Propaganda Antidotes [Part 4]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Four

When overhearing conversations, casually cite the evidence

I find the most effective method is to not be the instigator of the conversation. As an example, the other night at a dinner party two women were discussing how many of their friends had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I casually say.. “wow, that’s ironic as I was just reading an article written by a doctor in the military and she shared that breast cancer rates are up by over 400%.” I elaborate that she tied it directly to the vaccines. It opens the door and I typically continue from there depending on the response.

Friendly social exchange and then script and website, CHD, doctors, lawyers, JFK

First off, I have no idea of my success rate. When I am out shopping for anything, groceries or clothes or restaurant i may complement someone or find some way to begin a conversation. Most people enjoy a quick and friendly social exchange.

The script I utilize most often is, I have a website that I share with fellow citizens and I always ask if you have a website you’d suggest I check out.. The website is It’s a .org not a .com. Then I ask them if they remember late presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy? So far, they have all claimed, yes. I say, well his son grew up to be an environmental lawyer and that’s who started this website.

And you should see the doctors, lawyers and health care professionals, from around the world that are being interviewed there, daily and weekly regarding what has really been going on legally throughout this pandemic.

If you have not been tracking with any other alternative media source during the pandemic you’ll want to make sure you are sitting down because the info you’ll read/hear there will blow you away! In light of the data I’ve learned on the website, I question if we are really living in a democracy any longer and I don’t know how we can maintain our democracy if we don’t speak with one another and think critically about what it is we are being told by mainstream media.

Ask them about confirmation bias

Well if you have some kind of relationship built….be it at a dinner party, or a friend of a friend or something. I ask this question. “If you had someone that you trusted absolutely…like complete trust.. and ‘they’ changed their mind about say…vaccines?.. Would you be open to looking at the issue a different way?

The other way is to, in a to ask them if they know what confirmation bias is? With them I would never use the term “red-pill” it is a bit lofty. Who the hell are we? Like do we question the covid vaccine, but still believe that two planes took down the towers on 911? So many unanswered questions out there. Anyway Steve, you’re doing a great job, good on ya. Bill

Tell them I had covid but it wasn't horrible and what I used, (HCQ, NAC, Black Seed, Vitamins). Epoch, CHD

I have asked questions such as, “Why do you think all these people are getting Covid even with all these shots?” “Isn’t it interesting that I have never had a shot, I had Covid but it wasn’t anything horrible, and I have never had it again?” “Did you know I used HCQ, NAC, black seed oil, and other vitamins, etc to get well when I had Covid?” “You got Covid back to back after using Paxlovid? Wow, so sorry to hear. No, I haven’t had it more than once.” “Doesn’t it strike you weird that the “science” has been absolute-until it changes?”

Now, I have asked questions like this to many who are not ready to hear anything other than what the msm tells them. But I think my health, combined with some of my questions, has helped those who were already maybe questioning, to see the light. If people seem to be ready to hear more, I use articles from The Epoch Times, CHD, and places like that to help them see more. But only if they are ready. I do not try to force anything. Regardless, questions seem to be the way to go. I will ask them what they think of a certain article, and discuss from there if they are open.

Gradual release of information, but delusion is very powerful, they have to be curious, there's no rational thought

I wrote an article on it on substack. Gentle techniques work best, and gradual release of information. You’re dealing with a person suffering from a delusion, so employing similar tactics as when you are dealing with a delusional person work quite well. This does mean that sometimes you cannot reach the person at all, however, the delusion is too pervasive/powerful.

Generally I have found the person has to be ambivalent or curious about the subject to be red-pilled. Those deep in the totalitarian spell just recite lines back at you, there’s no rational thought occurring. I don’t think this can be overcome.

We interpret clinical studies for a living, recommended doing the same for Rona to coworkers and they saw through it.

Detailed analysis and fishbone root cause mindsets are part of our daily work activities. 

I asked some co-workers to use the same principles while sharing my opinion about all in general (one person just had a baby).

We read & interpret clinical and non-clinical studies for a living, and I recommended doing the same for the Rona and childhood Vaccines & schedule.

Then they concluded on their own time & terms that something was incorrectly related to shots in general and Rona in particular.

Knew medical martial law was coming 10 years ago, not successful at waking the minds

Not very helpful, I’m afraid, but honest. Being incurably curious about the world, when I retired I “redpilled” myself about a lot of things, starting with people like John Stockwell and Bill Still. James Corbett and Richard Andrew Grove were extremely helpful.

So since I had the advantage of knowing 10 years ago that “medical martial law” was coming, my only real successes are from tapping away constantly with the geological hammer from The Shawshank Redemption at the minds of family members. Even then I have been less successful than I would have liked. To some extent because I know how often you can change someone’s mind, which can be a self-fulfilling prophesy, and time is valuable.

Wife – yes (and we help each other with wording and research) ex-wife – sadly no. Offspring A unvaccinated but will not prepare for the coming famine. Offspring B had 2 vaccines before stopping Sister- and mother-in-law , yes: they couldn’t resist the two of us demonstrating that we knew far more than them. Aunt, hardly needed any persuasion.

Maintain light attitude, ask questions - why, how.

I maintain a light attitude. Admit that we disagree and listen to what they have to say. Instead of “informing” I ask them questions that provoke them to tell me “why” or “how” they believe as they do. One friend says I delete everything you send without looking. I said, no problem…I do the same with yours, but I love you anyway:)

I do not back down if others condemn my way of thinking. Exp. When discussing wildfires being set in Ca, an acquaintance said that is just right wing news. I responded…”you said that like right wing news is a bad thing” She responded…it is. I said without offense, “how do you know”?

I ask “why” a lot and if someone simply will not listen, I just say I simply cannot agree with their position, but I can agree with their right to have it. I do not back off my position in response to theirs. I feel the condemnation that comes from a differing opinion is as offensive to me as their condemnation.

Pfizer trial data suppression, safe and effective, TNI Media control, BBC press release, VAERS data, Canadian Covid Care Alliance, McCullough, Malone, Bridle,

I’ve had success by following this path:

  1. Asking friends “What do you think of the FDA not wanting to release the Pfizer trial data for 55-75 years? Within a day I email them this Bloomberg law article because it’s a credible source: Why a Judge Ordered FDA to Release Covid 19 Data intended to be kept hidden for 55-75 years.
  2. I then discuss algorithmic control of the information and why they are not hearing anything contrary to “safe and effective” and ask if they know of the Trusted News Initiative” (TNI). Then I share your rumble video with the BBC press release:
  3. I ask if they are aware of VAERS? Then I send them OpenVaers link:
  4. I send them these three videos from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance to take a look at the Pfizer trial data: Canadian Covid Care Alliance:  “Independent Science Based Information to Empower Canadians” – Please watch all three videos on their homepage – Science based evidence:

Three videos also found here:

  1. Latest Video – Stop the Shots In Kids:
  2. Dispelling the myth: A Pandemic of the unvaccinated:
  3. Pfizer Inoculations: More Harm Than Good;
  4. We then discuss the marketing behind 95% efficacy and Learn about Relative Risk vs Absolute Risk In the “More Harm Than Good Video”
  5. Learn about Relative Risk vs Absolute Risk and how the marketers at Pfizer made us believe the vaccines were 95% effective, when the absolute risk reduction was less than 1%.
  6. I have purchased 10 copies of Dr Peter McCulloughs book and I usually give them a copy.
  7. I send this Substack from Dr Malone:
  8. and this on from Byram Bridle: Of 29 Pregnant Women That Had Received Pfizer’s COVID-19 Inoculation, Only One Had a Baby That Lived:
  9. Usually by now they are waking up!

Signs, shirts, bumper stickers 'COVID vaccine killed my child'.

  • Physical signs, shirts, bumper stickers.
  • The populations divided in their ways. They use the same websites, the same news, the same shows. So lots of people don’t even have a clue.
  • But toss a sign up “The COVID vaccine killed my child!” And they won’t forget that.

Nibble method on things they can agree with like energy or government corruption

‘Nibble’ method. I don’t go in with the heavy stuff. I just nibble away around the edges with stuff they can agree with first. Then, I nibble a bit more. Then, a bit more. It’s actually what was used by China (?) I think with PoWs.

If you go in with anything to do with the vaccine, the walls go up. But if you talk about other stuff like energy or govt corruption, they cant help but agree. They have a toe in the water. Then, move in little by little. I have been using this with clients, friends and strangers mainly. Family just wont listen.

Stories via Instagram, Food red pills, Polysorbate 80, NIH studies, mercury, aluminium, corrupt pharma, Pfizer lawsuit Rockefellers destroyed natural meds

  1. I have red pilled people either directly via my friendships OR via stories I share on my Instagram account. I have an Instagram account with about 72k followers – my account is about cooking, specifically grilling. However, this gives me a great opportunity to share food red pills as I learn about things.
  2. For example, I was sharing my love for a new pickle brand I found. I then go on to share that most commercially produced pickles have Polysorbate 80, a food preservative that is a KNOWN carcinogen and gave all the mice in studies colon cancer. I then link to to the studies (from NIH.GOV) on how Polysorbate 80 is also in Vaccines, ALL OF THEM.
  3. So then I get the opportunity to share with people all the weird toxins that are in vaccines. Then, I move on to sharing how Vaccines are also loaded in heavy metals. I then share the studies from the NIH showing the ingredient list of mercury, aluminium, etc.
  4. In this sense I have become somewhat of a food truther. Because we should know what is in our food and everything we put in our body.
  5. I also use my own experience with the corrupt pharmaceutical industry to show why big pharma cannot be trusted. I recently weaned myself off antidepressants after 20 years being on them. I shared them in my IG stories. I then share that the first antidepressant I was put on was a drug called Neurontin. This was an epilepsy drug they put me on. At the time my dr told me it had been shown to treat depression. Fast forward 20 years (I was no longer on this drug thank God) and I learn that there was 430M class action law suit against Pfizer for this drug. This drug never treated depression, the drug company just upsold it to DRs that way, there was no actual research to prove this. It was just a money making scheme at the expense of people suffering depression!
  6. I share this story so people know that we CANNOT trust pharmaceutical companies. Ever. I also use this as an opportunity to share how the Rockefellers totally changed the Medical industry in the 20s to be petroleum based business and put the homeopathic doctors out of business. Because keeping people healthy doesn’t make the medical/pharmaceutical complex any money!

Give clues so they can figure it out for themselves, kids don't get covid, menstruation, sterilization, severe side effects

  1. Try to give them clues when talking to them so they figure it out for them selves, for instance I’ve heard about these people getting these or those side effects, have you heard similar things? Or with all those side effects it would be a shame to put children through these vaxxes when they don’t get very ill from covid at all.
  2. Or I’ve heard about so many women getting irregular bleedings would not want to put the chances of having grandchildren or children at risk….
  3. Or I really don’t think getting an experimental injection with unknown content, rushed into production and facilitation with severe side effects is the smartest solution to this problem….

Doctor said he wouldn't give the vaccine to his dog, coronavirus vaccine fail

I have a Doctor friend who warned me about the vaccine at the start who told me to hold out and watch the vaccine fail, he explained how a vaccine for a coronavirus would ultimately fail and his crowning statement was that he wouldn’t even put that vaccine into his dog. That really seems to wake up people here in Ireland.

My followers noticed the extreme censorship happening to me. Revolving door FDA - Pfizer

I gained a following on social media (around 1200 before being heavily censored) and continued to speak out. I have red pilled 6-10 known people, maybe others that never shared with me. Old high school class mates, friends, random followers on social media.

The items that seem to wake people up the most are the extreme censorship that’s happened to me and others, and the revolving door of employees switching from each alphabet agency to another with conflicts of interest (for example, ex fda commissioner now works on the board of Pfizer) etc.

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