Propaganda Antidotes [Part 14]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Fourteen.

I work as an IT architect for covid reporting to Parliament

I work in IT and was an architect on the systems for Rona reporting to Parliament. This background gives me some credibility with people who know me. I’ve been in IT and data systems forever and know stats and data very well.

Red-pilled maybe half a dozen or more colleagues and friends. Oddly, my family rejected my advice, doing the opposite, including my Dad and Step Mom (eagerly believe gov’t and fake news, which is their liturgy).

Supported more than half a dozen who decided not to believe the fraud but were subjected to the biggest psyops in history and wanted some data/support.


  1. Very publicly demonstrated that I/our family were never going to be vaccinated, and the state could go blow – would never comply and that Rona was a fraud (March 2020, and I was marching in protests as well).
  2. Never followed any of the rules – never wore a face anus wrap.
  3. Built my own data dash and analysis, shared it, and talked to people in numbers, real Rona dead vs stated, real IFR vs the normal flu season, the real death rate (unchanged), and about how viruses work, our immune system, and why imprisoning people destroys your natural immunity. Admittedly a tough way to go, given the illiteracy of 80% of the sheeple.
  4. Would confront their belief system – ask them why they believed the TV, who are these experts, why would they believe that this guy, the Minister of Health or Science, or Rona response, knows anything, why would they trust criminal Pharma or a criminal government about their health? How much money were the criminals making? How great was the destruction of society for a 0.03% real IFR?
  5. Discussed freedom and rights to one’s body, free from coercion, Nuremberg Code (this was usually met with hostility by the Covidians).
  6. Predicted that the Stabs would kill and injure before they arrived in Dec 2020, told plenty of people, proven right, this added credibility, even people 2-3x jagged eventually started to understand the nature of the fraud and privately agreed they were wrong, though none apologized for the Vaxx Fascism and coercion.
  7. Also discussed the lopsided Uke war coverage and NATO’s history, 2003 WMD, and all the election frauds with people. If the deep state(s) and fake news lie about everything, why not Rona?

Having said that, Rona just confirmed for me a man of average intelligence but with a deep distrust of authority, government and fake science and pharma; that about 50% of the population are stupid (and many are corrupt), 30% will comply to survive (though not believing what they are told), and 20% are critical thinkers who will risk a lot, in some cases everything, to follow the truth and be free. The Climate cult reveals the same.

Academic Papers

I managed to convince a couple of colleagues that the vaccines are unsafe and ineffective, by showing them some of the recent academic papers containing evidence of this as well as simple analysis of public data that demonstrates it.

I work in a quant trading firm so people are more willing to let data drive their decisions and more able to interpret data. There's also a culture of betting, where if somebody isn't willing to put their money where their mouth is, it's seen as a tacit admission that they don't disagree with you. This approach is not necessarily useful to the general population. However it does suggest that there are people out there who'd realise the reality of the vaccines if they were exposed to the studies/data, but do not actively go out of their way to research it.

I prepared documents with the evidence

I am a Chilean citizen with a longstanding academic collaboration in the US. I obtained my PHD in Mathematics at Stanford in 1990, and completed a 3 year postdoctoral position at the University of Pennsylvania before returning to Chile.

I grew up in a family of physicians (my father a pathologist and my mother a pediatric cardiologist) and have remained very fond of that profession. 

I have followed the Covid events through non main stream media, and the information given by Malone, McCullough, Scott Atlas, Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorf, Ryan Cole, Jessica Rose, Russel Blaylock, Naomi Wolf, yourself, several Telegram channels, doctors Mortensen and Campbell in youtube, and newspapers like The Expose, The Gateway Pundit, The Epoch Times, Bright Light News, and for excellent news in German.

I started collecting and later classifying a great deal of information, before putting it together in a tight 6 page word document with nearly 50 hyperlinks to various documents and videos in my drive, as well as to web links to various sites.

The document covers censoring, the Barrington Declaration and its leaders, vaccination and safety, lockdown measures, PCR tests, alternative therapies, and the vaccines. It was first shared with close friends and family, and is now being offered selectively to other people I know and at the university.

The document was shared with doctor Blaylock, who read it and had very kind comments. I have even contacted the authorities of the university, who I know very well from my time as a dean of the Faculty of Mathematics for 6 years.

For this, I prepared a new document that is shorter but is focused exclusively on the Pfizer fraud exposed by the declassification ordered by judge Pittman, and the overwhelming evidence that vaccines are unsafe because of the uncontrolled generation of the spike protein and the toxic lipid molecules.

I would be delighted to share both documents with you, but I am not sure I know your email. Best wishes from Santiago, Chile.

Articles by Reputable doctors.

Slowly sent them articles from reputable doctors and people and tried not too scare them too much, with the lasting problems they could have.

Encouraging epistemic ideology that leads to academic thinking

Encouraging people to inadvertently develop an epistemic ideology that leads to academic thinking is the subject of my undergraduate research. My major is Neuropsychology. I am 53 years old. Used to work for major corporations in sales and marketing.

In Progress...

Keep it simple.

  1. How many people did you know had serious Covid ? Died when not expected ? Were not elderly?
  2. Explain that elderly never have autopsy but need one to to diagnose real cause.
    • Average age 81.6.
    • Fauci ordered Autopsy not be done, Why?
  3. mRNA .altered viral code injected into people
    • Experimental
    • Unprecedented
    • Will interfere with natural immunity which controls cancer, infection, neurological problems, prions.
    • Cover up of all times.
  4. Don’t go into too much detail.

Larken Rose

I can understand your frustration, but it’s my opinion if they’ve not gotten it by now, it’s kind of foolhardy and a waste of your time to try further. Yea yea, I know.

Look, I’m not sure if you’re aware of Larken Rose. You can go to, and he’s recently got info posted for sale on How to talk to Statists, “Candles in the Dark,” I think is the latest. In my humble opinion, he is one of, if not the best, to explain cutting through all the BS and succinctly point out exactly how this constitutional representative republic or democracy, it’s more recently hailed as, is a totally illegitimate bogus hoax. He’s an ex-Republican statist now anarchist/voluntariest after waking up to the scam. He really seems to be a straight shooter, and I’ve watched hours of his talking straight logic morals ethics, and I’m damned if I can see a fault with his message. Anyhow, I thought I’d mention Mr. Rose as I can’t really say otherwise.

Please don’t disregard offhand; if anyone stands a chance at waking these folks up, it’d be him as he’s been frustrated with trying to have Statists wake up.

I think his method of having them answer several simple yet direct and to the point questions themselves, in their own time, taking as long as they like to come up with what is the right answer without peer pressure, is probably the best method I’ve seen yet.

Summarised 40 pages with 178 footnotes why I would not be 'vaccinated', CDS, Methylene Blue

I must have annoyed my environment quite a bit back in 2020 when I kept pointing out that what the media said about Covid could not be true. I backed up my statements with statistics from the very institutions the German government was referring to. Most people did not listen, did not want to check anything and dutifully followed the instructions of the authorities.

Two families I was friends with became thoughtful and double-checked everything I had said. I tried to show them that they had a choice: either follow the crowd and be scared to death, or seek the truth and remain lonely but calm. These families did not get vaccinated and thoroughly changed their media consumption.

In Autumn 2020, I again pointed out to those around me that they were being fooled, and that they should learn about the new “vaccinations” in good time.

In the Spring of 2021, I summarised first on 17, then later on 40 pages with (178 footnotes) why I would not be “vaccinated” under any circumstances. This helped at least insofar as I was hardly put under pressure by those around me regarding the “vaccinations”.

Many family members and friends had themselves “vaccinated” because they finally wanted to have a normal life again. They wanted to close the “Covid” chapter. They did not heed my warning that they would not be able to get rid of Covid with these injections and that there would not be just two of them, but at least a third or a fourth – if not even more.

At the time, I put a bottle of CDS in my parents’ cupboard (“Yuck! We don’t drink chlorine!” was their reaction).

Then when the boosters came, some people remembered our conversations and stopped getting injected. Others did, got sick and then remembered.

I had already stopped investing my energy in the question of how I could redpill my social environment in the winter of 2021. Instead, I started to look at how I could help them in case of health problems. Since I am not a doctor myself (but a theologian), my options are of course limited. But for some people who had difficulties, I could at least name one or two biomarkers in their blood that could be looked at. With success.

In the meantime, a number of people have approached me, asking me to refer them to redpilled doctors and therapists. Some have asked where I got my knowledge, others immediately concluded that I must be unvaccinated, given this level of knowledge.

The experience that the unvaccinated were better informed than many doctors has probably been made by many. Then we usually get into a conversation, in which I try to stay calm and not to reproach my counterpart. Reproaches do not lead to reflection, but provoke defensive behaviour. In the course of these conversations, one or the other takes the red pill. 

The conversations with my (unfortunately boostered) parents are also nice. They remember the many debates we had, eagerly take vitamin D and have even completed a CDS cure. Now they are trying Methylene Blue, asking about blood values that could still be determined, etc. 

In the meantime, one or two doctors and therapists have approached me and asked for literature. That makes me very happy. I wouldn’t call these doctors “redpilled” yet, but they are definitely on the right track ;).

PCR, Steve Kirsch

I informed myself beginning: 03/2020 (pcr-test), and got curious – I kept at it INTENSELY – and told all my knowledge ALL THE TIME TO EVERYBODY I MET.

You, dear Steve, helped me A LOT !!! THANK YOU!

Sudden Deaths, Sudden Advanced Campers, Studies

I’ve thus far only got my parents to slowly wake up. They trust me because I’ve recovered from very ill health on my own thanks in large part to intensive independent study on health & nutrition over 25yrs. Armed with that info I’ve helped them as much with their health over those years as their doctors have (maybe more). 

The key to finally getting their attention regarding vaccines was multiple deaths in their social circle due to sudden advanced cancers. I explained the mechanism behind vaccines (diminishing the activity of genes responsible for detecting and controlling cancer in the body). I shared studies on this.

My mother has been cured of her cancer for 15 yrs but THAT info scared her. She and dad lost 2 loved ones this year due to aggressive cancers that “suddenly” reappeared after the vaccine.

My parents aren’t fully red-pilled yet, but they’re listening to me more than they were.

I have one friend who may be slowly getting red-pilled too, based on my consistent posting of actual science and peer reviewed studies on my Gttr:

I tell them the truth that it killed my younger brother (health care worker)

I tell them the truth about the vaccine, that it was not adequately tested, is neither safe, nor effective, clearly does not prevent the disease it is alleged to prevent, and that it kills people, including my younger brother. That last part gets their attention “right quick”.

I share my brother’s story, and show them his pictures (literally dozens of them). It is my goal to have something good come out of the tragic (and unnecessary) loss of an awesome person and fellow health care provider, so that his death will not be in vain.

The more jabs I can prevent, the more potential lives saved. It is how I honor his legacy.

Economics, NIH - Ivermectin studies, CDC - Death Certificate change, HCQ, Remdesivir, etc

First person I red-pilled was a Facebook friend in 2016 that was a huge Bernie Sanders supporter and wanted college tuition to be free for all. I asked her how we were going to pay for it and she said that the government would pay, I asked her, “How? They do not make anything they can sell to make money, and they don’t offer a service that we pay for. The ONLY money they get is taxes they take from us. So, how are we going to pay for “free college.” She said, “Well the government can just print more money!” This is not a stupid woman, I’ve conversed with her several times and she’s an RN and very smart, just uninformed!

I asked her if she knew what actually happens when the government prints more money and she said she didn’t. I asked her if she’d like a short crash course on Economics and that I’d love the opportunity to explain it to her and she said YES. So, I spent the next 2 hours on FB messenger explaining inflation, quantitative easing and how that all devalues our dollar. When I got done, she said, “OMG we can’t do that!!” Since then she has been a HUGE Trump supporter and since her eyes were already open, she didn’t buy into the COVID fraud.

For others, especially during COVID, I showed them actual links to the CDC and NIH’s own websites saying things that were OPPOSITE of what they were promoting, or had always previously promoted for good health.

  1. I gave them links to how the CDC changed the Death Certificate form and had doctors list COVID as primary cause when it wasn’t
  2. Links to research done on the NIH website on Ivermectin (safe and works)
  3. Hydroxycholoquine (safe and works)
  4. Remdesivir that FAILED that trials because so many participants had kidney failure or died and the FDA never approved it for use because of that yet that was the ONLY medication allowed to be used and it was shutting down people’s kidneys and they KNEW that it would!

So, from that they could reason for themselves that we were being lied to and quit listening to the talking heads and stopped complying with the mandates. You can’t help someone that doesn’t allow you to help them. But, my approach has always been to ASK them QUESTION like, “How do you know that Ivermectin isn’t safe?” Then when they say the CDC / TV I point them to the NIH website and show them the proof.

Steve Kirsch, Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Brett Weinstein, Tuskegee Exp. FDA, Pfizer, VAERS, etc.

I have red-pilled some family members and it is mostly by sending them Steve Kirsch’ SubStack articles! Personally, I love the “Elephant in the Room” .pdf But, other articles were also instrumental e.g. Robert Malone and anything from Peter McCullough. Joe Rogan’s discussion w/ all of the above and Brett Weinstein were also good.

Lot of times, people inherently trust the US Government (can anyone say Tuskegee Experiment, Iran’s WMDs,…go on forever here.75% of FDA’s testing budget is from Pfizer).

Sometimes it’s ignorance…

  1. ”ever heard of VAERS”?
  2. Do you know what’s in the jab?
  3. Do you know who is liable if you get side effects? (not Pharma, not the govt.)…
  4. Did you know hospitals are grossly incentivized to give the shots, confirm Covid diagnoses, and even code Covid deaths?
  5. Ever hear of the Nuremberg Trials? The Hippocratic Oath?
  6. Why do you think Big Tech, Social Media, the government censor and cancel any mention of the “counter-narrative”?
  7. How long should it take to properly test an experimental vaccine, and why should we do animal testing first and be super cautious w/ fertility/pregnancy, women, and young children?
  8. Sometimes, I tell people common sense or even ‘conspiracy’ stuff (when they doubt anything could go wrong) like, “99% of all Doctors agree w/ the person signing their paychecks”, “the medical establishment in the US doesn’t make money by curing people, they make it by keeping people sick” (tons of evidence of this – friends who are damaged for life and keep going back to the poison well).
  9. Lastly, I go to “The Epoch Times” for news because I find them to be more objective and fact-based than major media outlets that “have a self-serving agenda or dozens of topics ‘THEY JUST CAN’T DISCUSS’ like NYT, WaPo, Fox, et al.”

Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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