Catherine Austin Fitts Brief Summary of Global Financial Reset

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Brief 2 minute video explaining the Going-Direct-Reset – a plan put together by a group of retired central bankers via Blackrock to take control of the economy – shutdown small businesses, force everyone to shop at your big publicly-traded companies, move everyone into a digital world. Also a short clip on her tips which can be summarized by saying “Anytime you can make an investment that permanently reduces your expenses, you’re better off.”


It was August 22nd 2019. They made a decision to take down the economy. They voted on a plan called the Going-Direct-Reset, and this (Covid-19) is The Reset. The Going Direct Reset was a plan put together by a group of retired central bankers working through the Blackrock Investment Institute. It put together a plan, and this is my words not theirs whereby the Central Banks take control of Treasury functions. Then literally it was September 2019, the Fed moves into the Repo market, and one thing leads to another, and they literally do a take-down of the economy.

Here’s how it works:

  • You shutdown all the small businesses
  • You shutdown families and family wealth
  • Everybody has to shop at your big publicly-traded companies
  • Then you consolidate massive amounts of the economy out of small business and out of communities, into your large publicly-traded corporations, particularly online because you’re trying to get everybody into a digitalized system; a system that can be under surveillance.
  • So right now we’re watching a process around the world – data is the ‘new oil’ – everybody is trying to get as much data – there is a data-vampire running around, so you want to get everybody into the digital system, so you’ve got the data that will not only give you the most intelligence, but help you create the most wealth in your companies.
  • All of the mainstream economy is being shutdown and you hear a giant sucking sound of all the data, all the money, and all the trade, into the publicly-traded companies.
  • This is a centralization of wealth.
  • The process is called Disaster Capitalism.
  • It’s war.
  • So rather than kill all the small business people, you just bankrupt them – you put them in a debt trap, get them deeply dependent on government money, and then you suck up all their business and all their clients and all their trade.
  • Now you’ve got the databases and the money in your bank account.

Full Interview (1 Hr, 28 mins)

September 30th, 2021: Odysee | Download Link

Bad news regarding getting rid of the 2nd amendment in the US Constitution which would allow them to seize everybody’s assets and keep the $21 Trillion they stole:

Feb 18 2022: Fullscreen

Tips from Catherine Austin Fitts (9 min Clip)

Fullscreen | Full Interview (48mins) | 2nd Full Interview (53 mins)

  1. Start working on skills to start working for yourself
  2. Start learning DIY – look at your financial picture – instead of getting your income from or buying from the big corporations, figure out how you can be more locally resilient and DIY
  3. Instead of buying an overpriced house, find a great piece of land and build your own home, we don’t need to get mortgaged up and dependent on the system.
  4. Get yourself a great community bank and great bankers – those that also don’t want the central bankers controlling everything. Get the bad guys out of your money.
  5. If you’re an investor, swing your money out of big corporations and into local food supplies. Who is your farmer? Where are you going to get high quality fresh food? Build out the local fresh food systems.
  6. Who’s your sheriff? In the US, the entire enforcement area is controlled by the sheriff, and in most counties the sheriff is elected. The Feds cannot come in and do an enforcement action unless the sheriff allows it to occur. Who’s your state legislators, they have the power to say no to the Federal government.
  7. Anytime you can make an investment that permanently reduces your expenses, you’re better off. Back to DIY. Instead of paying your water bill, build a well. Get your money out of financing the bad guys and get the money into financing yourself and your friends.
  8. If tyranny controls everything and tyranny is above the law, then nothing is going to work. This is a war and if we don’t stand up and fight it now, there’s no wiggle around this-we can’t “outplay” it, there’s no place to run, you have to stay and fight back.
  9. Whatever you can do to create friction to it, is great advice.
  10. To those with no assets, prayer is really powerful. Start a war-room, and ask for advice in prayer about what to do.
  11. Everybody has a choice. Stop building prisons. Stop helping these guys and start creating friction. I’m not saying go out and stand in front of a tank, but we don’t have to go along, and we’re the ones building the prison.
  12. You have to bring transparency to what is going on and you have to take action.
  13. We’re not all going to make it out of this alive. Face the fact, it’s a war. It’s what happens in war. But human liberty is worth fighting for.
  14. We’re living in a world where there are two visions, and the top 1% have a vision of us as a natural resource, and we have a vision of ourselves as individuals with sovereign rights under divine authority. So this is really a question of whether we want to live in a world defined by divine intelligence or whether we want to live in a world that is defined by hyper-materialism. Two extraordinarily different visions. Human will and free will are impulses under the guidance of divine intelligence, not materialistic impulses.
  15. We’re talking about a society where either we all have the ability to exercise our potential, vs a “few people” have the ability to exercise “their” potential, and they can squeeze us to give themselves more benefit and more juice.
  16. In their defence, we’ve had a world where one portion of the globe has benefited by exploiting the other portion of the globe. Now we’re globalising, and the question is, will we grow up and live in a world where we all exercise our potential, or is it going to be just the 1% and everybody else provides? We’ve been in a middle-state, and now it’s all or nothing.
  17. The reason you would want to go to work on the “everybody” model is that when they fail, they need a plan. While the Titanic is sinking, grab some planks and some deck chairs and start building your Ark, because these guys are going to make a huge mess. This is a mess, and if you look at what they’re trying to do, it’s very hard, it’s very complicated, I think it’s going to fail.

Catherine Austin Fitts = President of Solari Inc. Catherine served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, and was the president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc.

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