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Is it just a coincidence when Biden, WEF, and IMF predict Global Food Shortages and Large Food Manufacturers are suddenly on fire? What about this H1N1 Avian Flu with fake PCR test causing the murder of millions of chickens and turkeys? Gates buying up all the farmland, blocking out the sun, invested in the seed banks and “digitalizing” agriculture – but more importantly invested in artificial meat. UN & their “eat bugs” campaign. What else is going on? Well, I haven’t been following this narrative, but this post will be for collecting my notes as I encounter information as usual.

Living Document. First published: April 28, 2022 – Last Updated May 15, 2022 (so much more to add)

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Biden Predicts Food Shortages

Biden predicts Food Shortages after meetings with G7 & NATO leaders

FBI predicts Cyber Attack on Agriculture
USA - Apr 2022

April 21, 2022, General Mills Plant, Covington, GA; Two people died after a plane crashed into an empty lot at a General Mills plant in Covington, GA, used to store tractor-trailers. Witnesses believe the aircraft had trouble gaining altitude when it suddenly veered right and immediately came down into the lot. The plane appeared to explode upon impact, catching several empty trailers on fire due to the crash. The police captain said that many lives were saved because the plane did not directly crash into the plant, as it crashed about 300 feet away from the plant. The NTSB is investigating the crash. 

April 18, 2022, Azure Standard, Dufur, OR; The headquarters of Azure Standard, a premier independent distributor of organic and healthy food, was destroyed by fire. There were no injuries. The cause of the fire is unknown and under investigation. Local news reported that records from the local Sheriff’s log stated, “Lights flickered; They heard a pop and went up there to check it out, and there was a fire.” According to founder and CEO David Stelzer, the loss of the facility and the impact on companywide operations are being assessed and expected to be limited and temporary. No other Azure Standard facilities were affected. 

  • AZURE STANDARD HQ FIRE INVESTIGATION COMPLETED The Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal has completed the investigation into the cause of the fire which burned down the headquarters of Azure Standard. It was determined the fire was not an act of arson. April 22, 2022 (14)
  • Exclusive video and images of the Azure Standard HQ fire as well as a grateful tribute to the amazing outpouring of support we’ve received. Thank you! We’re moving ahead gratefully and confidently. April 22, 2022 (15)
  • Dear friends, the headquarters of Azure Standard, the nation’s premier independent distributor of organic and healthy food, was destroyed by fire overnight. There were no injuries. No other Azure Standard facilities were affected. April 20, 2022 (16)

April 13, 2022, Gem State Processing, Heyburn, ID; An experienced UPS pilot’s plane crashed into the roof of the potato and food processing plant, killing the pilot instantly. The facility sources 18,000 acres of Idaho potatoes. The distraught father of pilot Brittney Infanger, 30, said his daughter knew the area well and often flew into the airport near the plant. He added, “There’s a 60-foot chimney sticking out of the food processing plant—no lights on it, dead center—straight across the runway. So whenever you come in, you have to fly over the top of this and drop down. The airport needs to be closed, period.” 

April 13, 2022, Taylor Farms, Salinas, CA; Reports say the fire started in a wall and spread rapidly to the attic at the 225,000 processing plant, a major producer of fruits and vegetables. More than 100 firefighters were needed to contain the blaze as there were concerns of an ammonia explosion at the plant. It is believed the plant stored 40,000 gallons of ammonia. For over 27 years, Taylor Farms, with nearly 22,000 employees, has built a network of 20 facilities across America. As the company navigates rebuilding the Salinas plant, they are currently moving into another space in Salinas. They are grateful that their Yuma, AZ plant is fully operational. 

  • Taylor Farms packaging building deemed a total loss, all shelter-in-place orders lifted – April 14, 2022 (22)
    • Taylor Farms packaging building deemed a total loss, all shelter-in-place orders lifted – April 15, 2022 (YouTube) (23)
    • Crews struggle to keep up with the raging fire at Taylor Farms in Salinas – April 14, 2022 (Twitter) (24)

April 11, 2022, East Conway Beef & Pork, Conway, N.H.; A massive fire destroyed the butcher shop and meat market. Neighbors helped to corral cattle freed when the fire broke out. Investigators from the NH Fire Marshal’s Office are still trying to figure out how the fire started. The same facility burned ten years ago. 

USA - Mar 2022

March 31, 2022, Rio Fresh Inc., San Juan, Texas; On March 31 a structure fire significantly damaged a large portion of some of the largest fresh onion packing facilities in south Texas. The third-generation family farming operation grows, packs, and ships many Texas-grown items, including Texas 1015 sweet onions and cabbage, kale, melons, and greens. The “massive fire” overtook the company’s 100,000 square foot new fresh onion packing facility, considered the state’s largest. The cause of the structure fire is still under investigation. 

March 29, 2022, Pardeeville, Wisconsin; Firefighters from nine fire departments battled a barn fire in rural Columbia County on March 23 that claimed over 5,000 chickens and a steer.

March 28, 2022, Maricopa, AZ Food Pantry; A reported 50,000 pounds of food were destroyed after a fire engulfed the food bank just 15 minutes after it had closed. The twenty-year-old food pantry has provided weekly meals for nearly 1,200 families. The organization plans to replace the trailers with a warehouse that will also serve as a soup kitchen to feed the hungry. Thunderbird Fire Chief Alan Allcott said he is not sure of the cause, noting there are indications that an animal under one of the trailers may have chewed and shorted out some of the wires, causing the blaze. 

March 24, 2022, Penobscot McCrum Potato Processing Facility, Belfast, Maine; The massive fire, which is reported to have started in one of the fryolator machines, caused smoke so thick that active flames weren’t visible. The McCrum family plants, grows, cares for, harvests, stores, ships, and processes potatoes. The family is still determining the next steps for the factory and how to support its employees. 

  • Belfast City Manager Erin Herbig says the city is providing direct aid to the 138 workers at the potato processing facility. Gov. Janet Mills is expected to survey the damage later this afternoon. March 25, 2022 (Twitter) (30)

March 16, 2022, Walmart Distribution Center, Plainfield, IN; Smoke from the large fire in the 1.2 million sq. ft. warehouse was visible for several miles. In addition to food, the warehouse contained various items set for distribution, including clothing, electronics, and shipping materials. Thirty agencies responded to assist the Plainfield Fire Department in putting out the fire, with crews working in 4-6 hour shifts each to stay fresh while fighting the blaze. The investigation into the cause of the fire involved the AFT, who reported that the investigation into the cause of the fire could take weeks or months. 

March 16, 2022, Nestlé Jonesboro plant, Jonesboro, AK; A fire with an explosion caused extensive damage to the new production line at the Nestlé Jonesboro plant, which produces frozen foods for the Stouffer’s, Lean Cuisine, Digiorno, Tombstone, Hot Pockets, and Sweet Earth brands. None of the company’s 800 employees were injured, and the facility remains closed to assess the damages and determine the cause of the fire. Ryan White, an employee for Nestle, said he is counting his blessings after being released from his 12-hour shift at the production line six hours early. He said, “If we would’ve stayed, we would’ve been right in the line of that fire.” Local news reports said the facility—opened in 2002—suffered “significant damage” to a new Hot Pockets production line added in 2021 from a $100 million investment.

March 14, 2022, Wayne Hoover dairy farm; Longswamp Township, PA; More than 20 fire companies responded to the massive fire at the Berks County farm, which was destroyed by the blaze. The 42 cows in the barn all managed to get out safely, but sadly one cow died of stress in transport to another farm. The state fire marshal ruled the barn fire an accident, saying it appears to have started due to electrical activity. 

USA - Feb 2022

February 28, 2022, Nutrien Ag Solutions, Sunnyside, WA; A tremendous commercial structure fire at the fertilizer facility started from smoldering sulfur, according to reports. An 18,000 sq ft. storage building at the plant was destroyed by the fire, and no one was injured. More than 1.7 million pounds of sulfur burned—though fire officials were more concerned with the hazardous ammonium sulfate. Authorities say 236,000 lbs of the substance, considered the most dangerous chemical in the plant, burned early into the blaze. The fire occurred shortly after a load of sulfur was deposited in the building. Sunnyside fire chief said the fire department believes the fire was mechanical, but there isn’t a way to know for sure because the fire damaged the machinery used to unload the sulfur. The facility is back in operation except for the dry fertilizer shed and the liquid fertilizer load-out area. 

February 28, 2022, Shadow Brook Farm and Dutch Girl Creamery; Lincoln, NE; The 4:30 fire gutted the $200,000 facility and landed one of the owners in the hospital. According to the State Fire Marshall, the fire was accidental and electrical in nature. The farm owners are determined to reopen their cheese facility, which lost $80,000 worth of cheese and $8,000 of seeds in the blaze. 

February 22, 2022, Shearer’s Foods, Hermiston, OR; a massive explosion and fire destroyed the potato chip plant. Two weeks after the fire, the company had laid off all of its nearly 250 employees. The company is exploring its options, noting that it will take at least 15-18 months to rebuild to the point of resuming production. The fire is believed to have been caused by the explosion of a portable natural gas-powered boiler. 

  • Open Letter – March 8, 2022 – “After assessing the damage, it’s clear that the destruction is too great to quickly rebuild and begin production in the near term. Unfortunately, it would take at least 15-18 months before we could resume production. We have not yet decided the future of the Shearer’s Hermiston site. This has led to the very difficult decision to end employment for our team members.” (41)

February 19, 2022, Lincoln Premium Poultry, Fremont, NE; Three people were injured and one hospitalized after an ammonia leak at the plant, which supplied Costco with chicken products. The Fremont Fire Department reported the leak began around 7:45 pm and “occurred due to a contractor working on a project.” 

February 18, 2022, Bess View Farm, St. Albans, VT; The fire, believed to have begun around 2 am in the milking parlor, destroyed a barn and displaced nearly 800 cows. Thankfully, no one, including the animals, was injured due to the fire. Within hours, farmers in the surrounding area and throughout the state stepped in to support the owners and take care of the cows. It is unclear what caused the fire if it started in the milking parlor. 

February 16, 2022, Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), Claypool, IN; A fire broke out at the largest soybean and biodiesel processing plant in the United States, doing an “undetermined” amount of damage. Reuters reported that “the suspension of deliveries could slow production of soymeal and biodiesel at a time of high demand,” adding, “Maintenance shutdowns at plants in Iowa and Minnesota in recent months have contributed to soaring prices for the animal feed and biofuel.” The facility, upgraded in 2020 to add two new storage barns that each hold up to 3 million bushels, is back open, and the cause of the fire remains undisclosed. 

February 15, 2022, Bonanza Meat Company, El Paso, Texas

February 3, 2022, Percy Dairy Farm, Stowe, VT; The 911 call for the fire came in around 11:30 pm. It took nine fire departments over six hours to fully knock the fire down. Over 100 cows were killed in the blaze. The cause of the fire has not been disclosed. Owner Paul Percy, who was away on a fishing trip when it happened, said he has insurance to cover the cows but has no place to put them at the moment. He is waiting on the insurance adjuster, noting they will “probably rebuild something somewhere.”  

February 3, 2022, Wisconsin River Meats, Mauston; The business serves as a meat processor for farmers, livestock producers and hunters in the region, and also has a retail shop. The cause of that blaze was construction-related.

USA - Jan 2022

January 31, 2022, Fertilizer Plant, Winston Salem, NC; About 6,500 people were under evacuation orders for three days after a fire broke out at a North Carolina fertilizer plant, which officials said risked becoming one of the biggest explosions ever to occur in the US. Ammonium nitrate is apparently to blame, with the environmental group Earthjustice calling the disaster “entirely preventable” had the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strengthened federal regulation.

January 13, 2022, Cargill-Nutrena feed mill, Lecompte, LA; A fire started in the early hours of the morning and burned for over 12 hours. An explosion occurred as firefighters were working the fire. The 140,000-ton mill manufactures feed for pet food, aquaculture, equine, beef, poultry, dairy, and wild game industries. The cause of the fire is unknown and remains under investigation. 

January 4, 2022, Van Drunen Farms, Momence, IL; The Tuthill facility is a freeze-dried ingredient production and ingredient blending plant that employs 123.

USA - Dec 2021

December 12, 2021, West Side food processing plant, San Antonio, TX; An unnamed food processing plant suffered over $100,000 in damages to food supplies resulting from a cooler that caught on fire. The cause of the fire is currently unknown. 

December 6, 2021, Thousand Hill Dairy Farm, (Maintenance barn) Cleaveland, Tennessee; The building was deemed a total loss; however, no livestock were harmed and no injuries were reported.

USA - Nov 2021

November 29, 2021, Maid-Rite Steak Co. Inc., Scott Township, PA; The cause of the fire, which damaged much of the meat processing area, was ruled an accident. Maid-Rite Specialty Foods has become one of the largest independent producers of USDA inspected frozen meats in the United States. Authorities stated they think the fire started in a wall. The company’s human resources director says the building was evacuated after the fire broke out, and everyone was accounted for. Scott Township Fire Chief Matt Pritchyk says a nearby pump did not work, so he called in tanker trucks to retrieve water from a nearby pond.

November 15, 2021, Garrard County Food Pantry in Lancaster, KY; Result of arson with a 100% loss. 60-year-old Debra Smalling was charged with setting the fire by throwing a lit cigarette into a pile of papers that she was seen rummaging through. Court documents stated she admitted throwing a lit cigarette butt into that pile. The pantry supplied over a million pounds of food to hundreds for years. The community rallied together, and the pantry is now operating out of a new home

USA - Sept 2021

September 12, 2021, JVS USA beef processing plant, Grand Island, Nebraska; A fire at the JVS USA beef processing plant in Grand Island, Nebraska, on Sept, 12, 2021, only halted production for one day. The cause of the fire was determined to be from a heater near the roof in the rendering area of the plant.

USA - Aug 2021

August 23, 2021, Patak Meat Products, Austell, GA; Located in Cobb County, the family-owned company specializes in fine European meats in sausages with customers spread across the country. The fire broke out in the center of the building, causing severe damage. According to a fire department spokesman, the fire was under investigation, “with no foul play suspected.” The business is still rebuilding and is not yet reopened, but its online store offers products in the meantime. While devastating, the company has decided to implement significant upgrades to machinery and technology as they rebuild. 

USA - Jul 2021

July 30, 2021, Tyson River Valley Ingredients Plant, Hanceville, AL; The 121,000 sq. foot plant serviced poultry processors in AL and neighboring states by breaking down and cooking leftover chicken parts into proteins and fats for animal feed and pet food. The plant suffered a total loss. The cause of the fire remains unclear. Tyson recently announced its plans to replace the plant with a new $208 million facility adjacent to the one that burned down and plans to retain all 124 employees throughout the construction period. The new plant is set to be operational in mid-2023.

July 25, 2021, Kellogs, Memphis, Tenn; Sixty-three (63) pieces of Fire/Rescue/EMS equipment and approximately one hundred seventy (170) emergency response personnel ultimately responded to the call. The origin and cause of the fire was accidental; a conveyor belt malfunctioned and ignited combustibles in a rice dryer machine.

USA - 2020

October 23, 2020, McAffee Meat Packaging, Wrightsville, Georgia

  • Fire destroys popular meat packing company in Wrightsville (YouTube) (73)


February 2, 2022, Harper’s Market, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada;

Feb 2, 2022

January 7, 2022, Poultry Processing Plant, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada;

February 18, 2021, Dairy Farm, Aylmer, Ontario, Canada;

Australia - Food Supply
Australia - UN - Synthetic Beef

  • UN wants to ban more than one bite of meat a day – Senator Malcolm Roberts – August 11, 2021 (Rumble) (81)

Australia - Eat Bugs - 7News
Australia - Eat Bugs - Digital ID

Bird Flu

No Proof of Bird Flu Existence

Corporate Push for Synthetic Foods

The corporate push for synthetic foods

Fully artificial food is an increasingly popular trend focused on developing a new line of synthetically produced, ultra-processed food products by using recent advances in synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology. These new products seek to imitate and replace animal products, food additives, and expensive, rare, or socially conflictive ingredients (such as palm oil). Biotech companies and agribusiness giants are seeing the opportunity to move into this promising market of “green” consumption and hence these products are marketed to a new generation of environmentally conscious consumers who are growing critical of the grim realities of industrial food production. As a result, meatless burgers and sausages, as well as imitations of cheese, dairy products, seafood, and others, have begun to flood the market, being found anywhere from fast food chains to local grocery stores.

Lab-Grown Meat 'Good for Planet'

Ice Age Farmer

Ice Age Farmer

Monsanto (Pfizer) - Contraceptive Corn

Bill Gates is now the largest private owner of farmland

Bill Gates is now the largest private owner of farmland

As of last year, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, has purchased up to 269,000 acres of farmland, making him the biggest private owner of farmland. In total, Gates owns approximately 242,000 acres of farmland with assets totalling more than $690m. 

Bill Gates & Artificial Food

Bill Gates to control world's seed supply

Gates’ latest move in controlling the world’s seed supply

What is the seed bank:

  • Gates’ Plan To Control World’s Seeds, Agriculture, Food – March 26, 2021 (109)
  • One Empire Over Seed: Control Over the World’s Seed Banks : “It should come as no surprise that Gates is also funding Diversity Seek (DivSeek), a global project launched in 2015 to map the genetic data of the peasant diversity of seeds held in gene banks to then take patents on these seeds through genomic mapping.….In the 1980s, Monsanto led the push for GMOs and patents on seed and life. Today the flag bearer is Bill Gates. In a nutshell: one billionaire given free access to use his wealth to bypass all international treaties and multilateral governance structures to help global corporations hijack the biodiversity and wealth of peasants by financing unscientific and undemocratic processes such as DivSeek, and to unleash untested technologies such as the CRISPR technology on humanity.” – Jan 11, 2020 (112)
  • Seeds of Time (2015 Film) – This film features Cary Fowler who from 2005-2012 served as Executive Director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust which helped create the Svalbard vault. The Trust managers the seed bank and acquisition of seeds. It says their “sole mission is to ensure humanity conserves and makes available the world’s crop diversity for future food security.” (113)
    • The Trust’s list of financial sponsors include Bayer Crop Science, which now incorporates Monsanto (Remember, Monsanto = Pfizer & GMO = Eugenics); DuPont Pioneer Hi-Bred; Syngenta AG, owned by ChemChina. These are the world’s largest purveyors of GMO patented seeds and agrichemicals such as Roundup.
    • Crop Trust Donors include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the major donor to initiate the Trust in 2004 with the FAO, the Rockefeller Foundation which first financed the creation of GMO biotechnology in the 1970s, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and CGIAR acting through Biodiversity International.
    • Seeds of Time Trailer – Mar 17, 2015 (YouTube, 2 min clip) (114)
  • Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill – April 2, 2021 “Bill Gates has quietly made himself the largest owner of farmland in the United States. For a man obsessed with monopoly control, the opportunity to also dominate food production must seem irresistible.(115)

Bill Gates, Pfizer / Monsanto, and CRISPR Gene-Editing Tech for Agricultural sector

Bill Gates & Microsoft - Digitalization of Agriculture

  • Dec 24, 2018 – Microsoft and IICA signed an agreement to promote the use of technology in agriculture “The Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain – to mention just a few – are essential in the digitalization of agriculture and its evolution towards smarter agriculture. Agriculture, as the basis of human existence, can no longer be reduced to traditional farming; it must be innovative, intelligent, more productive and profitable, and at the same time sustainable.”The alliance will contribute to the development and application of technological tools for the agricultural sector in the continent, to promote the digital transformation of the sector.” (123)

Bill Gates and the Recolonization of Agriculture

Bill Gates to Block out the Sun

Bill Gates & Food Supply

World Economic Forum (WEF) and Global Food Chains
World Economic Forum (WEF) and 3D Printed Meat

  • WEF 3D-Printed Meat (Rumble) (129)
  • The world economic forum just posted this with the title ‘a taste of what’s to come’. If it’s not bugs and beetles they want you to eat, it’s 3D printed meat! Globalists have found a way to put farmers out of business, and make billions using a 3D-Printer and harvesting cells from a living cow. They grow ‘building blocks’ of meat in petri dishes, such as muscle and fat to give the same ‘texture’ as a real ribeye. (130)

World Economic Forum (WEF) and Bugs and Insects

  • World Economic Forum: Eating Bugs is the Future (Rumble) (131)

World Economic Forum (WEF) and 'sustainable' (chemical & synthetic) agriculture

Action Track 2 of the Summit is EAT, an organisation linked to the World Economic Forum, with partners such as Nestlé and Danone, both leaders in the production of ultra-processed foods. The recommendations of the action plan come directly from the EAT-Lancet report “Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems”. This is a highly controversial report because, while on the one hand it calls for sustainability and the transformation of food systems through the promotion of ‘healthy diets’, on the other hand it glosses over the direct role of industrial and chemical agriculture in creating unsustainable and unhealthy food systems. 

2015 - Globalist Simulation - Global Food Chain

Food Chain Reaction: A Global Security Game

The Center for American Progress, World Wildlife Fund, Cargill, Mars, and CNA developed and executed a policy decision-making game designed to explore issues arising from, and possible responses to, global food system disruptions. The game took place in November 2015 in Washington, D.C., and included senior officials and subject matter experts on teams representing Brazil, Continental Africa, China, the European Union (EU), India, the United States, Multilateral Institutions, and Business and Investors. During four rounds of game play spanning the decade 2020 to 2030, players confronted food system pressure at the intersection of population growth, urbanization, severe weather, and social unrest. In response, players crafted policies, made decisions, and took actions that dynamically influenced the state of the world as the game advanced. As the chain reaction of impacts tied to their choices became apparent, players experienced first-hand how their decisions and actions influenced global food security. At the conclusion of the game, players highlighted significant lessons learned and expressed increased preparedness to collaboratively address food security.

November, 2015 “Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game is a simulation and role-playing exercise intended to improve understanding of how governments, institutions, and private sector interests might interact to address a crisis in the global food system. The scenario is set five years from today in a world where population growth, rapid urbanization, extreme weather, and political crises combine to threaten global food security.

The game’s players—high-level decision makers representing nations, international institutions, and the private sector—will collaborate, negotiate, make decisions, and confront tradeoffs while dealing with a chain reaction of consequences resulting from their actions.”

YouTube | Rumble (Mirror)

“The year is 2020. Our global food system is under stress. All countries are experiencing mounting pressures. Under this scenario, a group of leaders from government, the private sector, international institutions and NGOs will engage in a simulation to determine how they will react as the food supply becomes increasingly destabilized.”

The game was set between the years 2020 and 2030. The simulation projected the decade to bring forth two major food crises, with prices approaching 400% of the long term average; a raft of climate-related extreme weather events; governments toppling in Pakistan and Ukraine; and famine and refugee crises in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Chad and Sudan.

In the simulation, one governmental solution was a tax on meat. Another? A global carbon tax.

The players were organized into eight teams.

  • 6 of the teams represented
    1. Brazil
    2. China
    3. the European Union (EU)
    4. India
    5. the United States
    6. Continental Africa
  • 7th team represented Business and Investors
  • 8th team represented Multilateral Institutions (e.g., World Bank, United Nations, Non-Governmental Organizations).

Teams pledged to build international information networks and early warning systems on hunger and crops together, invest jointly in smart agricultural technology and build up global food stocks as a buffer against climate shocks.

  • The Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) informs the decisions of Navy, Marine Corps and DOD leaders as the Department of the Navy’s federally funded research and development center, or FFRDC, and helps federal, state and local leaders address their “most difficult challenges”, including working with FAA, FEMA, DHS and DOJ. (135) (136)
  • The Center for American Progress (CPA) is a public policy research and advocacy organization which presents a liberal viewpoint on economic and social issues. (137)
    • The Center for American Progress (CAP) founded by John Podesta (Remember Pizzagate?) (138)
      • “John Podesta is the founder and chair of the Board of Directors for the Center for American Progress. Podesta served as counselor to President Barack Obama, where he was responsible for coordinating the administration’s climate policy and initiatives. In 2008, he served as co-chair of President Obama’s transition team. He was a member of the U.N. Secretary General’s High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Podesta previously served as White House chief of staff to President William J. Clinton. He chaired Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president in 2016.”
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
    • Founded by Julian Huxley. (139)
      • Involved in the creation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (140)
      • Proponent of eugenics to remove “undesirable variants from the human gene pool“.
      • Wrote two books critical of the genetics in the Soviet Union.
      • Brother to Aldous Huxley – writer of the dystopian novel/screenplay “Brave New World”.
  • Cargill (Big Ag), faceless private agri-giant that controls most of the world’s food commodities.
    • Cargill keeps its financial information & stock holders hidden from the public. (141)
    • Proponent of the “Anti-Livestock” movement.

Food Chain Reaction: Two Minutes in the 2020s from Food Chain Reaction on Vimeo.

Vimeo | Rumble (Mirror)

Food Chain Reaction: The World in 2020 from Food Chain Reaction on Vimeo.



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UK Govt Paying Farmers to Retire

United Nations & Global Food Chains

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