually already upset. Especially if you talk to them while they are sick with covid. So you ask them the following questions.

  1. “Does the vaccine prevent infection?”
  2. “Is the vaccine 95% effective?”
  3. “Does the vaccine prevent transmission?”
  4. “Did politicians and health officials lie to you?”

Listen to their answers and try to figure out what question will nudge them towards the truth.

One person who seemed to be technical I went as far as telling him about Dr. David Martin, his data that the covid spike protein has many patents during the last two decades and you can look up the patents online.

911, Ukraine, Global Warming, Blogs for Japanese people

I simply talk talk talk pretty much everything about everything, not only about Covid but false flags like 911, Ukraine, and of course about “global warming”. By doing so, I red-pilled only a few friends including my sister.

People around here still are wearing masks. It’s really hard to red-pill this kind of population. And in 2020, I got so angry about what they’ve done and started to write blogs for Japanese people(I live in Tokyo). Since they generally don’t read foreign language stuff, I often translate fantastic articles such as yours. I’ll be happy even one person get red-pilled by reading my post.

Comparing vaccines from when we were kids to now

It’s like talking to a tree. Sadly the only thing that will ever happen is the leaves will fall off.. and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but I assume your are speaking of red pill with regard to covid, but I feel that covid is too emotional for people.

Taking the discussion back to the vaccines that we had as kids compared to what is on the cdc schedule now is an eye opener for people. Especially the over 60 group who only had a couple vaccines and never noticed the modern day vaccine schedule for kids today.

My mother (late 60’s) is a nurse in a large hospital system and has come around to asking the legitimacy of these added vaccines for children today.

In turn, when the covid vaccine for kids was being pushed, my once pro vaccine friends and family started seeing the connection. They realized how much they were asleep at the wheel all these years and should have paid closer attention. Planting the seed with people and asking questions is what leads to red pilling my friends and family. Let’s call it the Socratic method.

Pronouns, Bi-Vaxxer

My method leverages the madness in our society, pronoun choices, Supreme Court nominees and others that can’t define what a women is, etc.

So it starts with….either someone makes it known to me that they believe I am an anti-vaxxer or I elicited someone confirming they think I’m an anti-vaxxer. After this is accomplished I can then say words to the effect, ‘hey wait a minute, seems to me that in our world out there today, it’s not reasonable to narrow things down to one or the other (male or female as the example).

So I proclaim it’s not fair to me to be one or the other, pro-vaxxer or anti-vaxxer……….I proclaim I’m a BI-VAXXER. The word BI-VAXXER is key.

So then I explain BI-VAXXER……….a person, or sometimes I start with ‘a sinner like me and everyone else’ that is generally in favor of the use of STERILIZING vaccines, generally meaning mostly in favor of but not 100% or absolutely in favor of (no vaccine is 100% sterilizing by the way), and also a person that is generally against the use of NON-STERILIZING vaccines – especially on a population wide basis)…….. again generally doesn’t mean 100% against the use, there are certain special or limited situations that the use of non-sterilizing vaccines might be okay.

Then I explain the reasoning which is based upon the believe that more harm than good is the result when non-sterilizing vaccines are used.

Then I use the death from whooping cough figures today vs 20 or 30 yrs ago to make the point that the use (or switch) to the non-sterilizing pertussis vaccine is what’s behind the increase in deaths since the 80s. Basically the carriers aren’t harmed because their natural immunity is strong enough and this may be true for the majority, but there is a certain percentage of people with weaker immunity systems across the population that get harmed (from whooping cough).

So it boils down to, I know you were thinking you were doing good by taking the Covid vaccine to help others but that’s not really what’s going to happen, and being a BI-VAXXER is good thing, it’s a way to have your cake and eat it too on multiple levels.

So perhaps you can migrate from blue pill or red pill thinking and help make it known to a wide audience or the wider population that there is another pill, it could be called a purple pill or call it a multicolored red and blue stripped pill, – we need the CDC to establish BI-VAXXER as an official word with a definition like mine above.

Showing research using MSM evidence, and Telegram

Showing research – one got cancer research explained clearly and simply sharing as much MSM evidence available showing how to connect the dots, and getting people to join Telegram.

Use the World Economic Forum's own videos, Sudden Deaths, Government Reports, Event 201, Wikipedia

  1. I have found the best methods for redpilling are using the World Economic Forum’s own videos from the past.
  2. Showing lots of articles about sudden deaths. One specific example I used was the government report from Alberta that showed that in 2021, deaths from “Ill-defined” reasons was the leading cause of death in the province.
  3. Using the World Economic Forum and listing events such as Event 201 is the best way.
  4. Always use websites like Wikipedia or Global News to stop them from saying “that’s just right-wing conspiracy nuts”

Penny... on Health
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