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Message from Retired Police Officers to Current Police (This is from back when the rubber-bullets were being used against protestors) on the disgusting abuse of power against unarmed citizens, calling for police to stand up FOR your countrymen that are in a hell of a lot of pain – they’ve lost their livelihoods, their businesses, they’re losing their children to suicide, and just almost don’t have any hope left.

Former VIC Police Officer: Message for Police


Oct 2nd, 2021 Mark Bannesby (sp?) – Former VIC Police – Reg 23163 – 1981-1996

“Back when police were the protectors – with proportionate force”

I’m disgusted in the behaviour recently, witnessing out at the protests when multiple police are grabbing one person and throwing them violently to the ground – including females – what is that? How does a person do that?

Abuse of power at the very least.

Firing high-powered weaponry with those rubber bullets which are obviously very hard because I’ve seen the results, in fact I’ve been told by a very good friend that one of the gentlemen that was shot in the head went to hospital and died.

There’s people being shot in the back? How do you do that? That’s just a cowardly act. Why would you shoot someone in the back that’s obviously running away from you? Unthinkable that a police officer would do that.

I’m sure that you’re good people – I ‘know’ that you’re good people. Surely most of you joined the police to make a difference, to do the right thing, to protect the people.

Yes sometimes you have to deal with criminals, but these people at the protests are not criminals. They’re people just standing up for their rights, trying to have a democratic voice and protest.

Yeah sure the construction workers – some of those guys are very young, some are only in their 20’s and in a heightened state, they get upset and confused, and some of them lashed-out. That’s what happens when you’re in that state and you wondering what’s happening and you having the threat of your livelihood taken away from you. How else do you want them to react?

The police are inciting violence themselves. This is just not acceptable.

As an ex-member, and other ex-members feel the same way.

It’s totally unacceptable. It’s mind-boggling. It’s disgusting. It’s sad.

I just ask you individual people, that are putting on the police uniform, that we want your back – we want to trust you again. Trust has been eroded to an all-time low – almost no trust anymore – no relationship between the community and the police.

Either go to work, put on your uniform and say I’m gonna man-up, or I’m gonna woman-up today and I’m going to be that protector – that trusted officer the community needs. Talk to your management – if that’s where it’s coming from. Tell them it’s unacceptable. This is not what you joined for. Stand up.

Stand up for your countrymen that are in a hell of a lot of pain at the moment. People have lost their livelihoods, their businesses, they’re losing their children to suicide, we just almost don’t have any hope left.

Give us some hope, give us something. Particularly politicians – Shane Patton, my goodness you friend, you have a lot to answer for – Chief of Police, really? My goodness. The orders you’ve given to your people, are basically orders to commit destruction and violence on human beings – unarmed human beings. That’s just not acceptable and it’s a gross waste of resources at the very least.

I’m hoping for better days. I’m hoping this community can band-together and stop going down this evil track. Lockdowns for our health? I don’t think so at all. The adverse effects are just not worth it. This is one of my short videos where you hopefully get my disgust and disdain at what’s going on, and just pleading for members of the police force to make the right decision.

This is former – Senior Constable Mark (??), signing off, thanks for listening.

I can’t find the original video anywhere to be able to give the exact date (I downloaded it 2nd Oct 2021) and I can’t work out how to spell his last name? (Is he saying Mark Bannesby?)

If you know the original source or a link to where we can hear more from him, please comment on video or on telegram.

Former NZ Police Officer: Message for Police


3rd Oct 2021 – Message from Former NZ Police Officer who quit in 2016 because he could see what was coming, which is what is happening now.

There will come a time in the future when you will regret the role you are doing. The only reason why this is happening is because of you. You think it’s about vaccinated vs unvaccinated, it’s about freedom, about personal choice. A lot of you have already got into the mindset of “us vs them” and we need to win at all costs. What you don’t understand, what you are taking away from those who are standing against you – is what you are taking away from your family – your future – your children’s future. Your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters whoever.

All of this control will only become more-so, and by then it will be too late. Your conscience – I know you drown it out with alcohol or smoke it out – there’s no secret – there’s massive drug use – just because you ignore it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

There’s a lot of inner turmoil going on in the people. The inner-turmoil is because you know what you’re doing is wrong. Only you can do what’s right.

It might not seem like the right thing to do right now because you might have too much to lose, but what you’re fighting for is so much worse – you’re stripping away the freedoms of everyone – willingly – for the sake of money – which is nothing.

Don’t think about today, think about tomorrow.

What you’re doing is wrong. Man up. Life’s not easy.

I’m aware of what’s coming – I’m waiting for what’s coming.

What you are doing is wrong – you know it’s wrong. We know it’s wrong.

Former Australian Detective: Message to Police

Sept 24, 2021 I am a retired Police Veteran have served 12 years as a Uniform and Detective. I have also served 8 yeas in intelligence. I have not made a point of this in any of my tweets but I feel sad for the deterioration of the force I joined in 1976 it spineless force command including the Chief Commissioner, Shane Patton and the sheep force command including Luke Cornelius. You are all a disgrace to this State and your uniform.

‘Uphold the Right’ – meant something. It meant that you had the same values as the people you represent and without fear or favour you would see that everyone was treated with the same respect that you also requested and earned.

The violence at peaceful demonstrations have largely been incited by the stupidity of rogue officers with the result being in non proportionate responses. ‘I am only doing my job or as my superiors tell me is not longer a defence.”

It is time for the rank and file to stand up against a criminal state Government, a complicit and compromised force command, the lies of mainstream media and to stand by their people they have sworn to ‘serve and protect.’

And for all the trolls I don’t need your advice, I have served my State and country in many ways. Talk to me when you have done so. Oh and to prove I am real my service number was 20714. God bless those patriots that see what is really going on here.

And to our criminal politicians and MSM – your time is limited.

Choose your side wisely.

Retired Police Officer Comment on Victorian Police

Sept 21, 2021 I’m a retired police officer from another country, I support the police but can’t believe what I’m seeing in Victoria from the police there, in 29 years as a Police officer I never felt the need to punch anyone or push a woman to the ground and pepper spray her, the only thing I would recommend now is to make a formal complaint to IBAC in Victoria. Gary Jenkinson

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