Boris Johnson’s father on the Depopulation of Millions by 2025

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Between statements by Stanley (father of former PM Boris Johnson) and Boris himself, it seems the Population Control & Depopulation theme runs through the family veins.

Stanley and Boris Johnson – Population Control Reel

Many clips from Stanley & Boris Johnson in regards to Population Control, Depopulation, and the underlying detest they have for the “lowly humans”. (01)

In 2012, Stanley Johnson, the father of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson thinks it would be “ideal” to Reduce The Population Of The UK From 68 Million To 15 Million By 2025.

At 80 years old, he has written dozens of books including:

Stanley Johnson has also worked for the World Bank and the European Commission as a senior officer for the Environment of which Population Reduction seemed to be the only solution – which ties into the UN Agenda 2030, Club of Rome, and the whole dystopian globalist population “extermination and control” deception. (02)

Like Father, Like Son

In 2007, Boris published an article on his own blog entitled Global over-population is the real issue.

In September 2019, at the UN assembly, he literally starts the narrative by condemning “anti-science / anti-vaxxers” (just in time for COVID) and in the very next breath talks about nanotechnology, AI, neural interface technology, genome sequencing, smart cities, and an Orwellian world, “designed for censorship, repression, and control”. I mean, seriously!? (03) (04)

In 2020, in response to SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19, there was the whole euthanasia debacle with the suppression of early treatments, isolation and negligence of the elderly, and the bulk-purchasing and over-prescribing of morphine, Midazolam, and Remdesivir, and you know all the other atrocities. Who needs a bioweapon when you can get the job done with the ‘cure’?

And in 2021, he jokes that we can “feed some of the human beings to the animals, although it might make them sick” in response to a question on re-wilding by Chief Executive WWF UK, Tonya Steele on a climate press conference.

Boris | Global over-population is the real issue (2007)

Article by Boris Johnson in 2007 on Global Population Control on his own blog

Boris | Feed some of the humans to the animals (2021)

Boris jokes(?) “you could feed some of the human beings to the animals, although it might make them sick”

Stanley | Ideal to Reduce the Population by Millions by 2025 (2012)

Boris Johnson’s father on the Depopulation of Millions by 2025

[ Rumble ] [ Telegram ] [ YouTube (Full Interview 2012) ]

Stanley Johnson (2012) thinks it would be ideal to Reduce The Population Of The UK From 68 Million To 15 Million By 2025

Stanley | World Population and the United Nations (1998)

World Population and the United Nations
Challenge and Response

By Stanley P. Johnson, 1998 (08)

“First published in 1987, this book is about the challenge posed by the unprecedented growth of the world’s population and the response that has been made to that challenge by the United Nations and its system of agencies.

It focuses in particular on the creation, in 1969, of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) as the principal instrument for the United Nations’ population programmes and on the work undertaken by the United Nations and its specialized agencies, including the World Bank, in this field.

A substantial part of the book is devoted to discussing the actual achievements, in terms of demographic policies and falling birth rates, which have been realised in different parts of the developing world.

At a time when there is a good deal of criticism of the United Nations and its agencies, this book makes it clear that here at least is one area where the world organization is continuing to make an important contribution towards the solution of the most important problem of our time.

World Population and the United Nations

You caught that last bit right? “A book that praises the work of the United Nations and its agencies on its success at reducing the population!” Un-fucking-believable.

Table of Contents:

1. the rise of concern
2. The breakthrough in the Untied Nations
3. The role of the agencies
4. Four reports
5. UNFPA: the early days
6. The World Population Conference, Bucharest, 1974: preparations and general debate
7. The World Population Plan of Action
8. Falling birth-rates: Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
9. Evolving perceptions
10. The International Conference on Population, 1984
11. China, the United States and the United Nations
12. Postscript and conclusions

Stanley | World Population - Turning the Tide: Three Decades of Progress (1994)

World Population – Turning the Tide: Three Decades of Progress

by Stanley Johnson, 1994 (09)

This work recounts the successful story of national and international approaches to the population question from the 1960s to the present, and examines the progress made in reducing rapid rates of population growth and high levels of fertility.

It describes the evolution of national population policies by governments, their aims, successes and shortcomings, and explores the emergence of international agencies seeking to reinforce and underpin those commitments.

This study draws on documents and sources, and assesses the achievements of the 1974 Bucharest World Population Conference, the 1984 International Conference on Population in Mexico and the several major national and international initiatives that followed them, up to the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio.

The book examines the prospects for a new international consensus in population, and considers the preparation for the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994. The text is supplemented with annex materials.

World Population - Turning the Tide

Stanley | The Commissioner (1998)

The Commissioner

by Stanley Johnson, 1998 (10) (11) (12) (13) (14)

Book: Pesticides are designed to kill. Unfortunately, they don’t know when to stop…’ Once a rising star of the Westminster firmament, his career was on the wane and his marriage heading for the rocks, when Morton was nominated as the British member of the European Commission. Suddenly the corridors of European power are a battleground of political bureaucrats and big businessmen dealing in deadly poisons.

Film: “In his job as Commissioner, Morton receives information about a huge German chemical company that is supposedly manufacturing nerve and biological weapons, and is about to merge with a British company. Everyone is all for the merger, but Morton delays it. He is given compelling documents from a former worker at the plant. The investigation leads to some shocking information.

Stanley | The Population Problem (1973)

The Population Problem

By Stanley Johnson, 1973 (15) (16)

Stanley | The Marburg Virus (1995) & The Virus (2020)

The Virus & The Marburg Virus

by Stanley Johnson, 1995 & 2020 (17) (18) (19)

The Virus‘ (a 2020 update of ‘The Marburg Virus‘ comparing Marburg to COVID-19 and that the world needs to be ruthlessly focusing on an antidote or vaccine),

“Initially published in 1982 as The Marburg Virus, Johnson’s The Virus reveals uncanny parallels with the current corona virus: the outbreak of a mysterious and deadly disease, the origins of which are traced to a medical student infected by a green monkey. It features an epidemiologist as its hero and a desperate search for a vaccine…
In the afterword to his re-released The Virus Johnson, 79, says, ‘Will the fight again COVID-19 be as successful as my fictional hero was in fighting the Marburg Virus?…Thinking back to my own book, and its eventual happy ending, I can’t help feeling that Governments around the world, our own included, need to be ruthlessly focussed on the search for an antidote or a vaccine. Without in any way diminishing the importance of precautionary measures of containment or mitigation, mass immunization would surely prove a crucial factor in stopping the spread of COVID-19 or in preventing further outbreaks, e.g. the “second wave” we are hearing about’.”

The Virus

Speaking of dystopian coincidences…

Not even going to get into the whole Marburg thing in this post, but the World Health Homicide Organization did an update recently:

Stanley | Life Without Birth (1970)

Life without Birth: A Journey Through the Third World in Search of the Population Explosion

by Stanley Johnson, 1970 (21)

Stanley | The Politics of Population: Cairo (1994)

The Politics of Population: Cairo

by Stanley Johnson, 1994 (22)

This is an account of the 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development and of its significance. From the Conference emerged a programme of action which aims to tie population policies to development and the role of women and to reduce the rate of population growth.

The book recounts what actually happened at the Conference, focusing on the central issues and the way in which attempts were made to reconcile opposing positions so as to achieve concensus on an effective programme of action.

It also takes a much wider perspective on the whole population debate, arguing that the Cairo conference represents a “quantum leap” in the way that the population issue is now seen.

The Politics of Population

Stanley | Population Policy for Britain - Old Queen St.Papers (1972)

Population Policy for Britain (Old Queen St.Papers)

by Stanley Johnson, 1972 (23)

Stanley | Why Britain needs a population policy (2015)

In September, 2015, Stanley calls for a population policy with an image of his old book (above) “A population policy for Britain – Old Queen Street Paper“. Very curious. (24)

In the post, he calls on politicians to create a policy to deal with the population growth saying it’s long overdue and writes how the ONS (UK’s Office of National Statistics) suggest that natural growth in the UK is currently at its highest level since the so called ‘baby boom’ years of the 1960s. Crying “5.2 million more households by 2037!”

This natural change, the difference between the current birth rate and death rate, is also reported to be responsible for over 52 per cent of our population’s growth.

“The harsh truth is that, in vast areas of the globe, birth-rates remain much too high and per capita incomes ridiculously low.”

Stanley Johnson, 2015

But as you’ll see below, whatever they’ve done between when he wrote this post in 2015 and when his son came to be Prime Minister and January 2022 – it’s reversed.

The globalists have indeed implemented their plan, at least, that’s what is “modelled”.

Obviously of concern here in their so-called population problem that they’ve been obsessed with for decades, seems to focus around fertility/birth-rates – so humans should really stay the fuck away from whatever they are trying to inject into us or put into the air, water, food, livestock, etc, away from their Abortion-narrative that they have overtaken, and away from their “pronouns” and gender-dystopian-confusion.

All of which seem to tie together – whatever it takes to fuck up the birth-rate gets massive funding and media attention.

ONS | millions fewer people will be living in the UK by 2045 than expected (2022)

UK population estimate scaled back as deaths set to overtake births

January 13, 2022 – The Times

Immigration will be the only driver of population growth from 2030 onwards, according to official projections.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that fewer births and lower-than-expected life expectancy would end “natural” population growth.

By 2025 there will be more deaths than births, leaving net migration as the only factor that raises the number of people living in the UK.

James Robards, from the ONS, said analysts had revised their assumptions in the light of new data on fertility and mortality. “Given a higher number of deaths and fewer births are projected, net international migration is expected to play an increasing role in population growth,” he said.

Overall, millions fewer people will be living in the UK by 2045 than expected.

The Times

Video Transcript

Absolutely the right of anyone, footballers, public figures, private employees, and I think also care home staff to make the decisions about what goes into their body. And I don’t think that they should be put under the spotlight in this way, being asked what their vaccination status is or any other medical status.

Stanley will love this one.

I just want to say I just totally disagree with that. I know I think you cannot be too ruthless in making sure people get vaccinated.

A gas explosion tears through Russian bio-weapons lab, containing smallpox, Ebola, and HIV virus, sparking major emergency.

That is absolutely wonderful because as an environmentalist, I say to myself, the best possible news would be some mega emergency, which got rid of huge chunks of the human race.

Another point that was made in the comments there from you as somebody calling your son Pinocchio. I know that you referred you, you responded to these allegations of report.

The degree of literacy, which I mean the great British public doesn’t necessarily have.

So what do you mean by that?

I’m not going to get into that.

Well, that’s quite a pejorative thing to say about the British public.

They couldn’t spell Pinocchio if they tried.

Why would you say that? Why do you…

Well, can you spell Pinocchio?

Well, I don’t know whether I can or not, <cross-talk>

I go back to what I said before.

We do not need grace, we should not have grace. And so it was a very active movement. That’s gone up a little bit.

Well, I tell you that that’s where I come from… Anyway, but yes, I mean, I basically… If you said to me, who is right in the argument, the no-growth people, or the less-go-for-growth people, I would certainly say the no-growth people. But I’d add as a corollary to that, you have to get population under control as well. Because if you’re looking at economic terms, how can you sustain increases in per capita income at a time when you have rising population without rising economic growth? Whereas if you have a declining population, which is what I would aim for, then of course, even a stable economic growth situation, will give you increases in per capita income. So that’s where I stand on that.

Do you do have a sense of what the carrying capacity of Britain is or of the world as a whole?

Well, Britain, I’ve put it at 10 or 15 million. I think that’d be absolutely fine. I mean, that would do us really splendidly. At a limit 2025, I think it’s complete nonsense that we enough confronted with an island, would you believe it, of 70 million people. I wrote a paper. I think it’s the only paper that conservative party has ever published. It was published as an old Queen Street paper in June 1972, oddly enough. And it was called Britain Needs a Population Policy.

You could still argue that today.

I certainly could. I certainly could. But what has happened, of course, is that we have all been as it were shunted aside, shunted, of course, by what you might call the rise of political correctness. You can’t talk about this now, without people saying you’re anti-feminist, because you’re telling women what to do with their bodies, or you’re a racist, because they’re saying it’s the browns and the blacks and the yellow races, who mustn’t have all… or you’re a left winger, because you’re really trying to get a capitalist society. So it’s a very, very difficult one now. And I would say that at the very least, the governments of the world have to start talking. The government of this country, has to start talking seriously about immigration. Because if you look at the rise in Britain’s population now, you will see that as it were, there is that really serious differential in the fertility of the immigrant population, to the fertility of what you might call the indigenous population. So anyway, but this is very political stuff. Not one for guardian readers.

Just 3% is left for the wild.

So sad.

So how do we start to rebalance it? And I think we certainly could start by rewilding our oceans. There’s a lot of space to do that.

You could feed some of the human beings to the animals, that would be…

We could have a vote later on, and that’s if there’s any candidates. Certainly we need to take our responsibilities seriously and help bring nature back. Because when you give nature the chance, it will recover. It regenerates very, very quickly indeed.

It does. It does.

Out of all the amidst daily COVID cases, what percentage of these have had none, one, or both of their vaccination injections?

Right, that is a very good question. I think sadly the number of COVID cases that involve somebody who’s had two vaccinations has been rising, although clearly the results of the vaccines remain very good in the sense that they protect those people very largely, against serious illness and death, even if they contract it. But on the exact figures, I wonder whether Patrick, you have something to add there?

Well, now it’s around 60% of the people being admitted to hospital with COVID have been double vaccinated. And that’s not surprising, because the vaccines are not 100% effective. They’re very, very effective but not 100%. So the answer is that we should expect to see a higher proportion of people in hospital and catching the infection who are double vaccinated. That is inevitable that we will see that, because of the less than 100% efficacy of the vaccines overall.

Our cities will be polluted with sensors all joined together by the internet of things, and the urban environment is as antiseptic as a zuri, pharmacy, but this technology could also be used to keep every citizen under round the clock surveillance. A future Alexa will pretend to take orders, but this Alexa will be watching you, clacking her tongue and stamping her foot. In future, voice connectivity will be in every room and almost every object. Your mattress will monitor your nightmares, your fridge will beat for more cheese, your front door will sweep wide the moment you approach like some silent butler. Your smart meter will go hustling, on it’s own accord for the cheapest electricity, and every one of them minutely transcribing your every habit in tiny, electronic, shorthand stored, not in their chips or in their innards, nowhere you can find it, but in some great cloud of data that lowers ever more oppressively over the human race. AI, what will it mean? Helpful robots, watching and caring for an aging population or pink eyed terminator sent back with a future to kull the human race.

Thanks for watching.

What a curious family to be bred into…

Boris grew up in this household, with this dad…
…same with Bill Gates and his dad.
…same with Justin Trudeau and his dad(s).
…same with Klaus Schwab and his dad.
and the others.

It’s like “embedded into them” to think in this way. They are “bred” a certain way?

It seems they’re groomed into a psychopathic eugenics kind of mentality that involves themselves being the “chosen superiors” and that there is a necessity for culling of all “the rest” whom they label deplorables to protect their lifestyles, which they hold in higher regard than those they deem “down there” because they weigh up this value system differently-as in, this whole mentality of the rich being held “up there” and the poor being held “down there”-they don’t seem to value the human, the individual, for the unique traits each have – just seeing a sea of useless minions “beneath them”, just “too many”…

There is no value placed on the individual if they aren’t of a certain “breed”. There’s no value for the virtuous, or genuine caring, or love, laughter, the unique souls if you may… is it that they have never experienced it, never felt it? The authenticness of a human, compassion etc.

It’s a curious thing…

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