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These links for truth seekers will make it far easier to find and share truth than ever before. (Ideal for documentary filmmakers, researchers, gathering evidence, and accurately responding to comments on social media).

If you are one of the many millions of people working to awaken the masses, I hope you find these sites as useful as I do and share them with others, because they would have literally saved me thousands of hours of work over the past three years.

The URLs are:

  1. (compare censored search results)
  2. (search YouTube sub-titles)
  3. (save YouTube clips)
  4. (reverse image search) (Added March 10, 2023)
  5. WhisperAI (Bonus) – (generate subtitles of ANY audio or video) (Added April 5th, 2023)

These sites are the most useful links that can help everyone uncover the truth (at least from one part of the web), so they are more important than any of my research to date, because it’s helping people Find & Share the information that has been hidden from them.

What do they do?

Gibiru - Help find censored content

Help find and save the truth.


The first one allows you to actually see the narrative in “real time” being played against us. allows you to “see” what the main search engines censored.

You can see the standard results, “what they want you to see,” and then click on “censored” to see what results “would’ve shown up” without the censoring. You can literally see how they mind-control humanity in real time.

What don’t they want us to know about Bill Gates?

What do they want to hide about Myocarditis?

What are they censoring about Elon Musk

Pilgrims society?

What about the most critical thing about the pandemic…

The PCR Test cannot diagnose“…

You get the point. You get to see “what they show you” versus “what they don’t want you to see.” I’m sure you can think of many current and historic topics that you’d rather see “everything” about to make an informed decision with as much information as possible rather than the globalists’ “cherry-picked” versions.

What about censored publications or censored pre-prints? censored epidemiologists? What about climate change, horrendous laws that have been passed that didn’t make the headlines, court cases, FOI requests, vaccine victims, natural cures, cancer, censored doctors and scientists, hidden from the mainstream media protests, and the real history of virology? What really happened in the 1918 Spanish flu? etc. etc. (I found the Pfizer EU commission in the censored results too – what else are they hiding about Pfizer?)

The journalist who told me about this awesome search engine said that it’s the best for finding censored images. I haven’t even delved too far into that side of it yet, but I just did it now on the above topics and found the following interesting censorship choices, as well as quickly finding censored Australian doctors that I haven’t even covered on this blog yet.

I also use:

Filmot - Help find hidden truth via YouTube subtitles

Filmot is an “AI” based search-engine that allows you to search within YouTube Subtitles, (which works extremely well with the following save tube link)

Want to find all the scientists, doctors, politicians, nurses, and all the others in 2020 that didn’t realize YouTube was censoring and shadow-banning them? This tool will let you find everyone, or at least, the majority of them.

You can search captions, i.e., “YouTube subtitles”—even of videos that have been blocked, censored or hidden—that would never come up because the search is so rigged.

For example, you can find key words discussed 7 hours deep in a 12-hour video, 5 hours deep in a 20-hour course, or 40 minutes deep in a long, boring press conference that you would never have found if you were only listening half-heartedly, let alone – who has time to sit through these long-winded videos?

Even if you’re not looking for evidence or truth, this is a useful tool for “learning” new things. It searches for specific keywords and finds whenever someone is talking about it. You won’t just get “what they want you to learn.”

Some of the videos are deleted, blocked, or otherwise inaccessible from YouTube, but the subtitles are there in full. You still have the Title of the video, when it was recorded, and the subtitles. So even if the video is “gone,” you can now try and locate it from Rumble or BitChute or one of the many other alternatives. And, at the very least, you still have the “knowledge” there. You still have the written-record that you can read.

I suspect a lot of the “#WeWontForget” clips were made using a website like this. Showing how much they lied to us during the past 3 years in particular.

One tip I suggest when using this tool as a truthseeker is to change the “Settings” (you don’t need to be logged in) so that it doesn’t automatically skip-over deleted videos.

I’m sure they are using this and other similar sites as a weapon against us, but while we can use it as a force for good, let’s go!

Censorship and Information-Control is their most powerful weapon. They change history in real time, they re-write definitions in real-time, they remove and censor anything that doesn’t fit the endgame.

Save.Tube - Download JUST the clip you want rather than entire video

Save.Tube Clip allows you to just download part of a YouTube video, just the clip you want. So there is no need to waste all the time downloading the full video, remembering why you downloaded it in the first place, re-listening to the same videos over and over trying to locate which “part” was important, or needing to have a separate video editor to clip it.

This may even help those who don’t have computers start sharing the truth straight from their mobile phones.

So, paste the video URL into Save Tube (right-click on the title in Filmot to copy the URL), then set the timeframes (using the Filmot tool’s timestamp), and simply download the.mp4 file to share on social media or Telegram, or upload to a video site like Rumble.

If you want to download full videos, I mostly just use this one website now: – See also this post for the tricky ones that the site doesn’t support.

I can’t emphasize enough how important these tools are for those who are blogging, creating documentaries, fighting lawsuits, or trying to alert humanity to what’s actually going on in the world that has been completely hidden from us.

The Save.Tube Clip tool would be particularly useful when responding to comments on social media by providing real-time evidence of the “exact” timestamp and words said and uploading the 20-second proof with a link to the full video for them to confirm you are not lying to them.

i.e., “Yes, they really did tell you to hate your family,” or “Yes, Trump really did tell you all to take the shot, many times!” or “Yes, the FDA, CDC, TGA, WHO, Pfizer, your PM, Premier, so-called “health experts,” etc. really admitted _______________.”

TinEye - Locate original/source image (& every site that used it)


I’ve been finding myself using quite a lot lately to locate where the image originated from and where it’s been shared already on the web. This is really handy for being able to cite the source of things that are hard to find, but more importantly, I’ve found it really useful to be able to verify that the statistics on the image or the description of an image is legitimate. Bookmark this, it’s so fast, all you do is drag and drop any image onto the page, and it automatically searches almost 60 billion websites for a match and provides the results immediately.

When TinEye lets me down (rarely), I use the following:

Whisper AI - Generate formatted subtitles of ANY audio automatically

OpenAi Whisper via Google Drive > Colaboratory

April 5th, 2023 – I just found this tool from a YouTube video and I just followed his instructions and immediately transcribed a podcast while I was watching (so can confirm his instructions are accurate).

  • Easily transcribe videos (particularly from sites that have no subtitle files: Telegram/Rumble/Brighteon/BitChute and other censored platforms).
  • It can also help us automatically translate and transcribe all those awesome non-English truth videos, which opens up the world.

This guy explains exactly step-by-step how to use Google Drive (Colaboratory) to install and use Whisper AI right from your browser without anything to download.

Links/notes for my own use to find again.

  • New > More > Google Colaboratory
    • or
  • Rename Untitled.ipynb to TranscribeAudio.ipynb
  • Runtime > Change runtime type > GPU
  • Install Whisper AI:
!pip install git+
!sudo apt update && sudo apt install ffmpeg
  • Upload audio (drag n drop)
  • Run Whisper AI: in Medium or Large. (testing the file, medium took about 30 seconds for my 1 hr podcast, and large took 13minutes and 9 seconds, scroll down to view the accuracy differences to see whether it’s worth the extra time).
!whisper "FileName.mp3" --model medium
  • Download text or subtitles (files will appear to the left when it’s finished transcribing)
  • Additional Whisper AI arguments to learn about: (useful for people who want to transcribe the video into different languages!!)
!whisper -help

After testing for a few hours, this is my final “go to” code that I’ll use (when using Google Colab with Whisper to generate transcriptions from video or audio that I can use on my website):

!whisper "Marvin.mp3" --model medium.en --output_format txt --task transcribe --beam_size 5 --patience 13 --threads 4 --length_penalty 0

Alternatives: Other Online versions (alternatives to Google Colab version)

Alternative: clean-up existing YouTube-generated or really crappy Subtitles:

I’ve been using chatGPT to clean-up crappy YouTube subtitles and make them more accurate:

When using chatGPT to clean up YouTube’s god-awful auto-generated subtitles, my “go-to” commands are generally one of the following:

  • Please correct punctuation and spelling of the following subtitles: “your crappy subtitle text here “
  • Please summarize the following text: ” “
  • Please provide key highlights of the following subtitles, in bulletpoint form: ” “
  • Please correct grammar for following subtitles: ” “

Alternative: Computer Apps using !Whisper to generate subtitles for videos or audio

Alternative to Whisper: VB-CABLE Virtual Audio & Dictation Pro

An alternative to Whisper AI for larger videos (for example if you don’t want to upload a 3-hour video file, the same guy (Kevin Stratvert) has another video on how to use Window’s own built-in Dictator Pro software with Virtual Audio Cable (both free), which you have to run on your own computer but might be a life-saver for someone with large files, long videos, or low bandwidth.

Maybe these tools can save the world.
Save humanity. Help everyone.

Please save the links and share them with others. Even if you don’t intend to use them yourself, you must know of someone in your life who is dedicated to helping awaken people; please make sure they know about these tools. I’d seriously be thousands of hours ahead in my research by now if I knew about these back in 2020. We could’ve saved millions of lives, and we still can if we have the right tools.

Do you have a tool that the world should know about? Please let me know if you come across anything that you believe will be useful to other truth seekers around the world. (Gettr|Telegram|Other)

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