Weaponizable ‘brain science & nano-scale controllable robotics’ that can be aerosolized (Modern Warfare)

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“Nanoparticulate matter – bio-penetrable, controllable robotic units at the nano-scale – can be aerosolized & weaponized” – Dr. James Giordano – 40 years of experience in neuroscience and prestigious credentials/history of working with DARPA/Pentagon.

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Here’s a 2min clip (from the 2018 lecture):

29 Oct 2018 | Rumble | Telegram
Clip from: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future
Professor Dr. James Giordano presentation to United States Military Academy about the human brain and the future of war at Modern War Institute, West Point.

In the full 1hr lecture (see below), we learn that modern warfare is not done with guns, but drugs, nano-science, mind-manipulation (foster thoughts to change beliefs, feelings, emotions), and more. Very, very interesting and a plausible possibility of how they mind-fucked humanity during the “COVID-19 War” and for years.

It even describes a plausible neuroweapon that can taking over minds (or rather “recruit/influence them to think something is a good idea, etc. the opposite of what they believe“) including leaders military, enemies & targeted individuals. And neuro-microbiological agents / neuro-microbials that have high neuro-psychiatric symptoms for use in creating “public panic” which makes them easier to control, or gene-edited microbiologcals with morbidity/mortality profiles. Um, yeah. So there’s that. And this was a lecture in 2018.

Now if only he could give us the antidote to this #covidpsychosis rather than just disclosing the technology — and he still works for them so… we might not get the exclusive on that one).


Who is this guy?



“The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future”

As someone with 40 years of experience in neuroscience and prestigious credentials/history of working with DARPA/Pentagon, brain science/interfacing technologies, “neuroethics”, etc., Dr. Giordano lays out their agenda in this one hour presentation; no efforts to sugar-coat, hide or discreetly allude their motives.

For those who don’t believe that brain manipulation/mind control is a real endeavour, this single presentation lays that speculation/disbelief to rest. It is not a “conspiracy theory”. It is a cold, hard fact.

Full 1 hr Lecture Transcript Notes | Watch on YouTube | Watch on Odysee

SEMINAR (Jun 12 2017)

This is his CGSR Seminar on “Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield: The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons” but I would title it “Influencing ‘Individual’ and ‘Group Brains’ – Neurowarfare, Drugs, Gene-Tech, etc.”

Here’s a 2min clip (from the 2017 seminar):

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Center for Global Security Research (CGSR) sponsored this talk.
Watch Full Seminar on their YouTube channel

PRESENTATION (Nov 24, 2020)

Battlescape Brain: Military and Intelligence Use of Neurocognitive Science

But I would call it “Modern Warfare: Drugs, Bugs, Toxins, and Devices”

This presentation is part of the ‘Brain Science and Effective Leadership Series,’ hosted by the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership. Dr. Girordano is with the Georgetown University Departments of Neurology and Biochemistry, working in the Neuroethics Study Program, which is a part of the Program in Military Medical Ethics. He also is a Fellow of the Program in Biosecurity, Technology, and Ethics at the Naval War College. In this invigorating and, at points chilling, talk he discusses various potential uses of neurocognitive science in military and intelligence operations, and sketches ethical issues, and angles of analysis that will arise as both allies and adversaries develop such tools, relating them to existing laws of war and conventions.

Watch on YouTube

2017-2022 Lectures

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