Propaganda Antidotes [Part 2]

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How people have helped their loved ones see through the propaganda Part Two

Data & Compassion, ONS UK vaccinated vs unvax deaths, all cause mortality

I simply reply with data, and with compassion. The sticking point people have left is that the jab will keep them out of the hospital and from death.

The ONS in the UK has been keeping stats on vaccinated vs unvaccinated deaths involved with Covid, and all cause mortality. I took the time to dig into that data and made charts you can find on my Twitter feed. it shows that the vaxxed are dying at an unprecedented rate. @Charliezxi1.

Some of them, if they’ve been sickly, I ask them to trace back to when that started happening, and explain that the spike protein is toxic and could be the reason for their continued bronchitis, cold, etc.


Data from Kirsch, Adams, Buttar, reverse-engineer mass-formation

Essentially, being consistent with messaging, showing data from the likes of Steve Kirsch, Mike Adams, and Rashid Buttar. Because of the mass formation, you really have to reverse engineer truth….preach truth like they preach misinformation.

It is a long road trying to cut through brainwashing, but consistency, I’ve found, works well and because the news is now bearing out everything I tried to say, many are too embarrassed to apologize. But they had an awakening of sorts. outlines the psychological strategies.

Treated my patients with their vaccine side effects -

I treated them for their “breakthrough” covid or for their vaccine side effect. I also have educated several people regarding masks. Thankfully, I have time to spend with my patients, since I own my direct care practice. I am hosting an event in Kentucky to try to educate more people in October.

5 days of facts

By incredible patience in the face of incredible insanity. The desire to lash out and criticize the ‘pre-programmed’ person needed to be held in check. Having a small degree of authority helped the process along. By patiently presenting my facts over the course of 5 days and by humbly allowing the people to have complete control over the outcome of what they ultimately decided. In the sense that I didn’t try to make them feel stupid but I also hammered on them a bit by saying some things directly.

I also allowed myself to act as if the ultimate outcome of their decision was not a source of frustration for me. Where is it written that, ‘only love can change the heart’ ? It seemed to be the only thing that worked.

I wasn’t changing their mind, I was changing their stonewalled heart, it seemed.

Also, the situation was one in which I pursued my observations and involved co-workers who were also ‘just data collectors’ until together we created a product that was undeniable and then still kept working on it. The manager that we needed to convince eventually changed their mind! It should have taken one second to change their mind because the facts were so strong but it took 5 full days of a 12 hour work shift for the person to begin to slowly process the info and weigh it and change their mind from the position they were told to have by upper management.

Research studies -

I share research studies, I have them on my company website. The Fed Gov demanded that we take them down and we refused, they have sued us in court. They have zero studies showing that washing the nose, the site of infection of not just covid but many illnesses, doesn’t work. you can go there and read the studies or you can call me.

The first study that was published with just using saline…100% of the covid patients recovered in under a week…that is just with Salt water.

I have received countless emails from people that I don’t know…but they have heard me discussing the topic on the radio and in print articles.

Covid is an incredibly simple disease to stop/destroy if you do it before it spreads beyond the upper airway.

Pointing out the obvious holes in the narrative

Stick with one or two very glaring points where the data/recognized facts do not comport with the overarching storyline. Stay calm and do not push, let them make their points and only push that they consider one or two points and give them a method to look up and verify that info.

Wait…….wait…..let them come back to you or, once enough time passes, bring out another point or two that are equally strong as the initial data elements you pushed. It is a slow process.

Once they engage by saying ‘you were right about that’ or ‘that made me think about some things’. Then they are ready for more info or to be emailed articles or have books provided for them to look over.

Give them facts, warn them, do not go along with the lies

I stand my ground and say No that is not true. I give them facts. Stay away from using incorrect and non-factual information.

I warn them about the fatalities of people and the wrong doings of the government leaders. I tell them I love them and wish they would look further into it as I do not want them to get injured or die.

I have also failed red pilling more times than succeeded. Some people are just not ready willing or capable of hearing the truth. Some get very angry that the information I am giving them and feel it is undermining their ability to see what is true and real.

Most people are so caught up in their belief system and do not want it jeopardized by anything outside of it. Many people believe everything their doctors tell them. Many people believe everything the government and media tells them. These people do not believe that anyone could possibly try to intentionally hurt people. People are genuinely trusting of authoritative figures. It is very unfortunate. Most of the people I have red pilled are friends and family.

Cancer returning after getting vaccine

Yesterday I chatted with a neighbour. She is a staunch liberal, and thinks the jab is wonderful. Has had the 2 and booster. She had radiation treatments for scalp cancer about 3 years ago. Very recently went back to her dermatologist for annual check-up, and the doc was shocked to find the cancer had returned. She is now set up for more radiation.

I paused, then said “You are NOT going to like what I am going to say. There are many reports from doctors who say former cancer patients who have recovered are now seeing their cancer return after they have gotten the “vaccine”. She said she has not ever heard about this.

I told her it is only on alternative news sites. I told her I would send her the links. I also told her that doctors who say anything bad about the jabs risk losing their license. I ended by saying “Just DONT get boosters“.

Natural Immunity after infection being ignored was red flag, myocarditis & renal failure of coworkers after jab

I’ve been at stay-at-home-Mom for almost five years, so I left inpatient nursing prior to the pandemic. I had a Covid infection 1/1/21 and due to this decided to hold off on the vaccine.

It was bizarre watching natural immunity be ignored. I said to many people “if natural immunity doesn’t exist, then vaccinated immunity can’t exist either, we’re being lied to“. The fact it was being denied and ignored was a huge red flag to me.

Then came an interaction with a past RN co-worker. She had Covid in September of 2020 and in January of 2021 took the vaccine as mandated by her employer. She shared her story with me only after hesitation. She developed severe acute myocarditis, acute renal failure, severe anxiety and insomnia. The myocarditis and renal failure almost took her life and caused her to need rehab for 11 months. On top of her physical problems, she was harassed for sharing her story. Called anti-vaccine and a Trump-lover. She’s sure given a lot of vaccines in her career to be considered antivax and certainly didn’t vote for Trump a whole lot for being a Trump-lover. (if we can’t laugh at some of these things we’d likely be crazy by now)

Then my husband, who is in law enforcement, had two younger, healthy co-workers develop peri/myocarditis after the vaccine. It has been sharing these peoples’ experiences that has led to multiple family members and friends also believing these vaccines are not safe.

Family got covid after jab, BMJ interview Brook Jackson Pfizer insider, Great Barrington

I’ve had a Biden voting friend be just disgusted that she supported him after the mandate on companies over 100 people. And watching family who thought there was no way they’d get Covid if vaccinated (thanks to their president telling them so), then contract Covid end up questioning everything.

I’ve shared the BMJ interview of Brook Jackson multiple times too and the treatment of the authors/Drs involved in the Great Barrington Declaration.

Just yesterday my 69-year-old Mom had her annual physical and her PCP said that she couldn’t recommend the vaccine boosters and had concerns over adverse events. This is a doc in a large corporate system. I do believe there are more people with concerns than are speaking up.

On a further note, I see your support emails for Ron Johnson often. I’m actually in his congressional district. The problem is that politicians have long supported and deepened the power structures of government and continued to erode the rights of the individual. That’s why we’re here today watching a pathogen be used to further control. The corrupt intermingling of money and power and a government that believes they own us first and foremost has led us to this point. When enough people walk away from supporting political systems that don’t defend the rights of normal people then we’ll really get somewhere beautiful.

News only reporting rising deaths but not recovered was red flag, flu disappeared, McCullough, Martin, Buttar, Frontline Doctors

Early on I was terrified watching the news but then immediately began realizing they were only kept reporting the growing number of deaths, but not those that recovered. I also looked at death rates in the US over previous years. It was like flu and pneumonia disappeared.

The more I dug, the more I found Dr. McCullough, Dr. David Martin, Dr Buttar, and America’s Frontline Doctors.

I shared EVERYTHING I found with people. Then, in my state, Gov. DeSantis was letting people have freedom and buying monoclonal antibodies and it was working. The more I found, the more I saw the media counter to it. The media predicted huge numbers of deaths because the beach was now open. When Google started suppressing info, I went to BRAVE, Gettr, Brighteon, and more and more sites and totally ignored the fed, CDC, NIH. I know I pissed some people off, but then I turned it on how to save those vaxxed including my wife and one son, best friends from high school, etc. I’ve been on supplements ever since and I had open heart surgery in December and insisted on no blood transfusions at all, and had to sign paperwork to that effect.

Then my mom got Covid and had to be rehydrated in the ER. We insisted that, if admitted, she was not to get Remdesivir, the jab, etc. They waited 5 hours before giving her IV fluid and discharging her. No Paxlovid Rx no nothing. I took care of her for several days, along with other caretakers no mask, or anything. She is 82 this October. Blind and strokes took their toll, but I still have my mom.

Pointing out the facts to 13yo suffering altruism 'I want to do my part'

Basically, I follow his or her line and follow up on it. Just a long conversation I had with a thirteen-year-old who was advised by his mother (a physician and a friend of mine) not to take the shot, but was convinced to take it anyway.

The conversation started with some advice from a rabbi: “Take the shot. I was in a hospital with covid and it was terrible. Take the shot.” The rabbi, also friend of mine, behaves usually as a smart guy, but was apparently blindsided by a constant pressure from the state, that expected him to market the vaccine.

We just went through the town, and the young man explained to me his view. “If only we all took the vaccine, the pandemic is over.

”Well, that’s not going to happen. Me and your mother, we are apparently not going to take it. There were people in the clinical study who did take it and got COVID anyway. There was even a serious case in a fully vaccinated participant. ”

That’s just 5 percent, but the 95 are safe.”

”Well, 5 percent is still one in twenty. That is 50 thousand people, just in Prague. That is enough to keep the virus spreading and evolving. And moreover, rats are not going to take it. ”

Yeah, but I need to do my part to slow the spread and flatten the curve,” said the young man.

”You know what, at your age, there is actually a greater chance that you end up in hospital with heart inflammation after the jab than with COVID.”

”But I don’t want to be a potential spreader,” said the young man.

”This jab cannot guarantee you that you won’t become a spreader. Actually, two weeks after every jab is more likely. But I do appreciate your extreme altruism. That reduces every value of you as a young man to the potential not to spread this specific virus. Even so, with this extreme altruism, if you do catch heart inflammation, what are you going to say? Please do not help me. I do not want to grab a hospital bed? Who is going to listen to you? They would get you to the hospital anyway. And moreover, your mother, because she loves you, would make sure to do anything to save you.

It was only when the young man realized his altruism may actually make things worse, that he became aware of the option not to take the jab, which may be actually better not only for him, but also for humanity.’

Asking questions to help them see past the narrative, Kirsch, VAERS, Vax injured, FLCCC, Frontline doctors, Pfizers own data, athletes collapsing, detox protocol, leave cards at gas stations & waiting rooms

After asking a person a general question about what they think of Covid, I gauge their interest, ask them some questions to help them see past the false Covid narrative, and give them the card full of resources. I suggest that they look into it for themselves.

I have a list of questions printed on two sides of a slightly larger than business card cardstock. I include Bitly links that I formatted to make it easier to find the studies and articles that the questions link to. For example, the first question is:

Covid shots safe and effective? Why are we told to keep on taking more boosters?” the link is to the Steve Kirsch vaccine essentials PowerPoint presentation.

I also have questions linking to:

I also leave the cards sticking in gas station pumps, in medical facility waiting rooms and wherever else people might congregate. According to my bitly account at least 13 people clicked on two of the links, 1 to 7 on the other 6 links.

I hope that the hundreds of other cards which were given out or placed at least cause people to think/reconsider the pharma/government propaganda

Martin, 'Covid Revealed' DVD set, went to sheriff with evidence

I printed the URL of the Greg Hunter interview with Dr. David Martin on Rumble having the title “700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028 – Dr. David Martin” onto a strip of paper, with hand-written text: Rumble Greg Hunter David Martin 700 to make it easier to search rumble dot com than reading/typing a URL.

I dropped it into the book (transcript) accompanying Covid Revealed, the 9 DVD set of interviews by Revealed Films.

When I told the deputy sheriff taking the evidence it was for premeditated mass murder on a global scale, the officer suggested I call the FBI.

I reminded him that people had died in Gaines County, Texas and then he agreed to “look at it”. We made an appointment to meet. As I handed him the bag holding the items I told him that the DVDs were good but that the interview with David Martin was “Chapter And Verse”. Then I called the county judge and told him to whom I had delivered the evidence.

Friendly questions

By letting them present their position first. Then I ask a series of friendly questions that slowly but inexorably lead them to a contradiction. It’s like a python slowly squeezing its prey until it can’t breathe. I usually red pill the people sitting next to me on a plane where there’s time for me to ease them into it and they can’t run away. I’ve succeeded in every attempt but one. The lady was married to a woke anaesthesiologist and she had all incorrect data.

Proof, ie, Denmark & England stopped vaccinating minors, & podcasts from doctors

Appeal to authority and social proof. E.g Denmark and England have recently stopped vaccinating minors. Sharing podcasts from doctors that don’t talk about bitcoin and other stuff that muddies the waters

Let them come to you, Patience, Kindness, Compassion, Plant seeds, Arcturians

I waited until they reported a crack in their previous belief system, then I gently mentioned only a few things and then let them ask. This has been the instructions of the Arcturians and others in the higher realms – let them come to you.

It’s congruent with my belief that you can’t wake someone up who doesn’t want to be woken up, just as you can’t heal someone that doesn’t want to be healed.

Trading a mountain of videos doesn’t work either. Remember how long it took you to get where you are today? How long it took for you to wrap your head around what’s going on? How much discernment you still need when perusing YT and BC? Patience, kindness, and compassion are still needed, but you have to let them come to you.

The universe is assisting with higher and higher background vibes (Schumann Rez, for example, is off the charts), and eventually the old beliefs will begin to move, but if they are hammered again and again, they will only cling tighter to what their trusted sources (MSM) have told them to believe.

Not everyone recognizes TRUTH right away. Be satisfied with planting seeds and waiting for them to germinate. Of course, the germination time may be rapidly decreasing as we all get closer to the precipice. Use the same discernment you want them to employ. Be patient and be available, but don’t pressure them. Mark Twain once wrote that it’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they’ve been fooled. (‘Nuff said, Samuel)

Listen to Podcasts and TikToks around them

My friend is a former girlfriend and physical therapist. I was able to red pill her by listening to podcasts and, strangely, TikToks around her, and over time she almost went through the stages of grief with me.

It felt like she lost her old self and that person died. At first, she was in denial, and I think she heard it but just tuned me out. It then led to her becoming extremely angry with me for exposing her to the information, leading to fighting and literally telling me to turn the information off around her. It then led to bargaining that I do not play this information around her, or I would not get her love or attention.

It then led to her becoming depressed because she knew she was wrong getting the jabs and would cry a lot about it. She was also getting a chronic cough and blamed it on getting COVID, when in fact it came on much worse after her shots.

It then finally led to acceptance… and then she dumped me. I was totally fine as it was worth it to me to get her to the red pill over the relationship, but this is my way.

I think for many, they have not seen or heard of anyone getting sick or dying around them, so they do not see it. My sisters are both blue-pilled, super intelligent, but as mass formation exists, these are the easier people to convince.

Penny... on Health
Penny... on Health

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