19yo explains Virus Hoax

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The younger generation explain germ theory vs terrain theory.

19yo explains Virus Hoax

28 Jan 2023 Full Video/Source: YouTube | Rumble-Clip | Telegram (Timestamp: 1:20:27 – 1:30:33)


Because when the false virus came out that is a complete hoax, you can’t even catch a virus, that’s when I knew about it straight from the get-go, because I knew from the beginning well you can’t catch a virus.

So, it’s like I knew about the terrain theory quite a long time ago and I’ve definitely researched a lot about it because I found it so fascinating, especially coming across that, but then, it’s not something that I’ve deeply studied every single day over the two and a half years, but I have quite a lot of knowledge accumulated from that, especially having started looking into it such a long time ago.

Joey: So why can’t we pass viruses on, how do you know?

  • First of all, a virus has never been actually isolated and it’s never been shown to have a nucleus or a respiratory system and bacteria have these things, that’s what makes them living.

We can transfer bacteria from person to person, although they’ve never been shown to cause disease. They’re at the site of disease because microbes always seek their their favourite habitat which is diseased tissues. So they’ll always be at the site of disease but they’re not actually causing the illness.

It’s kind of like the whole cholesterol story. Cholesterol is always at the site of inflammation but it’s reducing the inflammation. It’s not actually causing the problem. We’ve got the same story going here, same narrative.

So with viruses, they act a little bit differently to bacteria, moulds and parasites which can be transferred but they aren’t going to be the cause.

  • What viruses are, they are produced within our own body and they are designed to eat up toxins. So they’re non-living, they’re just cells. They’re a type of cell in our body and our body produces them on its own.

You can have a viral infection and share a cup with someone else who is healthy, and they’re not going to catch anything from it.

Someone commented the other day that their son had conjunctivitis in both eyes and the next day the mother had conjunctivitis in one eye, and I explained to her:

This has probably happened to a lot of us. When I was younger I had chickenpox, the next day my sister had chickenpox and I was thinking, we’re always next to each other, “you shouldn’t have been so close to me”, but my sister and I, we lived very closely… Like, we did the same things. We went to the same school, we ate the same food, in the same environment, went to the same sports. So we were living such similar lifestyles. We were wearing the same type of clothes. Our clothes will be washing in the same washing liquid.

So because we were exposed to the same toxins, we happened to detox at the same time and in the same way. That’s just what happens, but my mom, who was very close to us that whole time didn’t catch it. My dad, that was very close to us while we had chickenpox, didn’t catch it, and I know chickenpox is considered like a child’s disease, but even I had conjunctivitis when I was younger. My mom was very close to me. She was like fixing my eyes and didn’t catch it.

  • The whole germ theory situation says that it’s the immune system, if you have a stronger immune system, it’s going to fight off those microbes and you won’t catch anything, but what I actually think the immune system is a repair and regeneration system.

So immune, you’re thinking like a shield, immunity, fighting off something, but we don’t have that, we don’t have these microbes that are attacking us constantly, because that whole gem theory situation is like, oh no, you got sick with tonsillitis. It definitely wasn’t the McDonald’s that you eat every afternoon. It’s the microbes, it’s whatever microbe that you got – like a bacterial infection, and so they’re just going to say that and they say, have some antibiotics. Let’s kill those microbes!

But it was the McDonald’s that caused it because of all the toxins. Then your body’s detoxing through the symptoms. Symptoms are always a sign of your body detoxing, and what they’re doing with the antibiotics is killing the microbes that are doing the detoxing to get the McDonald’s residue out.

  • So they’re just trying to inhibit the symptoms and antibiotics stops inflammation, and inflammation is a sign of healing.

So we’ve got like some sort of war going on here, and it was about the whole war between the gem theory and the Terrain theory started in the late 19th century. So it was Claude Bernard who first initiated the Terrain theory, and then it was later built upon by Antoine Béchamp, and then on the opposing force was Louis Pasteur who started the gem theory based off like zero evidence.

  • Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)
  • Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908)
  • Claude Bernard (1813-1878)
  • They had all this evidence to show that a toxic Terrain is the cause of disease, and microbes are there to mitigate the toxins, detox the body and heal.

What I believe, from what I’ve read, is that Louis Pasteur was a Freemason.

So he obviously had something on his side that doesn’t matter whether he is same similar story to Ancel Keys and the cholesterol six country stupid thing that had no evidence. (01)

I wonder if Ancel Keys was a Mason too. He might have been – a lot of… obviously all of them are Masons.

Yeah, they’re like under cover actors.

Everyone praises Louis Pasteur. They’re like, “He was a revolutionist“, and the whole Western medicine system. He was also the father of vaccines. So we got vaccines from Louis Pasteur. That’s where they came from, and also the pasteurization of milk. We’re talking about trying to find raw dairy products here because of this because of this Freemason, and then this whole “virus” thing – we’ve had this forever, it’s not something that you catch.

I was standing in the break room on Friday. It was someone’s birthday and the staff members were saying, “Oh, I can’t believe we ever used to blow on candles candles. Now I think it’s so disgusting“, and then they were telling a story about how like one party they put some candles on the cake, someone blew on it, and then the next day they all got “COVID”, and I’m thinking, oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh, people used to actually spit in jars for fermentation like centuries ago, and it doesn’t matter who was eating that fermented food. The enzymes of the digestive enzymes in the saliva was helping the fermentation. Now no one wants to blow out candles. The whole germ theory and terrain theory definitely needs to be cleared up, but who knows when that will happen.

Yeah, it’s… I don’t think it will. Oh, and he is a freemason, by the way, Ancel Keys is.

There we go.

Why do you think they push germ theory so hard? I mean, what was there incentive to do so? … (and be very careful with like censorship words)

Well, what they use the germ theory for is they’re definitely trying to push these pharmaceutical medicines with the germ theory.

Obviously the vaccines.

Then the antibiotics they use very much because if you have any sort of situation and you go to a doctor, what are they going to give you antibiotics?

I mean, my ear infection, what did I do? I just lied on my side and put some saline water in my ear and it went away in half the time that Google told me it was going to go away just because, and yeah, saltwater has been used as medicine for millennia. Like when we have a sore throat, we gargle with saltwater, but if you go to a doctor, all they’ll do is give you antibiotics and that’s just going to suppress the symptom, and if it doesn’t come back in the same way, it’ll come back even worse somewhere else.

  • If everyone knows that you don’t catch a virus, first of all, this whole narrative is just a complete joke, as it is to people that know you can’t catch a virus.

But then they can’t, (get people jabbed). What’s everyone getting them for? Polio and all these things that they think they can catch, like sexually transmitted diseases when that’s not actually the case.

How are they going to be pushing these toxic juices into people if they don’t have that excuse.

True, I agree with you. It’s definitely for the pharmaceutical purposes, it’s also to instil fear. The paranoia aspects, like making us all super worried about each other, and wanting to keep a distance and wear masks like slaves, it’s just totally dividing everyone and separating us and keeping us… like, it was so easy for them to get everyone to stay in their houses for a year. It was so easy and it’s,

(censored).. it’s literally nothing.

Yeah, it was a prank.

Yeah, yeah, it was a bit deeper than a prank, but…

Yeah, a prank to them, I guess.

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