Former DARPA/DoD Scientist on Neuro-AI Mind-Control & Virus Weapons on ‘Ignorant Humanity’ [2019]

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Dr. Robert Duncan, a former DARPA, Department of Defense, CIA, NATO, and Harvard computer scientist (in neural networks, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and EEG controlled robotics), enthusiastically presented a remote lecture titled “The Ethics of Neuroweapons and Neuro-Technologies,” which went through neurotechnology advances that he’s excited about and then switches the lecture to a warning of the dark side of these advances: neuroweapons and advanced mind-control technology that totalitarian governments (US, Britain, China, and Russia) are using to mind-control societies, armies, and other governments right now.

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[0:00:00] The Ethics of Neuroweapons and Neuro-Technologies
[0:02:59] Positive Applications of Neurotechnologies
[0:08:10] More Applications
[0:13:27] Other Neuro-Technologies
[0:15:53] The Dark Side of Weaponized Neuro-Technologies = Neuroweapons
[0:18:52] Definitions of Dial-in Lethality. Neuroweapons and Audio Perceptions
[0:35:36] Hacking the Human Mind
[0:43:23] Human Research and Experimentation
[0:46:24] Modernized MK-Ultra research (neurohacking)
[0:50:33] Brain-Nome, Brain Project, Cognitive Models
[0:55:01] Military and Intelligence Gathering
[0:58:59] Remote Interrogation and No Touch Torture
[1:00:16] S.A.T.A.N. = Silent Assasinations Through Adaptive Neural Networks
[1:03:54] Warning to Humanity
[1:15:47] Demonstrable Effects of Parameters of Synthetic Intelligence Networks
[1:23:21] AI-in-the-Middle Attack Architecture

  • The Empathy Machine – Facebook has been working on, how do you “clone” other people’s emotions onto another person. using direct neural manipulation & interfacing in the hive-minds at the speed of thought via an internet connection, behaviour & mood modification using electroceuticals, accelerated education – we can clone skills & education, “correct” prisoners, and renting “dreams” and “experiences”.
  • Neuro-Technologies – neurobionics & neuro-robotics, brain to computer interfacing, mood alterations, hive minds and neurocommunication, brain-nets, creating a meta-cortex for more intelligence.

Dark-side – downsides is political control over the minds of society and armies via electronic control of the brain.

  • Lecture played a clip of the Long Range Acoustic Delivery (LRAD) crowd-control sonic weapon that was used on families at the Canberra freedom rally in January 2022, as well as tech that can send a message to the ear of a person without anyone else being able to hear it. (02)
  • MIT laser hearing effect that can create a beam of sound that is transmitted into the brain as speech.
  • Holographic brain patterning via ultrasound to change the synaptic connections to alter brain patterns.
  • Radio/Microwave hearing effect (Frey) that is a non-lethal, no-touch, torture device already used by CIA & CCP.
  • Anytime you can focus electromagnetic energy onto a specific point, you’re going to heat the tissue.
    • We can kill you while you’re sleeping or fry your brain or internal organs,
    • increase cancer, damage the DNA,
    • & sensitize the target using neuromodulation methods.
  • Uni of Nevada, US Airforce consigned them to develop a battlefield non-lethal dopamine weapon, to flood the brain with dopamine to disable and disorientate them.
  • You can unlock certain DNA strands using certain radiofrequencies, which can include cancer-causing ones. You can also alter the body to re-uptake of ionic ions such as sodium, potassium, and calcium, etc.
  • Can use a cold virus to give a viral infection to all of humanity, and make them susceptible to whatever frequency we want their brains to be susceptible to.
  • Using neural dust (tiny microchips), which is so small you can inhale or ingest them, that help amplify neural-signals.
  • Magneto-nanoparticles – can be amplified to make them more susceptible to magnetic signals.
  • Audio-cortex hacking – he’s developed his own, which allows you to create an encrypted signal from any two minds, using the natural learning process of the brain that are only understood between those two minds and would appear like noise from an outsider trying to decrypt the channels – synthetic telepathy.
  • Hacking the human mind – advanced CIA interrogation and counter intelligence methods, brainwashing techniques, advanced neuro-combinations with AI, and the importance of NLP.
    • He said NLP is the most important method of being able to hack the more advanced minds.
  • We can now have an AI attack a brain between two individuals who are connected to the hive-mind.
  • Briefly touches on Historical examples of US government human experimentation on the public, of which he said there has been 100’s that been uncovered, including:
    • Operation sea breeze – US Navy testing biowarfare in San Francisco using a benign virus much like the common cold that had a greater infection rate than they were expecting,
    • MK-Ultra
    • Tuskegee Syphilis experiments
    • Radiation experiments on children
    • Spraying carcinogens in black neighborhoods for Eugenics purposes
    • LSD experiments
    • Modernized MK-Ultra Research (Neurohacking).
      • Brain-Nome, Brain Project, Cognitive Models = all about controlling the humans:
        • Bush “decade of the brain”
        • Obama “brain initiative, mapping the brain-nome, similar to human genome project
        • Trump continued the research
        • He thinks the mentality across governments is “if we don’t do it, someone else will” despite the risk of the end of the human race.
        • CIA bringing it into public domain for normal scientists because they want to hide the ability they’ve had in their secret weapons programmes of being able to influence democracy and other atrocities they’ve already done.
    • Thought-police and solution: Firewalls – thought filters.
    • Military and Intelligence gathering – stealing passwords from the mind, dream programming and interrogation, getting building layouts and security systems, getting their contacts and networks for counter intelligence, mentally disabling and demoralizing the enemy, altering cognitive decision in real time, manipulating subliminally leaders of other countries.
    • Forced speech – an urge or pattern in the brain to make you say certain words; ie politician on a microphone, can make you say a different phrase.
    • We can create arrhythmia’s and heart attacks in target humans.
    • Operation NORTHWOODS.
    • Microwave bombardment of embassy in 1960s.
      • Neuroweapons on Cuban embassy causing brain damage.
    • S.A.T.A.N. “Silent Assassinations Through Adaptive Neuralnetworks”
    • T.A.M.I (DARPA) = Thought and memory interface.
    • RHIC = remote hypnotic inter-cerebral control,
    • A.L.I.C.E. (MIT) and other chatterbots that was designed to waste people’s time but now can be weaponized to talk people to their death,
    • Walking and talking the target to their death (denial of service attack to the human mind)
    • Sleeper assassins (mostly hidden in the mentally ill labelled club).
    • Re-education camps & totalitarian governments is already happening.
    • Can create neurological problems:
      • Dementia, Alzheimer’s, forgetfulness
      • Schizophrenia is very easy
      • Bi-polar and altering the learning-rate including information-overload
      • De-patterning and brainwashing
      • Scrambling the connections, create split-personalities
      • Shared-learnings between networks
      • Pleasure, rewards, addictions
      • Pain, fear
      • Stealing knowledge from a mind
    • US, Britain, China, and Russia can pull this off world-wide over entire nations, taking advantage of the ignorance of humanity.
    • Demo of his AI-in-the-middle attack architecture which alters the biases in the neural network.

Dr. Robert Duncan Interview – Voice of God Weapons used on American Civilians – Targeted Individuals – Dec 16, 2019

  • Came forward when he realized it was being used on his own citizens and he was disgusted.
    • His research investigation from brain to computer interface and technologies led him to a group of people that they call targeted individuals.
    • Was shocked to find out someone had beat him to this ultimate technology of being able to interface with the human brain and then this led his research down the rabbit hole to a very dark topic that most people just don’t want to know about.
    • Explains they are using the same tactics with this technology that the advanced technology used in secret.
  • One of the most difficult things for people to understand about this technology is the sophistication of it. It makes it very difficult for people I think who who are on the outside to have any grasp of what’s actually going on, because of this the sophistication. This truly is the most sophisticated weapons system humanity has ever created, and it involves every aspect of science — it involves tactics that are unimaginable unless you’re you just have a devious criminal mind and it destroys lives it’s being used on innocent people. The sophistication is enormous, you have to understand neuroscience, physics, psychology, and many different aspects of all human knowledge to understand this weapons system.
  • Studied the more advanced techniques such as how to hack a human brain.
  • The CIA at first was caught with their mind-control weaponry, but he says the military also does it.
    • He said they were implanting people with microchips back in Dr. Delgado’s day, and he was the one that bragged about how all human behaviour should be controlled by governments.
    • He said whilst it started with microchips, it’s long since gone Wireless – you don’t have to have a microchip in you for this technology to work, it has advanced very far.
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging or nuclear magnetic resonance imaging) technology.
    • There’s another sister technology called electron spin resonance II as are and this they don’t talk about it much, because they don’t want people know this is a way to survey the land.
  • There’s underground tunnels, satellites, HAARP since 1991,and so many different ways it can reach you – sensors all over the place, land-based, air-based, sea-based, and other equipment (probably you’re own home equipment such as smart meters or technology… anywhere that a GPS can reach, is probably reachable – Penny), that there’s no way of being “outside of this system”.
    • Other ionosphere tweeters – 18 in the world that we know of, lots of investment after 9/11, that sensors are now all over the world.
    • Some of what people think it is is now redundant compared to what they have now. (Gwen towers and other arrays).
    • All are interrelated, there’s no pin-pointing to one single source. At least 2000 remote-systems in United States and ten thousand worldwide.
    • Read minds from a distance
  • They use the sensors to locate a target, then the sensor system starts recording that person’s data, a link is established so that the person’s brain is sort of getting acclimated, and then over time, once the targets’ energy signature is figured out, it’s irrelevant where that person goes, they can go almost anywhere on planet Earth and still be susceptible to the brain reading and manipulation.
    • Imagine you have two neural networks – as an analogy, if you have a spouse – after a long time you can complete each other’s sentences – that’s the kind of confirmation you’re trying to get, so it’s like it grows with you, grows with you, and learns with you.
    • These experiments are lifelong generally but they’re they’re trying to grasp all sorts of data from you, know how effective can we make them kill each other or themselves.
    • They try to manipulate them by messing with those buttons, including altering emotion, and behaviour “emotional signature clusters” that can be read quite clearly.
      • This isn’t classified information. There are a bunch of top universities studying this.
        • Under an MRI scan, you can see what emotional state or determine if they’re drunk or on drugs and anything else via the brain patterns
  • Imagine what the future police will look like if you can read everyone’s mind.
    • Forcing this on the entire population is what they’re increasingly doing – “a lot of people won’t believe me, that’s fine, but they’re increasing this; they are scaling this technology to the entire population.”
      • When people are awakened they’ll find out that 1984 happened already and that we’re actually much further ahead.
        • Reading minds, reading emotions, and overlaying or altering brain waves. Overlaying personalities or moods – whatever, with different states
      • Humans have a lot of circuitry, and you can dial into this circuitry via certain parts of the brain, and can train the brain, based on the exact key of those circuits.
        • Emotions as the seven doors. Seven levers where we can manipulate all of the emotional states.
        • Every word you say, you have a set vocabulary, and they start testing the words up and then after time most have a vocabulary about a 1000- 5,000 words max. Shakespeare had eleven thousand words.
          • Once your vocabulary is mapped out, then they can put it on the automated boat – which is what are called “chatterbox” – something he worked on to keep the human being talking to a machine, thinking it’s a real human being, and they have scaled this to automate a lot of the degradation and the torture processes to break down the will.
          • Once they have your your brain patterns matched they got you you can’t escape very easily.
    • Chatterbox (the computer talking to you permanently) is the most important weapon system that the United States and he assumes Russia and China are developing.
      • They can make people through the trickery harm and torture themselves and others and do really crazy stuff, such as wrap their cat up in tin-foil and get them to stand in one place holding pots & pans for hours at a time, or stay awake for 5 days straight, or sleep for 2 days straight… piping voices into their head.
      • They pipe threats into their head too… threats of the family or friends, “we’re gonna kill you, we’re gonna kill your family, tell us who you work, do what we say etc”, and try and cause a complete breakdown via this voice-torture.
    • Denial of service technology, 95 gigahertz platform built by Raytheon that works for a kilometer and a half.
  • Brain cloning – brain heterodyning – which means modulation of other brain signals within yours so it’s almost like two to four people living in the same head (above 4, they become schizophrenic).
    • it’s good for creative processes and thinking, but if you get more than four then it becomes dysfunctional”
    • Hive mind configuration – multiple personalities in one person
  • Multiple personality is something the CIA’s have experimented with.
    • They would use torture to try to split young girls minds, create sex slaves, honeypot spies, and to use them as couriers so they don’t they don’t remember what information they got.
  • Cybernetic hive minds
    • People will desire it.
    • People will need it in order to compete in the workforce.
    • Example from the Matrix “I need instructions to fly this helicopter” instantly transfer knowledge.
  • Both the military and the CIA have been caught experimenting on our own citizens many, many times.
    • They’ve expanded this program to include people from all walks of life, the rich, the poor, the educated, every language – it’s gone global because this is totalitarian state that you don’t even have control of your own mind and you believe your thoughts of your own.
  • Pains are amplified.
    • The heart is also another form of an electrical system in the human being and there are several glands that are connected to the brain such as the adrenaline gland, that if you simulate certain portions of the brain, you can cause a remote control heart attack, and this was written about by the Russians in 1970.
      • You can cause heart damage over time
      • Possible to induce a heart attack that’s potentially lethal
    • If you have any sort of weakness they can cause a stroke
    • Keep people in high stress levels, and all that cortisol running through your bloodstream will cause all types of diseases.
  • If you’re under a perfect hypnotic state, they can take control of your urges. So if your urge is “I’m gonna pull out a knife and stab myself in the chest” – they can almost do that.
    • Most people can break it. “I will not harm myself” is the primary program that will always override those kind of urges.
    • It can still be done under the right circumstances.
    • They can’t yet take control over somebody’s body completely when they’re in a conscious state
  • It’s possible using a electromagnetics to mimic drug effects
    • About 20 drugs they use for brainwashing.
    • One of their favorites is called The Devil’s breath.
      • It creates a zombie where the person will literally rob themselves.
      • They’re in a hypnotic state
    • All these drugs can be mimicked through this technology eg heterodyning

He said worked on the “Voice of God” technology and explains how it works:

Oct 22, 2015 YouTube

Duncan professes with shame that he worked on “Voice of God” weapons for the US Department of Defense, weapons which can make people think they are hearing voices in their heads in an attempt to control them.

He says such weapons were tested back during Desert Storm and were quite effective at getting Iraqi soldiers to lay down arms without a shot fired.

Duncan also touches on Project Blue Beam, remote neural monitoring, smart dust, and electronic telepathy technology which uses extremely low frequency waves.

Duncan notes scientists “are brainwashed into believing that everything we are doing is of benefit to mankind, but look who pays our bills? The military. It’s all for war, it’s all for control, for government control…”

Dr Robert Duncan’s Powerpoint Presentation (2014) (03)

Dr. Robert Duncan: EEG (Electro-Encepholagraphic) Heterodyning Remote Mind Control (2014, PPT)

Download on Google Docs

The Science of Mind Manipulation

Slide 1 - Intro and Expertise

Slide 1

My expertise is in neural controls, pattern recognition, optimization algorithms, and mind control.

If you want a copy of the presentation, grab a business card and send me an email. There are a couple published books if you are a TI out there.

This is a treat for those who are advanced in neuroscience. I often get asked questions about the technology but it cannot be described in a simple answer. It is the culmination of all human knowledge to date and spans many fields of study. It is far more complex than a simple atomic bomb as a weapon of mass destruction.

I got interested in psychology and physics due to magic. I saw Criss Angel last night.

All fields of study are derived from these two basic studies. And I will claim that the subject and objective will eventually be merged into a new field of psychophysics or neuropsychology. This is where my interest in artificial intelligence emerged.

Slide 2 - What is EEG Heterodyning?

Slide 2

Explains definitions.

Slide 3 - What is EEG cloning vs Heterodyning?

Slide 3

5% of population hear voices but only a small few are tortured. Minimum 10,000 worldwide that have come forward.

Even the fastest computers can only simulate 1 second of brain activity in 40 minutes. Japan

Human brain still remains the fastest computers we know but not for long

Here is an interesting calculation: 7 billion human minds times 2,000 maximum brain wave frequencies/cycles per second. This is well within a super computers range to model the entire human race. However this requires models for every variation of brains to interpret the signals.

Hence EEG cloning requires a live person to person interface for now. This is why Tis say sometimes it is a real person and other times it is a repetitive AI programs.

What is learning? What is intelligence?

Advances in knowledge transfer. This could be how to drive a car, do differential equations, or for punishment to do a 10 years prison sentence in one week. Alters reality. We develop our models of reality since birth. It has helped us for survival to explain the past and predict the future.

Slides 4 and 5 - What does it look like?

Slide 4

stimulus and response, the brains learn each other’s patterns or just one way
transmission of senses and experiences. One is looking for the brain/head echo effect through reptilians of patterns.

You can drive someone to madness or train them to fly a plane or even learn a new language. accelerated learning

worked on paper using a priori knowledge of one neural net to another in which it could generalize

Small little nudges in frequency and macro-circuit timings in order to align them. The same functions in states within the brain give rise to the roughly the same subjective experience within the species to genetic structure of the brain. It takes time for the nuances to correct themselves.

Why do real Tis experience flashing in their vision, pulsing in their bodies, tinnitus around 3.3 hertz? These are entrainment frequencies for alignment and further “learning” of the minds.

Slide 5

Graph of Heterodyning, time slicing or running multiple personalities on one brain
Show misaligned signals and why hypnotic alignment pulses are needed during cloning process during macro circuit learning. The cerebral cortex is where all the information is interpreted. The entire brain does not need to be modeled, only the higher functions hijacked. RHIC

Frequency follows response.

Binaural beats can entrain a brain or even strobe lights.
If you want to prove EEG heterdyning it requires some very specialized signal intelligence expertise. You must show across the entire power spectrum a correlation to brain state changes. The equipment if very expensive. You must look at narrow band, ultrawide band, and everything in between in the spectrum.

Slide 6 - Hive Minds

Slide 6

great at brain storming but also gives rise to schizophrenia (Latin “non-sequitur”, seeming non-logical flowing thought processes or it seems)

without a common cultural background and without common experiences, even language becomes irrelevant. Noam Chomsky linguist.

An example why the common person cannot understand torture unless they have experienced it

This means that the “mind” and sense of sense no longer is completely contained within the brain, a brain in a box, or a human in a sensory deprivation chamber. A world of possibilities are open.

Slide 7 - What does it Feel like?

Slide 7

It is often described as (no other text in powerpoint)

Slide 8 - Neurons

Slide 8

This is the mathematic moment of the subjective feeling of “choice”. Show summing potentials, sigmoid function, threshold, and depolarization.

{Nernst equation and conductance equation. Talk about mylenation with glial cells. The brain is both analogue and digital. Information is contained in the timings as well as the threshold strength structure. Intensity is represented by frequency of firings.}

Self organizing neural networks, resonance networks
focus of attention

counter intelligence research has focused on cognitive deception and error induction. Slight of mind to focus on the irrelevant. Example in nature, the fish with a tongue that looks like worm. The hypnotizing fish.

There are many ways to introduce an externally modulated signal into a neuron and neural networks. modulation of capacitance of the bi-lipid layer dialectric, modulation of the ion channels and voltage regulated channels, modulation of protein structures on cellular surface. Resistance volume and temperature. Space between synapses. Vibration pressure waves cause bio-chemical reactions to occur faster and slower. As long as the signal can be correlated and is coherent it will be learned by the brain. Synchronization (hypnotism and entrainment) is important for the signals to be interpreted by the brains. This should give researchers ideas of how to break the coherency of the external signal and the lock on to the target brain with entrainments

Slides 9 and 10 - Structure

Slide 9

Resonant, back-propagation, feedforward, and many others

Point of slide is to show how the brain never stops. The macro-circuit waves and why alignment (hypnosis and entrainment) is important plus the brain cells that act as clocking mechanisms with no input, ie. Dendrites. However if you can alter those neurons firing rates you can clock macrocircuits of the brain and synchronize the external signals where they learn each others patterns and share experiences. These synchronization neurons are attributed to the waking state and mostly controlled by hormones.

Slide 10

Notice the bias. This is one opportunity of the modulation of an externally coherent source. What symptoms might we see in Tis.? Sleep deprivation forced sleep from the excitation of these non-input self firing neurons. because these are regulated by hormones or other energies like microwaves a signal can be inserted into these micro and macro circuits. It is one answer of “Why torture targets”. Evil is a term used when one doesn’t understand the bigger picture. Is a lion evil for eating a deer? What you feel is betrayal of your own species. What are some possible good uses: perhaps you could awaken someone from a comma.

Changing the DNA expression to code for the ion channels both passive and active would alter the bias like increasing the attenuation of a radio receiver. This is unknown if it is done. Stress hormones may do this damage to the ionic channels thereby increasing influence of the external signal by attenuating or decreasing the natural internal signals from the senses. In consequence speeding up of the self organization nature of the networks to the external signal, another possible reason for torturing the target first.

One might ask about lag time between receivers and transmission.
Turns out this isn’t as big of a problem as you might think. At the speed of light there is only a tenth of a second to go around the world. The “gun shot heard around the world” in the American revolution would take 17 hours to reach the other side.

Slide 11 - Biasing the Sigmoid Function

Slide 11

What would happen if you lowered the threshold levels of all your neurons or similarly increasing the frequency of firing in the biasing neurons? What effects would you expect to see. Something like fibromyalgia, mania, or schizophrenia and sleep deprivation to name a few.

The threshold is determined by inhibitory neurons as well as excitatory dendritic growth as well as DNA protein generation.

The auto-firing nerve cells also act as a short term biasing mechanism.

Slide 12 - Points of Influence and Attack in the Brain

Slide 12

Neuron signal propagation, macro scale learning networks. “brain prints” of the mind, uniqueness. The brain is good at filtering out noise and amplification of recognition.

Organelles on the cellular structure. Ultra sonic pressure waves, Fourier transform wave patterns in 3-d, microwaves – release of neurotransmitters non-lethal weapons, microwave hearing effect of tissue expansion. Show 2-d Fourier transform targeting two dots at multiple wavelengths slices. Time reverse echo, holography.

Electric fields, magnetic fields, kinetic energy (heat), vibration (ultrasonic) cause conformational changes of cellular organelles like neurotransmitter release, signal induction changes like resistance voltage gradient and capacitance, ionic channels and even volumetric changes in the brain like with the microwave hearing effect, changes of resistance and synaptic distance. Bi-lipid breakdown of heat vibration and separation distance for the 10MV/meter gradient. {observational evidence. Modulation of sound in background noise}. Dr. Becker in the Body Electric said the brain has a Q-factor of 3000.

Other observations. If brain was “amplified” you would expect a very talkative person. People with amplified brains would be good targets for the rewiring process. There are drugs which excite the brain and would be useful in the process. Also, question: Does there need to be a near field effect at first like neighbors in an apartment building to intensify the rewiring process at the beginning and then a less intense signal needed there after?

Sensory deception

Cognitive manipulation – often called PSYOPS, psychological operations

Hormone release and the heart are also electrical magnetic chemical systems too.

Nano bots are not feasible yet. Nano particles such as lead and mercury can influence neural function. Perhaps a permanently binding, artificial ion channel with narrow radio-frequency influence has been developed. I am against theories of nano-chips due to their susceptibility of EMP weapons.

Slide 13 - How can it be done?

Slide 13

Gamma knife, Sony’s ultrasonic influencing systems. Intersecting circular waves would be directionally insensitive. multiple 2-d phased arrays can steer, shape, and determine the intensity at the intersection. This is called synthetic apertures and beam steering.

An interesting side note is that high powered ultraviolet or infrared lasers intersecting in 3-D would show a UFO like shape by exciting the Air molecules electron orbits. You would see a bluish saucer or cigar like shape depending on the directions of the intersecting lasers.

Using this technology you could make a spaceship appear and disappear in the sky, move at right angles, and jet away faster than the speed of light. But it is just a trick. The excitations would even appear on radar.

Even heat specific modulation could work like in the microwave hearing effect. Biochemical reactions operate at heat specific rates. Heat can be applied in very discrete packages.

This is symbolic information interjected into the information patterns of the brain and mind. Analogue to digital in neurons. In people it is multi-media download verses speaking and writing.
neural network properties, synaptic connection, and propagation structural speed.

Sensory deception.

Tangent- Time travel perception. Of course if one were in silicon form. Neat properties of transhumansm. Increase the perception speed of time while waiting at a doctor’s office. Or slow time down to dodge bullets like in the movie the matrix. Remember, this is subjective time dilation and has nothing to do with general relativity and the space time continuum. Star fish vs humming bird.

However to disable the target, only portions of the brain’s microcircuits need to be signal analyzed and simulated

Under heterodyning all experiences from the external signal and the mind of the brain will be remembered and incorporated into the state changes of the brain

Factoid: The brain uses 20 watts (Stanford University) watts = voltage x current. If your brain energy usage were transferred into Light emitting diodes, we would be blinded in this room.

Practically speaking isolation is best. It takes several months to begin the rewiring of the brain to begin to amplify the external signal. Do they have to start with a near field?

Ideas for jamming

Defense ideas: interfere with signal. add noise. Dampen. Sensory stimuli. Jam signal going into brain or jam return signal of sensors.

Because only emotions and speech, smells, touch, and taste, hearing and vision can be projected, trauma based conditioning is another time tested way to indoctrinate a human robot into armies and such.

Trauma based conditioning methods are the easy way to differentiate naturally occurring mental illness from government sponsored.

TO hide their identity they use confusion tactics and false flag methods
NLP and other methods are used to “teach” the human behavior of interest for the handlers.

Side note: “Why does some passive shielding appear not to show improvement?” Because the brain learned the responses. This allows for durations with no external signal but the brain will respond to the previously learned patterns. Also, no one method blocks all energy. The methods of attack can happen over an entire spectrum and we will look at those next.

Slide 14 - Beam Steering and Phased Arrays

Slide 14

I remember a couple stories from my past. Remember I was just a scientists for the agencies, I was never an operational agent. I was given a cover story for this particular mission. I was to say to the foreign country that I was a marine biologist. I was in an underground secret base working on the AI software to track all objects that make passive sound around the oceans. I asked for some more sample sets of Russian submarines for signature analysis. They almost caused an international incident to get me the data. This is how they think. I also heard 14 admirals from NATO joke that they made congress give them billions to “track whales” and then they all laughed. You have to understand the mentalities doing this to the public. Their sonar experiments cause whales to beach themselves.

Beam forming is the reverse of beam steering. It is reading versus directing energy.
What is directed energy? Resonance and absorption. Even buildings swaying is a type of directed energy.

Think of colors and which color reflects light verses absorbs it. Human bodies and brain resonances are similar.

This idea made Tesla famous with his demonstrations with lights.

Slide 15 - Holography and 3-D Beams

Slide 15

This is to help you understand why so many people can be targeted simultaneously in 3-space using just a few intersecting 2-D phased arrays.

Holography is often a misused term.

Time reverse echo is a term used in acoustics.

Slide 16 - Creating a Super Soldier

Slide 16

Heightened awareness and senses, photographic memory, faster reflexes
Synthetic telepathy communication, acting in a organized hive mind

Also to toughen up so “secrets” can’t slip. SERE for psychics. Torture immunization. Harden them so they won’t talk.compartmentalisation. A vessel for communication to those not on the network.
Truth serum.

Slide 17 - The Big Picture

Slide 17

This is a mathematician’s language of morality. Goals of the individual, population, trans-generational, species. Sustainability is trans-generational. Goals optimize happiness and alleviate suffering.

Maybe our goal is to progress in knowledge and exploration. Maybe to expand life into the galaxy. But this equation is a good goal.

Optimizing happiness might include optimizing longevity or maybe not. Politics is about the debate to optimize this equation. The function of happiness and misery has many complex unknown variables. Environmentalist focus on sustainability and empathy (the outermost optimization factors).

Capitalists focus on the inner most. optimizing a local group, individuals, lifetime happiness often relies on resources and belief systems which need groups. This is where soldiers are necessary. Flocks, herds, packs are seen in all animal species behaviors. It optimizes survival strategies.
Food, wealth, power, oil, land, mating rights, aversion to change of culture, etc are the usual motivators for conflict and war

We have been Borg’ed since birth – The Collective. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Language culture and customs. Religions, beliefs, values, and traditions.
snail mail, telegraph, telephone, mobile phone, internet – it is called the bluing of information. The reason is the fiber optic wavelength. High frequencies can contain more information.

We are the nodes of a larger hive mind living on the crust of this planet. The next stage of our technological evolution is accessing the internet and each other at the speed of thought.

Inherently we value our humanity, individuality, and freedom. It appears that in the next 50 years we will have lost both. However by increasing intelligence a 100 fold we may no longer be human we may have more freedom of thought and not constrained by the biological brain and its 100 billion neuron processors and its 100 trillion synaptic connection. That’s about an average of 1000 connections per neurons.

Creativity vs. conformity (one can think of this as the mutation rate of MEMES in a society) predictability vs catastrophic paradigm shifts)

Cultural war, monkey see monkey do. Why do firefly in groups all blink at the same time? What if someone had the goal of conforming the human race using signals that would entrain 7 billion people on Earth for this goal of behavior normalization?much of the research in AI is creating minds that this planet has never seen using our understanding of intelligence

Why use genetic algorithms and neural networks? It has to do with convergence onto a globally optimal solution in a very complex non-linear solution space.

Monkeys that can control a 3rd robotic limb. There are mice who have an artificial hypocampus which has been identified to be involved in memory. It can be put in another mouse and it has its memories.

Slide 18 - Emergent Minds

Slide 18

As a member of society and its collective the question is “what is your function?”
as a neural subnetwork in the human brain the question is “what is your purpose?”
Marvin Minsky, an MIT professor describes “The society of minds” within our own mind. Ask a TI who lost their sense of self.

What gives rise to the sense of self? People under heterodyning or cloning do not experience a whole, gestalt, sense of self.

Slide 19 - Genetic algorithms and neural networks

Slide 19

Mankind created the modern day dog with selective breeding, probably one of the most loving and perfect creatures on Earth. What happens if we create our intellectual superior that doesn’t need sleep or love, we they keep us around as pets? With all advancements, there is great potential for the improvement of life or the peril that we are enslaved or eliminated. We must stay vigilant and discuss the morality of what we do before it is too late.

Slide 20 - End of Presentation

Slide 20

Remember that consciousness is the software and can run on anything as long as it has complexity, adapts, and evolves. It must have structure and many specialized components.

Our experience in this short time frame on this planet derives from this model.

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