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Completely failed my task last week to research healthy snacks, but I’m motivated for this week (or this month if I can) to do the Pineal Gland Experiment.Inspired by a Facebook newsfeed item yesterday and again last week, not-so-subtlety planting seeds into my sub-conscious…. My main inspiration for doing this experiment is that I really want to see if I can re-experience the visions that I had a couple of months ago.

So today I’ll review the research I did back then, and add the new additions and figure out how I’m going to implement it – doses I intend to take, what I have “on hand”, what worked “last time” etc.. And then for the next month I guess I’ll be adjusting as I go (for instance, I doubled my melatonin dosage last night and was called ‘grumpy’ this morning, so there will be times when I adjust the doses).

Pineal Gland Diet

Checkout the above links for the research, this post is just about doses I intend to take over the next month. I wouldn’t recommend anyone do what I’m doing… I just love experimenting with my own body along with others who like to do the same.

I hope that if you decide to do something like this too, that you adjust to whatever you feel comfortable with and based on your own knowledge, what you are already take, what you know you are deficient in, etc. or that you would get a blood & hair analysis first with an appropriate practitioner. Unfortunately I can’t do that right now since I’m experiencing the just-above-poverty lifestyle :) but there are many great practitioners you could approach if you wanted this done.

My fave practitioners have podcasts over at – maybe you will also find a practitioner that you resonate with there too. First I’m plotting out the best times to take each item that I want to take, so that I can plan it properly (I definitely don’t want to be taking all the supplements at the same time, nor on the same days, etc, but I at least wanted to find out the best times to take certain ones):

Upon Waking:

  • L-Arginine 3.5g
  • Diatomaceous Earth – 1 tsp upon waking or last thing at night (on same days as Zeolite detoxing)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (1 capful in warm cup of water)
  • Iodine 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 drops, then break for a week, then 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 drops again, & at least 2 litres water those days – will make an effort to add nori flakes or eat sushi on the non-iodine drop days
  • Iodine Note: On days that I take iodine: I will also need to eat: Kale, Broccoli, Almonds, Oranges, Flax, Sesame, Dill, Thyme, other dried herbs or any other natural-method of intaking calcium
  • Iodine Note: On the days that I take 3 drops of iodine, I will also take Lecithin 1,200mg
  • Olive Leaf Extract – 1 Capful (maximum benefit when taken without food, on empty stomach, but ok to take anytime)
  • Citric Acid – 3 Tbsps on an empty stomach for 3 weeks
  • Powdered Zeolite


  • Raw Cacao Powder (1 tsp in Smoothies or wherever appropriate)
  • Wheatgrass (if I can source any.. otherwise, I’ll just use Chlorella)
  • Chlorella – 3 x tablets daily first week, 2 days rest, 6 x tablets 2nd week, 2 days rest, 10 x tablets 3rd week, 2 days rest, 18 x tablets final week. + 2 Litres of water – also take immediately with Activated Charcoal or Selenium on days that I choose to take the charcoal/selenium
  • Selenium – Don’t really know if I need to supplement with it, I already eat Brazil Nuts & Walnuts daily, but I think I might add it to a couple of days a week while doing this protocol since I have a full unopened bottle of it in my collection
  • Ginseng (1 month only, and only in morning)
  • Black Seed Oil (500mg near Breakfast) – alternate with Oregano Oil


  • L-Tyrosine 500-1000mg before meals
  • Olive Leaf Extract – 1 Capful
  • Liquid Zeolite – 15 drops, added to my water that I will “sip” throughout the day, for 10 days + at least 2 Litres water intake on those days
  • Powdered Zeolite – 1 tsp daily in juice or in any appropriate dishes (can be baked) (take Diatomaceous Earth on same day)
  • Beets (will start adding to my fresh juices)
  • MSM – 1/4 tsp daily 1st week, 1/2 tsp daily 2nd week, 1 tsp daily 3rd week, 1.5 tsp daily 4th week, will increase until 7 tsps for 2 months [note: I will not be increasing the dose over 1/2 tsp a week on my current brand (Sandra Cabolts), I will increase the dosage when I buy pure organic sulfur]. – will add to my water and ‘sip’ throughout the day on the days that I do not do Liquid Zeolite, and will also add 1/2 tsp of Himilayan Salt on those days as well as 1 tsp Vitamin C powder
  • Vitamin C Powder – 1 tsp daily – will add to my water and ‘sip’ throughout the day on the days that I do not do Liquid Zeolite & also cannot consume near (2 hours) Chlorella
  • Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend – 2 capsules daily – but I will have every other day. Need to take with Vitamin A (Sweet potato, carrots, kale, dandelion, beets, pumpkin, lettuce) and Vitamin D3 (sunlight, beef liver, cheese, egg yolks, fatty fish)
  • Coconut Oil – in smoothies, on salads, whilst cooking, have been trying to add a lot more into my diet, but it’s hard when you eat mostly plant-based at home, so I will try and think of ways to add more coconut oil into my diet, maybe with slices, and similar.
  • Blackstrap Molasses – I’m just going to have a minimal amount (2 tsps) on the days that I’m menstruating or if I get a feeling of lack of energy for iron, calcium, manganese, copper, potassium, magnesium, vitamin b6 & selenium
  • Coriander, Goji Berries, Watermelon, Bananas, Honey, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seeds, Seaweed, Noni Juice, Garlic, Chaga Mushroom, Lemon Juice


  • Oregano Oil (1,500mg immediately after whatever my ‘biggest’ meal of the day is) – alternate with Black Seed Oil
  • Neem Seed Oil (I’m not going to consume it – it’s disgusting, but I’ll make a small bottle concoction with Neem Seed Oil, Castor Oil and maybe a few other oils like olive, almond, or coconut, and apply it daily to my scalp, face and hands.

Before Retiring:

  • 5mg Melatonin
  • Olive Leaf Extract – 1 Capful
  • Magnesium Oil – sprayed on legs
  • Bentonite clay – 1 tsp in full glass, soaked for at least 30 minutes before consuming, no metal spoon, only on empty stomach (first thing in morning or last thing at night), daily for 3 weeks (have no idea how to accomplish this at the same time as everything else so might have to wait until this experiment is over to add this to my regime), or
  • Activated Charcoal on a couple of evenings when I’m not supplementing anything (because it will remove the supplements as well).

Exercise & Meditation & Other:

  • 20 mins Rebounding (jumping on trampoline)
  • Daily Stretching like Yoga
  • 20 mins Daily Walking / movement
  • 30 min Infrared Sauna or Magnesium Bath, then cool shower – drink water before & after, and then have juices or calcium/magnesium rich foods afterwards
  • 15-20mins Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil or Sunflower Oil
  • 30-60mins Meditation

I also want to incorporate some of the things I already did on the week that I got that vision:

  • I ate Bananas daily
  • …drank copious amounts of Green smoothies that included Beetroot, Celery, Carrots, Dutch Carrots, Cucumber, Kale, Orange, Lemon including Peel, Strawberries, Almonds, Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Cacao Powder, Moringa Powder, Coconut Oil.
  • …ate Veggie Burgers daily and also Chicken Tenders
  • …ate lots of salads that included Baby Rocket, Cherry Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Watercress, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Cayenne Pepper, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Walnuts, Almonds
  • …supplemented with MSM, Vitamin C, and Iodine
  • …ate Boiled Eggs, Kale Leaves (both the big leaves with stalk and baby kale), fresh coriander, parsley, nori flakes
  • …made salad dressing with Apple Cider Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar
  • …cooked with Coconut Oil
  • …made desserts with Cacao Powder, Bananas & Coconut oil
  • …put Magnesium Oil on my legs each night
  • Interestingly, that week I only had 1 fresh juice, & mostly focusing on smoothies, which is the opposite of what I’ve been doing lately.

In the next few hours, I will upload my 4 Week Plan spreadsheet to the Facebook group if you are interested to see what I am doing. It will be my draft that I’ll keep tweaking over the weeks. Ok first draft is ready, you can download the spreadsheet from within the Facebook Group “Journey to a Better Life” here. Week 1 Pineal Gland Or you can follow along via the blog as I attempt to follow my own plan :) Week 1 starts here Download XLS via Facebook group Pineal Gland Experiment Week 1.

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