How to slow-down the upcoming Financial Reset in your local community

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As those who are ‘awake’ know, they want to destroy local/small businesses as part of the Great Reset / Financial Reset and part of the way that will happen, other than the massive financial hit they acquired during ‘lockdowns’, is these new false-mandates.

Small Businesses worldwide but especially in Victoria, already are running on fumes, and now they are are losing staff, customers, and having to comply with things where they are ‘damned if they do, and damned if they don’t, leaving the businesses open for criminal prosecution if they ‘do as they are told’.

Here is a simple and effective idea to help your local communities and slow-down the upcoming financial reset: (YouTube deleted the video and they didn’t re-upload to their Rumble account, and unfortunately this post was done before I was mirroring videos to Telegram/Rumble, but the nutshell version is be conscious of what you are supporting with your dollar).

I found a crappy-mirror of the video on BitChute

YouTube – You can advance Australia’s interests with guest speaker Rebecca Lloyd showing you how.

Solution: Your daily household consumption. Every dollar spent in local community goes back into local community.

  • Shop in local small businesses and boycott big businesses to slow down the financial reset and stop our local businesses going “out of business” which will collapse the local communities.
  • Do not shop online – do not fund global organizations / offshore giants
  • Use cash everywhere – they want to remove cash and get you to pay via phone/QR and get everyone ‘hooked up’ to a new financial system based on cryptocurrency

Australians list your Small Business here:

13 April 2023 – I just scraped the transcript from filmot, then got chatGPT to summarize key points.

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