Dr Mike Yeadon – respiratory specialist – overcomes belief system about respiratory viruses

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Wow this is huge for Mike Yeadon to change his stance on Respiratory Viruses when he was formerly Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer of Allergy & Respiratory at Pfizer Global R&D – like wow, that’s a massive belief-system to overcome. A little hope for humanity restored.

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The powers that be, I’ll call them the Perpetrators – people running this global crime to takeover all of humanity.

What they’ve done is they pretended that there was a serious new respiratory viral health threat, okay? That’s what they did with this virus in Wuhan.

In my opinion, there never was an exaggerated – there was never any new health threat whatsoever.

It can’t go wrong because there’s no moving parts – literally the only moving parts is the PCR test.

So the initial thing – an exaggerated health threat.

Now, some people believe there’s a new virus, but if so it’s not any more serious than influenza, because flu vanished at the same time by sheer coincidence.

I actually have come to the conclusion, and I will credit Andrew Cowan (He meant to say either Andrew Kaufman or Tom Cowan) and his colleagues – I had a really good chat with those guys early in 2020, and it bothered me, bothered me, bothered me. I realized over time, I could no longer maintain my understanding of respiratory viruses as I thought I knew them, and then I learned a new bit of information recently and it was — it collapsed the possibility that respiratory viruses as described exist at all – they don’t.

People do get ill, people are ill, people have exactly the same illnesses as before Yeadon said viruses don’t exist, they still have colds, and flu, and it’s just – we don’t know what causes them, and they’re not respiratory viruses.

Dr Mike Yeadon

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