Propaganda Antidotes [Part 7]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Seven

Symptoms & Lack of Disclosure/Informed Consent, PCR, Mullins, FLCCC, NAC, PEG

My major strategy was talking about illness symptoms, possible allergic reactions to shot contents, lack of disclosure/informed consent by doctors, and therapeutic supplements; and staying away from any politics.

  1. One friend had shortness of breath and dry cough for many weeks, no other symptoms, for which her doctor said, “Take some Advil” which did nothing to help. She had an adequate vitamin D3 level. I suggested that some people have an allergic reaction to polypropylene glycol or another adjuvant in the shots that only shows up many months after taking the shots. I did not want to tell her the shots were toxic to all. The supplements I suggested she take seemed to work. I figured she might be suffering from one or another of the following, with my recommendations for supplements to remedy:
  2. Envenomation (magnesium glycinate to relax coughing reflex, plus increased antioxidants such as liposomal vitamin C, quercetin, zinc picolinate, eat Brazil nuts for selenium, NAC)
  3. D-Dimer sized blood clots in lungs (aspirin+quercetin+NAC)
  4. Spike protein replication (shikemic acid in peppermint tea + star lotus seedpod tea, plus breathing in the steam from sage, thyme or peppermint leaves simmering in a pan on the stove). This friend was led to ask, “So, do you think the shots can cause illness in some people?” And I answered that there are lots of things in the shots about which no one has any idea, and no one tells them, including their doctors, and that is a shocking failure of doctors. My friend was also shocked that her doctor had no further help to suggest when taking Advil was no help. This all led to a discussion about the suppression of information about natural and supplemental therapies for COVID, my belief in my immune system and health sovereignty, the Nuremberg Codes, constitutional right to privacy, etc. That led to her question, “Oh, so you think the constitution is OK, even though a bunch of old white racist men who owned slaves wrote it?” …and it went on from there.
  5. I told another friend that I have the severe autoimmune condition called mast cell activation syndrome from Lyme disease and that I believed that any foreign material injected into me could really harm if not kill me. I told her that another of our mutual friends had the autoimmune condition of psoriatic arthritis, so he also did not take the shots.
  6. My blue-pilled friend asked, “Do you believe the shots can cause neurological problems? Because our friend Melanie also has psoriatic arthritis, and she got the shots, and has had terrible neuropathy ever since.” I replied that lots of people who got the shots are having neurological and blood clot problems. And this led to my friend’s comment that people with autoimmune illness should have been told that the shots were not tested on any people with autoimmune illnesses. I suggested that she look up Front Line Critical Care Alliance to discover thousands of doctors who are helping people recover from COVID, including using Ivermectin, which led to a discussion about the suppression of available COVID therapies, and that led to a discussion about the PCR test, and that inventor Kary Mullis emphasized that the PCR test COULD NOT BE USED to diagnose any illness, infection or contagion. I sent her the video of Mullis saying that, which confounded her, so she ended the conversation. And I await the continuation of our discussion!

Reg. Nurse - worked Ground Zero, Warp Speed, Red Flags, mRNA, FLCCC

When this first started, I was an RN with decades of experience working at a Major Medical Center – Blue Pill Ground Zero. I was also a veteran of the Gulf War and had been forcibly vaccinated with experimental vaccines there and had the health issues to prove it. Thus, I suspected the new vaccines were unsafe – a cursory examination of Warp Speed (!) raised multiple red flags; and the history of Coronavirus vaccines was one of 100% failure. Additionally, mRNA vaccines as a general idea seemed preposterously dangerous – to whom are we entrusting our genetics? That being said, when the vaccines first came out, I briefly helped administer them on several occasions. I thought it was possible I could be wrong and that getting it over with quickly would speed the return to normalcy we all craved. I stopped (very) soon after, once the side effects became apparent, and it was evident I’d been right in my hesitation. (Obviously, I now regret this.) So, on to the red-pilling of people.

Once vaccine mandates began, I immediately informed my family (ex-wife and teenagers) that we would NOT be participating; at the very least, we would use the FLCCC protocols as needed. I was adamant in this. Thus, I think my obstinance convinced my family that it was imperative to avoid the vaccines at all costs. I insisted that no social penalty compared to a lifelong health risk. Also, as a Christian, we are taught to expect persecution for our beliefs – this was no different. Later, when I refused vaccination at MMC, my family knew I was risking my career over this; I was leading by example, I suppose. (Surprisingly enough – MMC* approved my exemption request. I still don’t know why. I suspect I am part of a minuscule minority, in that regard, at that institution.)

And as far as my colleagues? No one listened to me at all; I got to see first-hand what mass formation does to otherwise educated, intelligent professionals. Outside of my family, in my social circle, I have some professional credibility. I insisted to anyone who would listen that the vaccines were unsafe and that safe and effective alternatives existed. (Once again, the FLCCC site got referenced.) I convinced my lifelong friend not to allow his family to be vaccinated; here, I used a mix of rhetoric and dialectic since arguments aren’t won on logic alone. (I even convinced one of the local shopkeepers, using the same methods. She credits me with her refusal – I am grateful for that. I assume the ripple effect with her refusal, in her circle.)

So, TL;DR – I used passion and professional authority, with a command of the data, as well as skin in the game. AKA – Ethos, Logos, Pathos, Dialectic, and Rhetoric. I feel I did not do nearly enough. That they’ve given these poisons to children haunts me.

Influencer who fell for it but slowly woke up and shared with followers

I have always had a following on social media. I was considered an influencer before COVID, but for fashion, events, and creativity.

When COVID hit, I shared my feelings and reactions, which at first were pure fear and belief in everything the media told us. But within a month, I began to slowly wake up, and I shared that journey.

My thousands of followers then slowly woke up with me. I got stopped daily by people thanking me for saving them. I now have thousands of followers on Telegram, WhatsApp, and Instagram, where I redpill every single day. It has become a full-time job.

Vaxxed docco, Maddie De Garay

I showed my mother “VAXXED” and “VAXXED II,” and then I showed her Maddie De Garay’s story on “The Highwire.” She was horrified Pfizer could do such a thing.

Some people just started to notice their own mysterious medical problems popping up (or their children’s) after each shot, and they’re becoming hesitant.

Also, the recent headlines about the marketing of SSRIs made people wonder if their doctors really know what they’re prescribing, which helped break down their defenses a little bit.

The problem is getting people’s time and attention to watch these documentaries for hours; they’re very long, and you need to sit and really absorb what you’re listening to.

I listen to hours of podcasts every week, but some people just aren’t able to (due to time constraints or poor attention span). It’s like high school: there are powerful influencers and rumour mills. You’re one of the uncool kids that’s been slandered, and it doesn’t matter what you say. Everyone wants to go to the cool kids’ party, and they’ll sell their soul to be there. Once you’re at peace with being rejected or conned, you open your mind to other options.

In conversation I think Dave Charalambous encapsulates it well: Once a good communication channel is set up, as above, the next step is sharing solid trusted information.

Nigella Sativa, Dr Jesse Santiano, FLCCC, Ivermectin

As I still have enough money to order a few hundred euros’ worth of pills, I did so in 2021 and again in 2022. I wanted some for myself, but also to send to friends who live far away, whom I cannot visit now as I am not jabbed nor want to test. So, I gave these pills away seven times: to six people whom I have known all my life or for at least many decades. One person I did not personally know, but a friend of mine called me late at night to ask if she could come to pick up some red pills from me so she could deliver them to a sick friend of hers. Alas, I was tired and not alert. I should have asked: Does this person drink at least eight glasses of water per day? Do they eat mostly veggies and fruits and avoid all toxic foods? Have they taken vitamins C, D, and Zinc/Selenium, etc.? Two days later, that sick lady ended up in the hospital because she also took medication and help from regular doctors at the same time she asked for pills via my friend. Well, red pills are not working in a strong way like antibiotics, so I considered it had been a waste of my red pills. In future times, I will only hand them out to people after I have asked them in person about their symptoms and dietary habits!

As I continue to study natural remedies, I discovered in May 2022 that black cumin seeds or the oil of those are also a good remedy, so I have been stocking up on those as well and sending these bottles of Nigella sativa, especially to two friends in England who have no way to get hold of any red pills themselves. › nigella-sativa-or-black-seed-black-cumin-for-covid-19 Nigella Sativa or Black Seed, Black Cumin for COVID-19, 24 Oct. 2021. Nigella Sativa is recommended at 40 mg/kg a day in their prevention protocol. FLCCC recommends NS should be used if ivermectin is not available or added to ivermectin for optimal prevention. You can click on the links to print the protocols. For early treatment of the Delta variant, the dose is higher at 80 mg/kg a day for 14 days.

Reg. Nurse - protocols changed, mRNA research, Sudden Death, Dead Doctors, missing flu

I tell them as a registered nurse working for over 31 years we have never treated a virus like this. We always did treatment for a disease and this time we don’t.

I explain in my training and in my 80’s medical dictionary a vaccine is an attenuated virus not a new gene therapy like mRNA.

I explain the years of testing that goes into a vaccine and that a vaccine is pulled if there are 10 deaths or more.

I ask them what happened to the yearly flu? Where did it go?

I explain how a virus mutates from person to person and that it is impossible to predict and make a vaccine to eradicate a virus, look at the flu shot.

I explained how yearly I would get a flu shot and be deathly sick afterwards and that I eventually refused them.

I explained in our nursing training that we learn about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can happen but that it was never explained why this happens and did it correlate to the infant immunization schedule. Now we have a new category called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and isn’t it interesting that this is now happening after this new technology of injections.

I explain after my first and only injection I had pain in my arm and can not use my full range of motion in my shoulder which means I can not take off my bra as I had before the injection. I am healthy no medications and then this happened.

I have bilateral trigger finger of my middle fingers, swelling and pain in my hands.

I ask them if this vaccine works why do we have to socially distance ourselves, wear masks that do nothing (in my training the vendors of the masks would tell you that the moisture from your breath would cause the mask to be wet and microorganisms would pass through and therefore would need to change every 10-20 minutes, and the N95 masks would need to be fitted properly with the occupational and health team checking the seal for leaks, those masks could be used for 24hours but you had to don and doff properly to not get it contaminated).

Also, if the vaccine is safe and effective why is it so that so many people get Covid after their injection? The vaccine does not stop transmission so why do you need frequent boosters? We were told only 2 now it is forever.

Also, I mention that the yearly overall cause mortality is up 40% and I ask them why? Why is that? What has changed since 2020? Why does Alberta now have an unknown category for death?

I ask them why were we first rewarded to get a shot with doughnuts/money/tuition, etc., and then we are now coerced to get a shot, if you don’t get one you don’t get to work. When has this ever been the case?

Why is it a woman can say my body my choice when it is abortion but not for this? Why can’t doctors write exceptions for the vaccine or wearing masks? Why are doctors dying in Canada at an alarming rate?

I ask them the questions and get them to answer. I tell them I have so many questions and none of this makes sense or has ever been done.

Also, I tell them we are the experiment and that never have I ever not been able to read a product insert and see everything listed in it.

Also, I tell them when I was working in the acute hospital during the 3 weeks of shutdown there was maybe 2 people in the hospital with Covid. The hospital was a ghost town. It was so quiet and that in my 31 years of nursing it was like a vacation.

I was able to red pill my husband, daughter and her boyfriend, my 2 good friends and 2 co-workers.

Unfortunately, I could not reach my niece who is a public health nurse giving injections, and that made me incredibly sad, and she will not talk to me. I have been terminated from my specialty as a registered nurse because I would not take both injections. Thank you for letting me have a voice. I used to work in Canada (BC). Lisa.

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