Propaganda Antidotes [Part 3]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Three

Appeal to their critical thinking capability... then question the narrative by asking what you would do vs what the govt did

I appeal to some relevant positive skills of a person, for example, critical thinking ability (I praise them first) and then challenge some of the propaganda.

For example, “You are a born leader, right? One of the best I know around here. In such a critical situation, what would you do? Would you calm people down or rather start a fear campaign? Would you encourage discussion, problem solving and look for available solutions or rather ban any discussions, possible repurposed solutions and impose a new untested and not yet available one?”

Share the law suits, financial ties with CDC, FDA, hospitals, asymptomatic myth, Kirsch, Malone, Deace, Marik

Sharing your work (Kirsch). Recently, I have been sharing the details of the Stand for Health Freedom law suit brought by two Oregon state senators.

This action presents a very clear picture of the money manipulation by the CDC, FDA, hospitals, mandates, the myth of asymptomatic spread, lock does and big pharma. I expect many more red pills ahead.

I follow your work closely, as well as that of Dr Malone, Steve Deace, Dr Marik and others.

My wife and I are in our upper 70’s, in good health, didn’t take the jab, took ivermectin and other good supplements and we never got sick. We travelled at will, never masked except when forced to in a medical office, got thrown out of a couple other places for not masking. Thanks for all you do. My son has a PhD from MIT, still haven’t convinced him yet. Blessings

Asking questions, menstrual issues, being publically clear where I stand

  1. Asking questions they have no real answer to is a great method.
  2. Asking them if they know any women who had menstrual issues after Covid vaccination – Every single person I’ve ever asked has hesitated and said they do. In many cases it’s themselves or first degree relative.
  3. I make it very publicly clear where I stand, unapologetically. It allows people who have questions to reach out to me for answers.

I don’t know how many people I’ve red pilled, but I’m grateful to know that the articles I’ve written have been used to help people explain their position to friends or family. I’ve personally red pilled many in my personal friend circle. None of my friends would consider giving their kids any more Covid vaccines, and some managed to refrain altogether.

Dr John Campbell

Athletes dying, current vaccines are not approved, employers took on liability

Personally I show people the pictures of the young athletes dying of heart attacks. Show them their faces.

I think you will red pill the country when you start seeing ads that say, “Have you or someone you loved been injured or killed from the COVID vaccine? If so you may be entitled to compensation. Call the law office of …..” The class action lawsuits advertised on TV are what raised awareness of mesothelioma, talcum powder, and many other public health debacles. Those class action ads will turn everyone off of getting boosters.

The vaccine companies forfeited immunity when they withheld safety information, doctors lost their protections when they failed to provide informed consent and employers assumed liability when they FORCED their employees to take a “vaccine” only “approved” under EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION. The current vaccines are NOT approved. I envy the law firm that takes on this work.

Open conversation, substack, compare reality with media propaganda, Malone

Open conversation and allowing all my narratives and opinions to be called into question while remaining a calm demeanour ad encouraging them to continue venting and sharing. Then, just scrolling through my Substack feed, showing articles and reports over the past few months, and asking them to truly compare their reality with that being published in the media.

I don’t ask any trick questions and I do not try to stump the person. I don’t view it as a battle of intelligence, but rather a contest of recall, information regurgitation, and exercising critical thinking. It has become common that only one side of this conversation provides citations and sources.

Here recently it has been much more difficult to have these conversations. As the veil is falling in the public and all the admissions by various officials, combined with the growing body of information internationally, it is so unbelievable that I still see people wearing three masks in a dollar general or bragging about getting their 4th booster and only feeling like crap for a week after it “this time.”

I still have to explain to people who Robert Malone is and what his contributions to the field are. Some of these are extremely intelligent people. These are people I would go to for new perspectives and to brainstorm new ideas or thoughts. I don’t see myself doing that with them much anymore. I’m completely dismayed that these debates are still going on.

Created podcast, speak with groups, Hanson, on 3 research teams, Braun, Chang, helping long haulers and vax injured

Through my Charity and My Podcast DanTheMessenger and by going and speaking with Groups as well as Doctors. I have been in contact with Jeff Hanson Since early December 2020.

I am on three research teams as well as been working with another person you are familiar with Dr.Tau Braun. The teams have saved thousands around the planet Another Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang and His team out of Peru have also been helping Long Haulers, Vax Inj . Great Job in all of your work.

Daughter woke me up by sharing doctor clips and researchers refuting evidence

This is how my daughter changed ME-she said “Mom, this is NOT a pandemic!!! It’s a fake pandemic.“ then she started sending me videos, clips, etc. different doctors and researchers saying the opposite of the narrative, refuting what was accepted and believed by so many here in WA state.

Now I share on Facebook and sometimes Instagram. I don’t know if I have changed people, but many tell me they can’t believe I haven’t been kicked off Facebook. Others say my posts help them and that I am very bold and brave in what I share. These are people that I think already think like me, but you don’t know who all is reading it. I have had lots of people argue, of course, and definitely lost friends and family who believe the lies.

McCullough, Tenpenny, Mikovitz, Kirsch, Martin, Northrop

I would share the information I read or heard from McCullough, Tenpenny, Mikovitz, you, David Martin, Northrop, and others. Then eyes were opened to see the patterns of sickness in our circles.

Larkin Rose presentation to blow up the Red Team - Blue Team paradigm

Larkin Rose developed a presentation he called “candles in the wind” that liberated a lot if people from the uniparty red team-blue team paradigm so they could be free to see the more relevant reality.

(I think he means “Candles in the Dark”… I can’t locate anything called Candles in the Wind by Larken Rose)

YouTube |

More wary of vax than covid

Told them (including 3 Drs) the following; I am far more wary of the vaccine than Covid! that got their attention. I was thrilled to learn my Dermatologist is totally anti-vax.

Psychology of Totalitarianism by Mattias Desmet

I have bought 20 copies of “the psychology of totalitarianism” by Mattias Desmet and gave them away. It helped people who are in mass formation to question the narrative. It has been a great start for red pilling.

Audible | Interview

Google drive and notes with studies, articles, videos, photos, etc. Pfizers own documents, substack, helping with therapeutics

I have a Google Drive file and a notes file that I have been adding to throughout the pandemic. These files have studies, articles, videos, photos, tables, memes, etc. I either share a link to the entire file….or just shoot specific documents, depending on how much they are able to handle.

A compelling thing to share has simply been excerpts from Pfizer’s own documents, particularly the lengthy list of adverse events.

I also started writing a Substack to vent my frustrations…however it’s turned out to be helpful in red-pilling :)

Another way I have successfully red pilled a significant handful of people is by making it known that when/if they get covid, we can help them access therapeutics. I will hand deliver these items (along with homemade soup). When people are sick, they are often suddenly more open. When they get better, usually within 12-24hrs, they are 100% red pilled…and grateful…and then PISSED AF.

Dr Mike Yeadon interview, The Real Anthony Fauci by RFJ Jr book

Two people I red pilled by getting then to watch Matt Le Tisser interview Mike Yeadon.

One person I red pilled by getting them to listen to the audio book The Real Dr Fauci by RFJ jr.

Helped vax-injured landlord, material, studies, deep-trust

My landlord got an autoimmune response after her second shot. Her hand joint capsulate began to dissolve. I told her that this probably was the jab and sent her to my best friend, a TCM doc. He helped her to recover and she’s fine now and said she will never ever touch those jabs again.

That doc and best friend of mine was also for some time blue pilled. Took a lot of effort, material and studies to make him look deeper but since about a year he got it and the puzzle in his mind began to fit..

What made it ‘work’ was deep trust over several decades and him knowing I’m a trustworthy, reliable person. Trying to convince people neither close to me or not obviously harmed just by conversation and even studies never worked.

I know even people getting seriously ill after the shots with blood clots, strokes and thrombosis (38 years old!) And they still said they would probably take the next booster and ‘their doc said its not the shots, they are safe…’

Appeal to seek alternative news sources, for them to find out for themselves the level of censorship & misinformation, Kirsch, Granite Splits.

Many people very close to me suffer from what I call “Suicidal Confirmation Bias” and there is no way to force-feed information. I’ve been successful with a few people by avoiding any kind of “make-wrong” context. I appeal to them to seek out alternative news sources.

When individuals are able to see the level of censorship and contrived-mis-information on the part of the for-profit or on-the-payroll sources, they begin to experience the painful transformation to increased awareness.

Unfortunately, the truth is like the tide bashing against granite—the power of “the idea whose time has come” will be an arduous process unless, through relentless efforts such as yours, Steve Kirsch, the granite splits.

Harvard 'why the news is not the truth', Pharma, Govt and Social Media collusion .

I send them a great article from 1995 from the Harvard Business Review.

Even though its 17 years old it highlights exactly what is going on now. I also point out the current collusion between govt, Pharma and social media. I think it opens some eyes without saying you screwed up when you got that shot. I found the article through a search on DuckDuckGo.

I usually end with be careful and do not believe everything the media tells you especially about the shots since Pharma is their biggest advertiser.

Virus Mania 3rd Edition, Paul Thomas, Kirsch, What really makes you ill, genetic sequences

  1. Gave them a copy of Virus Mania 3rd Edition. (I bought 3 copies). Since I am in Germany it was Virus Wahn (the original language). It is updated with Covid-19. Two doctors simply refused to read it (they got quite angry – it was a crucifix to vampire moment). However a thoracic surgeon, a psychiatrist (my landlord) a piano technician and a CEO in Munich I have known for 25 years either read the book or parts of the book.
  2. I have also sent them Paul Thomas‘s child vaccine paper among others.
  3. With my daughter it was drip drip: bits and pieces including Steve Kirsch’s vax revelations and an outstanding peer reviewed paper by nephrologists warning that the EM images of spikey “viruses” used to prove the “cytopathic effect” are actually images of kidney cell breakdown known as exosomes. (Vero cells are monkey kidney cells).
  4. I sent my son a copy of “What Really Makes You Ill” and I think he is my most convincing convert overall.
  5. I was at a famous golf resort near Weimar during the summer at a gathering of doctors & biotech researchers, some quite decorated. None of them had any evidence to support the existence of a virus. They had to tell me to stop or refused to discuss. One from Michigan told me that they had the genetic sequences so they must exist. However I told him these are not sequences – they are assemblies from mixed sources. Sequences are complete strands from a pure source broken down piece by piece. Assembled sequences (contigs) are from millions of anonymous bits and pieces from an impure soup. Repeat NOT SEQUENCES. He said we should stop talking about it and finish our soup.
  6. Those at the resort willing to talk during a walk did not seem to know about the injuries. But they had no training in how to recognise vax injuries. The hardest people to convince are doctors. With my daughter (and the family of doctors she married into) I had to confront them last year about vaccinating their son. I was very angry and honest and it split us up for a few days. It’s a religious (almost cultish) belief in pharmaceuticals and the allopathic life style. Thanks for this opportunity.

Very gentle approach, healthy discussion

Patience, Listening and connecting similar issues. Very gentle approach. Agreement, understanding, consideration and then utilizing their own reasons to shift their thinking. Also, being so confident in my choice that they feel confused in their own opinion. “Omg no way, I am def not interested in that, I have heard too many horror stories” and using that to segue into a healthy discussion.

Take them through process of vaccination with mRNA. Lipid nanoparticles, Rose, Fleming, Japanese study, Pseudouridine, Lab origin, Markson

Explain to me your understanding of how the mRNA vaccines create an immune response in the human body.” They fail. Most realize they have no clue and are a bit red-faced.

With as much empathy as possible, “I’m not a medical professional, but I’ve logged well over 100 hours of research trying to understand it myself. Are you interested in hearing some of the information I’ve found? A lot of which is suppressed…” Usually they answer “sure”.

  • I take them through the process of vaccination with mRNA.
    1. Lipid nano particles. Jessica Rose
    2. mRNA…Fleming’s book.
    3. Spike protein.
    4. Antibodies and where they are produced.
    5. LNP and Spike. Widespread escape. Japanese study.
    6. Pseudouridine. 60 day study.
    7. Lab origin.
    8. Markson book.
    9. After taking them through that, I give them this article to start them on their journey. And explain this was why I ultimately refused vaccination by mRNA.
    10. Things I don’t talk about: VAERS, deaths, injuries, cancer, etc. They will find it.
    11. Most end up asking for a few resources.

Science of mandates.

I have joined several groups … Prepper type groups and have had the chance to speak there… But before speaking at those kind of groups, I have engaged many friends family and business colleagues in the issues surround the science of the mandates.

Real science vs political science, doctors, COVID Revealed transcripts

But the first thing I have done is “learn the real science” above and beyond the political science.

As a Canadian I have taken the time to learn may things about Canadian doctors..and American doctors … frontline’s line people, the alternative science viewpoints.

Consider the Covid Revealed transcripts.

I write an aviation blog with links attached to it at the end. Check it out.

Ask questions, made discussion material to carry and hand out

I often ask people questions like “Why is it that adults seem to get CVD more quickly than children ( ace 2 receptor membranes )? Why is it so many of my family adult children all have had serious CVD fully vaxxed ( not effective ) and why is it so many of my friends have had serious issues like strokes or heart attacks shortly after the jab?”

I make a point of asking them about their friends and relatives. I have made discussion material, carry it with me and hand it out as the opportunity arises. Dave

Open, Friendly, Honest. Share where you are getting information

My secret was never wavering in my conviction, based upon the best information available. Be ready to risk everything in not only pursuit, but exposition of the truth. Be open and friendly, but be honest. Share what you’re reading, share from where you are getting information. Share it incessantly. Don’t get into needless arguments where people judge the cover of the book. Debate in search of what is right, not who is right.

Preventative medicines, Ivermectin, Vit D, doctors, vaccine dangers

  • When the theme comes up about vaccines, I let them know that I respect any choice they make about taking the vaccine or not. I let them know my position on the matter without insisting that I am right.
  • I let them know that I keep myself healthy with preventive medications/vitamins like ivermectin and vitamin D and the like.
  • If they want to continue on the subject then I mention how I see the vaccine as dangerous and that many doctors of high reputation agree with this.
  • At this point many start changing subject but the they can see that I am no extremist and they generally continue our mutual respect.
  • Generally I don’t get them to show me that they changed their mind. This is too much of a challenge to their ego, but the fact they continue our mutual respectful contact is already a step in the right direction.

Some asked me what to do for friends that have long covid. Generally if they are really interested in learning more about the subject, I invite them to do their own research and inform them of the sites and tools to do that. Whatever they learn from other sources than me will be more welcome than from me only. I tell them gently that I have been very disappointed by the authorities that are managing covid response and that it can be challenging to search and get closer to the truth that they are NOT on our side.

The Flame, VAERS

I share verbally what I have learned by picking up on conversations and then give them a copy of a paper called The Flame, which is print paper for the people, by the people.

Here is the website:

It is printed monthly and has uncensored news, including the OpenVAERS stats on the back.

Israel data, McCullough, Malone, Zelenko, John Campbell, Dopesick

I red pilled my mom who was once awake before the plandemic. But then she watched CNN 24/7 and became brainwashed and took two moderna jabs and now is suffering from vertigo and can’t move her arm above her head.

I red pilled her with a combo of the Israeli data + Dr. McCullough, Robert Malone, Dr. Zelenko and Dr. John Campbell’s YouTube videos.

But ultimately she finally woke up fully after watching the Hulu series “Dopesick” as it made her remember who BigPharma really are deep down.

Thanks for all you do! You are a hero! -Jacob

The brainwashing is severe and I can only wake up the injured

Only people who I’ve seen red-pilled are the vax injured. My former office mate had immediate heart damage from vax. Sharing info and data for an entire YEAR, he was still not convinced. He got two AZ shots plus continued to get Pfizer boosters. He finally got a giant blood clot in his heart, which finally convinced him it was a vax injury. I don’t how how he is still alive except he takes blood thinners for prior heart condition. I know six vax injured people and only two blame the vax. The brainwashing is severe and I haven’t convinced anyone who isn’t injured.

I cite my own patients who ignored my medical advice and died after jab, Save studies on phone, irreversible

VERY difficult to red-pill as “Sheeple CHOOSE TO REMAIN Sheeple.” I’m persistent, but not insane about it all. I know what I know.

However, given the chance, I appeal to >34 YEARS of MD-medical practice, cite studies (that I have saved on my phone), send studies (that I have saved on my phone), cite MY patients that WENT AGAINST MY MEDICAL ADVICE who have DIED from the death jabs, and if all else fails, I actually encourage them to “do what they want to do.”

It seems that when AFTER ALL YOU’VE GONE THROUGH, IF they still want to go through with it, you “drop the rope,” AND many times it gets their attention.

I emphasize that IF you go ahead with this dopiness, THEN (WHEN) you have adverse outcome(S), it’s Irreversible, so: “Go ahead.”

“AND, WHEN that happens, don’t come back to me saying you weren’t told.” I really am tired of bashing my head against hard-hearted sheeple. “Sheeple Gotta Sheeple.”

Sending articles, references, videos and asking their thoughts.

By asking them questions about things I know or learn to see if they know the same information. If they open the door, I will suggest some websites, articles, etc.

I’ll ask them if its okay to email them articles or references, videos etc. If they are OK, I’ll send them information and will ask them their thoughts on what I sent.

My wife and I have worked on a particular Boston liberal for a long time. Her husband has been doing the same. She always believed everything she saw on liberal MSM. She took all the jabs, even in spite of being a nurse and seeing much of what is going on out there. Well, we moved away but recently returned home and went out to dinner with them. We were shocked when she told us she watches Tucker Carlson every night. That is a huge change for this person. She is even challenging the jab and said she refused to take anymore. She sounds much like a person who is just wakening up, but way more open to things that we couldn’t discuss before. She may be the biggest change that we’ve come across so far, and it took a lot of careful discussions.

Your blind trust and lack of due diligence can kill you, more adverse events than all drugs in history

  1. You have not done your due diligence.
  2. How many friends have you lost? Your blind trust can kill or maim you.
  3. We have Never rolled out such a dangerous vaccine.
  4. More people have had adverse events from the “vaccine” than ALL the drugs AND vaccines combined EVER!

Speak factually and openly about lockdown harms, advere events, and excess deaths

When the subject turns to Covid, I speak factually & openly about lockdown harms, adverse events following mRNA shots, and objective excess death rates in 2021-2022.

I am calm yet do not back down when challenged. This has led to a people in my circle who were previously true-believers now acknowledging that their own family & friends were harmed by the shots.

Important point: people will snap to reality in their own time, you cannot force it. Sadly, some of the people I used to respect the most still refuse to see.

I can tell that others who took the shots out of a sense of social responsibility are too scared to acknowledge reality, so I don’t push the subject with them.

Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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