Ubuntu Ethos (Contribution-ism & Caring Human-Beings)

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Ubuntu Ethos (Contribution-ism & Caring Human-Beings)

Here are my hand-written notes that I took from various sources to gather the meaning of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu – If it’s not good for everyone – it’s no good at all.

Ubuntu – How can one of us be Happy if all the Other One’s are Sad?

  • If it’s not good for everyone – it’s not good at all.
  • Connection, human kindness, Community, Mutual-caring for all. 
  • Human generosity. The quality of being human.
  • The community is more important than the individual.
  • Sympathy, kindness, and respect towards other people.
  • A way of life. Human Interconnectedness.
  • An approach to life that emphasizes social unity and generosity of spirit.
  • We are = community.
  • Focused on people’s allegiances and relations.
  • Community & Morality.
  • I am human because I belong. I participate. I share. In essence, I am because you are.
  • Love, Truth, Peace, Happiness, Eternal Optimism, Inner Goodness = the essence of a human being; the Divine Spark Goodness inherent within each.
  • A way of being.
  • The capacity to express compassion, reciprocity, dignity, humanity, and mutuality in the interests of building and maintaining communities with justice and mutual caring.
  • A Universal Truth, a way of life. Implies they should look at whether what they are doing will enable or empower the community around them and help it improve. Implies that if people are treated well, they are likely to perform better.
  • Respect & Love amongst the community members plays an important role
  • It expresses the interconnectiveness, common humanity, and the responsibility of individuals to each other.
  • People who truly practice Ubuntu are always open and make themselves available to others, they are affirming of others, and do not feel threatened. 
  • Each individual belongs to a greater community.
  • Rational behaviour that focuses on positive human values, such as love, sympathy, kindness, and sharing.
  • Implies that one can only increase one’s good fortune by sharing with other members of the society – thereby also enhancing their status within the local communities.
  • The spirit of Ubuntu leads to cooperative and collaborative work environments, because the community is encouraged to participate, share, and support all team members.
  • People must come first, before products, profits and productivity. The latter will automatically be realized when people are treated well.
  • Communicate effectively, reconcile, find ways to cleanse and let go of hatred. Compassion & Perseverance.
  • “It takes a village to raise a child”.
  • The business is the community. The clients, the tribe. The common good of all.
  • Humanity, care, sharing, teamwork spirit, compassion, dignity. 
  • Consensus decision-making systems and respect for the environment.

Ubuntu Ethos (Contribution-ism & Caring Human-Beings)


Ubuntu Ethos (Contribution-ism & Caring Human-Beings)

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