Propaganda Antidotes [Part 9]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Nine. 

I really don't try to red pill anyone - don't care, too angry, tired, frustrated

The only person I’ve been able to red-pill is my wife, who has been vaccinated but not boosted (I like to think that is my doing). Honestly, I really don’t try to red-pill anyone. Why, you ask? Most of my “friends” are Democrats and Liberals. Most of my family are Conservative and Republican.

Almost all of them have been vaccinated, and mostly the lefties have been boosted. I can only think of one couple that is, like me, unvaccinated, and they are definitely on the right side of the aisle.

The three of us have had COVID and recovered. Everyone of the above mentioned, with the exception of my wife, has had COVID. There is a chance she had it before the pandemic was in full effect and “all the rage” (she travels a lot for work). But that she has not had it again (at least not yet) is counter to the current data.

A considerable portion of the family and friends on the ‘right’ regret being vaccinated. Thus, they do not need to be red-pilled. Most on the left have been boosted and had all their kids vaccinated (not sure if they boosted their kids or not).

So why don’t I try to red-pill these “friends”? Honestly, because I do NOT care. It’s not worth my time, nor is it worth the effort. None of them, to my knowledge, have had any significant side effects or injuries from the vaccine. That being said…I am waiting for it. I’m actually quite surprised none of them have experienced a terrible, life-threatening event as they represent a wide swath of fit and active, lazy and obese, and everything in between.

Does that make me a bad person? Maybe. But as I said, I no longer care. I am angry. I am frustrated. I am tired. And it’s mostly because of these people and people like them. As long as my wife remains healthy, that’s all that matters to me. As for the others, let the chips fall where they may. I know this doesn’t help you, but I thought you might be interested in another point of view. Thank you for all you do!

Imagine if he was right

I have tried the face-to-face approach to little effect. I find people are less defensive when you are both looking in the same direction.

I use a kind of deflection. I have a “conspiracy nut brother” that sends me emails daily. I read them out in just the right moment, then criticize them with shaky logic, followed by the statement ‘imagine if he was right’?. I have had some interesting reflective looks.

To those that may criticize and disagree with me, I make a line in the sand and ask them, what have I said that is a conspiracy? The funny thing is, the first person I successfully ‘Red-pilled’ was my brother.

My father was a man who spoke when appropriate and in well-thought-out sentences that reflected his love of quotations. “Question authority and show respect where due, if you don’t, who will?”

I am 51 now and have children of my own. I think very carefully about what effect my choices will have on them. Lately, I have been. I never let the thought of what people think of me limit my choices in life. I know I look back and realize they were not thinking about me anyway.

I have very little to lose, but what little I have means more to me than my life, my family. I wish I had houses, cars, millions to lose, like a wall of fodder to protect and surround my family. Each day I ask myself, ‘what can I do today to fight this craziness gripping this world?’

I hope that soon, very soon, the truth will be abundantly clear, as will the sides people picked.

70yo harrassed by bank trying to withdraw own money

I think this is one specific case involving a police woman, a bank (Lloyds UK), the manager of the bank, and two police women – one of whom, I believed, I red-pilled, for she looked quite shocked when she realized what was going on.

I tried to withdraw £5,000 in cash from Lloyds Bank in the UK. I had to answer many, many questions to prove I was not being forced to withdraw the money by scammers. I answered all the questions and all was well – then she asked me what I intended to spend the money on. I said it wasn’t really her business what I wanted to spend my money on, but I answered anyway and said I wanted cash to buy things.

She asked, “What things?” — I said everything from clothes, birthday presents, dinners, shopping, right down to paying for my morning coffee. The bank manager heard this and came over to the counter. He said he did not believe me – I am a near 70-year-old woman with an unwell 84-year-old husband, and we have been with Lloyds bank for 35 and 70 years respectively.

The bank manager proceeded to humiliate me in front of the customers, first saying I was telling lies and that clothes and coffees do not cost £5,000 —and that it was a big sum. I tried to explain that it was, of course, a lot if you are on a small wage, but it is relative to the wealth of the person. He asked, “When was the last time you drew out that sum?” I said a couple of years ago as I had spent quite a bit of time in my Caribbean home these past two years, but he just shook his head.

I was reduced to showing them pictures of myself and my husband in our Caribbean home and our home in Monaco to prove what I was saying was true. All this just to try and get £5000 of my own money. He told me I was not having it and to move out of the way for other customers. I said I was going to call the police, and the manager said, “Good, for that is what they do when a customer will not accept they have been refused.”

After another two and a half hours of waiting with me in floods of tears the whole time and very anxious and fearful for my unwell husband being home on his own, two policewomen arrived. Here is where I red-pilled one of them. I had to go through all the same stuff, prove I was an individual of reasonable high worth, the bank manager still said no, and told the policewoman I should be like most other people and use cards to pay.

To cut the story short, I replied to the policewoman – I know most people pay by cards – and now some people are having a chip implanted into their hand in order to pay things. I then asked the policewoman, “Can you not see where this is leading? In the end, you will not be able to enter a public toilet that requires payment without this being recorded by unknown people. Your every single movement will be tracked. You will never be able to be private about anything again.”

The policewoman looked completely stunned for a moment — it was as if she had never thought about that aspect of it before. She then turned to the bank manager and said, “Give this lady HER money.” I think in that one moment — when I said, without cash, cards and chips will rob you of every bit of privacy forever.


Of course, they said the reason they gave for not giving me my own money was ‘TO KEEP YOU SAFE’ — ‘IT IS FOR YOUR OWN WELL-BEING and PEACE OF MIND.’

They were so worried about me that they watched me cry my eyes out for over two hours, even though they knew my husband was ill and home alone.

Further, two days later, I had scam callers at my front gate pretending to be from the gas and electric company. As soon as I said I was going to call the police, they drove off like bats out of hell. I luckily ran down the drive, got a photo of their car, and reported it to the police (who were not really interested).

Lloyds bank said this was a coincidence. I don’t think so. Lloyds Bank had publicly forced me to beg for my money and prove I was a woman of means in front of all the staff and customers. I do not think this was a coincidence at all. I am now fearful for my own safety in my own home, all because of this bank, who want your money but will not give it back to you.

But the point is, I truly believe the policewoman was red-pilled when she realized that without cash, she will never have a single moment of privacy. She looked totally shocked when the reality hit her. I am so sorry this is so long, but I think it is very important that people realize the banks do not want to give us OUR OWN MONEY AND use the usual ‘Keep you safe, we care about you’ LIE.

When Denmark removed under 18s from being jabbed

For a person who was considering giving the shot to their under-five-year-old kid, I showed them that Denmark was no longer allowing kids under 18 to be vaccinated. Using this link and pointing them to the childhood vaccination section:

Covid Globally Coordinated Plan & Mass Murder of Elderly

  • I show how the COVID-19 pandemic began as a globally coordinated campaign of mass senicide.
  • First, I show how Cuomo did it with Executive Order 202.5 and the subsequent Nursing home mandate.
  • Then I show how four other states committed Depraved Indifference Murder categorically by doing the same thing.

You don’t commit mass murder in a genuine pandemic. I remain convinced that the only way out of this mass formation hypnotic trance is the same way we came in: SHAME.

Categorical proof that five states committed mass murder of the elderly will shame the public out of the trance. They’ve been conditioned to sacrifice everything for “the elderly” – ergo, they’re already conditioned to wake up. Email me, and I’ll send you the Executive Summary.

Pray for them. Reputable interviews of doctors & virologists

I don’t believe I can red pill anyone. I prayed to the Holy Spirit to open their eyes and asked God to touch their heart. I really believe we are dealing with spiritual blindness and deafness. The awakening has to come from God, I believe.

I would send 2-3 articles a week to my parents, friends, and in-laws. I would try to find reputable interviews on BitChute and Rumble with doctors and virologists who shared why it was dangerous. The majority of my friends didn’t listen.

My friend said the video that made him decide not to get the jab was this CNN nurses video I sent him:

I got red-pilled by Instagram

I got red-pilled, so I watched people for 18 months sharing things on their Instagram.

I share info on my personal Instagram account. I add my own take on the situation. I explain why I don’t take the shot. But it isn’t until something happens close to you that you connect it all and become red-pilled.

Don’t give up! Be kind in conversation. No one likes a know-it-all or a dickhead.

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