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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Eight. This grandmother is healing autism symptoms using vax-detox protocols.

Healing autism with vax detox protocols, Buttar, Weston Price

I am a grandmother, and when I see young moms with children, I find the opportunity in our conversation to bring up childhood vaccines. I immediately tell them we are healing children with autism with a vaccine detox method, which includes doctors’ own protocol healing their own sons. I tell them about Dr. Rashid Buttar and his son. I hand them the method I typed out in two sheets, along with Moms Against Monsanto and Weston Price vaccine info pamphlets. It works! Many have never heard of autism being able to be healed!!!

Here is my protocol:

Autism Spectrum and Vaccine Injury Healing Information Natural Detox Methods for Heavy Metals from Vaccines*

  1. Build a strong gastrointestinal and immune system –
    • Consume: Organic only, raw dairy, grass-fed meats, fermented foods, bone broth (minerals), veggies, fruits. Ketogenic Diet, GAPS plan, Microbiome gut health. Vitamin supplements and probiotics
    • Eliminate: Genetically modified organisms (glyphosate exposure and autism rates show a nearly 100% correspondence and glyphosate kills good gut bacteria), white flour, white sugar, white pasta, white rice. No antibiotics, vaccines, Tylenol (reduces glutathione in liver that makes it difficult to detox). No silver (mercury) fillings.
  2. Drink spring water only; the best brands for detoxing are Volvic/Fiji due to high silica. No fluoride water/toothpaste.
  3. Replace household laundry and cleaning products with natural non-toxic, no synthetic scents alternatives.
  4. Create a sleep sanctuary free from WIFI; it’s non-thermal pulsed radiation. Get a guard for modem and smart meter.
  5. Cleanse
    • a. Baths – Detox in bath as a therapeutic environment with Epsom, Dead Sea, or Himalayan salts.
    • b. Foot baths – IonCleanse detoxifying foot baths.
    • c. Sunshine and lots of exercise; sweat releases toxins.
    • d. Far Infrared Sauna – Infrared light penetrates deep into the body and stimulates detoxification pathways.
  6. Form a healthy spinal structure. Utilize chiropractic care to create a healthy spinal structure and allow for proper innervation of all the organs, tissues, and muscles of the body. This will stimulate the body’s healing and detoxification potential.
  7. Stimulate the body’s ability to generate healthy cells, immune function, and detoxification pathways using Homeopathic Treatment.
  8. Modulate and restore homeostasis – restore balance to the brain, body, cells, muscles, organs, spine, skin, gut, etc. – gently address the underlying cause while removing stored stress via B.E.S.T. Remove heavy metals at the cellular level (TCD: True Cellular Detox)
  9. Parasite cleanse. Many autistic children have parasites that excrete their waste in gas form (inside the body) similar to morphine, ammonia, and histamine. Healing the symptoms known as Autism, 2nd edition Kerri Rivera
  10. CBD or medical cannabis for autism and more:
  11. Gut Health Restore product by Dr. Zach Bush
  12. Mercury Detox Method Dr. Rashid Buttar

I also wrote this paper and hand it to them. The 4 Poisons: How to make a Nation drop to its knees, POISON THE CHILDREN. We are poisoning our children. A silent pandemic of neurodevelopmental toxicity is disabling our children.

The Root Causes are from 4 major poisons:

  1. Fluoride. Just look at the bag at your water plant; it states POISON. Here are 500 studies that show the danger:, Bashash 2017 & 2018, Green 2019 – all determined Lower IQ in children. 50% of children have dental fluorosis.
  2. GMO foods, since 1990s Glyphosate has accrued in 80% of our food supply. Monsanto, the same company that brought you agent orange (and Pfizer!) has altered our seed supply with poisons that destroy our gut microbiome that results in brain harm.
    • Studies: Entropy Seneff/Samsel 2013, Seralini 2012 and more… LAWSUIT WIN: Monsanto guilty of glyphosate injuries.
  3. WIFI radiation. Neurological damage to brains of developing children. Studies: Hensinger Wilke 2016, Havas 2013, Levitt Lai 2010 and more… Pediatric Neurologist & Neuroscientist Dr. Martha Herbert Harvard/MGH: “EMF can certainly contribute to degrading physiological integrity of cellular and molecular level” “contributes to chronic illnesses” “thousands of papers document adverse health and neurological impacts of EMF” *Historical Lawsuit WIN ~ FCC lost, they never showed safety of wifi.
  4. Vaccines: 72 doses (24 doses in 1983) of formaldehyde, animal/human DNA, GM bacteria and viral DNA, MSG, polysorbate 80, mercury, and the big one Aluminum: 4, 925 mcg by 18 mos. Studies: Grandjean Lancet Neurology 2014 “Environmental toxins are causing widespread brain injury and loss of a generation of children,” Umar Exley 2017, Seneff Liu 2012, Gherardi 2015. 152 Studies show Vaccines DO cause autism: Dr. Rashid Buttar & Dr. Dan Pompa healed their sons with autism by detoxing. Both have written books about this. Glyphosate in vaccines study: by Moms across America. 1 in 6 children have developmental disabilities. 8 million children are on damaging psych meds. 11% of children have ADHD. 50% of children have chronic illnesses. 20% of children require special education services.

Solutions to the 4 poisons:

  1. Drink spring water. Ask your town leaders to remove fluoride from the public drinking supply.
  2. Eat only organic food with no pesticides/glyphosate.
  3. Get a for your router/modem and electric meter or replace your electric/water/gas meter with analog.
  4. Learn Natural Immunity. It works and lasts a lifetime. We didn’t survive for thousands of years because of “lifesaving vaccines”. The human body is remarkable to heal given the correct nutrients. Vaccines do not give immunity. Do the research.

If your child is already injured due to the 4 poisons, there are many non-toxic nutrient-based detox protocols. We are healing children with ASD, ADHD, Tics, etc. (autism spectrum disorder) with these detox protocols. These conditions are not a life sentence.

Medical mandates are politics pretending to be science. Mandates (fluoride, vaccines), and “Uninformed” Consent (GMO foods, WiFi radiation) amount to human experimentation and are in violation of our constitutional freedoms and universal human rights. ALL our Govt regulatory agencies are only looking out for corporate financial health and not your children’s health. CDC/HHS/NIH/FDA/EPA/DEA/USDA/FCC. We now live in the information age. All the above studies and healing protocols are recognized by thousands of grassroots organizations. Here are a few of them:

  • The Mom Street Journal
  • Thinking Moms Revolution
  • The Wild Doc
  • Moms Across America
  • Vaxxed I and Vaxxed II
  • March against Monsanto
  • Weston Price Foundation
  • Children’s Health Defense
  • Real
  • Physicians for Informed Consent
  • I Can
  • Environmental Health Trust
  • The Drs. Wolfson
  • GreenMedInfo

Our nation is only 5% of the world, yet we take 50% of all drugs. We have the sickest children in history; we must change this to save ourselves.

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