Propaganda Antidotes [Part 6]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Six

Mercola, McCullough, Malone

Two very analytical people (whom I thought would be hold-outs) were convinced by getting them to regularly read Mercola.

For others, I gave them the big picture verbally, then have sent them some good overview articles or videos (McCullough, Malone).

Several people told me that they want to continue to live in their bubbles, but I continued to chip away with data.

I wish we had a good document that listed facts, with links to key articles of support.

Facts, Motives, Lies, Deaths

  • I just kept telling them the facts behind the shots, the motives, the lies and the deaths. They just had to admit that I was right. I initially gave them a video of Sherri Tenpenny and my brother said she was crazy. So they both, him and my mom, got the J&J shot.
  • Once they start remembering all the lies and the corruption they’ve seen all their lives, my claims the shots were deadly, didn’t seem so out of character for the government.
  • My mom also said Cuomo couldn’t have killed all those seniors and she didn’t believe me when I told her. After her and my brother moved to NJ and witnessed corruption on a large scale there, she started realizing it wasn’t out of character for Cuomo to put all those people in a position that caused their deaths.

RFKs Real Anthony Fauci, FLCCC, RESCUE substack

  1. Sent a copy of RFK’s The Real Anthony Fauci to one person, recommended it to another.
  2. Told several about the FLCCC website
  3. Provided links to Michael Cappuzo’s article reprinted in the Substack RESCUE, ‘The Drug that Cracked Covid’, also articles by Mary Beth Pfeiffer in RESCUE, Joyce Kamen’s article ‘The Despicable Defamation of a Lifesaving Doctor’ featured in RESCUE.

Three friends have chosen not to get boosters. Others do not want to hear anything that goes against the official narrative (and this goes for both liberal as well as conservative friends).

FDA/NEJM Clinical Trial Results

  1. I have had a fair amount of success in red-pilling, almost always by showing people the “gold-standard” randomized, blinded clinical trial results straight from the FDA website and NEJM, specifically:
    • a) more deaths overall with mRNA vaccines than placebo
    • b) 40-50% higher cardiac deaths with mRNA vaccines than placebo
    • c) only 5 COVID deaths out of 35,000 people in the placebo groups of the trials, versus 2 COVID deaths in the vaccine groups (this shows vaccine protection from COVID death is greatly exaggerated)
    • d) only recently: the Novavax trial had double the incidence rate of neoplasms/tumors in the vaccine group as the placebo group
  2. This method of using clinical trial results has been quite successful, though not entirely so (and many people don’t openly admit to being red-pilled, but they have definitely changed their minds about getting more shots, as well as their overall stance).
  3. Most importantly, using the clinical trial results has been far, far, far more successful than other common methods- it convinced numerous people who were unmoved by tragic anecdotes or VAERS, because almost all of them responded to anecdotes/VAERS with some form of “that’s terrible, but the shots still do more good than harm”. The clinical trials are the ONLY thing that PROVES the shots do more harm than good.

Public Presentation, Pfizer Trial

  • There are two pre-requisites for red-pilling someone. Without either it’s a hard stop.
    1. First, there must be curiosity on their end.
    2. Second, there must be trust.
  • We have many people on our side that know of people who are curious and who trust them. The problem is they do not know how to talk to them or know what information will be appropriate.
  • Dozens of folks on our side have come to me personally asking me how to speak to their spouse, ex-spouse or pediatrician about the lack of safety and efficacy of these shots.
  • Finally I put together a public presentation in Santa Cruz this spring. Many people came to me saying it was the most effective presentation they had seen. I have since published a tighter version of the presentation on an Independent media platform called ThePulse that was released several weeks ago.
  • Now, when people ask for advice I ask them to sit with their “target” and watch it. It is proving very effective. Again, the reason why it works is that the “target” trusts the person who shares it with them. And, the “target” is authentically curious as to why this trusted person in their life is so “misled”. In this 45 minute YouTube video (yes, it takes 45 minutes–this doesn’t happen in five minutes) I do not quote third party opinion or preprint studies. I dissect the Pfizer Trial and the memoranda between Pfizer and the FDA to demonstrate that we knew all along that these things were not performing as advertised. Furthermore it shows how it is unassailably true that there were serious shenanigans that were not pursued by our regulatory agencies. Here is the link:

United Nations UNODOC, Pfizer drug dealing comparison

The method is to regard Pfizer injections as drug dealing and look for corruption, plus emphasis on United Nations Office Of Anti Drugs And crime, though not even that is sufficient for some. Also, using rehab programs to enroll injectionist proponents and hiring deprogrammers of the type which extract people from cults can help.

Also, international tax transfer forms authorization if direct transfer to rent kiosks for UNODOC offices in cities. Perhaps a transfer of DEA funds for recruitment and training. Defining attempts to impose injections in people as drug dealing can help, though enforcement to prevent drug dealing is key. A Just Say No Campaign and updating school anti-drug programs can work. Perhaps also laws on protecting minors and school children. Get Child Protection on board with people trained to understand rights.

Army Criminal Investigation or National Guard Anti-Drug program made into Anti-Drug Unit. Perhaps local citizens opposed to injections can build National Guard UNODOC Anti-Drug Units. Also, F.B.I. Fraud Squad which is neutral from politics. U.S Justice Marshals who investigate corruption. And failing that, citizens arrest vigilantes who bring wrongdoers to court and with minimal restraint as possible place restraints on pro-injectionists and shut injection sites down.

Also education. Disruption of board meetings of corporations to place emphasis on priorities of peace and education to be free. Might involve becoming F.B.I. Agents if can remain intellectual independence as there is a worry citizens have with three-letter agencies.

Relevant information from MSM, Official Govt, Journals, Peer-Reiviewed Studies.

I don’t give up on people. I give them the information they need to make an informed decision. I don’t stop even when they stop responding. I present them with relevant information from all sources: msm/indy/social media, official govt, journals, peer reviewed studies, historical, anecdotal, personal experience and try and keep things humorous if possible.

Even if the person I am communicating with won’t admit they’ve had their pants pulled down I am seeing a gradual effect on them and the people around them. People that have decided to take my advice also have a knock on ‘snowballing’ effect on others that are close to them.

I would estimate for every person redpilled, three to five more have followed suit. I make a lot of time for people, help them with small problems, take time to talk to them about things and invariably converstation turns to psyop19…

Some people refuse to listen no matter how many times i try to get through to them… i wont give up on them – my door will always be open to them.

Many people are simply unaware of the true history of the world… many are badly affected by cognitive dissonance to the point where it makes them physically sick… Many people purposefully avoid dissonant voices: ‘I sleep better at night not to know these things…’ and ‘Oh I keep my head in the sand, I just want to have a nice life…’ are actual quotes.

I find that the most stubborn, pig headed self sure people are often the least informed, though they may be highly intelligent. I find they are also often likely to do a sudden 180° uturn on thier beliefs. Which is another reason not to write them off. I believe we need everyone on board to win this and i am prepared to look past politcal/ideological differences to present a united front.

Division is a great weapon of the cabal… Thanks for all your time and great work Steve man, many of us are sincerely appreciative and forever in your debt.

My kids were injured by vaccines

I am a healthcare provider and mother of vaccine injured kids. I learned to formulate questions out of any facts I want to share. When a person is given a question they don’t know the answer to, or they believe the answer they’ve been indoctrinated into believing, they will often try to debunk which will begin their research. Or find a public person, often one who was once asleep, who they respect who they can hear the info from


I start with asking questions…questions that are formed from issues we see in the news everyday. I make sure not to give any input as to what my position is on the matter or subject, because most people I speak with are more than eager to get their point across. I allow people to speak freely and with as little interruption as possible.

Everyone wants to be heard, yet most aren’t willing to listen. give someone a microphone and good luck getting it back…lol

Most people I have spoken with rarely ask me what my position is…I don’t think they really care. Most just want to get off their chest how they feel about most subjects I speak to them about…once they have pretty much given me the info needed to hit them with follow up questions, does the tone of the conversation change.

Most who are listening to what they say, realize how crazy some of it is or just laugh when they see the expression on my face from disbelief. Sometimes people will apologize for what they say…only to ask me, if I agree. Its at that point, I will make a comment about what they said, get them to acknowledge it, then return the discussion to them asking for examples of wat they mean and so forth.

Each situation is different…I usually fly by the seat of my pants and will adjust my position to keep them engaged. it is rather difficult to get anyone to change their mind…but if you ask the right questions, pose the right scenario or different approaches to the same issue, without telling them how to do it or even suggest how to do it…people will change for themselves, or at least, consider what was discussed.

Body language, tone, and words all have a way of triggering people…even more so today. I will bring up some of these words in conversation, mention how they affect me and let the other party go off on how they feel. At the end of the day there are many who just want to be heard. I can’t tell you how many people I come across in casual conversation who don’t believe most of what they parrot…if it comes from the political party they relate to, they repeat it ad nauseum. I ask why…and the answers are all pretty much the same…because they said so.

No thought goes into what many believe any more…its pretty much what I have discovered in the last 16 years talking to people from all walks of life. Thinking takes effort. connecting dots takes more effort. Putting novel ideas together…God forbid how much effort it takes. I laugh inside, but am actually disappointed in how many have given up. Sensory overload…every day. I could go on and on, but I won’t. I am sure there are some other blowhards you would rather hear from…lol Thanks for the session…who do I bill? John

Started a podcast and interviewed doctors, using globalists own documents, MelK

  1. I started a Podcast when the lockdown began 3/19 on YouTube. I contacted doctors like Dr Zelenko, Dr. Stella, Dr Gold, Dr Northrop, as well as experts on mind control, mk ultra, propaganda and totalitarianism. Having been in the media/entertainment for twenty years I knew immediately we were in a psyop orchestrated by the puppet masters I had been trying to expose since I first happened upon Hannah Arendt’s origins of totalitarianism my first year at NYU on. This has been an orchestrated move planned in many documents that are out there and I expose.
  2. I use the great reset architects and globalists own words and documents and connect the dots in real time. I ask questions, use logic and reason and always ask the viewers to contact me and visit my resources and read for themselves the massive amount of documents and factual pieces on my sites resources page.
  3. Encourage critical thinking from the outside in. I got kicked off YouTube with 100000 subs after a show with Dr Z, but restarted on rumble and have surpassed that.
  4. I encourage debate and other thinkers outside the norm. I do not believe in left or right or Republican or Democrat only right and wrong.
  5. Good v evil and humanity v a small group of elitist billionaire globalists I can trace with their own documentation from Nazi germany to the creation of the UN and CFR to where we are now. None of this was not planned and executed by what I call the puppet masters.
  6. Please check out me show on and TheMelKShow on rumble. Facts and truth in the end always win out. Like Twain said “it’s easier to fill someone then convince them they’ve been fooled.” But once they open their mind and realize the deception.. watch out! The great awakening is the only explanation. Thank you for your work, your voice, your bravery and your resoluteness. Appreciate your work! Mel K

Email group in community

We have an email group in my 55+ community of about 3000 residents. I regularly send out information to inform of the truths of the Covid shot situation. Many people thank me and some steadfastly stick to the “narrative” and believe that is the best option for them.

I am delighted to learn almost every day that more truth is coming out and I share this with my community. Every now and then someone will tell me they have “seen the light” but I have no idea how many people have learned enough about it to decide against further shots.

Podcasts, Joe Rogan, Matt Le Tissier, Maajid Nawaz

With men I find that sending them podcasts of REAL MEN like Joe Rogan & Matt Le Tissier (ex UK footballer) or Maajid Nawaz helps.

My husband & daughter thought I was insane 2.5 years ago and I spent a lot of time lonely & crying.

We went on a 10 hr drive (camping) and I lined up lots of podcasts with the info in them that I’d been talking about. I think when the people they ‘know’ or have listen to for years are talking about it they listen!

Not effective at red-pilling.

  • I have been listening to independent news outlets and researchers for mist of my life. You see my mother’s life was destroyed by pharma, so I have taken a path to understand. Due to all the research I have done, I managed to Red Pill my husband, somewhat. He has always looked at the world with rose colored glasses, and it is very difficult for him to come to terms with how diabolical many can be on this Earth. However, he listens to me, and has not been jabbed.
  • My brother, on the other hand, is an Engineer in Singapore, and has been triple jabbed. I have managed to share a few videos and research articles, yet he does not respond with any acknowledgement. However he did say he was done with taking the jabs.
  • My circle of friends is small, due to me stating back in 2021the injections were not a good idea to have. Three close friends, after lengthy discussions took the jab and ended our friendship. So I guess I was not effective at Red Pilling them.
  • I started a new job at a high school and maybe I will meet friends or maybe I wont. I just pray I am not to ostracized if the whole covid plandemic comes into conversation, for I have not been quiet about what I see and read, and this will not change. Anne

CHD, FLCCC, Great Barrington, Highwire, Ealy, Nass, Lawrie, Mercola, Data, doctors, MP Speeches

  • I send people I trust info from Children’s’ Health Defense, FLCCC doctors, The Great Barrington Declaration, the Highwire, Drs. Ealy, Nass, Lawrie, and Mercola; Ron Johnson’s panels (many other democrats never watched that, unfortunately).
  • News from attorneys like Fuellmich, Rentz, Siri.
  • And news from doctors in Africa, India and Israel with real data on why this jab is lethal.
  • They have been victims of experimental vaccines for decades.
  • I also send speeches by the brave few Canadian and European MPs and marches around the world that have been censored. All of this info is circulating around Europe – via private messages and translations of speeches. People are getting it in Europe but their governments are still scaring the hell out them with moving-target regulations.
  • Many Americans seemed to rely on one Washington Post opinion piece to forego watching any speeches at the DC Rally and Ron Johnson’s hearing. Perhaps they don’t know who owns the Washington Post and he would be happy to keep everyone locked down and ordering his products so he can try to fly to the moon. Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea what is going on in the rest of the world and likely most could not care less, unless they want to vacation here. They do worry about how they are going to get their “energy,” wheat or sunflower oil, as if it is all produced in the Ukraine.
  • Sunflowers are indigenous to North America. As for energy sources, that is not my area of expertise, but I would recommend using less of all of it. All of the doctors mentioned above have been so discredited by the mainstream media that even the most rational people I knew in 2019 are now irrational. BTW – I’m not sure about the terminology “red pill.” Perhaps determine another method of outreach? It seems to declare political boundaries. We could use less of that now. All the best on your important work!

Penny... on Health
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