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Former Lawyer Serene Teffaha (of the class action suit in 2021 for the atrocious treatment of the 3,000 residents in the towers that were locked-down by 500 police in Melbourne), lost her licence fighting government corruption and child-trafficking, and explains when Australia and other governments around the world became corporatized and anti-human, and what we can do about it.

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Pfizer is a corporation that was established 176 years ago.

Pfizer wanted to introduce two things: the fusion between Germanic eugenicist ideology (and please don’t be offended if you have German origins – I love all things German, except for eugenics), and the ideology around eugenics, which is a belief in supremacy and the use of medicines or pharmaceuticals to try to eliminate the worst elements of people.

  1. The eugenics society is what led to the inception of psychiatry and psychotropic drugs, which aim to medicate emotional problems with mental origins (a lie).
  2. The eugenics agenda was established by the early 1800s and disabled people were often excluded from medicines.
  3. Medical experimentation in eugenics is not a new thing and has been happening for a long time to vulnerable people, such as those institutionalized in mental health wards, prisons, and the military.
  4. The medical establishment has not been established on nice grounds and has been based on deep experimentation on human beings who were seen as commodities or irrelevant from a eugenics perspective.
  5. It’s only now that people are becoming more aware of these issues because they are being used on us, it’s only now we are impacted by them, but as a collective group, we have amnesia about the history of medical experimentation on vulnerable people.

“They look at us as irrelevant. They look at us as just commodities. They look at us as something inferior.”

We are all agreeing to this with our support

  1. Serene discusses the intersection of large corporations that dominate every aspect of our lives.
  2. If we think government or councils are the problem, we’re not looking far enough.
  3. The real enemy is the corporations that establish corporate battles and hide the key players behind every agenda in our nation.
  4. Emphasizes the importance of understanding history to understand what’s going wrong right now.
  5. We are at the precipice of a complete corporate takeover, demonic, satanic, sinister – whatever you want to call it, that manifests “their dreams.”
  6. Every single suburb has been infected by corporations, with takeout giants such as McDonald’s and KFC, and big retailers, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, that undercut farmers and over-price consumers.
    • We are all agreeing to this and need to be repulsed by the idea of supporting these corporations. So in the retailers and the corporations, this is where we need to be doing the protesting. [By being conscious about where we shop – we’re agreeing to it, by shopping there].
  7. More effective than writing letters to MPs or attending council protests.

Those in positions of power are often just puppets, not the true decision-makers.

  1. Challenging the current paradigm legally or politically won’t bring about the change that’s needed
  2. Decision-making is not made in Parliament, but rather by corporations and lobby groups
  3. Lobby groups in Australia include mining, agriculture, and banking industries
  4. Understanding where the power is coming from is crucial in order to attack it
  5. Large corporations like Bunnings, Coles, Woolworths, and the big banks have taken over suburban areas and hinder progress towards change

The decision-making is not made in the halls of Parliament. They produce the statues, but you know who loves them to produce the statues? The corporations, the lobby groups! Who do you think the lobby groups are in this country?

Audience member: “Zionist Banking!”

Big mining, Big food. The big mining magnets and huge lobby groups in agriculture. If we’re not going to retrace where the power is coming from, we won’t be able to attack power. As long as we’ve allowed our suburbs to become taken over by Bunnings, Woolies, Coles and Aldi, by all the large agriculture, and by the large banks, then we are not moving any closer to change. No amount of protests, letters to ministers, we have to change the paradigm.

Paradigm Change through our collective choices

Serene emphasizes the importance of making collective choices to bring about change and remove hazardous corporations. Freedom is a revolution that involves understanding what we put into our bodies, how we live in society, and how we interact with each other on a core level.

  1. The paradigm needs to change through collective choices and organized action to remove corporations from being big, hazardous providers.
  2. Governments do not have control over individual choices, so we can make decisions for ourselves to support small farmers who grow food ethically.


Co-vision is an organization that aims to take down every corporate master and put together a vision for change.

  1. Importance of learning where our food comes from and caring for the farmers who provide us with it.
  2. Many enterprising small farmers in Victoria who grow food biodynamically and organically.
    • She praises biodynamic farming and its spiritual aspect, as it doesn’t use pesticides and fertilizers and has a deep understanding of the soil.
  3. Buy from small farmers who ethically prepare their food by slaughtering animals properly without causing suffering.
  4. Join a state-wide food call to buy food directly from small farmers, prepay ahead of time, and take ownership of logistics and transport to take down retailers.
  5. Small farmers have been abdicated of their rights to big corporations and calls these corporations “prostitutes”.

BigPharma Bastards: Psychotropics & Statins are the Biggest Killer

  1. Pharmaceutical industries are “corporate bastards” that have taken over every aspect of our lives.
  2. Statins, a type of cholesterol-lowering medication, are sold more and destroy more lives than vaccines.
  3. The biggest lie perpetuated by these industries is that cholesterol is a problem and that we need statins to control it. She argues that eggs, butter, and other foods are not actually problematic for cholesterol levels.
  4. The real indicator for heart disease is the consumption of unhealthy foods, particularly those cooked in canola oil or seed oils.
  5. She references the golden arch of McDonald’s as an example of the unhealthy foods that contribute to heart disease.
  6. She emphasizes the importance of challenging the paradigm and learning about the truth behind commonly accepted ideas.

The second thing that we need to do is deal with the pharmaceutical pimps. You know, these corporate bastards that have taken over every facet of our lives. You know what sells more than vaccines? You know what destroys lives more than vaccines? Statins. Statins. Statins.


Do you know how much more they sold last year and the last two years with statins? I’ll tell you what, allegedly the biggest lie that we’ve been told is “the great cholesterol myth”.

That cholesterol is a problem. Eggs, apparently, are a problem! Butter is a problem! And it’s not. That’s the biggest lie that has been perpetuated by the agriculture and pharmaceutical industries to tell us “that we need statins to control cholesterol because that is an indicator for heart disease” and that’s a lie. The indicator for heart disease, you know what it is? It’s the golden arch. It’s canola oil. Yes. It’s fried crap everywhere. In canola oil, in seed oils that are absolutely disgusting, that are absolutely unhealthy for us.

  1. Statins do not cause heart inflammation, but inflammatory markers caused by eating processed oils do.
  2. Highly processed oils and sugars in our diets are creating the biggest forms of diseases in our lives.
  3. Statins are linked to dementia and have caused excess deaths, especially among the elderly.
  4. Psychotropics and statins are the biggest killers, not vaccines.
  5. We need to rewire our entire paradigm when it comes to health and start generating our own plant medicines and apothecaries.
  6. We need to seriously address our health and generate our own medicines by growing our own plants and herbs.

I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but I always like to look at the bigger picture. Vaccines form a part of the paradigm, but actually, they’re not the ones that are the biggest culprits. Psychotropics and statins are the biggest killers. When they push the vaccine narratives, they push up all the other drugs. So a lot more people are on mental health issues, a lot more people still are signed in, and a lot more people are dying from dementia because of excess statin use. So we need to rewire our entire paradigm when it comes to health.

Natural Plant & Herb Medicines

  1. Serene encourages generating own medicines and creating apothecaries to grow plants and herbs
  2. Change needs to happen seriously and people need to come together to find solutions
  3. Establishment kicked out nurses and doctors, they can help us with health.
    • People like Dr. Chris Neil and Magda (emergency nurse).
    • Have established the first two health hubs in Victoria to provide advocacy support and advanced care plans to those who join
  4. Plan to build their own first aid kits and medicines.
    • They have people who know how to pull together antimicrobial, anti-inflammatories, and antibacterial medications.
    • They plan to build their own labs and grow plants to create their own medicines without using pharmaceutical drugs.
    • Two herbal apothecaries in CoVision, one in the Yarra Valley and one in Geelong.
  5. They believe that some pharmaceutical drugs, such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine* are rubbish and instead recommend natural alternatives like Wormwood for parasites and quercetin for managing infections.
    • (*I disagree that HCQ & IVM are rubbish – millions could have been saved if patients had received them so it’s not accurate to say that – but I agree that natural alternatives and staying away from eating and taking their poisons are a better solution)

Magda’s talk on the CoVision Health Hubs

  1. Magda is a nurse who lost her job due to refusing to comply.
  2. Serene connected with Magda through CoVision and gave her the task of running health hubs.
  3. About 300 healers on their list, and they connect with them on a monthly basis through case study circles.
  4. Workshops on health-oriented topics, such as EMF, bio resonance, and mould, and herbal remedies.
  5. General & Advanced First aid kits to empower people to take control of their health and know when to utilize the mainstream system. Focus on preventative health.
  6. Advanced care planning services for people of all ages to document their medical wishes.
  7. Advocacy support available for their members, including interpreting medical jargon and providing emotional support.
  8. Encourages people to join the CoVision community, which is both local and national, to establish connections and support.

Health Hub comments

  • Serene believes that young people are important, and that it is important to have energy and knowledge in the healthcare system. She believes that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own health and not rely solely on pharmaceuticals or hospitals.
  • Alternative medicines are available, including antimicrobials, anti-inflammatories, alternative pain relievers, and anti-anxiety/antidepressants based on proper activation of CBD oils.
  • Important to be interested in their health from a micro-topic perspective, and to learn how to identify and treat their own health issues.

Self-Managed Superannuation & investing in Joint Land & Businesses

  • Economic issues, particularly with regards to banking and investing.
  • Investing in SMSFs and jointly purchasing land and businesses, including family farms and timber mills.

The third very important part of this is two other things. One of the best things we’ve heard a lot about is SMSFs (Self-Managed Super Funds), where you groom your money into your own SMSF and then invest jointly in purchasing land, maybe a family farm. It’s like what Adam Gibson is doing with the family farm, and we’re talking about bringing that here to Victoria as well so people can invest their money into our own farms, where the banks don’t own it, but we own it collectively. How can we jointly purchase businesses together? So it goes from farms to other businesses that we may need, like timber mills, for example, which we’re looking at. We have one guy who joined us, he’s a timber miller, and he said we could use his space to actually get salvaged wood and build our own tiny homes. We’ve renovated two caravans so far to house homeless people. So banking and shelter go hand in hand.

Currency, Silver, and Gold

  • Idea of creating a new currency. Other groups have done this before but she wants to come up with something better. Wants to address the economic reality and find the right answers to tell the banks to “Piss Off!”
  • Silver and gold have historically stored value, and their value tends to increase when currency value decreases. She is going to convert all her cash into silver and gold.

Tahi on CBDC’s and Cryptocurrency

We’re not going from gold to currency, and we’re not going into the nonsense, which is evaporative nothingness. What are they called? CBDCs or any of the cryptos.

Again, back to the language. What do you put in a crypt? A dead body.

A crypt is a small room or chamber, often located underground, where coffins or sarcophagi containing human remains are stored. Therefore, traditionally, people put dead bodies or remains in a crypt. ~ chatGPT

We’re not going to cryptocurrency because we are not dead.

Maybe we’re going to make our own silver coin.

How the English language is used to control people

  • English language is a tool used by corporate controllers to maintain their power and create conflicts.

It is mind-blowing to understand how linguistics and language serve as a way for us to control. The spelling of words is intentional; it is a spell, because we spell it, and we put a spell on you.

English is the language of the corporate controllers.

For example, they tell you that you have to understand something, but you can never understand it when you stand under it. You inner-stand, not under-stand. So you’ll always be chasing the idea because it’s a conflict. The English language creates the conundrum. You don’t understand anything if you stand under it, you have to stand within it to innerstand (to truly comprehend it).

Join CoVision

  • Serene is interested in engaging young people and believes it is important to draw their attention to community events.
  • Co-vision, a group she is a part of, focuses on engaging young people and facilitating their participation in workshops and events.
  • Important to break down obstacles that prevent people from being involved in their community, and she encourages discussion and brainstorming on how to do so.
  • Invites people to participate in an activity where they can discuss obstacles to community involvement and how to promote it.

I want each table to turn to themselves and talk about what obstacles they think must be overcome in order to attract people to build community. What are some of the obstacles for people to be involved in creating community a very incisive way? What are some of the obstacles for people who want to be involved in a food co-op? What do you think are the things that hold people back?

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