[Hanson] COVID-19 Vaccination Status (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill


Senator Pauline Hanson -Speech – on early treatments banned, vaccine long-term effects unknown – TGA adverse reactions – AHPRA gagged doctors, media censorship, clinical trials, blocking Australian-made vaccines and more.

You know you’re in an inverse world when a bill to stop segregatated society, businesses closing, the suppression of working treatments, the blocking of Australian-made vaccines, the censorship of doctors, and not to mention the right over your own body against an experimental needle from a seedy corporation is denied 44 to 5! Are they all brainwashed? Corrupt? Clueless? Threatened? Or is it a combination? Wow.

22 Nov 2021 – Senator Pauline HansonRumble | Facebook


COVID-19 Vaccination Status (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill 2021: Bill | Hansard | Full Video

Senate Voted Down the Bill

Senate Voted Down the Bill– Senator Malcolm Roberts shares the horrifying news.

Supporting the rights over what gets injected into your own body and a non-segregated society:

Senators: Hanson, Roberts, Canavan, Fierravanti-Wells, McMahon, Antic

Opposing the rights over your own body, and supporting an “End Game” experience for Australians is all the rest of them. Seems the media has been getting us to turn against the wrong people in parliament, wouldn’t you say?

Australian Government Posts:

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